GH Update Monday 11/6/06

General Hospital Update Monday 11/6/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

After Ric finds Jason, Sam and Cruz on the docks, Cruz and Jason pretend they just ran into each other and draw their guns. As Jason and Sam are running away, Ric yells at Cruz to shoot, but he doesn't, so Ric grabs his gun. However, Jason shoots the gun out of Ric's hands. Ric yells at Cruz and phones someone tell them to bring Jason and Sam in by any means necessary.

In their Beecher's Corners inn room, Laura proposes to Luke that they get married again. Luke hesitates, wondering if this is a good idea, to make major decisions after she just woke up. Laura's face falls, thinking that he doesn't want to. He assures her that he was just thinking that she should take some time after what happened. She says that the last four years was like yesterday to her. He says it was like 400 to him. she asked how he got through it, so he tells her about how he took her to many different hospitals. He talks about how he always had to talk to her and hoped that she would hear him, no matter what the doctors said. Luke agrees to marry her. She cries and thanks him, and they hug and kiss. Luke regrets that he doesn't have a ring to give her. He tries to lie, but she guesses that he threw it away in anger, so he admits it. However, he tells her that he bought her another ring two years ago on her birthday, hoping that it would wake her up. He tells her that it's in the music box she used to like, back at the house. She wants to go get it now. He reminds her that they got a flat tire. She doesn't care and names several ways they can get there. He takes her face in his hand and says he could never deny her anything, and he sure as hell isn't going to start now.

They go back to Lesley's place. Laura starts to pick up a photo album off the table as Luke goes up to the attic. He comes back with the music box and tells her it's right in there where he left it. She opens it and takes out the ring, which she admires. He has her sit down so he can formally propose. Luke starts to get on one knee, but it's too difficult, so he sits, too, and then he gives her the ring as he asks her to marry him again. She agrees, sayings he will marry him again and again, and they kiss. Lulu walks in while they are kissing and apologizes for interrupting. Laura tells her that she needs to get used to it because they are getting married. Lulu is shocked (since Luke is already married) but tries to put on a good face. Laura asks Lulu to be her maid of honor, so Lulu happily agrees. Luke leaves them alone, saying he has to get that business meeting (with Tracy). Laura tells him to fill her in later about how he got into business with Tracy. Laura and Lulu sit down together. Lulu is amazed to have her mom back. Laura hopes it hasn't been too hard on her not to have her mom around. She asks her how she got along with her father. Lulu says it was bumpy, but things have been better lately. Lulu admits that there were times she wasn't so sure that he loved her. Laura assures her that Luke loves her. She explains that Luke is complicated and flawed but loves his family and is very loyal. Lulu agrees. Laura points out that if Lulu is looking for perfection in anyone, she will be very disappointed. Lulu says she's starting to get that. She admits that she's hard-headed. Laura laughs and says sarcastically, "Oh. Now that's a surprise". They both laugh. Laura assures her that three hard heads are still better than one.

Later, Laura naps on the couch. She awakens and seems at first not to know where she is, but then she remembers. She looks at her ring and smiles. Lesley walks in and wonders where Luke is. She is worried until Laura tells her that she and Luke got engaged. Laura shows her the ring. Lesley has the same under-whelmed reaction that Lulu had. Lesley worries that Luke is rushing her into this, but Laura assures her that she is the one who proposed. Laura opens the music box and then closes it, like maybe it reminds her of something. She tells Lesley that Luke told her about the accident and that Rick died, but she doesn't remember it. Lesley remembers how much Laura loved the music box when she was little. Lesley says that she got so sick of hearing it that she put it in the attic. She stops suddenly, not wanting to mention the attic, which is where Laura had her breakdown. Lesley tells Laura that Rick loved her and wouldn't want her to remember him other than with happiness, so she urges Laura to just let the memory of that night stay buried. Laura smiles and agrees. Later, Laura looks at the photo album. She sees pictures of Rick, including one of him around four years ago. She says, "Rick?" and remembers Rick seeing her in the attic. He asks what she's doing up there.

Most of Port Charles is still at the Haunted Star.

Carly is slightly annoyed at Sonny and Jason for playing poker against each other. They are both playing a macho game, which disgusts her. Jax asks what Sonny wants to play for, so Sonny smiles, looking at Carly, and asks him what he wants to risk. As the stakes rise higher in their game, Sonny bets his Maserati. Sonny jokes that he wants Carly to move a little bit to the right so he can see her better. She wonders if he thinks that he can win her, too. She gets in his face and tells him in no uncertain terms that he can bet anything, along with his own body parts that he thinks with, but he won't be leaving with her. Jax smiles smugly at Sonny. Sonny and Jax discuss what else they could wager, such as the Metro Court. Carly keeps getting more annoyed and anxious. Jax suggests that Sonny wager his favorite coffee plantation in Costa Rica. Carly's phone rings. It's Michael. She tells Sonny that Michael claims he has a stomach ache. She clearly thinks that Michael is just playing a trick to get her to come from her date with Jax. She tells him to drink some ginger ale and she'd be home later. Sonny lays a guilt trip on her, saying that she is going to stay with her candy boy while their son is sick at home. He says he will go see their song and that Carly doesn't seem to care about the family any more. Carly looks annoyed, and both she and Jax look shocked at what Sonny said. Jax asks her not to fall for that, but she points out that Jax fell for what Sonny did, too. Carly tells Jax that he should ignore Sonny when he challenges him. She was worried that he really would bet the Metro Court. He says he might have but that Carly is the only irreplaceable thing in his life. Carly is happy to hear that. Jax knows that she is worried about Michael, so they leave.

