GH Update Monday 12/11/06

General Hospital Update Monday 12/11/06


Written By Shanna
Pictures by Juanita

Today, GH opens with Nikolas and Emily at Wyndemere. Jax and the kids have already left, and Emily asks Nikolas if Jax's presence made him uncomfortable.

Over at the lake house, Alexis asks Sonny if he tried to kill Ric. Sonny admits he did and says that his only regret is that the chamber was empty.

Over at Jake's, we get to see the fight scene from Friday play out again. Coleman pushes Patrick; Patrick punches Coleman and slinks back after hurting his hand on Coleman's face. Coleman goes in for the attack and Robin hits him in the knees with a pool stick. She tells him to back off and then demands he retrieve some ice for Dr. Drake's possibly broken hand.

Over at Lorenzo's, Skye enters with Lila Rae, just after Lorenzo finishes telling someone on the phone to find Spinelli and take Jason out.

Meanwhile, on the side of the road, the police officer asks Jason for his id. Lulu says, "We have to get out of here" as the cop leaves to check on Jason's id. Jason tells Lulu not to try to make a run for it as the opening credits begin to roll.

After the credits, Jason is calm and tells Lulu to stay calm. The officer returns and tells Jason thank you. He calls him by the alias Jason's id lists. He tells Lulu to stick to the speed limit and Lulu berates Jason for failing to tell her that he had a fake id. Jason tells Lulu that he will resume the responsibility of driving.

Back at Lorenzo's, Skye is moving in with Lila Rae. Lorenzo tells her that he picked out a great nanny for their baby and tells Skye to let him know if she needs anything else. She makes compares her being there to Belle's stay at the Beast's castle because that is what she has been reading Lila Rae. Edward enters and tells Skye she and the baby cannot live with Lorenzo.

Returning to Jake's, Patrick tells Coleman, "If you broke my hand..." and Coleman points out that Patrick was the one who threw the punch. Robin again demands ice for the surgeon's hand.

At Wyndemere, Emily tells Nikolas that they shouldn't dwell on the past now that they have a second chance at their relationship. Nikolas reminds her that he failed her when he slept with Courtney. Emily says if it took Nikolas being with Courtney, and her being with Sonny, to get to where they are now, it was all worth it.

Meanwhile, Jax, Michael and Morgan return to Carly's house. Michael gloats that Jax convinced Nikolas to let Spencer play baby Jesus. Carly points out that Jax is a hero to the boys now. She asks Jax whether Nikolas was aware that the pageant was taking place outdoors. Jax says no, because he too was unaware. Carly assures him that it will be fine. She asks him if seeing Nikolas with Spencer made him uncomfortable. Jax says, "I was thinking about how far I've come since last year, and about my future with you."

At the lake house, Ric continues to make threats, pointing out that he should arrest Sonny for attempted murder and call on Alexis as a witness. Sonny tells Ric that he should arrest himself for all the things he's done to Sam, Jason and Carly (Setting Sam up, almost killing Jason and chaining Carly to a wall when she was pregnant with Morgan). Ric asks Alexis if she'll lie to save Sonny's butt. Alexis asks Sonny if it is worth his freedom to kill Ric.

Back at Wyndemere, Emily asks Nikolas if he's worried about Spencer playing Jesus. Nikolas says he's worried that Spencer will cry or will get hurt. Emily assures him it will be fine (I wonder if this is foreshadowing that something will happen to Spencer at the pageant).

Cut to Colleen staring into a bathroom mirror, probably in a hotel room. She rinses her face and hair in the sink. She looks back in the mirror with her eyes big and a smile on her face.

When we return to the road to Tennessee, Jason is driving and he is asking Lulu to describe the house in the picture again. Lulu says he is relentless and asks if he's always been that way. He says he doesn't remember. Lulu describes the house again, this time mentioning a car in front of a sign that reads "Windsor Farms". Jason calls Stan and has him look it up. Lulu tells Jason that if he wasn't such a mob-tacular hit man, he'd make a good detective.

Returning to Lorenzo's, Edward continues to argue with Skye who tells him that she has chosen to move in with Lorenzo. She tells him that he's a good guy and he's her baby's daddy. Edward gets angry and weakly punches Lorenzo (who acts as if it hurt more than it did).

At the lake house, Sonny informs Alexis of Ric's dealing with Lorenzo and tells her that it's Ric's fault that Sam shot Diego. Alexis tells Sonny if he wants to protect his daughter, he should make peace with Ric. Then she tells the brothers that she is too nauseous to deal with them. She tells Ric and Sonny that she doesn't care how much they hate each other. She just hopes their love for their children is stronger. Sonny exits. Ric misses the point and asks Alexis if she wants Sonny to kill him.

At Lorenzo's, Skye again tells Edward that she wants to stay with him and that he's a good man. Edward starts to realize that Skye has a reason for her decision. "I see you've made up your mind," Edward says. He tells her he hopes she doesn't suffer too much and that his home is always open to her. Edward leaves and Skye tells Lorenzo that they need to set some ground rules.

