GH Update Friday 10/27/06

General Hospital Update Friday 10/27/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Carly visits Alexis, who thanks her for getting her to the hospital. Alexis politely suggests she leave, but Carly points out that she hasn't heard back from Nikolas, and Alexis pushed everyone else away. Carly tells her bluntly that she'd better figure out who she can stand to have helping her. Alexis disagrees, but she can't really win the argument because Carly is right.

Ric takes Molly away from Alexis' home. The baby sitter, Viola, objects, but he assures her that it's fine. Viola phones both Sam and Alexis to let them know what happened.

Sonny is asking Jason if he plans to get back with Sam, while Sam lurks nearby. Sam's cell phone goes off, so Jason sees her. Viola phones Sam to tell her about Ric taking Molly. Sam then tells Jason and Sonny.

As Luke is walking out of Laura's room, she says his name. He goes over to her in astonishment. She looks at him. He asks in wonderment if it's her, and she replies slackly, but with a smile, that of course it's her. She asks him if he's al right, but he is very happy to have her back. He babbles on about how grateful he is to have her wake up. Laura is slightly confused as she looks down at Luke's hand. She asks him to hold her, so he gives her a big hug. He asks her how she's doing, so she admits that things are hazy. She asks what happened, but he suggests they take things slowly. She asks where she is, so he tells her that she's in a hospital. She doesn't remember going there and asks if she had an accident. She asks if anything happened on the way to the wedding. He asks what she remembers last. She remembers that he wanted just a small wedding with friends and family. She gets upset, wondering if she was seriously hurt. He tells her that she's just fine but was unconscious for a while. She can tell that he looks worried. He assures her that he's not, really, and reminds her that they have been through so much worse. She holds his face and puts her own against his.

Patrick checks Laura over in her room, while Luke chats with Robin outside. Robin warns that the time gap may be disconcerting for Laura, as well as any possible trauma (remembering what happened). She suggests that he get her a good therapist. Laura tells Patrick that she's confused. They call Lainey in to be Laura's therapist. Luke explains what happened, so Lainey asks him some questions about what Laura remembers. Lainey suggests that Luke not let Laura hear any trauma in case it makes her regress again. Robin reminds him that the drug will not work a second time. He promises not to dwell on the past with Laura. Luke goes in to see Laura, so she asks what the doctors said. He tells her that it was just all regular doctor stuff. She can tell there is something more. He says they just wanted to tell him about keeping her alert and awake. She asks where the kids are, and Luke pauses, not sure what to say. She panics that there is something wrong with them, since she still thinks she was in an accident. Luke quickly reassures her that they are fine, that he just needs to call them. She calms down after that but is clearly high strung. Luke tells Laura that the doctors want her to take things slowly.

Ric takes Molly to his new place and shows her around. Det. Cruz Rodriguez arrives, so Ric asks him to take a legal document to a family court judge that will give him custody of Molly. Cruz doesn't want to get involved, but Ric threatens him into compliance. Cruz takes it with disgust and leaves. Ric tells Molly that he knows more about winning that her mommy ever will.

Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu discuss their disappointment over Laura's condition outside the hospital. Nikolas tries to be philosophical about it, saying that maybe this is for the best because coming back to reality could have been painful for her. Lulu admits that part of her is relieved, too. She doesn't know how Laura will react to the way she manipulated Dillon, let alone her abortion. Lucky reminds her that his own life has been much worse lately. Nikolas tells Lucky that he's getting his life back together, so she'd be proud of him. Lucky says he can use Nikolas' help. Lucky has a present for Elizabeth and wants Nikolas to give it to her. Robin comes outside and is surprised to still see them there. She tells them the good news about Laura.

Laura immediately wants to see her kids and for them to see that she is okay. Luke argues that she needs to take it slow. Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas walk in, making their argument pointless. Laura is shocked to see Lulu all grown up and starts crying, in a panic. She demands to know how long she was out of it. They all look worried.

Alcazar tells Diego that he's landing a bunch of shipments next week and that Diego can participate if he wants. Diego is suspicious of why Lorenzo is all of a sudden going to trust him in his business. Alcazar tells him that he has come to realize that Diego is going to be working outside the law anyway, so he'd rather Diego do that where he can keep him safe. He confides that having his new daughter has helped him realize how important family is. He hugs Diego. Skye arrives with Lila Rae for a visit. Diego is worried about hurting the baby as Skye puts her in his arms for the first time. Diego talks to her, introducing himself. Skye takes her back after a minute and puts her in a bassinet, so she can keep sleeping. Diego tells Alcazar that he will take him up on his job offer. Lorenzo is pleased to hear it, and they hug again. Diego congratulates them and leaves. Skye and Lorenzo talk about the baby. He asks Skye if she wants to come upstairs and see the nursery. Skye, annoyed, wants to know why he has a nursery. He still hopes that they will move back in with him. Skye tells him that her reasons for leaving haven't changed. He sits down with her and says that he *could* just tell her that he's out of the mob business, now that his baby is born, but he doesn't want to lie to her ever again. She is disappointed. He talks to her about how good he is at his job and adds that it would be too dangerous for him to quit because he knows too much. Lorenzo tells Skye that he wants to be there for Lila Rae. Skye worries about her daughter's safety. Lorenzo says that if he is powerful enough, no one will hurt them. He talks about how he can use money and power to protect them.  He brings up the Quartermaines as an example of how money can be used to insulate the children, but Skye retorts that people don't generally shoot at the Quartermaines.  Lorenzo keeps trying to win her over.

