GH Update Monday 10/23/06

General Hospital Update Monday 10/23/06


Written By Jenn
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General Hospital Update FormRight when Luke and Robert have gone to rescue Skye from Lorenzo, she goes into labor. Luke tells her she cannot do it now. They cannot get her to a hospital. But it looks like the baby is coming out.

At the hospital, Emily calls and leaves an urgent message for Nikolas, telling him he must know that he cannot trust Colleen.

Meanwhile, Nikolas is in his bed. Colleen has drugged him and is seducing him in his bed while he appears delirious.

At the hospital, Dr. Lee gives Elizabeth the results of the paternity test. Not far away, Maxie enters. Mac finds her and tells his daughter that they need to talk. He tells her that he needs to know about her prenatal care. She tells him she is busy. But he tells Dr. Lee that he has some concerns about his daughter’s pregnancy due to her history with her heart. He informs Dr. Lee for the first time that Maxie had to have a heart transplant and suffered complications not long ago.

Elizabeth goes outside to read the results of her pregnancy test. Right when she’s ready to open the envelope, she gets a distraction. A pregnant woman asks Elizabeth if she can help get her to a doctor. And Elizabeth drops the letter on the ground and it looks like it’s going to blow away before she can find out the father of her baby.

Sonny visits Ric in the hospital after Jason has assaulted him. Ric tells Sonny that he intends to press charges against Jason for attempted murder. But Sonny tells his brother that he believes he is bluffing. Right then, Alexis enters. Sonny then tells her that it’s about time that she finds out what her husband is up to. Alexis surprises Sonny, however, by telling him that although Ric intends to charge Jason with attempted murder, she seriously doubts the charges will stick. So Sonny and Jason need not worry. Ric tells them that the case against Jason is solid. She asks Ric to refresh her memory about the alleged attempted murder. Ric then tells her that he just went to question Jason in his parking lot. It was just routine questioning. He realizes that there are no witness to the attempted murder except Sonny. She then asks Sonny what exactly he saw. He tells her that he heard Ric provoke Jason. Alexis asks Sonny if he saw Jason assault Ric. Sonny says it did not happen to his knowledge. Sonny then confirms to Ric that he has too much bias against Jason and would have motive to get him in trouble with false accusations. Alexis then concludes to Ric that Sonny has just proven the point that he does not have a “good case” against Jason.

Not far away, Elizabeth brings the pregnant woman inside. They find her husband and Dr. Lee helps her with her contractions. The husband seems to be too engrossed in watching the Monday night football game to care about his wife giving birth. Right then, Lulu gets off the elevator. She notices Maxie. They stare coldly at each other.

After Colleen has gotten Nikolas drugged in his bed, she tells him that they can be so good together and he will want her. But right then, Helena enters, tells Colleen she is a wretched little tramp and demands she gets away form Helena’s grandson.

Robin and Patrick tend to the AIDs patient. She confirms that Dr. Drake is great with HIV and best surgeon at the hosptial. But they have to get the guy to sign a disclaimer about Patrick treating him after being exposed to an infected patient. Finding that out for the first time, the guy concludes that he does not want Patrick working on him and infecting him.

At the place where Robert and Luke find Skye, they tie Lorenzo up. He tells them that they must let him help them. He delivered Carly’s baby as well as a teenage girl giving birth. They all argue about who should trust or distrust whom. And Lorenzo tells them they must stop and realize that whether they like it or not, they are all in this together. The three men all argue about what to do about her contractions. Lorenzo tells them they must untie him so that he can assist. They must find out how far dilated she is. But Robert believes only he knows how to handle it.. She gasps ad tells them that she needs them to help her before she starts pushing. Luke and Robert put a blanket over her. Lorenzo tells them that they do not know what they are doing. But Luke tells them that they need to gag Lorenzo so that he cannot talk. Robert then gets up to go and get some help. At that point, both Skye and Luke demands that he gets back. Skye screams and grabs Luke while she has a contraction.

Patrick explains to the AIDs guy that he got exposed but got checked out and is on a medical protocol where it’s highly unlikely that anything has happened to him. Robin tells him that Dr. Drake is the best surgeon to operate on him. She also informs Mr. Billings for the first time that she is HIV positive and has been in remission for a long time. Mr. Billings then tells the two of them that he doesn’t want either of them near him. Right then, Alan Quartermaine enters. Mr. Billings tells Alan that he does not want either of these two doctors performing surgery on him. He demands another doctor. Alan reluctantly agrees to let Dr. Richardson perform the surgery.

After Helena confronts Colleen and tells her that she knows what to do with peasants like her that pray upon her family. Emily enters. Colleen runs to Emily and hysterically tells her that she needs her help because Helena just tried to strangle Nikolas in his sleep.

At the hospital, Maxie tells her father that she believes that she is ready to raise this baby. Mac must realize that many people have had children unexpectedly when they were not ready but they learned to become good parents. Mac tells his daughter that’s fine but he needs to look at her medical records. Not far away, Elizabeth discovers that she lost the paternity test results and still has no clue who the baby’s father is. Dr. Lee tells Elizabeth that she cannot help her. There is no way she can get another report sent for the next few days.

