GH Update Wednesday 12/13/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/13/06


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Today, GH opens with Lucky standing at the nurse's station.  He is talking to Dr.  Lee about Elizabeth's baby.  She shows him the ultrasound pictures.  Then he asks about his baby with Maxie and Dr.  Lee informs him that she hasn't seen Maxie in weeks.  Just as Dr.  Lee says this, Maxie walks up.
Over at Sonny's house, Max and the mob boss discuss Sonny's plans for Carly.  Max reminds Sonny that Carly doesn't like surprises unless she's the one giving them.  Sonny ignores Max and gives him some orders on how to plan for the evening.  He warns Max that there will probably be yelling involved, at least for a little while.  He tells Max not to intervene.  His final instruction to Max is to make sure to contain Carly.  Max exits and Skye comes in.  It's like deja vu as she informs Sonny, again, that Lulu is safe and can return home.  She informs Sonny that she and Lila moved in with Lorenzo and that Lulu will be safe as long as they stay with Lorenzo.

Speaking of Lorenzo, we flash over to the other boss of mob madness, who is standing outside Ric's door, talking on the phone.  When he gets off the phone, he goes into Ric's office.  Lorenzo asks Ric why he had Lucky tailing him.  Ric says he's the D.A.  and he has to tail Lorenzo so he won't look suspicious.
Meanwhile, Carly sneaks into a hotel room at the Metro Court.  She calls out for Jason.  Jason pops out and tells Carly he needs her to watch Lulu while he and Spinelli turn themselves in.  Spinelli comments on Carly's "hotness", while she gives him an "are you kidding me?" look.  We roll right on into the credits.
Coming out of the credits, we return to the hospital where Lucky asks Maxie why she hasn't seen Dr.  Lee.  She gets in his face, and Dr.  Lee's, about how Dr.  Lee is Elizabeth's doctor, and friend.  She says that her baby wouldn't get the care it deserves, just like Lucky doesn't give it the care it deserves.
Back at Sonny's, Skye continues talking about Lorenzo.  She tells Sonny that it's safe for Lulu to go home.  She reminds him that Lulu is not safe with Jason because he's a wanted fugitive.  She says Lulu shouldn't be involved in the mob world.  Sonny tells her that she shouldn't be involved either.
Meanwhile, back at the police department, Ric tells Lorenzo that he kept his end of the deal by framing Sam.  Lorenzo tells him that he will do what is necessary to deal with the situation.
Back at the Metro Court, Carly asks Jason if he's sure that turning himself in is a good idea.  Jason says it is, and then he asks if Sam is okay.
Spinelli suggests they call the "goddess" and have her come over to make sure she's okay.  Carly tells Spinelli he's not what she expected.  Jason goes over the plan- prove Ric framed Sam...etc.  Carly tells Jason to be careful and he and
Spinelli leave.  Lulu tries to make a run for it, thinking Carly will let her.  Carly tells her she has to stay at the Metro Court.  Lulu says she can't just sit there.  Carly tells her that Jason said she has to stay there, so she has to stay there.  Lulu says Jason's nice, but she's not a kid and she doesn't need his permission to leave.  Then she reminds Carly that she's the reason they found Spinelli and the reason they may be able to clear Sam's name.

