GH Update Monday 11/13/06

General Hospital Update Monday 11/13/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Lorenzo has Sonny in a choke hold at his place, so Sonny's men draw their weapons. Sonny tells them to put their guns away because there is a mother and child there (Skye and her baby). He asks Lorenzo if he wants his daughter to see this and says they're just there to gather information. Lorenzo suggests calling the police until Sonny reminds him that the police will gather up all this evidence. While Lorenzo threatens Sonny, Sonny apologizes to Skye because he didn't know that she and her baby would be there. She asks him to leave. Sonny tells him that Lorenzo teamed up with Ric to frame Sam, and he wants to see her exonerated. He bids them goodnight after observing that the pasta Lorenzo made looks good and suggesting that perhaps he consider another career. After Sonny and his guys leave, Lorenzo asks if this means Skye is going to take their daughter and leave town again. She says it depends and asks if he is in league with Ric. She blasts him for not making things turn out the way he promised.

Ric and the police head toward the safehouse, since he planted a bug on Elizabeth. He's hoping to nab Jason and Sam.

At the Safehouse, Sam is glad Jason is safe. Jason asks Elizabeth if she was alone with Ric at the hospital. She replies that she was for a few seconds. He searches her, apologetically, and finds a tracking device in her pocket. Jason knows that Ric is already on his way.

Outside the apartment, Ric tells the cops not to harm Elizabeth. Cruz argues that Ric ordered this raid, knowing that a pregnant woman might be in there (hinting that there is a risk no matter what Ric says). They go in and find only Elizabeth standing there. She acts shocked at their sudden appearance. Ric demands to know where Sam and Jason are. Elizabeth says that as far as she knows, Sam is at the hospital; she has no idea where Jason is. Ric argues with her and accuses her of helping them, but Elizabeth gives it back to him about how he is treating her so badly. Ric, undeterred, threatens to arrest her. She tells him that she just came by to see about renting the apartment, but he doesn't believe her. She is very indignant about his treatment. Cruz asks if Ric wants to have forensics go over the place, but Ric knows it's no use. A man walks in and angrily asks what they did to his door. Cruz tells him it's a police matter. The man says he's the super, so Ric asks if he knows Elizabeth. The super confirms that she wanted to rent the place and asks if she's in trouble. Elizabeth says no and tries to talk to him, but he takes back his keys and tells her that she is not the kind of tenant they are looking for. Elizabeth furiously asks Ric if he knows how difficult it is for a pregnant woman with a small child to rent an apartment and adds that he's ruined her dinner break. Ric apologizes and offers to speak with her boss, but she tells him not to bother and leaves; he tells her again that he's sorry.

Stan helps Jason and Sam get out of the apartment and into another part of the building (I think). Stan assures them that the building's super has things covered with the cops; he's not a fan of Ric or the way he runs things. Sonny and his men bring Lorenzo's computers there so that Stan can find the proof that Lorenzo helped Ric set up Sam. Jason re-dresses Sam's wound while she beats herself up for being stupid enough to visit her daughter's grave. Jason tries to stop her from blaming herself. Sonny tells them that from now on, they have to do things his way. Sonny chews Jason out for playing into Ric's hands. He tells him to keep his mouth shut or he will be shipped out of the country. Jason agrees that he has handle things poorly and put everyone in jeopardy. Sonny thinks they need to put Ric on the defensive so he'll be pushed into making mistakes. Stan tells them that he figured out that the guy who set up Lorenzo's computer system is an English professor at PCU named Pete Marquez. Stan can tell that he has an open tab at Jake's.

Later, Ric brings Elizabeth a sandwich to try to apologize, but she does not forgive him. She brings out the tracking device, claiming she found it in her pocket. She wonders if maybe it was against her civil rights. Ric can't understand why she would side with a thug like Jason over a man she was once married to. Ric works hard to play on her sympathies and try to make her see his side by dredging up their history and reminding her that Jason beat him up. She assures him that she doesn't want to see anyone hurt and that she is just friends with Jason, who helped her out a lot this summer. He reminds her that Sam and Jason broke the law, and then he goes into a sob story about how his marriage is over, Alexis is keeping Molly away from him, and he can't even see his own daughter at Sonny's place. Elizabeth stutters that she is sorry and didn't know. She sympathizes with him. She wishes him well and thanks him for the sandwich.