While Ric is in the hospital, Sonny and Alexis tell him he must drop the charges against Jason. But he won’t. He tells them no. He is the DA. Jason is a criminal. And he must be prosecuted. Alexis tells Ric that he must drop it for her. His obsession about Sonny and about Jason only upset and stresses her and her children. He demands to know why she cares about Jason. She tells him she cares about her family. And if Ric cares about her, he will drop the charges against Jason. Knowing he’s outnumbered, Ric reluctantly agrees to do so but he asks Alexis if she really trusts Jason and Sonny any more than he does.

Colleen cries hysterically when she tells Emily that Helena attempted to murder Nikolas and the baby. But Helena tells Emily she must know that Nikolas’ psychotic grandmother wants him dead and Colleen saved his life. Nikolas awakens and seems to believe that Colleen saved his life yet has no recollection that she was about to seduce him before Helena came.

At the hospital, Robin asks Patrick if he is implying that she is accusing him of risk taking like his father did. He tells her that maybe he is a risk taker. But he also cares about doing his job and helping all patients, even if it means risking exposure again. Right then, Alan informs them that another surgeon, Dr. Richardson took over. He did his best but there were “complications”. And the patient died on the table.

Luke and Robert attempt to birth Skye’s baby while Lorenzo is tied up and urging them to let him help her because only he knows what he is doing. Right then, Skye screams and demands that the cut Lorenzo loose.

Elizabeth goes outside in search of the letter that she dropped on the ground, which confirms the results of her paternity test. She runs into Lulu and tells her that she was looking for a bracelet that she may have lost. Lulu informs her sister in law that she went to visit Lucky again. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she went to visit Lucky also. Lulu tells Elizabeth that she is really concerned about Maxie harassing Lucky. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she is not worrying about Maxie right now. Lulu asks Elizabeth why she is not motivated to get her marriage back.

Skye lies on the couch and screams while she goes into labor. She asks why she had to give birth in this God forsaken place. The guys agree to untie Lorenzo and he looks like he might know how to birth her baby.

At the hospital, Maxie talks to Dr. Lee about her pregnancy and the fact that Lucky Spencer is the father if her baby. Elizabeth runs into Sonny who is entering the hospital and informs him that she just lost the results of the paternity test. He tells her that it sounds very ironic and as though she doesn’t want to know who the father is. He asks her whether she would prefer it was Jason or Lucky.

Skye is very worried when she goes into labor. But Luke tells her that she will make it. She tells Lorenzo he must try to be a good father to her baby. She is worried that she will not make it. And it’s all Lorenzo’s fault. Luke tells Skye that she must know that she is a fighter. She survived many disasters. And she survived this bastard(Lorenzo). She then tells Luke to go to hell. He tells her that is the spirit. She yells at both Luke and Lorenzo for all of the screwed up things they have done. And right then, it looks like she is successfully pushing and giving birth.

At the hospital, Robin asks Patrick if he forgives her for letting her fear get in the way of letting him do what he does best.

Nikolas gets on the phone and asks if he can get a court injunction to have his grandmother put away. Emily is nearby and asks if he is ok and what happened. He reports to Emily that he took some medicine, went to sleep and was kind of groggy when he and Colleen discovered his grandmother standing over him with a knife. Emily tells Nikoals that it’s odd that his prescription pain meds would cause him to be so out of it that he would not know what happened. She then asks him what if Helena is telling the truth that Colleen is drugging him and attempting to seduce him.

At the hospital, Sonny asks Elizabeth if she is considering giving Lucky another chance. She tells him that she wants to support Lucky through rehab but she has to realize that he is an addict and must help himself before she take shim back. Sonny tells her that it’s possible that Lucky will get clean. She reminds Sonny that even if he does, Maxie Jones is having his baby and that will be forever in his life. Plus she’s made too many excuses for Lucky for too long.

Ric and Alexis return home. She still believes that he has no right to prosecute Jason. He tells her that he will sleep on the couch tonight. She tells him fine. He asks her how she can do this. He’s been as supportive as he can be with her cancer. He’s tried to be considerate to Sam. And her having cancer does not justify her turning on him and letting Jason get away with what he’s done to him. She then asks Ric what about what he has done to her. He still assumes that she has no clue that he slept with Sam.

Robin tells Patrick that patients have the right to choose to forego having him treat them and find another doctor. If they choose not to have the courage to let the most qualified surgeon save their lives, then there is nothing he can do about it. He cannot save the world.

Emily tells Nikolas that even if Helena is very sick, she does love him in her own twisted way. She would not intend to kill him. She does know that Colleen has tried to get him into bed before. He asks her if she believes Helena’s word over Colleen’s. Emily tells Nikolas that maybe the two of them are working together. She has done a background check on Colleen and has found that she’s had some very shady employment history.

Luke and Lorenzo coach Skye to push. Lorenzo reports that he can see the head. She pushes and Luke tells her she must call him every name in the book. Skye then tells Luke that he’s a liar and a jerk and a drunk and will never change. She tells Lorenzo he is a bully and a criminal and he will never change either. She gets angry enough at both of them to get the baby out. And the baby comes out crying with healthy lungs.

While Elizabeth goes looking for her lost letter, Sonny finds it and picks it up for her.

Ric tells Alexis that with her it’s either her way or no way. She’s using the cancer as a way to dictate decisions to everybody about everything. He tells her that he will not take the flack for not being close to her. She doesn’t want anybody close to her. She uses everything as an excuse. She uses the girls. She uses work. And now she is using cancer as an excuse to avoid getting close to him. But she tell him that the problem she has with him is that every time she looks at him, she sees him having sex with her daughter.

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