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General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/25/06


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At the Quartermaine house, Edward and Tracy argue about what to do in regard to the lawsuit of their condoms, Lulu comes in and tells them she can hear a baby. At first, she believes that she is hearing things. But they all go and see that it’s Skye and her newborn at the door.

Robin examines Laura and notices there is no change. Patrick is there and tells her she needs to give up but she tells him that she has a problem with his adamant belief that the experimental drug will not help Laura. She tells him that it’s worth a try. She’s told Luke everything. Patrick asks her if she has not consulted with Laura’s kids and let them have a say in whether Luke risks their mother’s remaining amount of life. Right then, Nikolas enters and asks them if there is a change in his mother’s condition. They do not know what to tell him.

Jason goes to Alexis’ home. He tells her he wanted to thank her. Sonny informed him that she got Ric to drop the charges against him. She tells him that she has happy to help. She also informs Jason that Sam and Ric have betrayed her the same way they have betrayed him. And if he has any ideas about how to get past that, she would like him to let her know.

Carly goes to the hospital and informs Elizabeth that she realizes that she’s getting the results of the pregnancy test. And the fact that Elizabeth is back working and acting like nothing is out of the ordinary, can only mean that it’s Lucky’s baby. She tells Elizabeth that it’s for the best and she must leave Jason alone.

Jason tells Alexis that he rally does not have an answer for her. He knows that he pushed Sam away. She was drinking and made a serious mistake with Ric. Alexis tells Jason that she moved heaven and earth to make a home for her daughter. And what did she get for that? She got Sam having sex with Ric. Right then, Sam and Kristina enter and Kristina happily greets them. Sam, however overhears that her mother knows about her and Ric

After Skye and the baby are home, Luke and Robert enter, the entire family gathers around, and Alice tells Luke and Robert she has them to thank for saving Skye. Skye tells them it’s true that they found her. But Lorenzo delivered her baby and he is the father of her baby. Edward tells her she must put that criminal out of her mind and know that she is safe there. She admits that she made a mistake to run and that she now knows she belongs right there with her family. Alan tells her that Lila Rae is a very important name in their family. She tells Alan she wants him to be the first to hold the baby. Everybody is commiserating and happy. But Luke notices Lulu going out the door. He knows that it may be too much for her to notice somebody bringing a baby home. He follows her out the door and asks if she is alright.

At the hospital, Patrick informs Nikolas that he believes that this drug will only ruin Laura and won’t bring her out of her catatonic state. Nikolas asks Robin what she thinks. She does not answer. But he asks if she agrees with Patrick. She tells him there are no guarantees of this experimental drug.

Maxie goes to see Lucky at his rehab facility. She tells him that they need to make plans about their baby. He tells her he cannot promise anything. But she tells him he must know what it’s like to not have a father. Mac was a great stepfather. But she cannot do this alone. She needs him. And now that he is getting his life back together, doesn’t he think that it’s the time to make a commitment to her an to their baby?

After Kristina walks in with Sam, Alexis instantly acts happy and asks her if she enjoyed her outing. Kristina confirms that she really enjoys spending time with Sam. Alexis does not argue with that but asks Kristina to go upstairs so that she can talk to Sam alone. Sam knows that Jason has gotten in trouble and needs some sort of help from Alexis. He admits to her that he beat Ric up and Alexis talked Ric out of filing attempted murder charges against him. Alexis then tells Jason that she’d like to talk Sam alone. Jason leaves. Realizing now that her mother knows she slept with Ric she asks Alexis if Ric told her. Alexis admits to her daughter that nobody had to tell her anything. She saw it with her own two eyes. She came back the night of the blackout to apologize. And that was when she saw Sam having sex with Ric.

Lulu admits to her father if she had had her baby all cuddly and cute as Skye does, she would not have been able to give it away. But she realizes she could not have been a good mom. He then tells her that there is no point in dwelling on what would have or could have been. He tells her he knows she made the right decision and he has to leave and go see her mother. Lulu returns to see all of the people express their opinions about Skye’s daughter. Right then,, the doorbell rings. It’s Lorenzo. He announces that he is there to see his daughter. Edward tells Lorenzo over his dead body.

Sam tells Alexis that she was wrong to have sex with Ric. Alexis asks if that is all she has to say for herself. Why doesn’t she accept some responsibility for her actions? Did she consider for a moment that Ric was her mother’s husband? Sam then tells her mother that the mistake she made was once. But Alexis has been insulted and degrading her from day one. On the night when she wound up sleeping with Ric, Alexis told her she was pathetic and a disgrace for her younger daughters to observe. She felt she had nothing to lose drinking and sleeping with Ric that night. Alexis then tells Sam that she has to stop acting like a child and own responsibility for what she did.

Carly goes and talks to Jason. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him nothing. But she knows that Elizabeth got the results of her paternity test. She knows that Lucky would have to be the father.

Maxie tells Lucky that she will forgive him for what he did and will not abandon him like Elizabeth did. He tells her regardless of that, he will always only love Elizabeth. She reminds him that Elizabeth is going through with the divorce and won’t be available to him. She tells him their baby needs both of them. Right then, Elizabeth enters and sees them together. Elizabeth confronts Maxie and Maxie leaves. Lucky asks Elizabeth if she does not believe that she was a little hard on Maxie. He tells her that he does have a responsibility with Mazie’s baby. But she is his first priority. She tells him she doesn’t want to be a “priority” to him. She intends to raise their baby on her own.

