GH Update Wednesday 11/8/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/8/06


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Sonny tries to speak with Carly at Metrocourt, but she blows him off. He says it's about their sons,but she blasts him for messing up her date with Jax at the casino (since he used Michael to do that).  She walks away, leaving Sonny looking perplexed but smiling.

Jax visits Alexis at the hospital, bringing her breakfast and crossword puzzles. She thanks him but says it is too much because she didn't have any major setback or anything. He knows all about her visit to the police station and subsequent collapse. He is worried about her and naturally, he blames Sonny. She protests that Ric needs to be stopped.

Ric is at Sam's baby's grave with a cop (not Cruz). He knows that Sam will be there for the anniversary of the baby's death and then they can nail her. The cop wonders why she would risk it, but Ric says that she is not rational about the baby's death.

Sam naps on the couch in the hotel room, dreaming about losing the baby. She awakens suddenly, and Jason runs in. She tells him about the dream and confides that she doesn't have them very often any more, but they really catch her off guard when she has them. Jason is there for her, and she is grateful to have him. She urges him to go on with what he has to do and suggests that maybe later they can go to a church to light a candle for her or something. Jason agrees.

Carly drops by their room with clothes for Sam, but Jason yells at her for risking them all again. Carly is perturbed and thinks he should be thanking her for helping them. They get into an argument about why they are running. Carly thinks he should leave town, but she blames Sam for getting him into this. Sam comes in and says that Carly is right. Just then, Sonny knocks and comes in. They all look a little annoyed, so Sonny reminds Jason that if he wants to keep a secret, he shouldn't tell Carly.

Jax, Mac, Cruz and other cops are downstairs in the lobby at Metrocourt. Mac tells Jax that he is suspicious about Carly's "friend" visiting there and thinks it might be Jason and Sam. He insists on searching the room. They all go to the room. Jax argues that they should have a search warrant, but Mac insists that they go in anyway. They do and find Sonny and Carly kissing on the couch. They both protest about the cops walking in and searching around. Jax pretends to be outraged at Carly's actions and calls off the wedding. Mac leaves them to work out their problems.

Later, Jax and Carly meet up downstairs. She hopes that he knows that the thing was Sonny was all an act. He does and explains that he was acting, too. He knows that she won't cheat on him with Sonny. They both love and trust each other. They are kissing when Sonny walks up, clearing his throat loudly. Sonny and Jax trade their usual insults. Carly suggests they keep it down because the cops could still be lurking nearby. She suggests that Sonny leave because they have a wedding to plan. He mentions that he is surprised that she is still planning the wedding, since he would have thought she'd want Jason there. Carly tells Jax that she is determined to get married, whether Jason can make it or not. He looks doubtful and offers to postpone the nuptials, but she refuses. Her wedding planner or florist walks up to ask her to approve the flower arrangement. Carly gets very irate and says they are awful. She can't get married with those flowers on the table, so they will have to start over. Jax rolls his eyes and looks like he's thinking, "Here we go..."

Robin and Patrick wake up at her apartment; they wonder where her roommates are at and guess that they left to give them some privacy. She mentions her "meltdown" in passing, but he wants to know all about it, so she tells him about how upset she was yesterday when he told her he loved her the first time, and why she was upset. They kiss. Patrick makes her breakfast, which impresses her. He plans to woo her with even more romantic plans. She can't believe that he was the one who had trouble expressing his feelings, when she was the one who ran away from it. He thinks they have the beginning of something special. They get very close, with her straddling him at the kitchen table, and they kiss. Later, Robin, Kelly and Lainie chat. They ask if Robin is going to move in with Patrick, but she thinks it's a bit soon to think about that kind of thing. They joke around about getting rid of Robin. Robin seems very happy.

Professor Pete talks to Georgie at Kelly's about her paper. Mike works in the background. Pete wants her to express herself more in her writing, rather than trying to please him. Lulu walks in and makes her usual obnoxious comments to him, figuring she got a bad grade. He tells her that for once she really put passion into her subject. Georgie congratulates her. Pete and Maxie sit down at a table while Georgie goes to sit at another one. Lulu wonders why he was not nicer to Georgie, who is such a great student. He agrees about that but says that Lulu has the talent to be a great writer. He wonders why she chose to write about Ophelia, so she replies sarcastically that she likes flowers. He asks again, wondering why the idea of a teenage girl going mad has made her "so fired up". She replies honestly that people tell her she's like her mother and that her mom went crazy. He asks her some questions about her mom's illness, so she explains. She seems to get a little ticked off at his butting in, but he says he is just asking questions, and she doesn't have to answer. She also explains that her mother has come back, but they can't tell her what has been going on because she might flip out again. She is worried that she will be like that in the future. Pete wonders if she thinks her abortion will drive her nuts, but he points out that she survived it and is doing fine. Dillon walks in at some point and sits down with Georgie, but they listen to Pete and Lulu. Pete suggests to Lulu that she live life to the fullest rather than sitting around, waiting to see if she goes crazy like her mom. He suggests she go to see the student production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" because it has a good portrayal of madness. She only knows of it as an old movie, but he tells her that it was first a play by Tennessee Williams. She shyly asks if he's asking her out, so he tells her to consider it an extra-credit assignment. He names the date for the 16th, and she agrees. Dillon comes over and asks what this was all about, so she tells him that Pete is taking her to the play. Dillon, who knows about both the movie and the play, is surprised that her professor is taking her. She says that it is just some assignment and walks out.

