GH Update Wednesday 11/1/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/1/06


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Jax and Carly wake up on the couch in Sonny's place. Max is sitting in front of them in a chair. He tells them that he is there to make sure the kids stay away, since this is not a sight for innocent eyes. Carly explains that she and her fianc fell asleep on the couch, fully-clothed, so there is nothing inappropriate about it. Max disagrees. Jax tells Max that, while he's done a great job protecting Carly and the kids, it's not his business. Max tells them that he is there because Sonny is punishing him and asks them to give him a break. He gets up but stops at the candy bowl, so Jax tells him to take it with him. Jax is surprised that Carly did not get on Max's case more. She replies that Sonny is the one who did this, so he is the one who gets nailed.

Sonny visits Alexis in her hospital room, asking why Ric was there. She says that he was there to declare war on her, but it's her own problem. Sonny tells her that Ric had Sam arrested last night. Alexis explains to Sonny why Ric acts the way he does, because of the demons he has. She thinks Sonny should understand that, since he has plenty of his own. Sonny tells her that Ric is using Sam as a bargaining chip to get Molly. He wonders if Alexis will be able to trade one daughter for another. She looks annoyed.

Carly yells at Sonny for siccing Max on her when he gets home. Sonny just says he's sorry, rather than arguing, so she knows that something is wrong. He tells her about Ric arresting Sam, and why he's doing it. She asks what he'll do, so he says he'll give Ric something he wants more than revenge. Sonny thinks that he can make Ric an offer about Molly. Sonny rants on and on about Ric and how he should have killed him long ago. Carly is supportive as usual, but Sonny says that Sam, Jason, and others are paying for his stupidity. Carly reminds him that he was not stupid but that he was just honoring his mother. She assures him that he's stronger than Ric will ever be.

Ric goes to see Alexis again, this time at her request. He worries that she has gotten worse, but she assures him that she's fine. She is sarcastic, giving him a hard time for what he tried to do with Molly when she was sick. When she mentions her daughter, he is surprised that she is so willing to forgive Sam so quickly. Alexis won't discuss their affair but accuses him of framing Sam so that he can get Molly. He denies it and tells her "Good luck proving it". Jax also drops by for a visit. Alexis fills him in on everything that's happened with Sam. She worries what he will do next because she didn't think he would do any of the things she's done. He notes that she did fall in love with him, so she wonders what that makes her. She finds it hard to believe how Ric can be such a loving father to Molly and then turn around and do these things. Jax suggests that Sam, Ric, and Sonny deserve what they get, but Alexis objects to that idea and reminds him that Molly doesn't deserve any of this.

Sam is in custody. Ric questions her. She insists on her phone call and tells him that she knows he framed her. He is nonchalant about it. Sam thinks that Ric is punishing her because they slept together and vows to tell everyone in court about it, too. He says that she would just make herself look worse. She yells at him for setting her up. He lists all of the evidence against her in an angry and taunting fashion. Sam looks upset and worried.

Jason is on phone on the docks, trying to arrange for Sam's bail. Elizabeth comes up and inquires about what happened. He tells her that Ric had Sam arrested. She wonders why he is going after Jason now. Jason replies that he has reasons and that one of them is her. They discuss why Ric is acting this way. Jason thinks Ric is after her again, now that his marriage to Alexis is over. She is a bit doubtful, wondering why he is doing it after all this time. Jason asks her if she thinks Ric would hurt her. Elizabeth, upset, says she is just barely holding on and can't take it if Ric goes nuts again with her.

Someone takes pictures of Sam and Jason, from a window above.

Nikolas visits Luck in rehab. Lucky tells him that today is Elizabeth's birthday. Nikolas knows because he and Emily have something planned for her. Lucky tells him that he has another favor to ask him. Nikolas says he knows better than to offer his help, given how Lucky usually acts. Lucky says he can't let his pride get in the way any more.

Jason storms into the police station and hugs Sam. He tells her that Ric is framing her to get to him and assures her that they'll get her out of it. He keeps reassuring her until Ric arrives and tells him to get out. Jason kisses Sam before he walks out. Ric covers the window so that Jason can't look in at them. Ric tells Sam that Jason is a liar and won't be helping her get out of prison. He asks her where she thinks Jason is going now. She replies that he's going to get her a lawyer. Ric takes out the photos from the docks of Jason and Elizabeth hugging. He says that maybe Jason has gone to meet his new lover. Sam looks very sullen. Ric keeps working on Sam's insecurities about Jason and Elizabeth. Sam orders Ric out after he calls her a slut. He tells her that once it becomes clear that Jason is not getting her a lawyer, she will get a public defender and wind up in prison where she always was headed. As Ric is leaving, Sam picks up the chair and hits him over the head with it, then she runs out. She stops when Det. Cruz points his gun at her and asks her not to make him shoot her. Next, he hides her from another cop and then gestures for her to keep running, so she does.

