GH Update Friday 10/20/06

General Hospital Update Friday 10/20/06


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Colleen softly touches the face of her love, Nikolas. When Emily walks in on her, furious, she loudly asks her what she is doing, waking the prince. Luke and Robert are on a stake out, looking for Skye. Meanwhile, Because Alcazar is holding her prisoner, Skye is ranting. She wants to get her baby as far from him as possible, and is now stranded in the middle of no where. Alexis visits her badly beaten husband in the hospital, asking him why Jason attacked him. Arriving at Sonny's mansion, Elizabeth is nervous wondering why Sonny asked to see her. Telling her that Jason is out of town, he offers to be available for her when she discovers the paternity of her baby. He assures her that he keeps secrets well, as Jason does for him.

At Windomere, Colleen covers her actions, saying that she was checking to make sure he was still breathing. Emily is protective of Nikolas, persuading him to get rid of Colleen. She believes the nanny is questionable, and behaves strangely, possibly causing some of the accidents, including the horse. Ric assures his wife that all is well, while she tells him she is grateful that he is alive. Skye and Alcazar continue to argue over their unborn child. Alcazar calls their baby a miracle, saying that he would never keep the baby away from her. Skye, growing more and more upset, calms down when she sees Luke hiding behind a plant. She yelps with surprise to see him, but plays it off like the baby is moving. She rushes over to Alcazar trying to distract him with the movement, giving Luke the advantage. At the rehab center, Mac visits Lucky without a kind word to say, telling him to stay away from Maxi and their baby. Lucky stands up to him and declares that he will never abandon his baby.

At the mansion, Sonny tells Elizabeth the details of last night. Telling her that Ric provoked him, by telling him that Sam begged him to have sex with her, that she loved it and is a slut. Jason attacked and almost killed him until Sonny pulled Jason away. Elizabeth admits to Sonny that she knows he disapproves of her baby because it could be Jason's. During their talk, the police race in with warrants looking for Jason. At Windomere, Colleen is cut down to size by Nikolas when he tells her that because he trusts Emily, he will always side with her. This ruins her plan to discredit Emily. Lulu arrives at Sonny's asking for his help on Lucky's behalf. She implies that she needs Maxi taken out of the way! Elizabeth stops in to check on Ric asking him what happened. She immediately defends Jason, angry with Ric. Alexis has an emergency appointment with Laney. She believes that Jason saw Ric and Sam make love, prompting him to kill Ric last night. Alexis is desperate to keep her family together.

Luke is about rescue Skye, when Alcazar holds them at gunpoint. Skye pretends that she wants him in the baby's life; but when he isn't looking, she hits him on the head with a vase. Lulu tells Sonny that she needs him to get Lucky and Elizabeth back together by getting rid of Maxi. However, Sonny disagrees, telling her that Lucky burned his wife, hurt her many ways, and even if Maxi wasn't in the picture, their marriage may not be saved. Nikolas is cold toward Colleen when she pushes pills on him. He doesn't want to take the pills but gives in when she makes him feel guilty. She treats him like Alfred is running to protect Nikolas from Helena to soon in his recovery. Alexis wants Ric to drop the charges, thinking it will help keep her daughters together.

Robert and Luke make plans to get Skye out, while she worries about Alcazar. He, tied to a chair, begs her not to take his baby. She begins to leave when she starts having contractions! The baby is coming! At the hospital, Emily receives some disturbing news about Colleen. Her background check was clean. However, she has a troubled past. They discovered that in three of the five families she worked in the fathers disappeared, strangely. Kelly gives the sealed paternity results to a nervous Elizabeth. Moments later Mac stops by the hospital to talk with Kelly about the pregnancy. He concerns her when he reveals the heart condition. Kelly immediately wants to do a complete work up on her and the baby. Elizabeth tears into the envelope with the results, when a pregnant women, in labor, asks for her help.

Sonny threatens Ric a few times, demanding that he drop the charges against Jason, or he will reveal his affair with Sam to Alexis. As he waits for Ric's answer, Alexis walks in and Sonny begins to tell her about the secret.

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