GH Update Tuesday 10/31/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/31/06


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Jax goes looking for Carly at Sonny’s home. She comes out with a Halloween wig. He tells her if he’d known she was wearing that, he’d have come a lot sooner. Right then, the kids enter dressed in their costumes. Michael informs Jax for the first time that his mom has promised that Jax would take them trick or treating.

Emily comes to see Alexis in her hospital room with some of her favorite snacks. They laugh about how the doctors don’t want her eating sweets. But she wants them because she won’t be able to keep them down after the chemo. She encourages Emily to get back with Nikolas. Right then, Nikolas enters.

Det. Rodriguez finds some evidence for Ric. He wonders why it was not wiped clean, however. Ric tells them they may have been in a hurry.

Jason runs into Sam on the roof and wonders if he was supposed to meet her there. It looks like they might want to get back together.

When Nikolas enters Alexis’ room behind Emily, she asks if he is there to tell her to mind her own business. He tells her he is there to give her some of her favorite caramels. Right then, Emily gets a call. Alone with Nikolas, Alexis tells her nephew that he must not stall any longer if he loves Emily. He must go and get her before she goes away. Nikolas asks his aunt why she is pushing him and Emily to get back together. She tells him she just wants him to be happy. He tells her that he knows there is another reason. She wants Emily to be the “back up” for Kristina and Molly.

Jax asks Carly how she could push him to go off with three kids all hypered up on sugar. He tells her that she needs to help him take all the kids with him and walk from door to door.

Ric tells Det. Rodriguez that he is very concerned that nothing happens to the evidence that he needs in order to nail Sonny and Jason.

Sam tells Jason that this place, up on the roof is their place where they can go to be alone and get away from everything. He then tells her that he was planning something for them tonight. But if she needs to work. She then tells him that she just has to finish a few things. He tells her that he just wants to make certain that she comes back. She tells him she would not miss this for the world. She gets up to leave and he tells her he will see her in an hour.

There’s a party with crazy costumes. Dillon and Georgie are dressed like people in the old movies. But he is engrossed in studying. Maxie is dressed in a mini skirt. Diego enters and notices that she is drinking and tells her she should not because it’s bad for the baby. Lulu is in costume and some unidentified person approaches her with a mask. She assumes that they have a problem with her costume. Dillon notices Lulu and knows she is upset and drinking. He tells her that maybe she should slow down. She tells him that maybe he should go away.

Alexis admits to Nikolas that she is concerned that if Sam, Ric, Sonny or Carly raise any of her daughters, they will corrupt them. She believes that they will have stability with him and Emily. He tells her that he mustn’t believe that she won’t live to raise her own children. He also tells her that he is not about to consider getting back with Emily until he is certain that she is safe with him.

Jason runs into Emily and she is surprised that he is planning on being with Sam for Halloween. She tells him she will take care of the decoration and he can take care of the romance. Noticing that her brother may be having reservations, she tells him she knows how hard it is to get past the hur when somebody betrays you. But if you really want it, you can.

At the station, Sam goes and takes care of her business. But not far away, Ric is watching her and plotting his plan. Det. Rodriguez tells Ric that there is no way he’s going to walk out of there without a file that is not ready. He needs to go over it before he testifies. Ric does not listen and tells Det. Rodriguez that there is something he needs to take care of. He notices Sam and is ready to plot his plan.

The guy with the mask asks Dillon about films. Dillon had to admit that he still has a passion about his previous career choice. Geotgie tells him she knows that he misses the old Dillon just as much as she does. Georgie notices Maxie kissing a lot of guys and drinking. She asks her if she is trying to kill her baby. Dillon notices that Lulu is drinking too much. He asks her what is up with her. She tells him that everything is great. She even got her mom back. But she is not supposed to tell anybody. He asks her why not. She tells him because if his mother found out that her father got Laura back, it could ruin everything. And Laura can never find out that she was the tramp who had the abortion.

Jax, Carly, Kristina, Michael, Morgan and Molly all come to see Alexis. Jax takes pictures of the children with their mommy.

Emily tells Jason when she and Nikolas fell apart, she wanted something to numb out the pain. So she threw herself into her work. Then she hooked up with Sonny. She tells him that she understands finding somebody for comfort and consolation. But if we are lucky, we find our way back to the person who is right for us and know that they are the one person we cannot stop loving.

At the station, Ric tells Sam he needs her to pull some files for him. But she tells him he must do it himself. She is off the clock. She departs. Right then, Det. Rodriguez informs Ric that the evidence they have against Sonny and Jason has disappeared. They have no clue where anything could have gone except Ric notices that Sam could not leave fast enough. Det. Rodriguez asks if Sam would actually steal evidence from the PCPD. But Ric knows that he wants him to believe that she did. They then conclude that they must go and search Sam’s place and all her belongings. Ric tells Det. Rodriguez that he hopes for Sam’s mother’s sake that he is wrong about her.

