GH Update Thursday 11/2/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/2/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Outside Laura's room at Shady Brook, Robin suggests to Luke that he consider giving Laura all the facts when she's ready. They both agree that she's not ready yet. She goes into Laura's room but finds she is gone. Luke wonders what they did with her. They search for her. Nikolas arrives and wonders where Laura is, so they tell him she is missing. Robin asks Luke to remind her what happened to Laura that caused her original trauma, so he does, including Laura's killing Rick and the nurse. Nikolas helps with the explanations. They find out that Laura left the grounds an hour ago.

Laura goes back to her old house and looks around, smiling. She finds the hidden spare key. She knocks, but no one answers, so she goes in. Laura looks at a picture of her and Luke. She flashes back to a time before they were getting re-married. In the flashback, Laura mentions that now that she knows what happened in the attic, she's ready to get married. Her mom, Lesley, returns. Shocked and excited, she hugs Laura. They sit down. Laura explains how she got there. Lesley is a bit put out that no one told her that Laura was okay, but Laura has no idea why they didn't tell her. Laura explains that she doesn't remember "the accident". Lesley quickly figures out that Luke has not been completely honest with Laura. Laura wants to know about the accident, but Lesley tells Laura that if Luke didn't tell her, then it must be that the doctors wanted her to take it slowly. Laura accepts that. They laugh about their being grandmother and great-grandmother. They talk about how her family is doing. Laura says she just wants her life back, and Lesley tells her that she will have it back.

Ric tells Sonny that he will call off the manhunt for Sam, but first he wants a document, signed and notarized, saying he will have full custody of Molly. Sonny wants some time and argues that Ric should call off the search now. Ric insists that he get the document first and suggests that Sonny hurry.

Jason saves Sam from falling off the roof. Before they can run, a police officer across on the other room yells at them to freeze. They hunker down against the wall to hide. Jason suggests they give themselves up rather than run because it will be less likely that she will get shot, but she doesn't want to do that. Jason gives her a gun, and they cover each other until they can run away. They go to a safe house apartment, where they run into a snoopy elderly lady. She hasn't seen them before, so Jason explains that he lives in Toronto most of the year. Sam hides behind him to cover her identity as the lady tells him that he has a leak in his place that is dripping onto her apartment. She insists on going with him to look at it. Sam coughs, pretending she's sick, so Jason tells the woman that she has bad flu. They rush into the apartment. Sam worries that the woman saw her face. Jason assures her that they won't be there long. He picks the lock on Sam's handcuffs as he admonishes Sam for breaking out rather than keeping her cool as she promised. She tells him about Ric showing her the pictures of him and Elizabeth. They discuss the photos. Jason tells her that he thinks that Ric is after them because of his sleeping with Elizabeth. Sam asks Jason if he has feelings for Elizabeth. He assures her that she's the only one he wants and cares about. They share a sweet moment. She goes to take a shower while he figures out their next step. After her shower, Jason explains how Ric set her up by using the fake flash drive. He notices her bruises and feels bad for what she had to go through. Sam tells him that it's no big deal. He kisses her. Meanwhile, their neighbor phones someone to tell them that she has recognized Sam.

Elizabeth and Lucky walk around the grounds of Shady Brook. she admires how pretty the place is. He wishes she would take the money he offered. She suggests he put it in an interest-bearing account and says they will see how it goes. He smiles, glad for the compromise. She tells him that today was nice, almost familiar. They talk about his getting better. He tells her happy birthday before they part company.

Alexis happily looks at a card that Christina made for her, kisses it, and then puts it on her bed stand. She brushes her hair, but more strands come out in her brush. She looks in the mirror and angrily shoves everything in the bed stand drawer. Frustrated, she throws the mirror across the room and then collapses on the bed, shaking with anger and fear. Sonny visits Alexis, who is still upset. She asks him if she isn't very strong, a "tough cookie". He agrees that is an accurate description. She lists all of the things she's put up with and then says she can't understand how this one silly thing can make her weak. She cries as she holds out a strand. She sobs, "I'm losing my hair!" Sonny tries to be sympathetic, but Alexis tells him not to be that way with her. She needs to be strong and get past this. Sonny is kind to her as she tells him that she is not vain, but she realized that people compliment her most about her hair and now she won't look pretty without it. She cries and is annoyed that, even though she has cancer and is injecting poison into her body, it's the hair that upsets her the most. Sonny advises her that it is not about the hair; she has been strong through all of this, so something was bound to make her lose it sooner or later, and it just happened to be this. She is cheered by this and affirms that she must stay strong for her children. He urges her not to give up and even manages to make her laugh. Sonny gets her some water and they joke some more before he tells her that Sam has escaped from policy custody and that he thinks Ric might get Jason shot while helping her. Alexis wants to help if she can. Sonny tells her that he has an idea.

