GH Update Friday 11/10/06

General Hospital Update Friday 11/10/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

As Elizabeth leaves Sam's hospital room to warn Jason, Ric grabs her outside and holds his hand over her mouth, saying that she wasn't supposed to see that (slightly different scene from yesterday when he grabbed her IN the room). He lets go, so she yells at him for grabbing her and endangering her baby. They argue; he accuses her of wanting to help Sam and Jason. She points out that is only there because the floor nurse sent her there. She really gives Ric a hard time, telling him that he's turned the hospital into a police state. D.A. gets a phone call about Carly, so he has to leave.

As a woman walks into the ER, yelling that she is having her baby, Carly pulls out a gun and points it at Sonny, as Jax watches, shocked. Carly yells at Sonny that she wants to make him pay for losing her man. Jax tells her gently that she hasn't lost him. Meanwhile, all the disguised police officers take out their guns and start pointing them at Carly. Sonny says she won't shoot, but she maintains that she will. Jax tells the police to hold their fire, that Carly would never shoot Sonny. Carly keeps acting like she wants to shoot Sonny. Sonny reminds her that she has children to think about. Ric runs in and yells at the cops for falling for her act.

This is all a distraction so that Jason can slip by, which he does. He goes into the cubicle, thinking it's Sam, but it's a policewoman, and she pulls her gun on him. However, Jason manages to get the gun away from her. Later, they find the police woman taped up and untie her.

The cops get Carly's gun from her but find that it's just a water pistol. Sonny and Carly demand to know where Sam is. Ric threatens to press charges against them. Sonny, Jax and Carly argue with him. Ric orders the police to question each of them. When the three are alone, Carly hopes that they bought Jason enough time to rescue Sam. Jax yells at her for risking her life by pulling a gun out among all those police. She protests that it was a water gun, but Sonny for once agrees with Jax. He again reminds her that she is a mother. She angrily reminds them that they played along with her scheme because they knew it would help Jason. Jax gets called out to be questioned, leaving Sonny and Carly alone. Sonny takes the opportunity to warn Carly that she shouldn't marry Jax. Carly tells him what he can do with his advice, but Sonny keeps working on her. He says that the type of chances she takes will drive Jax crazy and he won't be able to handle it. Jax walks in and Carly looks at him with worry. The police bring Sonny out to be questioned. Carly asks if Sonny is right - is she unfair to Jax? Jax admits that she is very impetuous sometimes, but it's one of the things that he loves about her. He knows that she is very loyal and would risk everything for someone she loves, including him. She agrees that she would his back, water pistols and all.

A little later, Carly insists on getting her water pistol back from the police, since it's her son's. They tell her it's evidence, but Carly points out that the lawyers have had the charges dropped. They give it to her and she walks away. Cruz advises Jax to keep his girlfriend out of trouble. Carly asks Jax if he wants to keep her out of trouble, so he laughs and replies that it's not what he had in mind.

Elizabeth runs into Jason and tells him that Sam is in the other room and that she's not hurt. He is relieved. Jason asks her for her help in getting Sam out past all the cops. Sam puts a disguise on Sam, who is still groggy, and puts her in a wheelchair, so she can wheel her out without anyone noticing. She assures Sam that she will see Jason soon. They are in the hallway when Nikolas comes up and says hi to Elizabeth. She turns, trying to pretend like nothing is going on. He tells her that Jason was spotted on this floor. She pretends that this is news to her. Nikolas is looking for Robin, but says the police told everyone to leave. She says she will as soon as she escorts this patient to oncology. After Elizabeth leaves, Ric returns, asking if Nikolas has seen her. Nikolas lies that he hasn't.

Later, Elizabeth is hiding Sam at the safehouse. Sam hears on the TV that Sam is headed out of town, but Elizabeth tells her to stay put because Jason is leading the cops away from her so that she will be safe. Sam wonders suspiciously why Elizabeth is risking everything, including her baby, to help her and Jason. Elizabeth blushes, pointing out that Epiphany also helped Jason out at risk to her safety. She says that everyone just likes Jason because he's such a good person. Before Sam can reply, Jason arrives and she rushes into her arms. They hug tightly as Elizabeth watches, filled with emotion.