Sonny arrives at Ric's place, with Sam and Jason, to get Molly back for Alexis. Ric objects but gives Molly over to Sam because he has no choice. Ric argues with Sonny, trying to make it sound like Alexis gives special treatment to Christina over Molly. Sonny tells him that Alexis has cancer, so she needs her daughters right now. He tells Ric that once Alexis is healthy, he can do what he wants and it's his own business. Ric calls him a hypocrite. Sonny leaves. Jason glares at Ric before leaving.

Sam takes Molly to Alexis at the hospital. Carly is still with Alexis, so Sam fills them in on what happened. Alexis thanks Sam after some prodding from Carly. Alexis asks Sam to drop Molly back off at home with Viola. Sam cheerfully tells her it's not a problem. Alexis asks if she's still moving out. Sam replies that she is, so Alexis asks Sam to be kind to Christina when she explains it.  Sam agrees to that. Sam leaves with Molly; Carly yells at Alexis for not asking Sam to stay. Carly thinks she is playing right into Ric's hands by pushing Sam away.

Det. Cruz tells Ric that the judge denied his petition for custody of Molly. Ric thinks Alexis got to the judge, but Cruz tells him that the judge would not take a child from a woman with cancer. He also adds to Ric that he is not his errand boy. Ric goes to Lorenzo's place, interrupting his discussion with Skye. Lorenzo is not happy at all that Ric interrupted. Ric tells him that he needs him to help him keep his own child. They argue. Ric thinks that if Lorenzo helps him find a way to get to Sam, they will be able to get Sonny and Jason. Ric gives Lorenzo a flash drive that should help him with their plan.

Sonny goes back to talking to Jason on the docks. He is worried what Ric will do now that he's no longer with Alexis. He thinks it was good for his business when Ric was with her because he couldn't move against them while he had Alexis and Molly. Now, Sonny reasons, Rick is desperate and alone, so he can do whatever sick thing he wants to. Jason wonders how far he will go and whether Sonny will push back.

Alexis tries nicely to get Carly to quit badgering her about Sam and Ric and let her rest. Carly finally leaves. Outside, Carly sees Sonny, so she babbles for a minute about how frustrating Alexis is being. She tells him that Alexis thinks she can keep an eye on her family and tell everyone what to do, even though she's sick. When Sonny finally gets a word in, he tells her that he has a solution: they take the kids. Carly wonders what he means by "we". Sonny wants to ask Alexis if he can take the girls while she is in the hospital, to help out. He also wants Carly and the boys to move in at the same time, to provide a maternal influence. Carly knows that he also wants her away from Jax, but he denies it. After some more words from Sonny, Carly agrees to do this for the kids. He hugs her to thank her. She doesn't think he'll be able to get Alexis to agree to this. They walk in to Alexis' hospital room. Alexis thanks Sonny for what he did (getting Molly back from Ric). He tells her that he's worried about the kids being left alone with the nanny, and how Ric will try to use the girls against him. She wonders what he's up to, so he tells her that he'd like to move the girls in with him. He also assures her that Carly will be there as a mother figure. Alexis stares at him in shock and skepticism, while Carly smiles, knowing that Alexis will not allow it.

Christina watches Sam pack up her stuff at home. Sam sees her and hugs her. Christina worries about why Sam is leaving. Sam tells her that she's a big girl, so she has to get her own place. Christina wonders if she will see her again, so Sam reassures her that they will still talk on the phone and see each other a lot. Sam gets Christina to go put her doll to bed, and she takes her luggage out. Outside, Jason is there and asks Sam if she needs help with her stuff. Sam thanks Jason for his help earlier and for not busting her for eavesdropping on him and Sonny. He tells her that he wants them both to get past what has happened and get back together. Sam is glad to hear it but tells him that she wants to build a life of her own, instead of living for him. He worries that if she goes back to the police station, she will still be in constant contact with Ric. She is not worried and says her focus is on Jason in her life.

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