GH Update Friday 11/3/06

General Hospital Update Friday 11/3/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures from Clarissa's GH Screencaps

At Shadybrook, Elizabeth stops Lucky from opening the envelope that Ric brought him, thinking that it has photos of her and Jason hugging on the docks. She tells Jason that she is worried that if starts back to work too soon, it will jeopardize his recovery. Lucky is glad to be useful again. Ric apologizes for doing anything that might cause problems. The pictures are actually of Sonny's accountant, Bernie, so Lucky says he doesn't really know the man. Ric inquires as to whether he's ever tailed Jason to that particular pier or if he knows somewhere that Jason might be hiding. Lucky tells Ric that if this is about Jason, he can't help him. Jason explains how he tried to set up Jason for drugs; he doesn't think it would be right to help go after him now. Ric praises his honesty. After Lucky leaves for therapy, Ric asks Elizabeth if she thought he would show Lucky the pictures of her and Jason. She did think that, but he reminds her that he promised he wouldn't. He asks if she thought he would break his promise. She thinks he would try to use Lucky to go after Jason, but he assures her that he would never use her like that and that he was only trying to help out Lucky because her child needs a stable father. She apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusions. Ric tells her that he knows he's given her every reason to doubt him, and he hopes that one day she can trust him again.

Alexis tells Mayor Floyd and Mac that she is back being D.A. Mayor Floyd is surprised to hear that, since Ric assured him that he would remain as interim D.A., so Alexis replies that Ric does not speak for her - now or ever. Mayor Floyd looks pointedly at a beaming Sonny, standing next to Alexis, and wonders who she is speaking for. Mac suggests that Alexis should be in her hospital bed. Mayor Floyd agrees, but mostly he's concerned that she shouldn't be involved in helping Sam or Jason. Alexis doesn't flinch in arguing with him, but Floyd brings up Sonny's presence. Alexis tells him that Sonny has appeared there to help clear things up, and Sonny agrees that they all want to resolve this issue. Alexis points out that the flash drive evidence that Ric has is flimsy and not enough to do anything. Alexis also threatens to go to the press and say that the mayor is running a "boys' club" and capitalizing on her illness. Mayor Floyd quickly backs down. Alexis swoons, so Sonny catches her, worrying about her.

This is a humorous scene:  The nosy woman from Jason's safehouse tries to find out if Sam is the woman from the pictures that her other neighbor has shown her. Turns out that Sam looks a lot like the woman's niece. Jason keeps them outside by chatting with him. He tells them that his girlfriend, "Caroline", is sick. They offer to bring her chicken soup, despite his protestations. Once back inside, Sam questions his use of the name "Caroline" but is glad that he didn't call her "Elizabeth".

Jason tells Sam that as soon as Stan drops off their passports, they are headed to Canada and then to Costa Rica. They will wait until Sonny can fix things. Sam apologizes for bringing up Elizabeth's name, but Jason assures her that it's fine and that they need to trust and be honest with each other. Stan brings them their fake passports and two different destinations to choose from - Costa Rica or Oman. Sam has packed but tells Jason that everything was the wrong size in the closets. He explains that they can buy stuff when they arrive; they just have to have luggage or it will look suspicious. Sam suddenly says they should stay and fight because they are innocent and don't want to let Ric win. Jason is doubtful but lets Sam choose. She chooses to stay and fight. Jason tells her they need to find a better safe house and then find out how Ric framed her.

Jason and Sam find Cruz on the dock, figuring they can trust him. He tells them that everyone is looking for them. Sam tells him that Ric has framed her and that's why she ran. He pulls a gun, but Jason puts his own away and advises him to do the same, so he does. They chat for a moment and figure out that Ric had time to plant her fingerprints on the drive and then plant it in her room. Sam says they have to go get the drive from Ric.

At the Haunted Star, Luke hurriedly tells Tracy that Laura's doctors have told him not to tell Laura about killing Rick, or else she will be back to the vegetative state. Tracy wonders what will happen if Laura finds out about the "Other truth" he is hiding (their marriage). Laura walks in and admires the place, so Luke goes over and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. Laura wonders why Tracy is there, since the place is closed. Tracy starts to tell her the truth, but Luke interrupts her to say they are business partners. Tracy says that she was quite surprised to run into Laura at the hospital. Laura assures her that Luke didn't even tell "family" like Bobbie. This rankles on Tracy, since she is Luke's family.  Luke tells Laura that they should call the kids so they won't worry about Laura's disappearance, and he tells Tracy that he will call her later about the business problems as he ushers her out.  Tracy looks at Laura pointedly and welcomes her back, then she leaves.

Laura can tell that Luke is hiding something, but he quickly changes the subject to ask her why she left Shadybrook. Laura demands answers about her accident and other things. Luke protests that the doctors want her to take it slowly. Laura still wants to know, so Luke tells her that Rick Webber is dead. She thinks she hasn't seen him in a long while, but then she flashes back to seeing him when he returned for their second wedding. Luke remembers the last time he had to remind Laura about Rick's death, so he lets her think that Rick died in the same car accident and that she was driving. He explains that they were afraid that if she remembered the accident, she would feel responsible. He assures her that she wasn't. She seems relieved and asks him to come with her to help her remember more.