Ric chats with Elizabeth at the hospital about Lucky. She doesn't want to get involved in Ric talking to Lucky about police stuff or Jason. He claims that he just wants to make sure that she and her children are taken care of, but she reminds him that if he hires back Lucky, it has to be for professional reasons and not because of her. Ric replies that will be difficult because he'll always want to do what's best for her. He wants Lucky to have his job back if she's going to get back together with him.

Ric brings Alexis coffee at the hospital, but she tells him coldly that Jax already brought her breakfast. He jokingly asks how he could ever measure up to a sainted ex-husband like Jax, so she answers that he can't. He tells her that he heard about her visit to the PCPD. They argue about it. He claims that he is worried about her health, but she knows that he is only hoping that she will stay out of his way. She tells him off and assures him that she will be back in her D.A. job and that he will be out. She accuses him of wanting her sick so that he can steal Molly and frame Sam, as well as wanting to shoot both Sam and Jason. When he brings up Sam's betrayal, she says that although she doesn't like that, Sam is still her daughter, and she cares what happens to her. He tells her that if she thinks she will be able to use her illness to make him pity her, it won't work.

Jason and Sam go to a new safehouse apartment. They have a backpack full of stuff that Stan and Bernie got for them. It has guns, ammo, cash, and a microchip duplicator. Jason explains to Sam that this last item is what they are going to use to prove that Ric framed her.

Jason goes to the hospital, dressed as doctor. A nurse comes up and asks if he can help her with a patient, but he tells her that he's busy with another patient. Elizabeth sees this and comes up, telling the nurse that she needs to see the doctor urgently. The other nurse walks away; Epiphany watches them from afar. Jason asks if Ric is in the hospital, so she affirms that he is visiting Alexis. He tells her that he needs Ric's cell phone, so she goes to get it.

Sam hears a baby crying, so she goes outside the safehouse apartment to look. A woman is outside of the apartment across the hall, having trouble using her keys to get into her place. She has a baby in a carrier. Sam helps her open the place and admires how cute the baby is. She offers more help, but the woman declines politely and goes inside. Sam goes back inside and writes a note to Jason.

Patrick compliments Epiphany cheerily. She knows that it is because of Robin. He starts to explain about their evening, but she stops him, not wanting to hear it. She warns him to keep the Personal Displays of Affection out of her nurses' station. Laughing, he says that he knows that she is happy for them. She scowls as usual. Jason lurks nearby; he sighs impatiently (or with relief for not getting caught?). Elizabeth brings Jason Ric's cell phone. He puts the microchip duplicator in it and hands it back to her, warning her to be careful. Jason hides as Ric comes around the corner. Elizabeth borrowed Ric's phone because she told him she forgot to charge her own phone. She thanks him for lending it to her, saying that her pregnancy has really made her absent-minded. Ric says he is happy to help any way he can.

Robin and Patrick meet in the supply closet and start kissing.

Sonny visits Alexis in her room. She tells him that Ric was there, so he guesses that Ric threatened to hang on to his job. She is amazed that he could guess that. Sonny calls Ric "predictable" because of his love of power. Alexis is determined to kick Ric out. Sonny smiles and says he likes it when she's all fired up. Sonny tells her that he has good news: Jax and Carly are not getting married. Alexis is not so sure, since Jax was just visiting. Sonny assures her that he spoke to Carly since then. Alexis is overjoyed, thinking that Sonny has seduced Carly into coming back to him. Sonny tells her that he didn't do that; he just knows that Carly won't get married while Jason's on the run. He explains that she will think it's bad luck because she married Alcazar without Jason's blessing.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth at the nurses' station that she can't believe she is risking everything to help a criminal like Jason do something to the district attorney, especially when she is pregnant. Elizabeth tries to deny it, but Epiphany knows what's going on. Epiphany asks Elizabeth to think about what Lucky's opinion would be.

Jason goes back to the safe house, finds Sam gone and finds the note she left. He looks worried. His phone rings...

Sam is at her baby's grave. She is caught by the police.

Jason hears what goes on from his the microchip duplicator on Ric's phone. He hears them telling Sam to stop, that she's under arrest. Sam runs, and there is a gunshot. A cop says, "She's down", and Jason looks horrified.

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