GH Update Thursday 10/19/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/19/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is shocked to find Maxie visiting Lucky in rehab and starts yelling at her. Maxie tries to distract Lucky by saying Lulu wants her to abort their baby. the two girls bicker, but Lucky yells at Maxie for using Lulu's abortion against her. He promises to take care of Maxie and her baby. She thanks him, gives him a kiss, and makes a hasty exit. Then Maxie listens outside the door to what Lucky and Lulu say about her. Lucky tells Lulu that Maxie thinks no one cares about her or her baby. Lulu asks if he's even sure that Maxie is pregnant. Lucky doesn't think that she would fake that, but Lulu argues with him that he should get more proof. Maxie, looking concerned, leaves after hearing this. Lulu gets annoyed at Lucky for standing up for Maxie. Lucky tells her that he has to take responsibility for his own actions.

Nikolas visits Sonny at home, while he is on the phone with lawyer Bernie. Nikolas has a cane. Sonny hangs up and asks Nikolas why he came all the way over with his bad knee. Nikolas wants to discuss Alexis with Sonny. Nikolas is worried about whether Ric can be trusted, since this time with chemotherapy is critical for Alexis. They discuss how Nikolas feels about Ric, and how he has not been there for Alexis. Nikolas mentions that Sam told him that Ric shouldn't be the one to raise the girls. Sonny just says that Ric and Sam don't like each other, but Nikolas is suspicious that there is more to it and thinks Sonny knows, too. Nikolas gets aggravated when Sonny doesn't tell him more. Sonny will only say that Ric is not trustworthy and is not the good person Alexis wants him to be. Nikolas demands to know what Ric has done. Sonny tells him that he doesn't want to tell Alexis any details while she's so sick. They argue about it, but not angrily. Nikolas tries to reason with Sonny about how Alexis would want to know if there is some reason she shouldn't leave her children with Ric. He then gives up and leaves.

Outside Alexis' home with Sam, Carly gives Ric a hard time when he comes home, for not being there for his wife when she's sick. Inside, Alexis is discussing her marital problems with Jax, but not in detail that we hear. Ric walks in just then and looks suspicious. He goes over to Alexis and says she looks pale. Sam and Carly come in. Sam offers to go to the pharmacy to pick up Alexis' new meds. Ric is alarmed about the new meds, so Carly explains that Alexis had to get new anti-nausea medication. She tries to make Ric feel guilty for not being there. Alexis explains that she felt all right yesterday, but today she feels pretty weak and nauseous. Ric suggests she rest, but Jax suggests that what Alexis really needs is her friends and family around. Jax looks angry about Ric's absence, too. Alexis suggests that Jax and Carly should leave, since she's just lying around on the couch. She thinks they should go celebrate with champagne. Jax suggests they stay and drink champagne there, but Alexis tells him she really needs to sleep, so Jax gives her a quick kiss on the cheek as he gets up, saying he'll check in with her tomorrow. Alexis congratulates both Carly and Jax, and they leave. Jax glares at Ric before he walks out. Ric asks if Alexis has eaten, which she hasn't, but she says she should, so Sam agrees to go get her food when she picks up her prescription. Ric asks Sam if she can stay with Alexis after that. Alexis is surprised and seems disappointed when he tells her that he has some business to take care of. He kisses her cheek and tells her that he'll be home soon. After he leaves, Alexis just shakes her head wearily.

Sam makes tea and crackers for Alexis, who can't hold down anything else. Sam decides not to go out because she doesn't want to leave Alexis alone. Alexis urges her to go out and not stay there to baby-sit her. She can tell that Sam is still feeling bad about what Jax said to her. She assures Sam that Jax is just very protective of her. They discuss how surprised they are about Jax and Carly getting engaged. Alexis says that if they make each other happy, she is all for it. Sam says she is grateful to Jax because she wouldn't be there in town if not for him. Alexis had forgotten that Sam and Jax were once together. Alexis mentions that she was once married to Jax, so it's a little awkward. Sam points out they didn't know they were mother and daughter. Alexis says it was twice because they both slept with Sonny, too. Alexis has a forced smile on her face as she laughs about that being such a coincidence. Sam hastily agrees, looking uncomfortable. Alexis looks at Sam and says, "It's almost incestuous the way we've been with the same men". Sam looks down, ashamed. Sam tells her there are things she wishes she could change, especially things she's said to her. She hopes it is in their past now. Alexis agrees. Sam tells her that she just wants her to beat this cancer. Alexis thanks her for all she's done. Nikolas drops by for a visit, still walking on his bad knee. He asks Sam to give them privacy, so she does. Nikolas wants to talk about Ric and the problems that he's in the middle of. Alexis is evasive as Nikolas warns her to face her problems with Ric. Nikolas tells her about his conversation with Sonny, how he said Ric was not to be trusted, and how they're worried about the children. He urges her to find out what's going on with Ric and keeps assuming that she doesn't know. She tries to talk him out of his worry. She reminds him that Ric is Molly's father and says that she wants her two girls together. She also adds that Ric is a good father to them. Nikolas looks like he is figuring out that she knows something. He asks her about her marriage to Ric, but she is evasive. Finally she says that Ric has disappointed her in many ways, but when it comes to their little girls, he has not failed her once. She needs to focus on that right now.

