GH Update Tuesday 11/14/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/14/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Tracy argue at the Spencer house about his marrying Laura, especially in the Quartermaine garden. He points out that Laura is only going to be with them for a short time and then will revert back to being catatonic. She reminds him that she is his wife, so Laura can't be. He sighs heavily. They argue some more. He confides that he does love Tracy and asks what the harm is in giving Laura her last wish. She asks what he will do about her kids when they find out this is only temporary. They argue about that. Luke wants the kids to spend time with Laura as normally as possible, instead of dreading her leaving. She thinks Luke is just being selfish to want Laura back, no matter what the circumstances, but he denies it and says he is doing this for her kids. Lulu comes in and sees them. She wonders if something is wrong. Luke and Tracy explain that Tracy is annoyed about Luke's marrying Laura in her house. Luke says she doesn't have to be there, but Tracy insists that she wouldn't miss it and storms out. Lulu doesn't thinks Tracy will make it through the wedding; she thinks he should tell Laura the truth. Luke lies again that he is divorced from Tracy and assures Lulu that he has Tracy handled. He urges Lulu to spend as much time with Laura as possible.

Jane and Carly argue at Sonny's about whether Carly will be a good wife to Jax. They both agree that they adore the other one, but Jane thinks the marriage is a mistake. They continue to argue as Carly protests that she is only there to help out Sonny and Alexis with the children. Jane asks her how she would feel if Jax moved in with one of his exes. Jax comes in as she is saying that. Carly says she would hate it and be very jealous, but she trusts Jax. No matter what happens with Sonny, she maintains that it's not going to change how she feels for Jax. Jane keeps arguing with her, and Jax argues with Jane as well. When Michael calls Carly in to tell her that Morgan had a bad dream, she leaves to go upstairs. Jax shares that he has his own doubts, but he doesn't think Carly will leave him for Sonny. Jane doesn't think he can take another broken heart, but he assures her that he'll be fine. Carly returns, and Jax tells her that Jane left. She wonders if Jax thinks his mother is right. He asks if she can tell him that Sonny will not always be in the middle of their marriage. Carly acts hurt that he would still have doubts. They argue, and Carly wonders if he still wants to get married. Jax suggests they elope. Carly doesn't want to elope; she wants everyone there, including Sonny. He tells her that he will be at the airport tomorrow at 9 am, so if she doesn't show up, he'll know that the wedding is off. He leaves, and she looks exasperated.

Ric visits Lorenzo at his place to talk about their plot against Sonny and Jason. When Ric sees Spinelli, Lorenzo's computer guy, there, he pretends to be visiting as the D.A., saying he is going to need to question Lorenzo about his dealings with Sonny. He asks Spinelli to excuse us. Lorenzo tells Ric that Spinelli is just his computer technician as he ushers him out. He pretends that Spinelli is setting up a computer system for him, but Spinelli doesn't catch on right away. After Spinelli is gone, Ric asks Lorenzo in disbelief if he had Spinelli fabricate the evidence on the flash drive. Lorenzo assures him that he's the best, but they argue about it. Ric still worries. They keep arguing about Spinelli and whether they will be able to get Jason and Sam or not. Lorenzo offers Ric a drink, but he turns him down. Lorenzo tells him that Spinelli did not have any names when he fixed the files, only numbers, so he can't betray them even if he wanted to. Ric wants to make sure he can convict them, but Lorenzo thinks they will be dead before trial.

Jason interrogates Pete about which student of his is working for Lorenzo. Pete refuses to tell which student it is. Stan leaves so Jason can threaten Pete. Pete tells him to go to hell, so Jason grabs him. Sam stops him from roughing Pete up. Sam wonders if Pete is telling the truth that a college student would not be helping Lorenzo. Jason goes to threaten Pete again, and Sam stops him again, pretending that she believes him. She puts the blindfold back on Pete, and they take him to the docks. Sam keeps apologizing to Pete for the inconvenience. He suggests she turn herself into the police so she can clear her name, but they tell him that the D.A. is trying to frame her, so that won't work. Pete points out that being around Jason will only get her gunned down. Jason ties his hands to the docks with a rope, then he sticks a knife in the wood so that Pete will be able to get it and free himself after they are gone. However, Jason and Sam lurk nearby instead of leaving, so that they can follow Pete.

Lucky and Lulu chat as they walk. She froze when Laura asked them to be honest, yet Lucky poured out his mistakes. Lucky advises her that Laura is stronger than she realizes and can handle the truth. They both hope that Elizabeth will come back to him; he is determined to do whatever it takes to get her back.

Elizabeth argues with Nikolas at the hospital about her helping Jason. He implied that she was endangering her unborn baby. She argues that she wasn't at risk, but he points out that she was, with all the cops wandering around with instructions to shoot Jason. She thinks he is mad at her for sleeping with Jason, but he says he can't judge her because he's far from perfect, and so is Lucky. She worries that Lucky will find out about it, but he thinks that her losing the baby would be even more damaging to Lucky's rehab. Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that Sam is his cousin and her being in jail will affect Molly and Christina. Nikolas says that she has chosen the life with Jason, so he can't help her. She reminds him also that Sam is being framed by Ric, so she can't just let that happen. Nikolas wonders if she's really trying to help Sam or just wants to prove herself to Jason.

