GH Update Thursday 11/9/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/9/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Laura chat at their place. She laughs confides that she feels a bit overwhelmed. He urges her to slow down a bit, but she feels that planning their wedding is a step in the right direction. Luke agrees, and she suggests they set the date as November 16. He knows that is the anniversary of their first wedding. They talk briefly about the original wedding. Laura wants to get married in the same place as well, but Luke informs her that the Mayor's Mansion was torn down, so now it is a sports complex. Laura is disappointed. She then wonders if they could use Lila's garden. Luke looks sad and then explains to Laura that Lila has passed away. They both talk about how wonderful she was. Laura suggests she go pay her respects, but Luke sidesteps that issue by suggesting they spend their time on planning the wedding. He further distracts her by telling her that he will marry her November 16th and find her a great garden. Laura feels daunted by all the wedding planning work, but then they joke about some things in the past that they faced that were far worse.

Lulu arrives and greets them both. She is glad to be able to say "Mom and Dad". Laura hugs her. She worries that Lulu is mad at her for leaving her for four years. Lulu tells her that she knows she didn't do it on purpose. Laura wishes she had been there for all of her firsts, like her first kiss, etc. Lulu says quickly that she was too rebellious to work up a good crush. Laura still wishes she hadn't missed seeing Lulu grow into a beautiful young woman. Luke tells Lulu that they are getting married on November 16th. Laura wants Lulu's help, so she gets excited.

Lulu phones Peter to tell him she can't go to see the play because her parents are getting re-married that day. She hangs up on him after telling him to find another date. Luke walks in and thinks she's talking to one of her classmates, but she tells him it's her English professor and explains why he wanted her to see the play, including telling him about the paper she wrote about Ophelia. Luke knows the play, so she asks him about how "nutty" the character Blanche Dubois is in it. Lulu is annoyed that she is sharing personal information with strangers like her professor. Luke tells her that he's right there, guessing that she has something to say about mental illness. She doesn't want to bother him with this, but he asks her to let him decide that. Lulu shares with him that she is worried about going crazy like Laura. Meanwhile, Laura hears their conversation through the open window and looks shocked. Luke assures Lulu that she will not inherit or catch what Laura has. He says that Laura just had an event that her mind couldn't handle, so it just shut down. Laura looks stunned that he did not tell her the truth. Lulu thinks he's wrong about it not being hereditary, since she did research on the net. He scoffs at that notion and tells her that he's talked to many doctors all over the world. He tells her the odds of this happening to her are so low, they're not worth worrying about. He suggests she concentrate on helping her mom now, since she's vulnerable. He admits that's why he's so protective of her, and they don't want her dwelling in the past. He worries that if Laura remembers, it could send her back to being the way she was, and they will lose her again. Laura walks away, still shocked. Lulu sympathizes with what Luke must be feeling. He tells her that it's worth it when he sees Laura look at her or her brother. He knows that he did the right thing because Laura is back. They agree to focus on planning the wedding.

Luke walks back in. Laura is there, claiming that she just talked to her mother about the wedding dress. She wants to find a new dress and the new garden. She knows it will be easy, since they've already planned two weddings before. She tells him to go find the garden while she finds the dress. She just asks him to hold up his end, to love her as long as they both shall live. Luke happily agrees. He turns and looks at her before he leaves, telling her that he forgot how wonderful it is to see her in their own house. He leaves, and Laura remembers some little bits of the past with Rick. She goes up to the attic. Laura plays the music box and looks into the mirror there. She has flashbacks to what happened and gasps, looking upset.

At Metrocourt, Carly is annoyed that she picked out hideous flowers for her wedding. Jax tries to soothe her. She's worried that Sonny is sabotaging the wedding. Jax thinks they should postpone the wedding. She wonders if he still wants to marry her. He says that he thinks she doesn't like the flowers and will find something else to complain about because she really just wants Jason there. She refuses to let Sonny win by postponing the wedding. Jax is annoyed that Sonny is even a factor. Laura babbles on about Sonny and Jason. She insists on having the wedding as planned. Jax laughs and says he has no idea what she's talking about, but he will be there.

In her hospital room, Alexis thinks that Sonny has managed to derail Carly and Jax's wedding. He doesn't deny it but points that Carly just doesn't want to have the wedding without Jason. Sonny jokes that Jason sort of did them all a favor by leaving (so the wedding would be postponed). Alexis is annoyed about what's happening to Jason and wonders when Ric got so vindictive. Sonny is surprised that she doesn't know. She wonders if maybe she just didn't want to see it. Jason phones Sonny and tells him about what happened to Sam. Sonny tells him not to leave the safehouse and that he will be there. Sonny fills Alexis in on what happened. Alexis wants to find out how badly Sam is hurt, but Sonny doesn't think she should phone Ric since he had her shot at her baby's grave. Alexis is shocked. Alexis phones Jax to tell him that Sam was shot.