Carly tells Jason that he must realize that Elizabeth knew what she was doing that night. She may not have planned on getting pregnant that night. But she chose to knock on his door. She wants Jason to worship her. Unlike Sam who is willing to fight for him. Carly tells Jason he needs to call Sam and inform her that he is not the father of Elizabeth’s baby. Jason informs Carly that Sam has bigger problems. Alexis knows that she slept with Ric.

Sam tells Alexis she must realize that she(herself) does not enjoy being with RIc nor he with her. All they did was force themselves to get along for her when she got diagnosed with cancer. She asks Alexis if she just falsified that they were bonding as mother and daughter or was it just a payback.? Alexis tells Sam if she cannot understand that what she did was solely in the interest of Kristina and Molly, then there is no pointing arguing. Sam tells her she agrees that there is not. She then goes outside.

Robin tells Patrick that they had no business lying to Nikolas about his mother. Nikolas has every right to know about this experimental drug that could save her but Luke has neglected to tell him. She tells Patrick that she wants to keep Nikolas informed but she cannot go against what Luke wants either. He then tells her that maybe she should resign herself form this case. It’s not getting any better. He asks her if she wants to be in the middle of a Spencer family fight. Right then, Luke enters and asks them when they will be ready to start Laura’s procedure.

Jason informs Carly that the night he went to the lake house to find Sam, he ran into Alexis. She had a really bad cough. He took her to the hospital and she asked him not to reveal to anybody that she had cancer. And before he got there, Alexis must have seen Sam and Ric together. Carly tells Jason that he needs to go and find Sam and let her know that he is not the father of Elizabeth’s baby.

Skye tells Lorenzo that for a long time, she wanted nothing to do with him. He asks her what about now. She tells him that now she realizes that he delivered her baby and he has rights as a father. She still has a problem, however, with his lifestyle and will not let it endanger her daughter. He asks her what she expects of him and tells her hat he is willing to compromise and put the business on hold at least for a while. She tells him she can negotiate with him if he is willing to do that.

Luke hears Robin’s and Patrick’s conflicting opinions about the outcome of the experimental treatment they are considering giving Laura. Patrick tells Luke that the Ellis49 treatment could make her worse than she is. Luke asks them what her chances are without the Ellis49. They both confirm that Laura has zero chance of recovery without it.

Robert tells Tracy that she needs to change her attitude about Skye and the baby. He tells her she must know how Luke loves babies and fuzzy stories. She reminds Robert that Luke just abandoned his daughter again and vanished. So she needs Robert to tell her what Luke is up to.

Meanwhile, Luke goes and sees Laura and tells her about how awesome their daughter is. He tells her that he’d like to think that Lulu got all of her traits from him. But he believes that right now she needs something that he cannot give her. Nobody can give her this but Laura. He tells Laura that their daughter needs to hear her say that it’s alright that she had the abortion. If Lulu does not hear it, she will be stuck for a long time. He tells her, as for Lucky, he has a drug addiction. And he doesn’t know what to do for their son. He then tells her that maybe if she did something and doesn’t know how to finish the sentence. But he realizes that all of the “ifs” are unproductive. He tells her that there is about a thousand to one shot that his wish will come true. And that’s almost as bad as the odds that a rough kid who grew up in a whore house could end up meeting and falling in love with a wonderful person like her. He tells her that he’s beaten the odds over and over again because of her. And that is why Lucky and Lulu exist. He tells Laura that he knows that she would want to take this risk for them and for the memory of a girl who always leaped before she looked and who lead with her heart. He tells her that he knows that that girl would do anything and risk anything in order to help her kids. He then says damn the odds. He grabs pictures of all of them and puts them in the drawers. He takes his wedding ring off his finger. And he cries when he looks at his wife. He kisses her head and gets up to leave. Robin and Patrick are outside the door. He says to them “let’s do it”.

Nikolas goes to visit Lucky and asks what happened. Lucky informs his brother that Maxie came by. Nikolas tells Lucky that does not surprise him. Maxie has done everything she could to ruin his marriage. Lucky tells his brother that he must accept responsibility for his own actions and not blame Maxie for everything. He confirms to Nikolas that he only loves Elizabeth and the only family he wants to have is with her.

Elizabeth goes to see Jason. He tells her he already knows. Carly informed him that Lucky is the father of her baby.

Carly goes to Alexis’ home and knocks on the door. Alexis is lying on the couch in a blanket. She asks Alexis if she is ignoring her or is she too sick to open the door. Alexis answers Carly that both factors apply. Carly tells her she looks like hell. She sits on the couch next to Alexis. She feels her forehead and notices Alexis is burning up. Alexis asks Carly if she has ever heard of the concept of personal space. Carly concludes that since nobody is there to help her, she will take Alexis to the hospital. But Alexis tells Carly no.

Elizabeth tells Jason that it does not surprise her that Carly went and told him that she is not pregnant by him because Carly does not like her. He tells her that he will still always be there for her if she needs him. She tells him she always wants to be his friend. And right then, Sam appears to see them together.

Nikolas tells Lucky that the only thing he can do for Elizabeth is get through his program and be the same man she married. Lulu then enters and Nikolas asks her if Luke asked Robin and Patrick to examine their mother. She tells him not that she knows of. But Lucky informs them both for the first time about Luke’s secret to get this experimental cure for their mother.

Luke tells Patrick and Robin that he may not want the risk of the treatment. But he knows that Laura would. She would insist on it. That much he knows. And he asks them to give her the medicine. He goes back to Laura and tells her she must hold on tight. Robin and Patrick look at each other and Robin starts the first injection for Laura.

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