GH Update Friday 12/8/06

General Hospital Update Friday 12/8/06


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Today opens at Wyndemere with Colleen's resignation. Nikolas asks her why she wants to leave now. Emily listens intently to hear her answer.

Epiphany and Patrick get into it at the Nurse's station at GH. He's upset with Robin and takes it out on Epiphany by harassing her about a patient he wants monitored hourly.

Meanwhile, Robin pays a visit to Sonny to get his opinion on whether or not she has survivor's guilt. She makes a point to mention that she made a conscious decision to get on with her life. Sonny says she does have survivor's guilt.

At the hotel, Jason tells Lulu that he wasn't aware of how upset she was. Lulu jumps on him and tells him not to "sugar coat" things. Then she says, "Don't you dare...dare...feel sorry for me." Jason gives us his, "oh my God,  what have I gotten myself into" look and we roll into the opening credits.

Returning to Wyndemere, Colleen tells Nikolas that she's doing what's best for Spencer. She knows he'll notice her sadness. Emily rolls her eyes. Nikolas asks Emily's opinion. She knows Colleen is pulling a guilt trip and says she agrees with Colleen. Colleen exits and Nikolas and Emily shake their heads. Colleen listens outside the door as the two agree that this is best.

Robin argues with Sonny about her having survivor's guilt. He said that her head says she doesn't but her heart says differently. He tells her she feels guilty about being with Patrick.

Back at the hospital, Patrick reminds Epiphany of her position in the pecking order. Epiphany reminds Patrick that if he and Robin don't want commentary on their romance, then they should avoid playing it out in the hospital. Noah enters as Epiphany exits. He asks Patrick what he's done to upset Epiphany. Patrick tells him not to start on the topic and Noah guesses that the problem has something to do with Robin.

At Kelly's, Georgie is working and Dillon enters. He apologizes for fighting with her. They talk about how they have been fighting a lot lately.  Georgie almost says it's okay, but then tells Dillon that she wants it to be okay, but it's not. They decide they fight more because they don't spend enough time together. Dillon offers to hang out with her while she works. Then he seals the deal with offering to give her his review of "The Fountain". They sit across from each other at a table, smiling.

Back at the hotel, Jason takes, what appears to be, Aspirin for his leg pain. Lulu reenters and sits next to him. She starts talking about how she told her mother about the abortion and blames herself for Laura's sudden relapse. She starts asking the 'what-ifs' and Jason tells her she can't drive herself crazy with wondering what might have been. Lulu asks him if he has any regrets or wishes he could change something he's done. He says "all the time."  Then he looks away. Then he says he doesn't wish for things to be different because there's no point in making things up and then being sad that they didn't happen. Lulu counters this with saying that the Q's always talk about how Jason is Mr. Confident. She accuses him of not knowing how she feels because he always  has a back up plan and he's never crashed and burned. Somber music plays as he  talks about his break up with Sam and how everything that's happened is his  fault. "I understand regret," he says.

Back at Sonny's, the mobster tells Robin he knows what it's like to blame yourself for living. He advises her not to live her life as a memory to Stone. Robin later argues with him about loving Patrick. He tells her she does love him and that's why she's having such a hard time right now. He reminds us that Stone has been dead for 11 years and tells Robin that even though she's still hanging on to Stone, she's starting to let go. He tells her that this is what terrifies her. She nods.

Noah and Patrick take a seat in the hospital and have a heart to heart. Patrick asks Noah how he is supposed to compete with Stone and then makes a reference to Romeo and Juliet. He says that the minute Robin begins to feel something real with him, she feels like she's being unfaithful to Stone. Noah tells him to look at it from Robin's perspective - "she fell in love, Stone died. Now she's falling in love again...connect the dots."

Nikolas and Emily and Spencer are by the Christmas tree in the living room. Nikolas tells Emily that he's worried Colleen's disappearance will affect Spencer. Emily holds Spencer's hand. Nikolas tells Emily that he didn't have the heart to let Colleen go before Christmas but that he wasn't comfortable with her  being there after giving her the notice. He determines it was the best solution for everyone.