Diego goes to Kelly's in a good mood. He leaves Mike a big tip. Mike warns him that flashing that kind of money around might be dangerous. Diego knows that working for his father gives him protection. Mike notes that if Lorenzo's a good father, he'll keep him out of his business. Diego acts in a condescending way to Mike. As he leaves, Maxie walks in, so they almost collide. He offers to buy her a cup of coffee, but she says that she's not drinking caffeine. He reminds her that he knows she's not really pregnant, but she continues to deny that. They bicker about it for a minute, and he taunts her about Lucky wanting to go back to his wife. Pete phones Spinelli from Kelly's and leaves him a message that they need to talk; he asks him to meet him at Kelly's.

Maxie visits Lucky in rehab. She gives him some forms to fill out for a medical history for their baby, so he does. They chat. She talks about being pregnant, hinting about bringing their baby "home" after it is born. Elizabeth comes in and wonders why Maxie is there, so Maxie reminds her that they are having a child together. Lucky explains that Dr. Lee needed his medical history; he hands the completed forms to Maxie. Maxie suggests to Elizabeth that they get along for their children's sake, but Elizabeth replies that she has nothing to say to her. Maxie tells Lucky that she wants to name her baby Lucky Lorenzo Spencer III if it is a boy. Lucky and Elizabeth look shocked. He tells Maxie slowly that he wants to use that name in case he and Elizabeth have a son. Maxie asks if he's saying that Elizabeth's baby is more important than hers. They all argue. Lucky makes it clear to Maxie that he plans to be with Elizabeth, not her. Maxie leaves, blaming Elizabeth for making Lucky choose one of his children over another. Lucky apologizes, saying that Elizabeth doesn't deserve that. Elizabeth says that Maxie is right that he shouldn't favor one child over another. Lucky is in awe about Elizabeth's attitude. Later, Maxie stops Elizabeth and tells her off. She accuses Elizabeth of trying to keep Lucky from his child.

Spinelli meets with Pete at Kelly's as Sam and Jason watch. Sam spies the geeky Spinelli and says that it can't be him. Pete tells Spinelli that he knows he's been working for Lorenzo Alcazar and that it got traced back to him. Spinelli tells him that he'll work for anyone who can pay the right price. Pete warns him he's in danger, but Spinelli thinks he's under Alcazar's protection. Pete tries to get him to stop his work for Lorenzo, but he won't. Spinelli leaves, but Sam stops him outside, flirting with him. Sam grabs Spinelli, threatening him. Jason accuses him of helping Lorenzo to frame Sam by loading a bunch of fake transactions onto a flash drive. He demands to know how Spinelli did it, but Spinelli denies that he did it. Sam scoffs that Spinelli doesn't look like a computer genius, so maybe they were wrong. He gets annoyed that they doubt his prowess. Because of his stung pride, Spinelli lets slip that he is involved with Alcazar. He warns that Alcazar will mess with Jason. Sam pleads with him, telling him what Ric is doing. Spinelli sympathizes with Sam because she's "hot". Spinelli is worried that Lorenzo will get revenge if he helps them. When Jason asks again how he built the flash drive, Spinelli tells him that he wouldn't understand it. Jason yells at him for joking around, saying that lives are at stake. Sam faints, so Jason helps her out. Spinelli asks about her arm and is impressed that she was shot. Jason worries about her and says she has a fever. He demands that Sam take it easy, or else he's going to have to take her to the hospital. Jason gets annoyed at Spinelli's comments and gags him.

Lorenzo calls Spinelli but gets his voice mail. He tells his men to find Spinelli and bring him there. Later, Ric meets up with Lorenzo again but is nervous that they will be seen together twice in one day. Lorenzo informs him that Spinelli is missing, so they figure Jason might have him. Lorenzo tells Ric to get the cops out after Spinelli, no matter what it takes, to keep Spinelli from talking.

Lulu runs into Dillon at the Quartermaines'. She explains that she is moving some stuff to her mom's place. He asks how Laura is doing, so she fills him in on how well she is doing. He points out that Lulu can tell her the truth now, but Lulu wonders if she is ready for everything yet. She points out that Luke is not being honest, either. He hasn't told Laura yet that he was married to Tracy. Dillon is surprised that they are divorced, since Tracy is still acting like they're married. Lulu says that's because she still loves him, and he agrees. Lulu knows what it's like to love someone when they are in love with someone else. She jokes that now they are not related. He says kindly that their time together was not all bad....they had some fun. She agrees that it feels weird to leave the house. They both agree that they will miss the other.

Nikolas is surprised to run into Helena at Shadybrook, but she reminds him that he had her put away. He just didn't know it was there. When she mentions Laura, he tells her to stay way from her. She says it is Luke that is dangerous and can't be trusted. She hints that Luke has not been honest about Laura's condition, so Nikolas look suspicious.

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