At Jason's penthouse, Elizabeth and Jason continue to talk about Ric. Elizabeth tells Jason about how Ric was acting so nice to her the previous day. She thinks it's because he thinks her child could be Jason's. Elizabeth explains that someone at the PCPD let her know about the bug and what Ric heard. Jason gets annoyed and talks about why he hates Ric so much, and what Ric's motivations might be. Elizabeth objects that Ric has been pretty nice to her since they were divorced. Jason reminds her that Ric could be turning against her, since she slept with him and might be carrying his child. Jason realizes that's why Ric went to see Lucky in rehab. Elizabeth is shocked to hear it, especially since Ric just took her to lunch and never mentioned it. Jason tells her that Ric offered Lucky his job back. She worries that Lucky will learn about Jason possibly being the father, and how it might affect his treatment.

Patrick tells Epiphany at the Nurse's station about a scheduled spinal operation he has with an AIDS patient, while Robin listens nearby. Epiphany is her usual cheerful self. She notes that he has had multipe HIV positive surgeries in the past month. He says seriously that he doesn't discriminate between patients, so she retorts, "Why do you think I put up with the rest of your garbage?" Patrick asks Robin to help in the surgery, since the patient has been involved in drug trials, but she says that Epiphany will have it covered. He is surprised that she is not more supportive about his operating on AIDS patients. Before she can respond, Noah comes up and tells Patrick that he shouldn't be operating on this patient because he's already been exposed to HIV in the OR and should take a break. Noah declares that he can do the surgery instead, but Patrick reminds him that he is not up to it. Later, Patrick and Noah argue about it some more because Noah has tried to interfere more by replacing Patrick's surgical team with his own. Robin agrees that Noah should not be doing this. Noah reminds Patrick that he is being just as reckless as he was when he refused to let Patrick to donate part of his liver. Patrick argues that what he's doing is no more dangerous than other professions where the adrenaline makes for better work, like a Nascar driver or fighter pilot. Patrick tells him that he'll prove it to him as he storms off. Robin stops Noah from following his son, saying that Patrick is up to this challenge. Noah says adamantly that this is why he's doing it - for the challenge. Robin looks like she realizes maybe he's right.

Later, after the surgery, Patrick fills Epiphany in on how well the operation went. Robin and Noah are still there. Patrick assures Noah that everything went fine. Noah points out that it went well "this time". Robin tells Noah that there is no point arguing about it and that Patrick is a skilled surgeon, despite his worry. Robin and Noah argue about it. Robin wonders if he thinks Patrick should stay way from both AIDs patients and her, but Noah makes a point of saying that he thinks she's the best thing that ever happened to his son. She could be the one to save him, he says dramatically. Noah says that Patrick has always been a risk taker, but now regular surgery is not enough...he has to risk himself with risky surgery. Patrick scoffs at what he's saying. Noah still argues that Patrick's luck could run out. He leaves. Robin tells Patrick that she's worried that Noah is right about him. She also tells him that he's the most important person to come into her life in a long time.

After Nikolas leaves, Sonny's phone rings. It's Ric, who asks him to meet him at Jason's. He says there's something that he wants them both to hear.

