GH Update Thursday 10/26/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/26/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Robin injects her miracle drug LS-49 into Laura's IV. Luke asks how long it will take, and Robin answers that if anything happens, it will happen soon. Luke talks to Laura as if she's awake and alert, explaining about the drug. He asks her to let them know if she feels anything and asks her to squeeze his hand, but she doesn't. He talks to her about the past when they were running from Frank Smith, and asks her to meet him there, now, in their "meeting place" (her room), so her family can all see her. Disappointed, Robin goes outside and tells Patrick he was right about the drug not working. She worries about the side effects on Laura and beats herself up for believing in this and getting Luke's hopes up. She thinks that hope for Laura means hope for all of them, including her. Lucky, Nikolas, and Lulu arrive and storm into Laura's room, demanding to know what's going on, so Robin fills them in. They are angry. Nikolas, hearing the side effects, starts to take out her IV, but Luke restrains and threatens him. Patrick insists they all go outside to avoid agitating Laura. They all argue outside Laura's room. Lucky is the only one who thinks Luke did the right thing. Lucky argues that Laura would want this chance. Luke goes back in to see Laura. We finally see Laura's face. He says her name and kneels down in front of her, coaxing her to come out. Meanwhile, her children question Patrick and Robin about how the drug might work. They are dismayed to hear the dire possibilities. Luke comes out, so they know Laura is still not responding. Luke says that this is why he didn't want them involved. Robin tells them that Laura is not responding, but she doesn't seem to have any of the side effects. Nikolas goes into visit Laura, to say goodbye. He talks to her about Spencer. He is grateful that he has her at all, he says, and then he kisses her, saying he loves her. Lucky goes in after Nikolas leaves. Lucky tells Laura that he'll find some way to accept that he can't get her back, and he talks about getting clean and sober. He, too, kisses her and sayings he loves her. Lulu sits on the bed and tells Laura how she's feeling. She was hoping to get her back, but she was also scared about how Laura would react to her abortion. She breaks down crying and says she misses her, then she leaves. Laura's gaze shifts as if she is really awake and heard it all. Outside, Robin keeps beating herself up to Patrick. Patrick thinks the drug could still work. Luke talks to Laura in her room. She is back to looking vacant. He hopes that she is alright in there and that this didn't cause her any pain. He says that he had to try to bring her back for the kids, and for them. He is clearly very disappointed but trying to hide it. Luke strokes her hair and tells her that he loves her. He kisses her head, then lays his own on it for a second before he leaves. Laura says his name just as he's walking out the doodr.

The mayor tells Ric he's doing a good job. Sonny comes in and tells the mayor that he has to leave because he has to talk to his brother about important family matters. The mayor objects, so Sonny suggests some ways he could either help or hurt the mayor (threatening him in a subtle way). Sonny gives Ric a hard time for threatening to take Molly away from Alexis, and also for going after Sonny and his organization. He tells Ric that he will make him look so bad that they will run him out of town.

Carly wants Alexis to go to the hospital, but Alexis insists on staying home with her girls, even though she has a fever.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he'll always be there for her, even though he's not the father of her baby. Elizabeth thanks him and seems about to tell him something, but then Sam arrives and asks if they got the paternity results back yet. Jason tells her that the baby is Lucky's, so Sam looks relieved. Elizabeth says they can all get on with their lives. She leaves. Sam asks Jason how he's feeling about it. He tells her that it's better this way. He changes the subject by asking her what happened with Alexis. She tells him that Alexis told her that she doesn't want her around any more. Jason says he's sorry. Sam tells him that it's over and she has to move on. She rants and raves about how Alexis has been treating her over the past few weeks. Jason points out that Alexis has been hurt and scared. She thanks him for the truth coming out, so he fills her in on why he beat up Ric and how Alexis saved him from going to jail (to get back at Ric). Sam feels foolish for falling for Alexis' mind games. Jason tries to make her feel better, saying it probably wasn't all lies. Sonny barges in and tells Jason that Ric is out of control. He fills him in on what Ric did and tells Sam that Alexis needs her. Sam tells him that Alexis doesn't want to see her and despises her. Jason tries to intervene when Sonny suggests that Sam was at fault for sleeping with Ric and should make amends. Sam says that won't happen, but Sonny points out that if Alexis dies, she will never forgive herself.