Lorenzo has told Skye that having a daughter has changed him, but she doesn't believe him. He agrees that he's not going to stop his business any time soon because he still believes that being powerful is the only way to protect his family. She only worries that he will be killed in his work. Lorenzo has hope that one day Skye will love him.

Emily bets on Nikolas' birthday and wins. They laugh and have a good time.

Luke walks in and tells everyone that they are closing early and asks everyone to leave. He asks Nikolas to stay because he is calling a family meeting. He adds that includes Nikolas, whether he likes it or not, and he needs his help with Laura. Bobbie, Lulu, Nikolas, Emily, and Elizabeth are all there for Luke's meeting, wondering what is going on. Lucky arrives, too. Elizabeth wonders why he's not in rehab, but he tells her that the counselor agreed that this was more important. Luke tells them all that while Laura looks fine, she is still very fragile, so he told her that her hospital stay was due to a car accident, which also killed Rick Webber. They discuss it. They all agree to go along with Luke's story, although Nikolas looks doubtful. Luke then tells them all that he and Laura are getting married again. Tracy walks in, carrying a drink, and tells him that could be a problem, since he's still married to her.

Sonny and Michael are on the cough, smiling at each other. They hear Jax and Carly arrive, so Michael quickly lies down with his head on Sonny's lap, pretending to be sick. Sonny pretends to be concerned about him, too. Carly and Sonny attend to Michael while Jax watches, feeling out of place and looking a bit jealous. Sonny and Carly worry that Michael looks pale, but she can tell that he doesn't have a fever. She orders him up the stairs so she can give him medicine. Sonny follows her up. Later, Carly tells Sonny that if Michael wakes up during the night, she will call him. Sonny plans to stay there, in the same room with Jax and Carly, but she tells him off about not respecting her. Jax, trying to be an adult, says to Sonny that he's made his feelings about the wedding clear, but it's going to happen anyway. They have a transition period ahead of them, but they can all agree that they need to make it as easy as possible on the boys. Sonny still tries to cause trouble, so Carly yells at him again until he agrees to go up to his room. As his parting shot, Sonny tells Jax to face facts: he will never take his place in their family. Sonny makes a little clicking sound and goes up. Michael, watching from the top of the stairs, smiles. Jax just smiles, humoring Sonny's behavior.

In yesterday's episode, Patrick tried to prove a point with Robin about spontaneity by having her bet her chips on the number 16 (for Jax and Carly's wedding date). They flirt with each other about playing strip poker back at his place, but their beepers go off, so they must leave. Later, Robin doesn't want Patrick to operate on another HIV patient (one that got beat up) because it is a delicate operation where he might get injured again. He tells her he is doing it regardless of whether she scrubs in or not. Still later, they argue about what happened in the O.R. He yells at her for interfering with his decisions. He tells her that their personal and work relationships are separate. He finishes by saying that just because he loves her, she can't tell him what to do. She is shocked and wonders if she heard right, so he repeats that he loves her. Robin looks annoyed.

Jason and Sam break in to Lorenzo's place. It is dark and they sneak around. Jason tells her that the baby must be upstairs with the nanny. Sam accidentally steps on a baby toy, which squeaks. She looks at it longingly for a second, then she puts it back. Jason and Sam find that the computer was left on, so Sam guesses that Diego left it that way, since Lorenzo wouldn't have been so sloppy. Sam finds the program that Alcazar would have downloaded to create the flash drive, but then they hear Lorenzo and Skye returning. Jason and Sam hide while they come in. Skye goes up to check on the baby, so Lorenzo goes to check his email. He sees that something by the computer looks moved, so he looks around suspiciously, then he phones someone. He asks how long Diego has been gone and says he has a feeling. He asks the person to keep him posted on the situation with Jason and Sam. Skye brings Lila Rae in. They do baby-talk to the baby and joke around. Lorenzo comments that Skye has given him a great opportunity to raise his daughter, since he couldn't do that with his son. He is glad to have a second chance to be a really good father. Lorenzo decides to whip up some eggs, so he and Skye go to the kitchen, leaving the baby there with the monitor on. Sam wants to leave, but Jason insists that it will only take him a couple of minutes to get what they need. The baby cries, so he tells her to turn off the monitor. Instead, she picks up the baby and tells her, "Shh".

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