GH Update Monday 10/30/06

General Hospital Update Monday 10/30/06


Written By Jenn
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Sam tells Jason that she needs to go back to work. He tells her that he supports her in her decision to work and get on with her life. But he’s concerned that working at the PCPD could be dangerous for her if Ric is around. He tells him she realizes that. But she doesn’t want to live in fear of Ric. It’s already cost her too much.

Lorenzo comes to Ric’s office. He tells Ric that he is doing his part to incriminate Sonny and Jason with a flash device. Ric tells Lorenzo good. But he needs to really know what he’s doing with the flash device. Lorenzo tells Ric he does not believe that he(Ric) will know how to successfully bring Sonny and Jason down.

While Alexis is in the hospital, she tells Sonny and Carly that she has to get back to her daughters. For one thing, she has no choice. Both Sam and Ric have moved out and nobody else can care for them. She knows, however, that Sonny has a solution for that.

Laura looks like she has come back. At least, she can see and talk and knows part of what is going on. Right then, her three kids enter. She freaks and is very surprised to know that a lot of time has gone by since the last time she saw them.. She then realizes that something happened to her that she does not remember. She asks Luke what is going on. He tells her that everything is ok. She just needs to stay calm. Right then, Laura cries. She notices that years have gone by since she’s been like this. Lulu cries when she sees her mother. Laura asks how long she’s been like this. Luke then answers that it’s been four years. She asks if it’s really true that she’s been unconscious for four years. They confirm that. Lucky and Nikolas come by and sit by their mother. She tells them that she doesn’t want to be like this. She wants to stand up. Luke asks her if she’s strong enough. She says she wants to try. Her two sons help her to her feet. She hugs them. Lulu cries. She walks over toward Lulu and tells Luke she is amazed at how beautiful their daughter is. She hugs Lulu. Lulu tells her mom she’s missed her so much.

Lorenzo tells Ric that his enthusiasm is impressive. But he’s not certain that Ric can get any evidence against Sonny or Jason. He tells Ric that all he has is evidence that Sonny imports coffee. Lorenzo tells Ric that one of Ric’s forensics experts could find out that the evidence has been falsified. Ric tells Lroenzo no. He knows how to make certain that does not happen. He also knows how to set Sam up. They will realize that Sam is on the police department’s payroll and has had access to evidence as well as motives to protect her ex boyfriend. Lorenzo then warns Ric that Jason might catch onto that. Ric agrees that that could very well happen. It will have to be prevented. And he’ll make certain that it is when Jason is shot dead.

Sam tells Jason that she called Mike and got her old room back at Kelly’s. He tells her he does not want that. But she tells him it’s all good. She will be able to save up enough money to get her own apartment. She tells him she will be fine. She can take care of herself. He tells her that is fine but if she needs anything. She then tells him as angry as she is at her mother, Alexis is right about one thing. She(Sam) needs to make it on her own.

Jax comes to join Carly and visit Alexis in her room. She admits to him that they have to delay the chemo. She also informs them that she and Ric are through. Carly explains to Jax that Sonny has suggested that Alexis lets Kristina and Molly move in with Sonny. Alexis tells Jax that she hopes he does not like that idea. But he tells her that he does agree that it would be best for Sonny to take the girls.

Laura tells her family that she‘s missed them so much. Luke reminds her that an accident occurred on their way to the wedding. She had to be hospitalized. He tells her that now she is ok. She asks where this place is. Nikolas reminds her that this place is better than shady brook. They’ve been taking good care of her and they have visited her throughout the time she’s been there. Luke tells her that they don’t need to overload her with information. She needs her rest. Lucky tells her he believes his dad is right. But she tells all four of them that she wants to know about all of them. She then asks Nikolas to start. He pulls a picture of his infant son from his wallet and tells her that is his son and her grandson, Spencer. She cries.

Alexis tells Sonny, Carly and Jax that it’s fine for Sonny to take the kids. She no longer has the energy to fight him. He tells her that he did not want to do anything to overstep the boundaries. She tells him she is left with no choice.. Jax tells her that if she is agreeing to let Sonny take the kids, it must be pretty bad. He asks about Ric and Sam. She tells him that the two of them have slept together. That’s not ok. She informed them that she knew it happened for the first time. And they are both out of her house and out of her life.

