GH Update Tuesday 10/24/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/24/06


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While Skye is in labor and Luke and Lorenzo are coaching her to keep pushing, Luke tells her that she must get angry and call him every name in the book. She then calls him a liar, tells him that all he ever does is disappear and never changes. He tells her that is the “spirit”. She needs to get angry in order to push the baby out. She then tells Lorenzo he is a jerk and a criminal and she regrets being with him. And right then, the baby comes out and they hear the cry.

Sonny finds Elizabeth right when she finds the envelope that will confirm the paternity of her pregnancy. He asks if she is ok. She tells him that she kind of does not want to know the answer. But she cannot put it off. She needs to find out in order to figure out what to do next. She then opens it and sees the results.

Ric tells Alexis that she keeps finding any and every excuse to avoid being close to him. He tells her that she needs to come right out and admit that she cannot stand the sight of him. She then confirms that that is true. He asks if it is because he’s not Sonny. She tells him it’s because every time she sees him, she sees him having sex with her daughter. Assuming that she has never seen that and very surprised to learn for the first time that she has, he asks her what she has been hearing. She tells him that she saw the two of them right on her living room floor going at it when she came home and looked through the window.

Emily informs Nikolas that she’s done a thorough background check on Colleen. She has had many very short-term nanny jobs for single fathers who have all died shortly after she left their employment. He asks Emily the source of her information. She informs him that it was Stan, Sonny and Jason’s computer genius (and Epiphany’s son). She tells Nikolas he must realize that Stan knows what he is doing and the information is accurate. But Nikolas has difficulty believing it and asks Emily why she has this thing about incriminating Colleen.

Sonny tells Elizabeth that he realizes that Lucky has some problems with his addiction and recent behaviors but he still believes that Lucky is a man who loves his family. He also believes that Jason is not ready for a family. His work is incredibly dangerous and a baby would just make it worse. She then confirms to Sonny that he’s right. It might be for the best if Lucky is the father of her child.

Ric justifies himself to Alexis for what he did with Sam. He tells her that they both had a terrible day. He then admits that things got a little “intense” with Sam. In response to that word, she demands to know if that’s what he calls it. She tells him that it was sex and he must realize what it was. He tells her that she has known about it since it happened and yet said nothing. She then tells him that it was exactly 10 weeks ago when it happened. He also reminds her that she has lied to him about her diagnoses. She tells him that he is sliding down a really slippery slope. He tells her that he is not denying what he did and asks her why she is doing that now. She then tells him that now that they are ready to discuss all the gory details, she will tell him one more time. It was right when she first got the diagnoses that she had cancer when she came home and wanted to return to her family who loves her. And she walks in the door and sees something so insufferable and hateful as her husband and her daughter having sex in her living room. She tells him it’s unforgivable and she will never understand how he could have done that. He tells her that she did not tell him anything or admit to him that he did it since she saw it. He tells her that she may tell him he’s an adulterer but she is a hypocrite. She tells him how dare he make this her fault. He tells her that she’s vilified him too much. He asks her what she expects. She is a cold, distant woman who cannot love anybody except her children. And that’s only so that she can control him. She tells him it’s incredible that he is making her the bitch. He tells her that she is only the victim. He tells her hat no matter what he did, all he was was a warm body and a father figure to her children. When he saw her with the mayor, he formed his own likely conclusion because she never came home or gave any intimacy to him. He asks her what all of her crocodile tears and falseness about wanting to be a couple with him was all about. He tells her that he has owned what he has done and will never sleep with Sam again. She then tells him that he must really think he deserves a medal because he only slept with his wife’s daughter once and not twice. She then tells him that all she wants is to be done with their marriage. It’s over. They are done. She wants out.