Later, Jason accompanies Elizabeth on the elevator, saying he is going to walk her to a cab, so she can go to her grandmother's place. She wants to first see Lucky. Jason points out that if Ric was going to tell Lucky about them sleeping together, he would have done it today. She wonders if Ric is waiting until Lucky is well enough to go after Jason. Jason admits that could be true. Elizabeth surmises that possibly Ric is just being nice because of her previous miscarriages. She doesn't think he would hurt her just to get to Jason. They are discussing Ric's motives as they go to the parking garage, where Ric is waiting. Jason tells her that he is going to do everything he can to protect her and her children. They stop in their tracks when they see Ric. Ric says he's there on official business and asks Elizabeth to leave them alone. Elizabeth thanks Jason for his input on Emily (wink, wink) and leaves. Ric wonders if it's safe for Elizabeth to visit Jason when she's pregnant. He knows that she was lying about Emily and warns Jason to stay way from her. They argue. Ric says to Jason that the only reason he's hanging around his ex-wife is that he slept with Sam. Ric taunts him about his sleeping with Sam, saying she asked for it. jason finally lsoes it and jumps Ric, then he starts pounding his head against a car. Ric manages to get Jason off him, but then Jason throws him down on the ground and starts kicking him over and over. Sonny runs up and yells at Jason to stop. Eventually, Jason stops. Jason tells Sonny that Ric will charge him with attempted murder, so he asks if he can kill him. Sonny says no, but Jason keeps arguing. Sonny points out that this is a trap, so Jason shouldn't throw his life away. Sonny gets one of his bodyguards to take Ric to the hospital, ordering him to say that he doesn't know what happened or how he got hurt. The guy does what Sonny says.

Jason and Sonny go back to Sonny's place, where they argue about killing Ric. Jason thinks Sonny is letting him live because he's his brother, but Sonny denies it. He admits that Ric is a threat and that he has been stupid for letting him live. He counters that Jason was stupid for losing his temper and wanting to kill Ric in his own apartment garage, where anyone could have seen him. Sonny wants Jason out of the country for now. Jason refuses to leave, but Sonny points out that if he doesn't, Ric will press charges and they will lock him up. He reminds Jason that he wasn't even wearing gloves. He yells at Jason for being sloppy and emotional. He asks Jason for some time to make it go away. Jason tells Sonny that Elizabeth had a paternity test, so he wants to be there for the results. He doesn't think he can leave if he is the father. Sonny tells Jason that Ric called him to be there, so he knows that the whole thing was a setup. Jason knows that, too, but he didn't care. Sonny understands that it feels good to beat the hell out of someone, but he lectures that you only hurt yourself in the long run. Sonny, frustrated, says that Ric is desperate and wonders if Jason knows why. Jason figures it has to do with Elizabeth. Jason explains to Sonny about how Ric bugged his apartment and knows about the baby. Sonny figures out that Ric just wants Jason to stay away from Elizabeth, even though he has a sick wife at home. They argue some more about Jason leaving town. Sonny advises Jason to stay completely away from Ric in the future. Jason agrees to leave town for now. Jason reminds him what happened with Ric kidnapping Carly. He won't let that happen to him.

Carly and Jax go back to their place. She tells him that Sonny has the boys, so they can do anything they want for that time. Jax has an idea and asks her to pack. Jax wants them to go tell his mother about their engagement. Jax makes travel plans. Carly suggests that he phone Lady Jane ahead and warn her that they're coming, but he doesn't think they have to. Carly worries that Jane will not want her to marry him, but he assures her that she loves Carly. Calry brightens when Jax tells her that Jane brags to her friends about her. He kisses her; they both say "I love you" and then hug.

Elizabeth visits Lucky in rehab. He is very happy to see her, but she's not sure she should have come. She tells him that wants him to get well, no matter what happens between them. She doesn't want to undermine his recovery. He assures her that she couldn't, but she stops him and tells him that she's still going through with the divorce, but it's not about punishing him. Lucky tells her that he understands. He knows that he made terrible mistakes. He lavishes her with compliments. He tells her that seeing her reminds him that he has hope for the future, that things will be right between them again. Elizabeth wipes away tears as she tells him that she's glad he's there in recovery. He asks if he can speak to the baby. Lucky puts his hand on her stomach and talks to the baby, saying he's the baby's daddy. Elizabeth gets all choked up. He thanks her for coming to see him. She rushes out, saying she's glad he's getting well. Before she leaves, he asks her to come back again some time. Outside, Elizabeth leans on his door; more tears well up in her eyes.

Lucky visits his mother and tells her about his problems with drugs, losing Elizabeth, and her being pregnant. He marvels that everything's changed now; he says that the baby isn't even born yet, and it's already saved his life.

Sam gets take out at Kelly's; she meets up with Elizabeth and asks her about the baby. Elizabeth tells her that she still plans to raise her children on her own, regardless of who the father is. Sam is glad and hopes she means that. She tells Elizabeth that she plans to fight for Jason if she has to.

The hospital phones Alexis to tell her about Ric being admitted to the hospital. Nikolas gets the phone and tells Alexis that Ric has been severely beaten. Meanwhile, Det. Cruz Rodriguez drops by to see Ric, who is conscious. Ric tells Cruz that Jason beat him up, so he wants him charged with attempted murder.

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