Epiphany wants to make sure that Elizabeth knows her paternity results, so she can start focusing on work again. Elizabeth tells her that Lucky is the father. Carly brings Alexis in and fills Epiphany in on her condition. Epiphany chews Alexis out for not taking care of herself better and suggests that she owes Carly a lot. Alexis reluctantly thanks Carly for her help. Carly phones Sam to let her know that Alexis is very sick. Alexis tells Carly that she doesn't want to see Sam. Carly tells Alexis that she needs to deal with it and forgive Sam. They argue, and Carly brings up her own past with Tony and Bobbie to illustrate her point. She also adds that Ric is a dog and probably came on to Sam. They continue to argue about Ric and Sam. Carly urges Alexis to show Sam some compassion. Sam arrives, so Carly leaves. Alexis tells Sam that Carly thinks she should forgive her and get past this. Alexis confesses that she can't right now because she's too hurt, tired, and sick. She wonders if Sam was right when she said they don't fit as mother and daughter, that maybe too much time was missed. She concludes that it would be best if they kept their distance. Sam says she will respect what Alexis wants, but she's not closing the door on her. She tells Alexis that she knows where to find her if she changes her mind, but she doesn't think Alexis will since she likes being alone and playing the victim. Sam leaves, saying she is glad that she could finally give Alexis something she wants.

Ric tells someone that he wants Sonny's home and businesses raided. The mayor comes in and tells Ric that Sonny is a problem, but Ric assures him that he is about to take care of that problem. The mayor asks how he can help, so Ric tells him that he should make him the new D.A. and not just interim, since Alexis is always going to be "soft on crime". Mayor Floyd is shocked that Ric would steal his wife's job while she is sick. Ric tells him that Alexis is no longer part of his life and that his only concern is for his daughter, Molly. Floyd worries that the press will crucify him for hurting a sick woman, but Ric suggests that he put rumors out that Alexis' daughter is Sonny's illegitimate child and that is why she won't go after him. Ric tells him that he intends to get Jason the death penalty and send Sonny to prison for life. Floyd says that if Ric does that, he will be D.A.

Sonny and Jason continue to argue about Sam, Alexis and Ric. Jason worries that Alexis will hurt Sam again and wishes Sonny had let him kill Ric. Sonny thinks this is all for the best. Bernie phones Jason to let him know that the police hit Sonny's house and all the businesses at the same time. Jason tells Sonny that Ric just made his first move. They meet Bernie down by the docks. Bernie assures them that he gave the police access to all their legitimate businesses, but the raid will not effect their real business. Sonny tells him to shut down all of their illegal business for now and let Alcazar do what he wants. Sonny asks Jason if he's okay with him running the businesses again, so Jason tells him again that he, Sonny, is in charge. Sonny points out that Ric may try to use Elizabeth against Jason, since she doesn't hate Ric and Ric knows that they slept together. Jason assures him that he'll be able to handle it. Later, Jason talks to Sonny about how Elizabeth's baby being Lucky is for the best. He confides that he is not relieved, though; he had gotten his hopes up a bit. Sam lurks nearby as Sonny asks Jason about whether he wants to get back with her.

Dr. Trent phones Ric to tell him that Alexis is sicker and how the chemo has affected her. He wants to discuss her treatment options, but Ric tells him that they are separated. Ric thanks him for phoning him, and then stares into space thoughtfully after he hangs up. Later, Ric visits Christina and Molly at home. The baby sitter explains that Alexis is in the hospital for a checkup. Ric wants to take Molly on a little walk. Christina asks if she can go, but Ric says that, just like Christina likes to spend some time alone with Sonny, he wants to do the same with Molly. The baby sitter looks concerned.

Elizabeth looks at her paternity test results on the roof of the hospital, and then she sets the paper on fire with a lighter.

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