After Elizabeth finds out the results of the paternity test, she tells Sonny that the only thing left to do is get on with her life. Sonny asks her if there is anything he can do to help. She tells him she does not know. She informs Sonny that Jason offered to do the noble thing and marry her. But she could not accept his offer. She tells him that she will have to accept her situation. He tells her she must believe that it will work out. She cries. He asks if she is ok. She tells him she is fine. Right then, Lulu enters, notices Elizabeth crying and asks if she is ok and if something has happened in regard to the baby.

Maxie comes and sees Lucky. She tells him if he does not believe her that she is pregnant, she can show him the test results. She also realizes that her father has been in his face and wants Lucky to leave her alone. She realizes that many people want them to have no contact. He then tells her that he has not figured out what to do but he will let her know when he finds out.

Nikolas tells Emily that he really believes she is way off on her suspicions about Colleen. She tells him that he must add up all of the things that have happened that are too coincidental. He realizes that yes, he fell off his horse, and Alfred got sick. Helena accused Colleen of wanting to seduce him in his sleep. But he does not believe that Colleen would have motive to go to such drastic measures over a crush. Emily tells him that he must consider the possibility. He tells her he will be careful but asks if he should go and confront Colleen and ask her if she’s killed her former employers. Right then, Emily gets a call. It’s Helena. Emily tells Helena she has nothing to say to her. Helena then tells Emily fine. She will do all the talking. She tells Emily she must be aware that Nikolas’ life is in danger.

After Lulu finds Elizabeth, Elizabeth tells her she has nothing to worry about. She will be fine. Lulu warns her sister in law that she must beware of Maxie. She keeps harassing Lucky. Elizabeth tells Lulu that everybody wants love because it’s pure and beautiful and healing. Lulu then tells Elizabeth that she hopes that she can get those things back with Lucky before it’s too late.

After Skye gives birth and they find out she has had a girl, Robert notices how great she looks. They all get ready to get out of there. Robert tells Luke they can wait. But Luke tells them if they wait around, Lorenzo’s shooters will be all around him. Skye tells them, however, that she is not going anywhere without the baby’s father.

Helena admits to Emily that it was she who got Colleen hired as Spencer’s nanny. And it is true that Colleen has a “plan” involving Nikolas that could endanger his life.

Right then, after Nikolas asks Colleen about her history, she admits to him that she worked for three different men who are all dead now.

Ric tells Alexis that no matter how hard people try to get close to her, she just drives them away. She tells him that she did not intend to do that to him. Nobody needs to make any effort to drive Ric away. He does that all by himself with his obsession and self-loathing and the never ending problem he has with his brother. She asks him when the last time was when he had an honest emotion. He tells her he is having that right now. She tells him that everything he does has an agenda. He asks her what his agenda was when he was with her, by her bedside ever since he found out about her cancer. She tells him she believes that it is only guilt that caused him to make nice to her. She pulls out the charm bracelet that he gave her and tells her that he picked it out with the very same filthy hands he put all over her daughter, only in order to justify himself. He’s nothing more than a sick bastard and needs to get out. He tells her he will leave but she won’t keep him away from Molly. She can drag him through family court but he’s not afraid. He asks her if she will “team up” with Sonny against him. Right then, Sonny walks in and asks Alexis if she is alright. Ric then tells Sonny that all of the times that he has threatened to blackmail him by telling Alexis about him and Sam, Sonny may now know that she has already known all along. Alexis then informs Sonny that when she caught Ric and Sam, Jason came by and she asked Jason to take her to the hospital. He helped her and kept the secret about the cancer. And she has not admitted to anybody that she knew about Ric and Sam. Ric tells Alexis that her selfishness has set this entire ball rolling in the first place. She drove him to sleep with Sam. Right then, Alexis cries. And Sonny demands that Ric stops. He tells Ric he better not talk to Alexis that way.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucky. He informs her that Maxie came by and told him he does not need to be involved with their baby if he does not want to. And he asks Elizabeth if she would prefer that he disclaims any rights to the baby Maxie is having.