Ric tells the police at the graveyard not to let Sam run, so they shoot her. Jason gets very upset when he hears that Sam has been shot (he's listening in to Ric's cell phone with the device he planted). Ric arrives at the scene. Sam is down on the ground. The police can't tell where she is hit; Ric tells them to call an ambulance. Jason phones someone to tell them that Sam was ambushed and he wants to know which hospital they are taking her to. Meanwhile, the police tell Ric that the bullet just grazed her arm. Sam is fine. She spits at him that is sorry to disappoint him, but she won't die. Ric lists the charges against her. He then insists that they take her to General Hospital, even though she's only got a scratch. The cops are surprised, but Ric says he wants to play this by the book. Sam, also shocked, calls Ric a bastard because she realizes he is trying to trap Jason. Sam, sitting on the EMT gurney, starts yelling at Ric and even tries to attack Ric, but they hold her back. He has them give her a sedative. They don't want to, but he points out that she would try to escape, so they give it to her. Sam yells some more about what Ric's up to and calls him a pig, until she falls asleep.

Jason wants to leave the safehouse, but Sonny tells him that he has to stay because this is a trap laid out by Ric. He points out to Jason that if Sam were badly hurt, she would be in the ER. Jason is still upset and wants to leave. Sonny tells him that Jason is falling for all of Ric's tricks; they have to find a better way to turn this around on Ric. Jason and Sonny hear on the news that Sam was critically injured in the shootout. Jason wants to run out, but Sonny again reminds him that this is probably a trap by Ric. Sonny wants to call a lawyer to get the charges against Sam dropped (play Ric's game rather than falling into his trap).

The EMT's bring Sam into the ER, where Elizabeth, Epiphany, Robin and Patrick are working. Robin is not happy to hear from Ric that Sam was sedated just because she was "agitated" Ric tells her that Sam has to stay there and Robin has to do what he says because it's a police matter.

Carly and Jax visit Alexis, so she explains about Sam. Jax offers to go find out what happened to Sam, but Alexis wants to go herself. Jax and Carly tell her she shouldn't get out of bed because she's too weak and besides, she will be playing into Ric's plans. Carly really lays into Alexis, blaming her for the reason Sam and Jason are on the run. She insults her quite a bit and then leaves. Jax is annoyed and starts to look apologetic to Alexis, but she tells him that Carly is partly right. Alexis admits that she did try to control Sam's life and make choices for her, and she also trusted Ric. Now she's too dizzy to even get out of her bed to help Sam. Jax admires that she's taking responsibility. Alexis gets suddenly upset, so he worries about her. She pulls out a tuft of hair and offers it to him, asking sarcastically if he wants a memento. She is annoyed that she cares about something as shallow as her hair. He tells her that she's allowed to hate the chemo, but she has to keep fighting. he urges her not to give up. She agrees but tells him to go down and find out about Sam.

Epiphany gets annoyed at the police for interfering in her work. They have a police woman who looks somewhat like Sam, lying in a cubicle in the ER, and several policemen planted around, posing as orderlies etc. She tells Ric to quit wasting her time. Ric threatens her and her son (Stan, who works for Jason). She looks a bit worried for a minute and then tells him off anyway. He ignores her comments and tells her to hook up the woman with the appropriate medical equipment so it looks legit.

Ric warns Elizabeth that she might want to be assigned to a different floor tonight, since he knows that she is friends with Jason. Robin and Patrick suspect that something is not right about Ric's sting operation. he suggests that she call Mac, but she doesn't want to do that. She compare to his calling his father for help in surgery, but he says it's not the same. Patrick wonders if Sam is guilty. Robin is not sure and says that she's seen a woman in love do much worse. They joke around about what she will do for him, since they are in love.

Elizabeth takes Ric's advice and goes to another floor for work. A nurse asks her to check on a new patient, so she does. It's Sam, who is still out of it. Elizabeth is surprised to see her there. Sam tells her, "You're going to have Jason's baby". Sam comes to a little bit more to tell Elizabeth that this is a trap. She tells her to warn Jason. Elizabeth says she will, but then Sam passes out again. Ric grabs Elizabeth from behind and puts his hand over her mouth. He says that she wasn't supposed to see that.

A cop brings Sonny to Ric, saying that they found him in the ER. Ric wonders if Sonny was trying to help Jason or Sam. Sonny wonders why Ric is there and innocently says that if he knew where Jason was, he would be required to notify the authorities. They argue about what Ric has done.

Luke visits Edward. Edward knows about Laura's return, so he thinks Luke is moving out. Luke tells him that he has divorced Tracy in the Dominican Republic (which I think is a lie), which cheers Edward up considerably. He invites Luke to share a drink with him. Luke asks Edward if he and Laura can get married in Laura's garden. Edward remembers that he and Lila were very fond of Laura, and he knows it would annoy Tracy, so he agrees. He offers Luke the whole house to use for his wedding. Luke and Edward shake hands. Luke thanks him, saying it will mean a lot to Laura.

At home, Luke gets a phone call about some wedding detail, so he calls for Laura. He hangs up, saying he will have to call them back. Lesley walks in, wondering what's wrong. He quickly finds out from her that Laura lied about discussing the wedding dress and guesses that Laura's gone to the attic. He starts to rush up there.

Carly looks for Sonny in the ER, but Epiphany does not help her. Jax sees her and wonders why she's still there. Carly tries to put him off, but he keeps wanting to talk to her about Alexis. Sonny walks in and tells Carly that she should go home now. A woman walks in, telling them that her baby is coming now. Carly takes out a gun and points it at Sonny, saying she is going to make him pay.

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