GH Update Tuesday 10/31/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/31/06


Written By Suzanne

Jax walks into Sonny's place, looking for Carly. She walks in, telling him he's late. She is wearing a witch costume, which he admires as sexy. They kiss. She tells him the kids are upstairs. Michael and Christina run downstairs wearing costumes, expecting Jax to take them trick-or treating because Carly said he would. Jax smiles, and it seems clear that this is the first he's heard of it. Carly grins. Michael demands that Jax find a costume to wear, or they won't get any candy. Carly tells Jax that she has to stay at home with Molly because Viola is sick, and Sonny had a last-minute business meeting, so Jax is the only one who can take them. Jax protests, annoyed that he has to take three kids out, hyped up on sugar, but she points out that he was all in favor of her moving in there with the kids. She suggests that Max drive him around in the limo, but he insists that Carly go with him, pushing Molly in the stoller, and they will all walk around. Carly looks stunned by the idea.

Elizabeth brings Alexis some Halloween chocolate, which she's thrilled to see. Alexis suggests that Emily go visit Nikolas at Wyndemere tonight. Emily laughs uncomfortable; Nikolas walks in just then, overhearing that Alexis is trying to match-make between them. Nikolas brings her some more candy. Alexis keeps trying to get them to spend the evening together, but Emily is called away by her phone. Alexis gives Nikolas a hard time about not going after Emily. He wonders why she's so eager to push them together. Alexis claims that she just wants to see him happy, but he guesses that she sees him and Emily as a backup to be parents for Molly and Christina, should she die. Alexis admits it, saying they are the only two sane people in town who could do it. He tells her that they aren't an option because they are not together. She argues with him. He refuses to consider that she might not be around to raise her own children. He explains why he is taking it slowly with Emily.

Det. Cruz Rodriguez shows Ric the flash drive that he found while searching through boxes from Sonny and Jason's raided warehouses (the one planted there by Lorenzo and Ric). Ric pretends that it is news to him. Cruz tells him that it's encoded, so they haven't been able to decipher it yet. Cruz is suspicious that Sonny and Jason left that lying around, since everything else was clean. Ric notes that perhaps they just missed it because they were in a hurry. Cruz suggests that he take it to someone to decode it, but Ric insists that all of the evidence stay together and that it gets decoded first thing in the morning. He also tells Cruz to login everything there. He doesn't want to risk tainting the evidence against Sonny and Jason.

Jason runs into Sam taking a walk on the waterfront. They flirt for a moment. She asks why he's there, since they hadn't planned to meet, and he is evasive, so she thinks he is doing business there in their "special place". He assures her that he has something special planned for them. She has to go to work, but they plan to meet back in an hour. Emily arrives with bags of stuff to help Jason out. She is surprised that he is planning this surprise for Sam. She thought he was going to decorate for a Halloween party for the kids, so it's not what he expected. She says she will take care of it and wishes him well with Sam. As she decorates, she chats with Jason about her past relationship with Sonny, and then Jason's with Elizabeth. Emily says that if they're lucky, they find themselves back to the people they were meant to be with.

Cruz and Sam chat briefly at the police station about Halloween; it's not the favorite holiday for either one. Ric locks up and logs in the evidence. Cruz stops Ric from walking out with another police file because he has to do something with. Ric gladly gives it to him, saying that the case has been postponed. Ric tries to stop Sam from leaving early, but she insists on going because of her date with Jason. Cruz tells Ric that he can't find the flash drive. Ric pretends to get angry that it's gone, but then he "remembers" that Sam was in a hurry to leave and wonders if she took it. Cruz seems to buy the idea that she might be helping Jason out. Ric authorizes him to arrest Sam while he gets a judge to issue a warrant so they can search her place for the flash drive. He pretends to be upset and hopes he's wrong about Sam. Later, Cruz shows Ric that they found the stolen evidence in a box under Sam's bed. Ric notes that tamptering with evidence is a felony and that Alexis won't be happy about this.

Dillon and Georgie, dressed up for Halloween, go to a costume party. He doesn't want to be there because he has a big paper due on Friday. She begs him to have fun there for at least an hour. Maxie and Diego are also there. He stops her from taking a drink, reminding her that Lucky wouldn't want her to drink because of the baby. Lulu is also there, and she runs into a man in a black robe and skeleton mask, who doesn't say anything. He looks her over as if to wonder where her costume is, since she's dressed normally. She sarcastically throws on a lei, says, "Happy now?" and brushes past him as he shakes his head. (Diego was wearing a similar costume, but he took off the mask when he was inside, so it is probably not him, unless they messed up; or else we are supposed to think it might be him.) Dillon suggests that Lulu slow down on the drink. She angrily tells him that she's there to celebrate as she tosses a drink back. Lulu drinks heavily. Dillon talks to someone in an alien costume about films. Georgie is happy to see him doing that again and tells him to admit that he misses the old Dillon as much as she does. Dillon walks away to take care of Lulu.

