GH Update Wednesday 10/18/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/18/06


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Jax and Carly meet at the metro court. She tells him that she and Jason had a discussion about his love life which is not great. But hers’ is perfect. Right then, he informs her that he wants Alexis to be at his wedding. And she tells him she does not want that woman anywhere near her wedding.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Maxie that there is no point in her having Lucky’s baby. She must realize that Lucky does not love her. She realizes that Maxie has good reason to sue the Quartermaines for the defective condoms that affected them both. But the best thing for Maxie to do is what she(lulu) did. She(Maxie) has not future with her(Lulu’s) brother. Maxie tells Lulu that she is not like her. She could never have an abortion.

Jason tells Sam that there is nothing they can do about the past. All they can do is go forward. He then tells her that even if he turns out to be the father of Elizabeth’s baby, he wants to work on their issues and get back with her. She then tells him that she’s thought about all of her options. She could be the perfect daughter to Alexis, help take care of Krstina and Molly, and tolerate Ric. Or she could go back to the line of work she did before. But she knows that in her heart, she will always choose him.

Maxie tells Lulu that she knows that she(Lulu) can end her baby’s life and think nothing of that. She also knows that Lulu manipulated Dillon., lied to him and took him away from her sister. Dillon defends Lulu to Maxie. Maxie tells Georgie that she hopes she dumps Dillon and lets him have this skank whom he deserves. Lulu reminds Maxie that she(Maxie) lured her(Lulu’s) brother into the sack, ruined his marriage and made him a drug addict. They get into a big brawl about the other’s lack of sexual morality.

Jax tells Carly that he realizes she does not care for Alexis but she must realize that he doesn’t much care for Jason. She protests that Jason is very important to her. He reminds her that Alexis is his best friend. And part of getting married and being compatible is to be flexible.

Patrick and Robin are happy see each other when he comes back from his trip to talk to the foreign doctor about the potential treatment for Laura Spencer. Epiphany notices how “happy” they are and asks if the should go to the supply closet. Robin then asks Patrick if he is still adamantly against the experimental treatment for Laura.

Elizabeth goes and talks to Det. Rodriguez who tells her that Ric Lansing is up to something pretty crooked. She asks if maybe she should tell Lucky. But she realizes that Lucky has been fired from the police force.

Ric goes and talks to Lucky. He asks Lucky if he should stay with Elizabeth after all that has happened. Lucky tells Ric that is what he plans to do as soon as he gets clean. Ric reminds Lucky that he no longer has a job on the police force since Mac fired him. He then offers to let Lucky work for him. And he tells him that that is under the condition that if Lucky does anything to hurt Elizabeth, he will be sorry. This is after Ric has found out Elizabeth’s “big secret” about her pregnancy.

Sam tells Jason that she never planned on anything like this happening. He tells her he is sorry for what all of this is costing her. She tells him she wishes she could take that night back and undo what she did with Ric. Sam then tells him that she apologizes to Elizabeth. She does not want to fight with her or hate her just because she may be pregnant with Jason’s child. He then tells her that Elizabeth is not counting on a life with him. Sam then asks Json if he would be willing to accept Elizabeth’s decision to raise her baby on her own and stay out of his child’s life.

Maxie asks Dillon how he can stand to look at Lulu after what she has done to his family. Georgie then asks Maxie to give it a rest. But Maxie will not let him. She asks Georgie if she cannot see what is going on right in front of her face. Lulu wants to steal Dillon. And if Georgie does not do something, Lulu will do it. Georgie asks Maxie to leave. She tells Lulu that her sister wants to sue the Quartermaines and wants everybody to feel the way she feels which is miserable.

Jason tells Sam that he cannot imagine bringing a baby into the world without wanting to protect it and teach it things. She tells him he has every right to do that. He asks if he does or if he is not just being selfish. He tells her that he wants her in his life no matter what happens. She tells him if they got together, she would want a family too. And she would doubt that it would be ok with him, knowing that he has a child with another woman. He tells her he honestly does not know what to expect but maybe they should take this one step at a time. She tells him that he is so good at solving everybody’s problem. Right then, Jason gets a call on his cell.

Ric goes to see Elizabeth at the hospital. She asks him if he should not be with Alexis. He informs Elizabeth that Alexis is fine. She doesn’t need him. But he asks Elizabeth if she eating ok and if he could take her to lunch.

Not far away at the hospital, Robin asks Patrick if he is really doubting the treatment that they may offer Laura. He tells her that hope is not the same as a guarantee. And even the doctor who is doing the research with her told him that it might not work. They start talking friendly and they kiss. Again, Epiphany finds them and tells them they need to take it to the supply closet. But before that, a patient needs them.

Elizabeth asks Ric why he is contacting her now, after all this time. He tells her he has not seen her in a while and was hoping that they could maybe reconnect. She then tells him ok. She will have lunch with him.

Alexis is in her home, ill, feeling the affects from the chemo. She is lying on the couch when Jax calls to her. She lets him in and notices Carly with him. He informs her that he and Carly are getting married and wanted to find out something from her. Hearing that, she rushes to the bathroom to throw up.

Patrick goes and talks to a patient about his migraines. This guy tells Patrick he must know that he is also HIV positive. It sounds like Patrick is going to be “cold” to him. But the patient informs Patrick that he knows how good he was with April Gilbert, that he’s not afraid of AIDs patients, and for that reason, he wants only Patrick as his doctor.

At Alexis’ home, Jax and Carly help her after she’s thrown up. He then asks her where her husband is. She seems like she only wants to lie down on the couch. Ric is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Ric is having dinner with Elizabeth at the metro court. He tells her that he realizes she’s been though a lot with Lucky in the last year. She is surprised that he’s been paying attention to her life. He then reminds her that when he was very sick and doing terrible things, she gave him a chance and could see the best in him. So he wants to be able to help makes things right for her. He would like to help her and her children if she will let him.