Tracy runs into Skye and Lorenzo later at the Haunted Star. She makes a crack about their baby, so they tell her that Lila Rae is home at his place. Tracy gags at the name and argues about it, saying Lila wouldn't want a namesake with a gangster father. Skye worries about leaving her at his place so soon. He reminds her they've got lots of people watching her. Skye points out that the baby is not used to his house. He says she will get more comfortable there, and it will be a good excuse for him to see his daughter. Skye says he doesn't need an excuse to see his daughter, just her.

Luke and Laura get a flat tire, due to a nail in the road. She suggests they walk, but they hear thunder in the distance. They go to Beecher's Corners, where they stayed years ago when they were on the run, and then again later before they got remarried. the Landlady  at the inn remembers them from their last visit four years ago. She asks them how they are doing now that they are remarried. Thunder sounds again ominously. we don't hear their answer. Later, Laura laments that it is pouring because she wanted to take a walk around the town. They dance to the radio; she cries on his shoulder as he strokes her hair.  They kiss. She suggests it's time for bed, so she hands him the blanket to make the "Walls of Jericho" again. He thought they were a little past that, but she says maybe they could both use a little privacy.  He agrees. They chat on either side of the blanket.  Luke tells her that if he does have a soul, he sure doesn't have it without her. She suddenly pulls down the Wall of Jericho and asks him to marry her.

At the hospital, Carly is trying to get out of going with Jax to tell Alexis that they set a date. Carly is reluctant to see Alexis again. He promises her a special evening if she goes with him. She is still not too thrilled but agrees.

Robin and Patrick prepare to go to dinner at the same Chinese place they always go to, so he tells her that they have become boring and predictable. Robin gets an idea and says she will give him something more spontaneous. He teases her, but she tells him to be ready in an hour and to "look pretty". Later, she takes him to the Haunted Star. They flirt.

Nikolas finds Emily at the hospital and explains to her about Laura being awake. Emily is shocked. Nikolas tells her that Laura's awakening has made him re-evaluate everything in his life. Nikolas tells Emily about how he's worried that Laura might remember the truth, despite what Luke is telling her about a car accident. He also thinks Luke is hiding something about that night. Jax and Carly come up, looking for Alexis. Nikolas is surprised to learn that she's not in her room. Alexis walks in, not looking good, leaning on Sonny. She tells them that she had some business to take care of. They tuck Alexis in to bed. Jax tells Alexis that they are getting married November 16, even though Carly sort of objects to announcing it right now, in front of Sonny. Later, Jax talks to Alexis about the wedding. She worries about his marriage, not because of Carly, but because of her own marriage problems. She wants to make sure that Carly loves him the way he should be loved and advises him to postpone the wedding until he can really give it some thought.

Carly chats with Sonny at the hospital about a class project that Michael has, but he wants to talk about her wedding. He suggests that it will take longer to plan, but she says they will be fine. She hopes he will come, but he doesn't think she really wants him there. He agrees to go, for Michael's sake. Later, Jax and Carly go to the Haunted Star. Jax announces to everyone that they are getting married on the 16th. He says that this beautiful woman has agreed to marry him. Everyone applauds. Jax and Carly kiss and then toast their engagement.

Skye asks Lorenzo if it bothers him to see Carly happy. He wonders the same thing about Jax, but she says they are just friends, but things were different for him and Carly. He says they were never meant to be and that everything's worked out for the best. He is glad to have his daughter, who has changed him in ways he could never imagine. Skye wonders how he has changed.

Sonny thanks Alexis for trying to help him at the police station, especially given how angry she is at Sam. She wishes she could have helped more instead of collapsing. Alexis is annoyed that Jax and Carly are getting married and that she has to stand up for them. Sonny assures her that the wedding is never going to happen.

Mac tells Ric about Alexis' visit to the police station and says that she made some good points about how he might be setting Sam up. Ric sighs, pretending to be worried that Alexis might risk an infection. Mac also tells him that Alexis collapsed and is back at the hospital. They argue about Sam and the charges against her. Mac lets Ric know that he considers Alexis his real boss and that Ric had better make the charges against Sam and Jason stick. He also drops the word that Alexis is much better now.

Emily and Nikolas also go to the Haunted Star for an evening out. Nikolas wonders if Jax's announcement means anything to Emily, since Sonny is free. She assures him that she's right where she wants to be.

Robin wonders if she should go congratulate Jax on his big mistake (marrying Carly). Patrick tells her to first pick a number on the roulette wheel and bet on that. She puts all her chips on it, and she wins. Robin is very happy. He points out how different it feels when you take risks. She agrees that it feels pretty good. they kiss.

Jax tells Tracy to keep the champagne flowing. Tracy, a bit drunk, tells the waiter to make sure it's the most expensive. She quips to Jax that this is nothing compared to what his marriage will cost him.  She smiles and tells Jax and Carly to enjoy their evening.  Jax suggests to Carly that they play some cards. Sonny is there, too, and asks to be dealt into the game.

On the docks, Cruz helps Jason and Sam figure out how to get the flash drive. Jason asks if Ric met with anyone yesterday. Cruz says it was Halloween, so there were lots of people there at the police station, but he remembers that Ric did bring Lorenzo in for questioning. Ric walks iup, so Cruz pretends to draw his weapon on Jason, and Jason does the same. Jason and Sam run off, but Cruz doesn't fire. Ric yells that Cruz is letting them get away, so he grabs Cruz' gun and fires it at them.

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