Meanwhile, Georgie goes outside and stops a guy from making out with Maxie. She tells him that Maxie is pregnant, so he leaves. The sisters argue. Georgie yells at Maxie for drinking and carrying on when she's pregnant.

Dillon takes Lulu out to another patio and asks her what's wrong with her. She tells him drunkenly that her mom came back, but no one is supposed to know because Luke wants to protect Laura from shocks. Lulu says in a slurred way that Luke doesn't want anyone to tell that she is a lying tramp who had an abortion. The hooded figure eavesdrops nearby. Dillon, surprised, questions her about Laura's return. She babbles on about how her mom is going to hate her. Georgie stops Dillon from running after Lulu, saying that she has to take care of herself. He keeps worrying about what Lulu might do to herself, much to Georgie's annoyance.

Diego chats with Maxie at the party. They talk about birthdays because it is hers, and Diego notes that no one ever remembers his, which has gone and gone. Maxie gives him a kiss for his birthday, which shocks him. He thought she hated him. She says she doesn't hate him as much as being alone on her birthday. Meanwhile, another girl gets annoyed at Lulu for hanging drunkenly all over her boyfriend. The girl calls Lulu a slut, so Lulu punches her in the face, which shocks everyone. Lulu goes outside, looking unhappy. The guy in the skeleton costume comes outside, too, and goes over to her. He asks if she's having a bad night. She says it's getting worse by the minute. He hands her an ice pack and admires her right cross. She said it was a stupid thing to do. He gives her a hard time about feeling sorry for herself, but she knows that he is Professor Pete Marquez (her lit prof). He takes off the mask as she explains how she knew. She tells him that she has better things to do. He wonders why she is so determined to be unahppy.

Diego and Maxie make out and head to bed. He stops her, wondering if she is trying to send him back to jail for what he did to her. He gets a condom, but she tosses it aside, saying that it's not like she's going to get pregnant. He stops, realizing that this is all about the fact that she lied to Lucky and is not really pregnant (but needs to be). She looks guilty.

Jax brings the kids by to see Alexis at the hospital. She is overjoyed to see them, expect she's not too happy that Carly dressed Christina as a cheerleader. Jax gives Alexis a silvery tiara and fairy wand, so he can take pictures of her with the girls. Jax tells Alexis where they're going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Both Alexis and Carly think that's a pretty long walk, but Carly smiles, seeming to admire Jax's enthusiasm. He cheers the kids on, saying they are going to trick or treat until they drop. They all cheer. Later, Alexis cries as she looks at the photos. Emily checks on her and asks if she can do anything for her. Alexis is embarrassed that she is crying, but Emily assures her that she cried every day when she had cancer. She tells Alexis that she needs the release. Alexis shows her the photos and tells her about the kids going out without her. Alexis is particularly distressed that she missed Molly's first Halloween, adding that she might miss a lot of things. Emily urges her to fight to be there for her kids. Alexis asks Emily to give Nikolas the picture and tell him to forget what she said about a backup plan (not explaining it to her). Alexis tells Emily that Nikolas really needs her. Emily replies that she knows Nikolas can't let his guard down with her again until he can trust her again. Nikolas text-messages Emily to ask her to meet him but then stops before sending it. Emily drops by anyway and gives him the photo from Alexis, plus the message. He explains what the message means and what he told Alexis about them getting back together. Emily tells him about her chat with Jason and him and Sam. They are interrupted by a noise, which spooks her. She jumps up and grabs his arm. He tells her that it's just the wind blowing through the caves. Still close to him, she tells him that she always feels safe when she's with him.

Sam finds Jason and his decorations, waiting for her with a romantic dinner and lots of lights. Sam is impressed. He explains about the Halloween decorations, but she really likes them. Jason says some sweet things to her about how she changed him and made his life different. they toast with wine and smile at each other. They joke around about the food. She wants him to try some sushi, but he won't. She tells him that if he eats one piece of sushi, she will try anything he wants. He gladly eats it, but he hates it. However, he tells her sweetly that if it made her happy, it was worth it. She smiles at him. Sam looks at the stars and wishes she hadn't thrown away the star necklace he gave her. He tells her it's just a necklace. They dance closely. She thanks him for the amazing evening. They kiss, but then the police come in and arrest her.

Jax and Carly bring the kids home. They are all tired. Carly put Molly and Morgan to sleep; Christina is drowsing in Jax's arms. Carly sends Michael up to bed, so Jax goes to put Christina to bed. Carly says then he can tell her what he's up to. They sit on the couch and go through candy. She asks him why he insisted that they walk around. At first he says that's what people are supposed to do on Halloween, but then he admits that he figured this would tire the children out right away, so that they could make as much noise as they want. When he turns, he finds that Carly is fast asleep on the couch.

Ric visits Alexis. They argue about his petition to get custody of Molly. Ric is cocky, saying he is in a much better bargaining position than she may think. As he walks out, she shakes her head, looking like she wonders what she saw in him (or what he's up to).

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