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General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/7/06


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Luke tries to calm Tracy down at the Haunted Star. She is drunk and angry at him for wanting to marry Laura. He tells her that he planned to tell her privately about marrying Laura. She points out that he needs to get a divorce first. Then Tracy starts chewing Luke out for lying to Laura. Nikolas agrees that it is bad to lie to Laura about anything other than Rick Webber's death. Lucky and Lulu agree with Nikolas and Tracy that the lying won't work for very long because Laura is bound to find out. Bobbie reminds them that Laura's doctor think it's too early to expose her to anything shocking. Tracy tells Luke that she can do what she wants, so he asks them all to excuse the two of them so he can speak with Tracy. Tracy says he needs to refer to her by her married name - Mrs. Luke Spencer. Luke glowers at her. Tracy needles Luke about rekindling his relationship with Laura so quickly. Tracy almost spits out her drink when Luke tells her that Laura asked him to marry her. She accuses him of still being in love with Laura. Luke explains about how he came about bringing Laura back to life and how he had come to peace with her condition. He says that their marriage suits him just fine. Tracy angrily lists why Luke stays in their marriage, to get the money, living in the mansion, and do whatever he wants. He says quietly that he comes home to her and that they have been a great match. He compliments her on being tough, smart, and a challenge, plus that she is a good stepmother to Lulu. He confides that he'd want to be married to her even if she were poor. She says she would be thrilled by that if he didn't just promise to marry Laura. He argues that he had to take this chance to bring Laura back and help her children. She points out that he just instructed those children to keep the truth from her. He gets angry and asks what he should do - tell her everything and send her off screaming into madness? She replies that she would if it meant keeping her husband. Luke looks stunned and doesn't speak. He takes a drink. She asks how it feels to be reunited with the love of his life. He confides that he feels like a tight-rope walker. She agrees that it's a miracle but they aren't always free. They both agree that they are both trying to make sense out of it. She confesses that Luke and Laura never made much sense to her. Everyone else thought she made him a better person, but to her it seemed like she stifled him, made him a father when he didn't want to be, and expected her to be someone that he never was going to be. Luke says he had no idea that she was paying any attention. She says that he has no idea how much attention she paid. He wishes he had known that. She thinks Laura should have stayed with Scotty and that Luke needs someone more complex. He says they never made sense to him, either, but that magic doesn't have to make sense. Tracy retorts that magic is illusion and that he has to consider what will happen when reality sets in. She calls him her "sweet husband" and then walks away.

Jax and Carly kiss on the couch. She worries about Michael seeing them, but Jax tells her that Michael was watching for a while and in fact was the one who made it so that Sonny would be there. She realizes that Michael set them up and was faking being sick. Jax warns her that Michael and Morgan will probably do whatever they can to break them up and get their parents back together. Carly frowns. They discuss the children and Sonny. Jax is more worried about what Sonny will do. She points out that Sonny is just territorial but doesn't really want her. Jax notes that it is childish behavior. She agrees but says she acts the same way. She says that Sonny was right not to want her to marry Lorenzo because she only married him to get back at Sonny. She tells Jax that's not the way it is with him. He says he knows that. She suggests that Jax stop letting Sonny bait him. Jax corrects her, saying that Sonny didn't bait him; they were just playing a friendly game of cards. She thinks that the fact that they were playing for property right than cash was telling. He enjoys playing with Sonny, "a worthy opponent", and says that Sonny thinks he's getting something over on him when he's really not. Carly wonders if she was part of their wagering, but Jax tells her that while all love is a gamble, they are a pretty safe bet. She smiles, enjoying his answer. They kiss. Security from her hotel phones her to tell her that her security pass key was used to gain access to a room. She tells him that this was her friend Doreen from out of town, whom she sent a pass key. She advises the man not to send Doreen a welcome basket but that she would be over soon. Carly quickly tells Jax that her friend Doreen is visiting from Florida and she has to rush over to see her. Jax is suspicious, since Carly is claiming that she mentioned her when she didn't, but she tells him that she'll see him later as she bolts out.

Sam holds Lorenzo and Skye's baby as Jason searches the place. She is overwhelmed by the baby and quietly asks Jason to help her. Skye comes in and takes the baby away. Lorenzo calls down but Skye doesn't rat Jason and Sam out. They leave. Lorenzo comes in and asks if there is a problem. Skye looks worried as she tells him that the baby's diaper just needs changing. She has a lot to think about because of what he has said. He wonders if he should be worried to encouraged. Skye says maybe it's both as she outlines her dilemma. They discuss his illegal business and how dangerous it is. He tells her that he understands, but he looks forward to the day that she and their daughter make his place their home.