Jason comes up behind Epiphany and takes her hostage. She yells and exclaims loudly, putting on a good show for the cops. Jason takes her in an elevator, using her for a shield. Once he is inside, he puts the gun away and thanks her for her help. She laughs in relief but tells him that he'd better not poke the gun so hard against her ribs next time, or else she'll turn around and slap him in the head. Jason looks astonished. Later, Epiphany tells him that some day they are going to sit down and discuss her son's future. He points the gun at her again as the elevator doors open. He uses her for a shield again and she again starts putting on a big act. He pushes her into the cops in order to run off. T hey shoot at him but miss as Epiphany pretends that she is having trouble breathing.

Helena is at Shadybrook. She chats with an orderly who is clearly working for her. After commenting on the lovely Indian Summer weather, she orders him to check on the status of a patient. Even though she cursed Nikolas for committing her, it turned out to be good luck since this is also where Laura was. She tells Martin, the orderly, to find out what happened to Laura. They walk away quickly to avoid Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu, who are strolling through the gardens. Lulu tells them that Luke and Laura are getting married November 16th. They all wonder how this is going to happen, since Luke is already married to Tracy. Lulu proposes that perhaps Luke got a quickie divorce, but Nikolas thinks it's more like that Luke is just committing bigamy in order to not tell Laura what's going on. Nikolas not only thinks that Luke should start telling Laura the truth, but he thinks Luke is hiding something from all of them. He plans to speak with Robin about whether they should be keeping all this truth from Laura or not. Lucky tells Lulu that he knows she wants to tell Laura about the abortion. Later, Lucky and Lulu tell Nikolas that they've decided that Luke should be allowed to handle Laura the way he wants, at least for now. Nikolas still worries. However, he agrees to be at the wedding. Lulu hugs him thankfully. Helena has been lurking nearby, so she says to her servant that she has to make sure to escape by the 16th because that is one wedding she doesn't want to miss.

Laura sits in the rocking chair in the attic, remembering parts of what happened with Rick. She cries and looks shocked. Luke comes in and sees her in the chair from the back and cries, "No, please!" He goes over to her. She looks at him and asks, "I killed my stepfather, didn't I?" Luke wants her to talk to one of the doctors at Shadybrook. She knows that is a sanitarium and realizes that she wasn't really in a car accident. He objects, saying that he didn't commit her. She says that she must be crazy. He says no and repeats that they should have a doctor present. She tells him that she heard him talking to Lulu on the porch. She knows that he is worried about sending her back into madness, even though he denies it. She worries that none of this is real, and she's just imagining it. He assures her that it is real and begs her to come with him. She refuses to leave until he tells her what she needs to know. They keep arguing about it. Luke blames himself for what happened last time when he figured he could tell her instead of doctors. She assures him that all she needs is him. She asks him to have faith in her and that she can handle whatever the news is. He explains that she couldn't handle it before. She knows that but says she can now. Luke still doesn't want to tell her, so she says in a tiny voice that she must be some sort of pathetic shell now. He tells her seriously that he would never say that, and then he prepares to tell her what happened. She assures him again that she needs to know and not be in fear of her past. They both say, "I love you" before he launches into the story of what happened to her in the attic when she was a teen and later on. Laura remembers the night that Rick died. Luke assures her that she didn't murder Rick; she just misunderstood what he was trying to do and was protecting herself. He tells her that it was an accident and beats himself up for not getting her professional help to deal with it right away. He is worried, so Laura tells him that she's all right and thanks him for explaining. Laura tells Luke that she remembers it all and knows it was an accident. She agrees that she has paid for her crime and thinks Rick would think so, too. Laura asks Luke to put aside his guilt and focus on the future, so he agrees.

Lorenzo makes plans to take Sonny's shipments while he, Jason and Ric are distracted. Skye comes in with the baby and sees that Lorenzo is talking to a mob-looking guy. They have dinner, but Skye notices that Lorenzo is distracted. Lila Rae is fussy, so Skye notices she needs burping. She shows Lorenzo how to do it. He is nervous about it, but he does it right with her help. They joke around about her learning to ride horses later on. Sonny and some of his men barge in. Sonny assures Skye that he's not there to hurt her or the baby, or even Lorenzo. He states that Lorenzo has made an unfortunate alliance with Ric against his people, so now he has to intervene. Sonny instructs his men to go through Lorenzo's computer and things. Lorenzo manages to get behind Sonny and put a gun to his head.

Ric has put a tracking device on Elizabeth, so he and the police know exactly where to find Sam and Jason.

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