Georgie tells Maxie she must know that she is having a baby, Lucky’s baby. What would he do if he saw what she was doing? Maxie grabs the booze and tells her sister that Lucky could care less what she does. It’s her body so she can do what she chooses. Georgie tells Maxie she cannot be taking this out on an innocent baby. Maxie reminds Georgie that she supported Lulu’s decision. So why does she get to judge Maxie’s choices? Dillon tries but fails to talk some sense into Lulu. She is very upset, however, and assumes if her mother finds out she had an abortion, she will hate her. Georgie tells Dillon that he cannot save Lulu from Lulu.

Jason plans a romantic candlelight dinner for Sam on the roof. He tells her he wanted to make this perfect. He admits that before he knew her, his life was completely empty. He did not know that it could be any different until she moved in and showed him how to live. She changed him, he tells her. And he will never forget that.

Emily notices Alexis is crying in her room as she looks at a picture that Jax took of her and her daughters whom she cannot be with tonight. She asks Alexis if there is anything she can do. Alexis tells her she can tell her that crying is self indulgent. Emily then tells Alexis that when she had cancer, she learned that she could not hide her feelings. Alexis tells Emily that she is very upset to notice that Jax and Carly are taking her daughters trick or treating. Carly has dressed Kristina up like a cheerleader. She was hoping that she would be able to take Molly on her first Halloween festivity. But instead, Carly is. She cries. And Emily tells Alexis that she cannot give up. She must fight and not let anything discourage her. Alexis tells Emily that she really encourages her to consider getting back with Nikolas. Emily tells Alexis that she cares a lot about Nikolas. But she is not about to ask him to let his guard down until he feels safe with her again.

Nikolas is right then, alone with his cell phone in his hand, wondering if he should make a call.

Jax returns with Michael and Morgan. Jax tells Michael that they have outlasted Carly and the girls. Jax is carrying Kristina who has fallen asleep. Michael concludes that they are men and they can always outlast the girls. Jax then realizes that Kristina is exhausted and she needs to go upstairs to bed.

Maxie finds Diego and asks if he is having fun at this party. He tells her he has not had much of a chance to enjoy Halloween parties because he’s spent so much time in foster homes. He’s a little baffled over why she is suddenly so uncharacteristically friendly to him. She kisses him and tells him that maybe she does not hate him. Lulu kisses a strange guy. But his girlfriend comes and confronts her. She tells her that she does not want some drunken slut with her boyfriend. Lulu punches the girl. The guy behind the mask follows her out and asks if she is having a bad night.

Emily goes with Nikolas and when he observes the picture of Kristina dressed like a cheerleader, he knows it was Carly’s decision and that must not have gone over well with Alexis. He tells her that Alexis is hinting that they should get back together so that they can be the “back up” for her girls. And he confirms to Emily that whatever decision they make should be solely about them.

Sam notices that Jason has an issue with eating sushi and is not as adventurous with his eating as she is. And she tells him if she can get him to eat the piece of sushi, he can get her to do something she’s never done.

Det. Rodriguez returns to the station after investigating Sam’s personal belongings. He concludes that he has found the evidence in her room at Kelly’s. Ric concludes that he can get Sam charged with theft, evidence tampering and many other things. And what will her mother think about this? Does he care about hurting Alexis?

Carly asks Jax why they did not take the kids trick or treating in the limo. He tells her that he had a reason for them to walk. It was so that they’d get the kids so exhausted that they’d sleep through everything.

The masked guy seems to be really concerned about Lulu’s behavior and tells her that she needs to save the pity party. She knows, right away that it’s the snotty professor. He then removes his mask and asks if he is that transparent. He asks her why she is so determined to be unhappy.

Maxie takes Diego back to her room. He asks her if this is not a set up. She once wanted to get him sent to prison. And how does he know that this is not a “payback” for what he did to her? She kisses him and tells him to shut up and join her in what she wants to do. Right then, she tells him that he doesn’t want him to use any condoms. It’s not like she’s “afraid” to get pregnant, she tells him. And right then, he concludes that her sudden behavior with the booze and seducing him means that she is not really pregnant but needs to be.

Emily and Nikolas sit outside in the woods. And she tells him she always feels safe when she is with him.

Ric walks into Alexis’ room and tells her congratulation for blocking his petition to get custody of his daughters. She tells him that she knew that he would attempt to take them from her. He tells her that no judge would have a problem with a father wanting custody of his daughters when his wife is gravely ill. She reminds him that no judge would look favorably upon a man who sleeps with his own child’s sister. Ric then reveals to Alexis that he has some dastardly plan.

Sam is silent and Jason asks her what she is thinking about. She tells him that she remembers all of what they had. And they hold each other. Everything seems good. But right then, clear out of the blue, cops come, find Sam and tell her she is under arrest.

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