Sam tells Jason that she really lost her self control and she has to find a way to make certain that that never, ever happens again. He tells her that he never intended for her to be so dependent. But he did it. She tells him she has to find a way to fit in. She tried and failed to fit into Alexis family She thought about how she could be with him or with her little sisters and lost her sense of self with both situations. But she now needs to claim her own independence. He asks her if she needs him to stay away from her. She tells him that what she needs is to be herself first.

Luke privately tells Lucky that he needs to keep some secrets. He does not want Nikolas or Lulu to find out about the secret drug that Robin and Patrick administered that brought Laura back. Lucky asks his father why. Luke tells his son he must just trust him on this one. They cannot know.

Laura looks at the pictures that Nikolas shows her. She then asks whom is Spencer’s mother. Realizing that she’s never heard of Courtney Matthews, Nikolas tells his mother about his relationship with Courtney. Luke informs Laura that Courtney was Sonny Corinthos’ sister. But they have to inform her that Courtney passed away after giving birth. Lucky remembers that his mother has heard of Emily and informs her that Nikolas was married to Emily and he believes that she is still the love of Nikolas’ life. Laura laughs and then asks Lucky if there is a love in his life.

Jason gets on his phone aware that a document is missing and Ric might be behind this. He then runs into Elizabeth. He knows that she is not ok. She tells him that she feels pretty pathetic. She’s ready to file for divorce and has a child and another one on the way. And today is the anniversary of her wedding. She wonders if Lucky even remembers.

Laura asks Lucky what has happened between him and Elizabeth. He admits to her that today is their first wedding anniversary. She tells him she wishes she could have been there. She asks if it was a big wedding. He tells her that it was great. But he knows he must admit to some negative details. Luke encourages his son to tell his mother more. He admits to her that he is a cop. She laughs, assuming that he is joking. Luke tells her he does not think it’s funny. He’s tried to disown their son. But Lucky never listens and marches to the beat of his own drummer. Lucky then admits that he and Elizabeth have had some rough patches. Laura tells her son everybody does but she knows that he and Elizabeth will make it work. Laura remembers that Elizabeth had the baby named Cameron. Lucky informs her that she is having another one. Of course, Laura assumes that Elizabeth is going to have her baby with Lucky. She tells her kids that she knows that when somebody holds their baby for the first time, they feel a connection. He knows that Nikolas knows that. She tells the three of them that she felt it when she first held them. She tells them they are her three miracles. She then asks Lulu to tell her about herself. She light-heartedly asks her not to tell her that she is going to have another grandchild quite yet. And at that point, Lulu does not know how to answer that.

Sam returns to the station and Det. Rodriguez welcomes her back to work. Ric, however does not greet her with enthusiasm and asks her what she is doing there.

In response to Laura’s inquiry about Lulu having a child, Lucky tells his mom that she may relax. Lulu is not ready for those late night feedings and changing quite yet. Nicolas confirms that. Luke goes out the door. Laura confirms that she hopes not. Lulu is too young for that. She asks Lulu if she is in school. Lulu confirms that she is in college. Laura remembers that she married her father instead of going to college when she was Lulu’s age. They then relies that Luke left without telling them. Laura asks Lulu if she has a boyfriend. Lulu admits that she has not had good luck in that department. Her brothers then ask what about Elvis. She admits, jokingly, that that did not work because she is high maintenance and she made Elvis up. Right then, the nurses come in and tell Laura’s family that Mrs. Spencer needs more tests so she has to ask them to leave for a while. They all kiss her goodbye. Lulu tells her mother she will go and find their dad. Laura tells them she will be home soon.