Jason and Sam are the ones using the pass key from Carly, not "Doreen". Jason knows that no one will look for them there in the fancy hotel. Sam is upset that she couldn't even hold the baby in her arms and worries that Skye will get them in trouble. Jason comforts her briefly. They talk about what evidence they have to find. Jason tells her that they just have to worry about tonight and suggests that they don't act like fugitives. She jokes that he should wear his hair differently. They kiss. Jason puts their bags away as she remembers holding the baby. Suddenly, the doorknob moves like someone is starting to come in, so Sam shuts off the light and hides down behind the couch. It is Carly, with bags. She is startled by Sam, who is holding a gun on her. Carly yells at her and Jason comes back out. Jason tells Carly that she should have knocked and asks if anyone knows they used her key card. She explains how they are known as her friend Doreen from Florida. Carly has brought cash and a first-aid kit. She suggests helping with a disguise, but Jason says that Carly has helped them enough. He wants her to leave and get an airtight alibi, even if that means spending time with Jax. She glares at him.

Jason listens around the doors and windows to make sure no one followed Carly. Sam apologizes for freezing up at Alcazar's because of the baby. She sits down, saying maybe it was because it was a little girl. He points out that it was two years ago tomorrow since she lost her baby. She smiles, happy that he remembered. He talks about what happened and how he felt. She tells him that he was her reason for living. They hug. She asks him how he felt when he was holding Skye's baby. He says he was thinking about how she felt because of losing her own baby. She tries not to think about her but will always miss her. She talks about things her little girl will never have or be. She asks him what he think she'd be like and if they'd be happy. He tells her that he's sure they would. He thanks her for how she's changed his life. They conclude that they are both okay as long as they have each other, despite being fugitives. They hug some more.

Carly goes back to Sonny's place. She spins a story to Jax about visiting with her friend as she sits on his lap. He doesn't believe her and knows that she was with Jason. He asks her if Sam and Jason are hiding out at Metrocourt right now. She doesn't deny it. He argues that she is risking the hotel this way and should have told him. She tells him that she loves him with all her heart but that Jason is a deal breaker. She suggests that if that is a problem, maybe they shouldn't get married. Carly talks about how Jason is her best friend. He says he appreciates her loyalty to her friend. He just tells her to let him know next time, whether he agrees or not, rather than making up a story. Carly confesses with a frown that she's not really good with the truth. He tells her gallantly that he disagrees because she has been nothing but honest with him from the start, and he is trying to do the same. She thanks him. She agrees not to lie if he agrees not to call the cops, and he says he will as long as she keeps him informed. They kiss to seal their agreement.

Robin yells at Patrick for his behavior. He tells her that he loves her. She yells at him to stop saying that. She reminds him of their previous history when he ran away after he started having feelings for her. She thinks he's only saying he loves her to make up for his bad behavior. He tells her that he does love her, but she doesn't want to discuss it. She walks away, cutting their conversation short. Robin goes home, very annoyed, so her roommates ask her what's wrong. She pours herself and them some wine and rants and raves about how Patrick insists on taking risks. They listen intently as she tells them that the main problem is that he told her that loves her. They don't know why this bothers her. She replies that she is totally in love with him but can't tell him that. Robin sits down and expresses her feelings about Patrick. She realizes that she was terrible to Patrick when he risked everything by telling her that he loves her. She thinks it's too late now to fix it. Lainie asks why Robin feels it's not ok to tell him that she loves him. She tells them about how she loved to men in her life: Stone, who died of AIDS, and Jason, who craved danger. She tells them that Patrick is taunting death, and she doesn't think she can bear to watch that. A song they like suddenly plays; Robin tells them that she and Patrick were just listening to that song the other day. Kelly goes to the window and looks out at where the song is coming from. She tells Robin to hurry over. All three ladies look out the window. Patrick is down below with a boombox blasting the song. He has a big bouquet of flowers, which he holds up to Robin as a peace offering as he smiles. She smiles down at him, too. robin goes downstairs and asks Patrick to turn down the music. He will only do it if she promises to listen to him. A neighbor yells at them to turn it down or he'll call the cops. Laughing, she agrees to listen, so he turns it down. Patrick tells her how he fell in love with her. He tells her that he needs her, trusts her, and admires her, even though she sometimes drives her crazy. He tells her that he just thought she should know how much he loves her, completely. She looks touched. Robin tells him that he was right - she's afraid to love again because she loves so completely and is afraid to lose him again. He understands. She says she picks a fight or concentrates on something else to distract herself from the truth of love. They both agree that they don't want this love to go away. She puts down the flowers and they go into each other's arms. She tells him after some more chatter than he is amazing, brilliant, funny, charming, and her best friend. She concludes with, "I love you". He knew that already but says it's nice to hear. They kiss for a long time.

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