Ric visits Elizabeth at the hospital. She looks reluctant to speak to him but agrees. He mentions her birthday, hoping she was able to find a good way to celebrate it. Ric tells her that Sam escaped, with Jason's help. She wonders why he is telling her. He asks if she's heard from them and advises her not to help them if she does because it will be hard for him to help her. She asks why he thinks Jason would come to her for help. He shows her the surveillance photo of the two of them together and notes that it's obvious they have gotten close again. She looks at the picture, shocked. She worries that Lucky will get hold of the photos and it will set his rehab back, but Ric assures her that he won't let that happen. She has to tell him again that she is just friends with Jason. Ric tells her that if she wants someone to lean on, he is there for her. Elizabeth informs him that she and Lucky are getting back together.

Lulu goes to Lesley's and asks her nervously if anything unusual has happened today. Lesley knows she's talking about Laura and tells Lulu that she was there but left. Lesley is very annoyed that they all kept Laura's return from her. Lulu tells her that they were afraid the shock of Laura's finding out certain things would upset her too much. Luke arrives, so Lesley yells at him for not telling her Laura was awake. Luke tells her that he did it to protect Laura. He wants to go find Laura, whom he starts to refer to as "my wife" but then stops. Lesley demands to know what else Luke is hiding from Laura.

Laura goes to GH and finds Bobbie. Bobbie is shocked and please, hugging her. Laura asks how she and Tony are. Before Bobbie can answer, Tracy storms up, with Nikolas behind her, asking if Bobbie has seen her "worthless husband". Laura turns around and raises an eyebrow. Laura greets Tracy, asking if her husband is a doctor there. Tracy is completely stunned and nearly speechless. Nikolas tells Tracy that this happened suddenly, but they are all glad to have Laura back. Bobbie admits that they are all shocked. Laura wonders why no one told Bobbie or her mom that she was back. Nikolas guesses that it was because it was so quick. Tracy says she's overwhelmed and walks away until she's out of sight, then she leans against a wall in shock. Bobbie's pager goes off, so she tells Laura that she will be right back. Robin walks up and asks Laura if she's okay. Laura tells her that she feels great, but she's sorry if she worried anyone. Laura wants to be on her own right now. She says she just wants one day to feel like herself, and then she will take a cab back to Shady Brook. Nikolas is surprised to hear that she has money, so she explains that she got it from the bag she and Luke always kept in the house closet. They let her go, but Robin and Nikolas worry about what will happen and what she might learn. Bobbie phones Luke to tell him that she's seen Laura and yells at him for not telling her about Laura waking up. Luke is not happy to hear that Tracy was there and that Laura has left, but he's relieved to find that Laura did not hear that he's married to Tracy. Lulu and Lesley listen while he phones around. He leaves a message with Nikolas, too. Lesley worries that not telling Laura the truth will make her worse, but Luke disagrees as he heads out the door. Lulu tells Lesley that she doesn't want Laura to remember the horrible things from her past.

Luke goes to the Haunted Star, looking for Laura, but he finds Tracy instead. She yells at Luke for keeping the news from him. She stops when she sees that he has taken off his wedding ring. He tells her to take care of herself because it's more important that he take care of his first wife's sanity than his second wife's feelings. Luke explains to Laura about how Laura thinks she was in a car accident and how they are worried about what she might remember. Tracy wonders how Laura will take the news that Luke is now married to her. Laura walks in right then.

Ric visits Lucky again at Shady Brook. Ric asks Lucky for some input on a case. Lucky is happy to help. Ric has an envelope full of photos he wants to show Lucky. Ric fills Lucky in on what has been going on with Sam. Ric tells Lucky that he was hoping that Lucky could help figure out where they might have gone. As Lucky opens the envelope, Elizabeth walks up and tells him not to open it.

Mayor Floyd yells at Mac, with Cruz nearby, because someone summoned him there. He's not happy to hear that Jason and Sam are still on the loose. Mac doesn't know who called him. Alexis and Sonny walk in to the police station. Alexis informs them that she's returning to her duties as D.A. and can't believe the chaos that is going on there in just the few short weeks while she was gone. Sonny watches her proudly.

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