Elizabeth walks into Kelly's and finds a surprise party for her. Cameron, Audrey, Nikolas, Mike, and Emily are there. She is happy to see them all, even though she wasn't in the mood to celebrate. Mike reminds her that last year, she was stuck on a derailed train, so this is an improvement. Audrey notes that everyone from Cameron's list is there, except Lucky. Elizabeth looks sad. Elizabeth gets Cameron a train set for a gift (with help from Nikolas). Emily and Nikolas give her the real present - a day at a spa, which she is grateful for. Nikolas tells her that Lucky has a present for her, too, but wants to give it to her in person. She is reluctant to see him again. Mike brings out the birthday cake, so Elizabeth and Cameron blow the candles out. Emily asks Elizabeth not to be mad at Nikolas. Elizabeth says she just wants to move on with her life. She is upset and talks about how hard it has been on Cameron to miss his "daddy". Emily suggests that she let go of the pain and anger, now that she's having Lucky's baby. Elizabeth doesn't trust Lucky, so Emily points out how far she and Nikolas have come. Elizabeth thinks about what Emily tells her.

Jason visits Sonny and they catch up on what's going on. Sonny thinks they should plan ahead rather than just reacting to what Ric does. Sonny stops Jason from breaking Sam out and playing into Ric's hands. Jason is very frustrated. They discuss Ric and Elizabeth, and Alexis. They both think that Ric is going after Jason for sleeping with Elizabeth. Jason says that it was just one night and that he is with Sam. Sonny reminds him that Ric spent just one night with Sam, too, and asks if this makes Jason want to kill him any less. Before Jason can answer, Max comes in to tell them that Sam has escaped from custody. Jason runs out to look for her. Sonny goes to phone someone.

Jax runs into Carly at the docks. They are both a bit down. They talk about Sam's arrest. Carly tells him about her conversation with Sonny. She feels bad for Sonny, who feels guilty for how Ric acts. They discuss this until Carly tells him that she felt herself falling back into Sonny's problems, so she suggests that he might want to rethink marrying her. Jax dismisses her concerns, reminding her that they both love each other and still want to get married. Carly still worries, so Jax tells her that there will always be people from their past, like Sonny, Brenda, Courtney, etc. but it will be find as long as they are each other's priorities. Carly agrees. She suddenly suggests they get married November 16th, which surprises him, but he agrees. They kiss.

Elizabeth visits Lucky in rehab. He is happy to see her and goes to give her a birthday kiss, but she turns away. He asks about the party, so she tells him how it went. He misses Cameron, and she replies that she knows he does. She says that what matters is that he's getting better. He gives her a present that he picked out for their anniversary, which he missed. She opens it, and it's a jewelry box with a bracelet. She says it's beautiful, but she can't accept it. He tells her that things are getting better. He also has a birthday present for her. She is annoyed at him getting her presents when she's trying to put him out of her life. He gives her an envelope, and she opens it. It is a check for $300,000. She is stunned and wonders where he got the money. He tells her that it doesn't matter, but that it's for her and the kids to buy a house or whatever. She tells him that this way too much. He tells her that he borrowed the money from Nikolas. She knows that was hard for him, but she still doesn't want to take the money. He tells her that he knows that she is filing for divorce, and he is not planning to live there with them. He has hopes for them for the future, but right now he just plans to get right. He reaches to touch her hair, but she moves away again.

We next see Sam on a roof (not sure if it's the one she and Jason always meet at, if so, what a stupid place to go since that's where they arrested her!). She hears the police talking to each other on their radios, looking for her, saying she might be trapped on the roof. She pries a pipe off something and wedges it against the door. Sam looks for a way off the roof as the police hammer at the door. She prepares to try to jump to the next roof. She gets there but slips and hangs on the ledge. She is about to fall when Jason is there to grab her and pull her up.

Nikolas and Emily clean up after the party at Kelly's. Nikolas admires how she was able to get Elizabeth to visit Lucky. She talks about their past a bit, saying that getting some distance can help the perspective. He agrees and they talk about it some more. They both agree that now things are better.

Cruz visits Alexis to let her know what's going on. He is fairly sure that Ric is framing Sam, and he lists why the evidence doesn't add up. She knows that he is risking his job by being there, but he says he won't let Ric frame innocent people. She suggests that he just keep an eye on Ric but not let on that he was there. Cruz leaves. Alexis looks worried and upset. She puts her hand over her head and then notices that some of her hair fell out.

Sonny visits Ric at the police station to make a deal. He tells Ric that he will give up custody of Christina to Alexis, and she will give Ric custody of Molly, if he lets Sam go and drops all charges. Ric is suspicious of the offer.

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