Helena explains to Emily that she pulled strings and showed Colleen what she had to do in order to get Nikolas to hire her as his nanny. She tells Emily that she is very worried about what Colleen could do to Nikolas. Right then, cops come and take Helena away. But, surprisingly, Helena urges Emily to protect Nikolas from Colleen. She must look out for Nikolas when Helena cannot.

Nikolas tells Colleen that it was very important information that she should not have left out of her application that several of her male employers died. She admits to Nikolas that she made a serious mistake and several children were left fatherless when she abandoned them. He asks her if she is telling him that she had no involvement with it. She tells him that she did not tell him about the deaths because she was afraid of what he would think if she admitted that and that he would not hire her. She wanted a chance to work for him and take care of Spencer. She tells him she will go and pack her bags and leave him alone. She also tells him it’s been such an honor to work for him and that she will miss Spencer so much. Right then, he asks her to wait and tells her he doesn’t want her to go.

Skye tells Luke and Robert that they are both free to go. But she and Lila Rae are not going anywhere. She named her daughter after her grandmother and her mother. Robert tells her that she cannot trust Lorenzo. But she reminds them that he is her baby’s father. They are not.

Ric tells Alexis she must be loving this. The father of her favorite child comes to her defense. She and Sonny are jumping for joy at his expense. Sonny then demands that Ric gets out of the house and leaves Alexis alone. He tells her he is not going anywhere without Molly. She is his family. Sonny then tells Ric he better get out or he swears to Ric that they will not find a hair form his head. Ric tells Alexis that he really did love her. She tells him he can stop lying and there is no point in this anymore. She tells him he must just get out. Ric leaves. Alexis cries. And Sonny tells her it’s ok. She cries on his shoulder. He puts his arms around her.

Maxie tell Lulu that she(herself) has gotten the guy and the love and the baby. Lulu tells Maxie that her brother would have never chosen her skanky butt nor would ever want to have a child with her. He was desperate and addicted to drugs and that is all it was. Maxie reminds Lulu that she aborted her baby. Lulu asks Maxie if Lucky ever told her that he wanted her to have the baby or have anything to do with her when he gets clean.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that it’s a big responsibility to have a child. But it’s also an honor for anybody to have. She tells him that she believes that he must consider Maxie’s baby, regardless of the circumstances. And whatever he decides to do, she prays that this baby grows up knowing that its father loves it. He tells her thank you.

Colleen manages to get Nikolas to reconsider firing her. But Emily comes in and tells him he is really being gullible to fail to realize that Colleen cannot be trusted. She tried to kill him and Alfred and her as well. He tells her that he has never had any proof of anybody trying to kill anybody except for Helena. And if he fires Colleen right now, he is just playing into Helena’s threats.

Skye tells Luke and Robert that they may not suspect that she and Lorenzo are anywhere near to reconciliation. She just wants her daughter to know her father. They leave together with the baby. Alone with Luke, Robert tells him that he cannot believe that she is buying Alcazar’s bull. Luke tells Robert that maybe she is telling the truth and he can understand why even a low life deserves to know his child.

Alone in her house with Sonny, Alexis admits that she has demanded that he let Ric be the father figure to Kristina so that her girls did not get separated. But now she’s run out of options by running Ric out of her house and out of her life. He then admits to her that he is there for a reason. He needs her to sign some papers. She jokingly tells him she thought he came over because he liked her. They seem to get along well in this conversation. She then asks Sonny for feedback in how she forgives the daughter who sleeps with her husband.

Ric goes and finds Elizabeth and informs her that he and Alexis are through. She threw him out of the house. She notices him with his face all banged up. She seems to trust Ric. She thanks him for helping Lucky get his job back. He tells her that he wants to help. And he tells her that he and Alexis tried to love each other as best they could. But they just couldn’t make it work. She tells him she is really sorry, realizing that her marriage has suffered also. He tells her that he will not dwell in the past over something he cannot do anything to change.

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