Meanwhile, crazy Colleen goes to visit Helena where she has her tied up. Colleen taunts Helena telling her that dehydration is a painful way to die and no one will even find Helena until it's too late. She tells Helena that she resigned. Then she informs Helena that she underestimated her. Helena looks scared as Colleen gets that wide-eyed crazy look on her face as she talks about how much she loves Spencer. She waves goodbye to Helena and leaves.

Meanwhile, Noah and Patrick talk about Patrick's mother and how Noah can relate to Robin's fear of intimacy. While this is happening, Robin goes to Jake's and asks Coleman for some Tequila.

Jason tells Lulu that there is no secret to moving on. It's just part of life. Jason tells her that sometimes thing just happen fast and you live through them slowly. He uses Sonny's loss of Lily, Sam's loss of her baby, and Sam's shooting as examples.

Meanwhile, Sonny has gone to Alexis' to visit Kristina. The two decide to go Christmas tree hunting the following day. Kristina nods when Sonny asks her if she wants two big Christmas trees. Ric enters and the tension is thick.

Back at Wyndemere, Jax, Michael, and Morgan come over to ask Nikolas if baby Spencer can play baby Jesus in their school's Christmas pageant. Colleen comes in, ready to leave, and wants to say goodbye to Spencer. Both Nikolas and Emily look uncomfortable, but Nikolas hands his baby over to her. She tells Spencer how much she'll miss him and then Emily takes Spencer away from her. Nikolas wishes her well and then turns his back on her to get Michael a cupcake.  Spencer cries and Colleen exits.

Back at Jake's, Robin is getting drunk. She tells Coleman that she is boring and predictable and that's why people think she has survivor's guilt. Patrick enters and tries to get Robin to leave. Patrick looks over at Coleman.

Jason and Lulu prepare to head back out. As they open the door, the woman from the hotel asks them if everything is okay. Lulu apologizes to her for jumping all over her. She leaves and Jason decides to let Lulu drive.

Back at Alexis's house, Sonny and Ric are playing the "my daughter lives here" game when Alexis enters. She looks upset when she sees Ric.

At Jake's, Patrick harasses Coleman about letting Robin drink so much. Robin is very drunk at this point. She hops and says she wants to dance.  She heads to the jukebox. Patrick tries to reason with her. She tells him he was right about her having survivor's guilt. She hurts herself on the jukebox and Patrick tries to pull her away to take her home. Coleman approaches Patrick who tells Coleman to stay out of it.

Back at Wyndemere, Emily and Jax talk about how he's trying to befriend Michael since he and Carly are getting married. Emily says that Michael's lack of trust may be her fault. She says that due to past experiences, Michael has learned not to get attached to people his parents date because they always leave. Jax tells her he isn't going anywhere.

Back at the lake house, Sonny suggests Alexis put Kristina to bed while he and Ric leave. Ric refuses saying he needs to talk to Alexis. Alexis doesn't want a fight so she lets Sonny put Kristina to bed. While Sonny is gone,  Ric whines to Alexis that big bad Sonny tried to kill him. Alexis lets out a big sigh.

On the road, Lulu talks about how awesome the SUV is while Jason tells her to slow down so they don't look suspicious. Lulu tells him that people who drive slow look like they are trying to hide something so she has to drive fast to blend in. Just as she says this, we hear police sirens. Jason gives her an angry look.

Back at Jake's, Coleman attempts to keep Patrick from taking Robin, Patrick pushes him out of the way, Robin is concerned that someone is going to get hurt. Coleman pushes Patrick, so he retaliates with a punch, injuring his  hand.

As Jax prepares to leave with the kids, he asks Nikolas to match his donation to the school. Nikolas agrees to this and to let Spencer play Jesus. But he makes Michael agree to look after Spencer.

Meanwhile, Colleen sits on an airplane that is heading to Denver. She circles a crib set in a magazine and flashes an evil smile.

Back at Alexis', Sonny comes down and Alexis asks him if he tried to kill Ric.

On the road, Lulu freaks out while Jason tells her to calm down. A cop walks up to the car and asks for her license and registration, which Jason has so kindly already given her. The cop points out that the SUV doesn't belong to Lulu. Jason intervenes and says it belongs to the company he works for. The cop asks Jason for his identification, marking the end  of the show for this cliffhanger Friday.

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