Laura chats with Lainey in a therapy session at the hospital. Laura thinks she is stronger now that she's faced the truth about Rick. Outside the room, Robin reminds Luke that Laura's situation is only temporary and that eventually, she'll shut down again due to the psychomotor disassociation. Luke is hopefully that Robin is wrong, since Laura seems so strong, but she points out that this is a physical problem, not a mental one. Robin thinks Luke should tell his family the truth. He wonders how long it will be. She says it won't be much longer. They will notice that sometimes she'll get confused or will go blank as if she's back to the catatonic state. They go in after Laura's session. She notices that Luke looks very sad and urges him to cheer up. At Laura's prodding, Lainey tells Luke that Laura's doing remarkably well. Luke and Laura hug.

Patrick meets up with his old college buddy Pete at Jake's. They catch up and joke around about all the drinking they used to do. Patrick thanks Pete for suggesting that he come back here and make up with his dad, even if it did cost him part of his liver. He knows that Noah would probably be dead by now otherwise. Pete jokes that it's amazing that Patrick had any liver left to donate. Patrick says he's starting to like it in Port Charles. Pete makes a joke about the "irritating woman" that Patrick mentioned, so Patrick tells him that he's in love with her and asked her to join them. Pete, surprised, wonders if that's a good idea. He tries to talk Patrick out of the idea of being in love, but it doesn't work. He wants Patrick to come with him to Vegas, but Patrick declines. Pete reminds him that they had a deal that if someone of them was "too far gone", the other one was supposed to drag him off to Vegas to clear his head. Patrick tells Pete that he doesn't need to be saved. Robin arrives and kisses Patrick. He introduces Pete and explains that he thinks she is out to ruin his life. Pete doesn't think that Robin and Jason's love is real and that passion doesn't last. Robin asks what's wrong with just enjoying their life and their life while they can? Pete can't argue with that, so he starts using quotes from poetry, literature, and other sources to argue about love. Robin is also educated, so she argues right back with him. The whole conversation makes Patrick very uncomfortable, but it is a fairly light-hearted dispute. Pete leaves after making one more pitch to see if Patrick will go with him to Vegas. Patrick asks Robin if he used to be that bad, so she replies he was worse. He apologizes. As Pete is headed out, Sam distracts him by asking him for help, but then Jason comes up behind him with a gun. He tells him not to panic and he won't get hurt.

Back at Sonny's place, Jax asks Carly not to risk her life any more for Jason because he doesn't want to lose her. She makes a joke but then assures him that he won't lose her. Michael runs in from playing with Morgan, looking for the water pistol. Carly tells him she borrowed it. Michael is disappointed that she wants to give it to Morgan, who owns the toy, not him. Michael laments that now Morgan is the leader of the Bushrangers. Jax is surprised that they would be playing Australian outlaws. His mom, Jane, walks in just then. They are surprised to see her. She is there early for the wedding and has some brandy that Max gave her. Carly is surprised that there is any brandy in the house, but Michael tells her that Max has it and they shouldn't tell Sonny. Carly rushes the kids back to bed while Jax and his mom kiss hello. Jane tells him that she's surprised that they are here in Sonny's house rather than at the hotel. They explain to her why they are there (to help with Molly and Christina). Jane expresses her concern and sympathy for Alexis and what she's going through. She wonders if the wedding will be postponed, but they assure her that it will go on as planned. Later, Jax is helping pick up the kids' toys, so Carly is left alone with his mom. Jane tells Carly that she hopes that Carly is not going to hurt her son, since he's been hurt so many times before (hinting about Carly staying at her ex-husband's place). Carly assures her that she loves Jax and wants to marry him.

Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu are all at Lesley's house; they find out that Laura went up to the attic and that Luke followed, then he phoned them to come over. Laura arrives with Luke and tells them that she is all right. she says she remembered everything and apologizes to Lesley for what happened to Rick. Lesley hugs her and assures her that she knows it was an accident. She adds that Ric would only want for her to get well. Laura asks her family to be honest with her from now on. Laura tries to plan her wedding details with her children, but they just want her to do it however she wants. She can tell they are all just being polite, so she asks again that they tell her about whatever's bothering them. They exchange looks, and then Lucky blurts out that he's in rehab at Shadybrook. Laura shows concern for her son as he explains what happened, including that he got Maxie pregnant and that Elizabeth is divorcing him. She assures him that everyone makes mistakes. She is proud that he is trying to work hard to put his life back together. They hug. Lulu holds up a calendar as she tells Laura that she thinks there is a problem with their wedding.

Lulu phones Carly to ask her to come over because she has to talk to her about her parents' wedding.

Luke suggests Laura rest, but she is feeling fine. They joke about Lulu still acting the same way when she rushes to the door as the doorbell rings. Jax and Carly arrive and greet them. Jax warmly greets them while Carly goes over to Lulu, to whom she is closer. They are both surprised that Laura is there and offer to help in any way they can. Lulu takes Carly aside and asks her not to say anything about her abortion, since she hasn't told her mom yet. Carly assures her that she wouldn't. Laura tells Carly she looks "wonderful" and Carly returns the compliment. They give Jax and Carly the short version of how Laura is well again. Luke and Laura then tell them that they had hoped to get married on November 16h, which is the anniversary of their first wedding 25 years ago. Carly graciously tells them that they can have their date, and in fact they can have the whole wedding. Laura protests, but Carly insists, and Jax goes along with her. Luke takes Carly aside and asks what this will cost him. She tells him that he has better things to worry about, like Tracy. He tells her that he got a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republican. Carly agrees not to tell Laura about Tracy. Luke announces to everyone that he spoke to Edward and got him to agree to use Lila's garden for the wedding. Laura's children all look at each other in surprise. Carly and Jax leave. She asks if he's mad; he just thinks she's relieved to have an excuse to postpone their wedding.

Sonny comes home and is surprised to find Jane there, but he greets her politely and offers her tea. She tells him that she's there for the wedding and asks him for a moment of his time. She tells him that she's a blunt woman and that it seems suspicious to her that Carly is staying there with him. She asks what is really going on with him and Carly. Sonny tells her that he's blunt, too, and that it seems to him that he and Carly are always going to end up in each other's arms. Jax and Carly come back, arguing about what happened at Luke and Laura's. Carly sees Jane with Sonny and warns her not to believe a word he said. Jane says that she thinks Carly just proved Sonny right.

Laura tells Luke that he's amazed how well he's getting along with Carly. they joke and flirt until Lesley tells her that they have to leave right now to get the dress while the store is open. Laura wishes they could just fast-forward through to the I do's. Luke tells her that they got cheated out of four years, so they should enjoy every minute of it now. Laura says she might stop at Edward's on the way home to thank him for the use of his place. Lesley makes "no" gestures behind her to Luke. Luke suggests she wait and they can talk to him later. He asks her not to push herself, and Lesley agrees, so Laura goes along with it. Lesley quickly rushes Laura out the back because Tracy comes in the front. She yells at Luke for having his wedding in her own backyard.

Nikolas visits Elizabeth at GH. He tells her that he knows that she helped Sam escape from the hospital for Jason. She doesn't want to discuss it with him. She is surprised to learn that he knows she thought the child might be Jason's (from Sam). He wonders if she thinks it was fair to Lucky's child to help him.

Jason and Stan interrogate Pete about Lorenzo. Pete doesn't know him or anything about the computer. he tells them that he hardly uses his office computer and that his office is always locked. They ask who set up his office computer, so he tells them that a computer science guy who was an English minor did it for him. Jason asks who it is.

Lorenzo talks to a dorky guy named Spinelli in house. Lorenzo is worried that someone will be able to trace his work on his computer. Spinelli assures him that he won't be traced. He says he's known as The Jackal, "the assassin of cyberspace". Ric barges in and asks Lorenzo how bad he plans on letting things get.

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