Luke goes somewhere and pulls some booze out of his pocket. Robert tells Luke he will need a ton of that stuff. He informs Luke that he has spent an entire afternoon with Tracy trying to calm her down and she is one unhappy person. Robert takes a swig of the booze. Luke informs Robert that his daughter, Robin, along with Patrick Drake, brought Laura out of the illness. He informs Robert that he wasn’t certain that he should have risked the consequences of giving her the drug. But he had to try. He is also very concerned about how Lucky is hiding his drug addiction from his mother. He notices that Cassadine is also exercising good sense around his mother. But he’s worried that it’s just a matter of time when Laura finds out all of the deep dark secrets. She might find out about Lulu’s abortion. It won’t go over well when she finds out that Luke married Tracy. And he’s concerned about what finding out all that has happened throughout the last four years will do to Laura’s already fragile state.

Sonny and Carly return to the house where Michael, Morgan, and Kristina are all having Halloween party. Max and Milo are not exactly supervising the children. Carly tells Sonny tat he has to stay there. But he tells her he’s bad at keeping the kids in line. He needs to go and get some dinner. Alone with the kids and outnumbered by them, Carly tries and fails to calm them down. Jax then enters and asks if she needs any help.

Ric tells Sam that nobody would hire her even for an entry level job. She only got it through her mother. And she is unemployable. She then asks him since when somebody had to be qualified to get a job they are unworthy of and reminds him that he is a crooked DA. He reminds her that she is the lowest on the totem pole and he can easily fire her. She reminds him she can get him charged with sexual harassment. She walks away. And Ric’s contact brings him the device that Lorenzo is using to spy upon Sonny and Jason.

Jax finds a way to get the kids out of Carly’s hair. He tells her he knew how to bribe them with candy. She acknowledges that he rescued her. She is very much in awe of him. She tells him he should be freaking out now. But he saved her. He tells her he did this because he loves her. He tells her he knows that she is doing this for Alexis and her daughters. And he knows that Alexis will probably never thank her the way she should. But he will. Carly then tells Jax that this may put a cramp on their romantic life for a while. He tells her he knows that but they can handle it.

Lucky and Nikolas talk outside Laura’s room about when they should tell their mother the truth about their negative lives. Nikolas tells his brother that maybe the sooner she learns the truth, the easier it will be and they should not assume they need to wait. Alone in her room, Laura goes and looks at herself in the mirror.

Luke tells Robert that for so long, he got his hopes up about Laura coming back. He did what he had to do in order to survive. But one day, he had to realize that she was not coming back. He got involved with Skye. But now that he’s married Tracy, he is very worried. Robert acknowledges that Laura remembers a very different life. Luke tells Robert that so much has changed but he’s afraid that he has not. And the hardest part of all of this is he is afraid that he will fall in love with her all over again.

Jax and Carly relax alone on the couch now that they believe they are alone. Sonny then enters and reminds them that this is his home. She demands he goes away. But he reminds her that she must think about “them”. She looks around and sees all of the kids at the top of the stairs viewing her and Jax kissing.. And she also notices Max and Milo spying through the window.

Jason goes to see Alexis. She tells him if he is going to judge her for her recent falling out with Sam, he must know that Sam is a big girl, made her choice and has to live with it. He tells her he realizes what Sam did was unforgivable. But he wants to know if she can forgive her daughter. Alexis asks him if he can forgive her. He admits that he is trying. He wants to forgive Sam because a life with her is what he wants. Elizabeth then enters and hears Jason tell this to Alexis.

At the station, Mac tells Sam he does not have a problem with her or with her work ethic when she was working there. But he realizes that she had a relationship with one of Port Charles’ most controversial people(Jason) She reminds Mac that his DA is Sonny’s brother. Does he have a problem with that also? He admits to her that he does not want to distrust her but he’ concerned about how evidence against Jason conveniently disappeared when she worked there before and he does not want it to happen again.

Ric is plotting his plan.

Luke tells Robert that what he had with Laura was extraordinary. Divorce couldn’t even end it. But now there is no going back. He’s made choices, done things and moved on. And the past is gone. There is just no future for him and Laura, he tells Robert. But Robert tells him this is crazy. He had a miracle thrown into his lap. And now to say that he wants throw it all away does not make sense. He tells Luke he knows him too well. There is something more going on there.

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