Traveling over to Kelly's, Maxie comes in to see Georgie. Maxie asks Georgie why she isn't doing anything and Georgie tells her she doesn't feel like over-achieving right now. Georgie then offers Maxie some milk, because it's good for the "baby". Maxie notices Georgie is upset. She takes an interest and asks her what's wrong. Georgie tells her that Dillon came by. And that he was wonderful.

Meanwhile, over at GH, Patrick and a still drunken Robin get off an elevator. Noah sees them and asks Patrick what happened. Robin quickly responds that Patrick's hand injury is bowling ball related. Noah looks at it and makes a comment about Robin's tequila breath. She tells Noah, "I only had 5." Then she whispers to Patrick, "Or was it 6?" Noah knows that Patrick purposely punched some one, probably defending Robin's honor.

Jason and Lulu finally get to the farm. Jason leaves Lulu in the car and he gets out. A minute later, Lulu sneaks out of car and walks up to the door. She knocks on it. An older lady answers. Lulu tells her she's looking for Damien Spinelli. We see Jason lurking in the bushes.

At Lorenzo's place, Skye tells Lorenzo that she and Lila will only be there as long as Lulu is safe. Lorenzo tells her he will still take vengeance on those responsible for Diego's death.

Back at Spinelli's grandmother's house, Lulu tells Spinelli's grandma that she needs to talk to Spinelli immediately. She says it's a very important matter and very private. Spinelli's grandmother then asks Lulu, "Does my grandson know he's going to be a daddy?"

At Kelly's, Georgie tells Maxie about Dillon helping her clean tables and giving her his review of "The Fountain". Georgie talks about how she and Dillon have grown apart and Maxie blames Lulu. Georgie says she misses the way she and Dillon used to be.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Ric she made the same mistakes with him and Sonny. She wanted to make them something they weren't. She makes a comment about Ric's natural, seriously sick behavior. She tells him that he is deceptive about who he is, while Sonny is more straightforward with his behavior. She asks Ric to leave. She looks sick. Ric exits and she lies down on the couch.

Over at Carly's, Michael and Morgan are rehearsing their lines, as Carly tried to rewrite them and Jax watches. Morgan drums on pots and Michael delivers his speech. Carly tells him to look outward. Michael thanks Jax for his help and tells him that he doesn't want a step dad, but that if he has to have one, he's glad it's Jax. He hugs Jax and Sonny enters. He makes small talk with the boys and then asks to speak with Carly alone. She sends the boys to bed. Morgan hugs Jax on his way up. Jax exits the room to give Sonny and Carly some privacy. Carly gets defensive and tells Sonny that it was just a hug and that Jax isn't trying to steal his kids. Sonny tells her she won't marry Jax.

Returning to Wyndemere, Nikolas talks about how time heals all wounds. He talks about losing Emily and Courtney's death. He says he thought his happiness was behind him. Then he talks about when he found out that Spencer is his son. Emily says, "Speaking of surprises..." and pulls out a present from under the table. She tells Nikolas it's to him from Santa Claus.

We go back to Colleen, who is dressed in a pink bathrobe. She tries on a few pairs of glasses and finally chooses the "sexy librarian" styled rims.

At Lorenzo's, Skye tells Lorenzo not to blame himself for Diego's death. Lorenzo talks about how he squandered his chances to know his son. He tells Skye he can honor Diego by taking revenge and by giving Lila the best life he can. Ric busts in saying he needs to talk to Lorenzo.

Meanwhile, down south, Spinelli's grandma has assumed Lulu's pregnant, so Lulu plays along. Jason comes up and Lulu says that he's her brother. The grandma tells Lulu she's impressed with her. She generalizes that most city-girls have no values and would go straight to the abortion clinic. Lulu's eyes get bigger as abortion is a sensitive subject for her.

At GH, Noah informs Robin that Patrick's hand is broken and that he'll need to keep it still, meaning no surgeries. Noah suggested he get a nurse. Robin says that a nurse isn't necessary. She decides to take care of Patrick.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas has opened his gift. Inside the box are three stockings. One with his name, Emily's name and Spencer's name. Nikolas and Emily are on the couch talking and the camera zooms in on Spencer's stocking. Then it zooms in on his name and cuts to Colleen with her hair in a towel. She lets it down to reveal that she has dyed it black.

At Lorenzo's, Skye exits to give Lorenzo and Ric a chance to talk. Ric asks Lorenzo if he's caught Spinelli. Ric tells Lorenzo not to underestimate him. Lorenzo is not intimidated and says he can buy off the next D.A. if he has to. He tells Ric that he wants Jason and Sam dead. The phone rings and Lorenzo gets word that his men have found Spinelli. He assures Ric that Jason will be there soon.

Meanwhile, Jason asks Lulu if she can continue the act; she says it's just a scam and she can pull it off. The grandma continues talking about values and city-girls. We (and Lulu) see Spinelli through the window, approaching the door. Lulu says, "I can't do this."

Returning to Carly's, Sonny tells Carly that he doesn't want Jax living with his kids. He tells her he doesn't want Jax to take his kids away from him. And he doesn't want Jax to take her away from him either. How will she respond? Find out tomorrow on General Hospital.

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