Over at Sonny's, Jason and Spinelli discuss the plan with Sonny.  Sonny tells him that Rodriguez and Lucky will meet the two at the pier.  Jason and Sonny expect a possible ambush by Alcazar.  Spinelli picks up something and comments about it.  Jason tells him to shut up and not to touch anything.  Sonny tells Jason that he will make sure Ric doesn't interfere with the plan.
At the police station, Ric tells Mac that Alexis filed a motion to get the flash drive.  Mac asks him if he was surprised.  Ric, of course, doesn't want to hand the flash drive over.  Mac points out that the police haven't gotten a chance to really look over the evidence either.  The phone rings.  Ric answers.  Sonny is on the other line asking Ric to come by because they need to talk about the girls.  Flashing back to Sonny's, we see Jason and Spinelli head out.
Over at Kelly's Georgie meets with Professor Pete.  He praises her hard work and dedication to school.  He tells her he wants her to do something for him.
Back at GH, Maxie plays the "everyone hates me" guilt card.  Lucky asks Maxie why she lied about seeing Dr.  Lee.  Maxie accuses Dr.  Lee of judging her as a tramp.  Dr Lee says she treats all her patients with the best care.  Dr.  Lee
leaves and Maxie tells Lucky that he can't erase memories.  "I believed you when you said you wanted to be with me," she tells him.  Lucky's phone rings.  It's Rodriguez telling him to meet him at the pier to meet Jason and Spinelli.  Lucky tells Maxie he has to go.  She makes a comment about how convenient that is for him.  He leaves and Maxie stares him down, looking as though she is plotting something.
At the pier, Spinelli and Jason are hiding behind some boxes.  Spinelli says he's worried that Alcazar's men will go after his grandma.  Jason tells him not to worry.  Lucky comes up, gun in hand, calling for Jason.  Jason and Spinelli turn themselves in to Rodriguez and Lucky.  as the two are being cuffed, Spinelli asks if he can keep the handcuffs.  Jason gives him a dirty look.
Over at Lorenzo's house, Skye tells Lorenzo that she went to Sonny's and told him that he (Lorenzo) wouldn't hurt Lulu.  Skye asks Lorenzo what he's hiding from her.  He tells her he won't be going after Jason right now because it would look too suspicious.  He tells her that Ric is demanding and unpredictable.  He points out that if he lets Jason and Spinelli
surrender, it will cause a world of trouble for Ric.
At Sonny's, Ric enters and tells Sonny that the station knows where he was going and that they expect him back in 30 minutes.  Sonny tells him it's too early to hurt him.  Ric asks Sonny why he's, all of the sudden, willing to coexist.  He asks if Santa came early and gave Sonny a conscience.
At the Metro Court, Lulu complains that she wanted nothing to do with the situation with the mob, but Sonny and Jason gave her no choice.  She tells Carly she made a deal with Sonny.  Carly flips out and says that trading favors is
how involvement in the mob world starts.  She tells Lulu that it's an addiction that has serious consequences.  Then she tells Lulu if she has to choose between a safe guy and a tough guy, to choose the safe guy.  Lulu points out that Carly is the one who really has to make that choice, since she's supposed to be marrying "the safe guy" in a few weeks.
Back at Sonny's, Ric brings up how Sonny chose Jason over him.  Then he tells Sonny that his life doesn't revolve around him and that Sam's arrest and the planted evidence have nothing to do with his grudge against Sonny.  Then he
tells Sonny that nobody will keep him from Molly.  Sonny tells him not to use Molly to fix the past.  Then he says that all he wants is peace.  Ric responds with, "You hate me.  What do you really want?"
At the PCPD, Lucky and Rodriguez bring Jason and Spinelli in.  Sonny has sent a lawyer (She's someone new.  I didn't catch her name.) The lawyer tells Mac that the flash drive was planted and fabricated.  He says there's no proof of that.  Spinelli admits he created it and laughingly tells them it's bogus.
At the Metro Court, Carly informs Lulu that she and Sonny are over.  She tells Lulu that Sonny is a part of her and that he's a great guy.  She says he is everything a person could want in a father, (I think that's a matter of opinion.) but she adds, that's as far as it goes.  She tells Lulu that she loves Jax and that he's good to her.  She says that Jax makes her happy and makes her feel alive.  She tells Lulu that Sonny is a stick of dynamite and that she's a match.  Then she tells Lulu that she told Sonny it's over.  Lulu points out that it's easy to tell yourself you don't love somebody, but deep down,
feel otherwise.
At Kelly's, Professor Pete tells Georgie he's writing a novel.  He tells her that he needs a researcher to give the story historical context and asks her if she would be willing to help.  She says yes and he gives her the story outline.
Back at GH, Dr.  Lee hands some ultrasound pictures over to a technician to get them copied.  Maxie sees the pictures and gets an idea.
At the police department, Spinelli plays around on the computer as he shows the police how he created the drive.  A computer expert sits next to him impressed.  He says that Spinelli definitely could have made a fake drive.  Mac says there is still no proof that the drive was planted.  The lawyer asks Spinelli who had him create the drive and he tells them that it was Lorenzo.  They take Spinelli into a holding room and Lulu enters.
Over at Sonny's, the mob boss asks Ric if the enemy juggling he's been doing is getting to him.  Ric gets a call from the police department informing him that Jason and Spinelli are in custody.  He is told there is proof that the flash drive may be fabricated.  He is told that the police plan to compare the flash drive in Ric's possession to the one Spinelli just created on the computer.
At Kelly's, Mike offers Georgie some food and she chats with him about her new assignment.  She says that the old films that Dillon made her watch will probably come in handy now.  She reminisces on the past.  Mike tells her the only thing that matters is that she and Dillon are still fascinated with each other, even if their interests have changed.  Maxie shows up and Georgie says hi to her.  Maxie moves away from her and Georgie asks her where she's going.  She says she's going to the bathroom because she's pregnant.  Georgie says, no, you were going to Lucky's room.  The question is, why?  Maxie tells Georgie that she was going to leave a copy of the ultrasound at Lucky's place.  Then, she accuses Georgie of not caring about her baby.  Georgie tells her that she (Maxie) is the one who doesn't care about what is best for the baby.  She tells Maxie that Lucky doesn't love and he never will.  She tells Maxie that having children didn't make their dad want to stay and it won't make Lucky want to be with Maxie either.  She reminds Maxie that Lucky only used her to score pills.  Maxie says, "Lucky needed me.  He'll need me again."
At the police station, Lulu visits Spinelli in the holding room.  She asks him if he can hack into the police department's computers.  He says no problem.  She says she needs him to look into old police records.  Meanwhile, Jason sits with Lucky.  He picks up a piece of paper and hands it to Lucky.  It's the ultrasound of Elizabeth's baby.  Lucky talks about it.
Meanwhile, Ric goes to his office to retrieve the flash drive, but it's gone.  He leaves a message on Alcazar's phone telling him it's gone.
However, Lorenzo is already aware of that.  Over at his place, one of his men hands him the drive and Skye walks in.  She asks about the drive and Lorenzo explains the whole situation to her.  He tells her that as long as he has the drive, he has Ric in the palms of his hands.  Lorenzo also reveals that he has Ric on tape saying that he framed Sam.

Over at Sonny's, Carly rushes in and tells Max to pull the car around because she won't be there long.  Max points Carly in Sonny's direction and she gives Max a dirty look.  She goes in.  Max locks her in the room with Sonny.  She yells at Max to let her out and Sonny dismisses him.  Sonny has the table all set up, ready for dinner.  Carly tells Sonny to do his worst.  He says he will try his best.  Carly tells him his plan won't work, ending today's episode of General Hospital.

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