Lucky asks Jason to come and talk to him about Elizabeth. Jason comes inside Lucky’s recovery room. He tells Jason that part of his recovery is about making amends to the people one has hurt and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Elizabeth is right on the top of that list. And he tells Jason that he is right behind her. Lucky then tells Jason that he realizes that Jason is the one who saved Elizabeth’s life and shot Manny. He(himself) took credit for that when he was only screwing up and not doing his job effectively. He also did a really bad thing to pull the gun on Jason and attempt to set him up for drugs. Jason tells Lucky that there are no hard feelings. He realizes that Lucky is getting clean and he does not hold a grudge. Lucky tells Jason that eh realizes that he(Jason) has been a really good friend to Elizabeth through all of this. Does he know more about that? Jason then asks Lucky if he needs him to forgive him and tells Lucky that he forgives him. Lucky thanks him. Jason tells Lucky that he realizes, from going to al anon, that pain pill addiction is a terrible disease. Lucky tells Jason that he was ready to throw his whole life with Elizabeth and Cameron down the drain. Lucky then informs Jason that Ric Lansing came by and wanted to offer him his job back. Jason then asks Lucky why Ric would want to do that. Lucky tells Jason that Ric just wanted Lucky to be able to work and provide for Elizabeth and Cameron and the new baby. Jason then tells Lucky that although they have been on different sides, he fully supports him getting his job back. He says that but he’s suspicious to learn that Ric is working on Lucky.

At the metro court, Ric looks like he wants to “help” Elizabeth. She tells him that even as a single mom, she works and she can make ends meet. But he tells her she should not have to work that hard without any help. She tells him that if it becomes too much, she can always cut back. She has Emily and Nikolas and other friends. He tells her that she also has him. She tells him that her life has really calmed down a lot since Lucky has gone into rehab. He tells her he’s glad to hear that. She smiles and tells him he need not worry about her. He should focus on Alexis. Ric tells her that Alexis is hard for him to help. But he believes there are things he can do for her. He tells her that she can rely on him just like she did when she had Cameron accidentally.

At Alexis’ home, Carly and Jax help Alexis out of the bathroom. He then asks her if she will be his ‘best person” at his wedding. She asks what a “best person” would do. He tells her no different than a best man. She asks if she’d be much good when she’s rushing to throw up in the bathroom during the ceremony. He tells her that they can work their wedding date around her chemo schedule. As long as she’s there to wish him well, it’s all good. She smiles and tells him that she always wishes him well. Carly smiles at Alexis. Right then, Sam enters and knows that her mother is sick. Surprised to see Jax and Carly at their home, she asks what happened. Jax tells her that her mother is having a bad reaction to the chemo. He angrily asks Sam where Ric is and where the hell she was when her mother is sick

Dillon finds Georgie at Kelly’s and notices that she is upset. He asks her if they can at least talk. He knows that she is upset about the “exchange” that he heard between Lulu and Maxie. She admits to him that Maxie was out of line. But he rushes to Lulu’s defense every chance he gets. She’s getting sick of it. She tells him he must realize how Lulu got pregnant in the first place. She lied to him because she wanted him. And now, after the abortion, he and Lulu are closer than ever. Dillon tells Georgie that he cares about Lulu but does not want to be with her. He knows that Maxie wants everybody to be unhappy because she is. And he tells Georgie that she must never undermine his faith in her. She is the only one he loves. He hugs her.

Right then, Maxie goes to Lucky’s room at the rehab clinic and knocks on his door. She sounds upset and vulnerable and tells him he must let her in. He doesn’t want to. She tells him that she got into a terrible confrontation with Lulu. He asks her if others know that she is pregnant and specifically if Lulu knows that he is the father. She tells him of course she wants everybody to know that he is the father. She loves him and wants to be with him and wants everybody to know that.

At Alexis’ home, after Jax confronts Sam about not being there for her mother and he is alone with Alexis, she tells him that he need not worry. She will pull through this. He tells her that he is worried that he might not be there for her. She tells him that he was there for her. He was a big help. And surprisingly, so was Carly. He asks her where her husband is through all this. She tells him that it might be better that she sees less and less of Ric.

Right then, outside, Carly tells Sam that she should make Jason her main priority right now instead of worrying about taking care of Alexis. If she does not fight to get Jason back, he might get with Elizabeth.

Right then, Jason returns home and sees Elizabeth wearing a really nice dress. He is surprised to see her. She seems to want to be with him.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that he was so good with helping April and unafraid. He talks to her about Dr. LeGrasse who had the idea about the treatment for Laura. She asks if he told Dr. LeGrasse about their arguments. Right then, they are ready to kiss when Epiphany comes and tells them another patient needs them.

Lucky tells Maxie that they made a mistake by having sex and then to unknowingly use defective condoms. She tells him that she knows they can make it work and be a family. He tells her he is sorry but it is not realistic. She tells him that she cannot help but wonder what her life will be like or how she can go through this alone. He tells her that they can work something out. Realizing that he chose to sleep with her and cannot blame her for everything, he lets her cry on his shoulder. But right then, Lulu enters and demands that Maxie gets away from her brother.

Alexis tells Jax that she has almost been able to overlook Ric’s “shortcomings’. He asks her what shortcomings.

Sam tells Carly that as far as she knows, Elizabeth has planned to have her baby on her own even if Jason is the father and she does not intend to take him from Sam. But Carly tells her that she must know that Elizabeth is deviant and may have her hooks in Jason even as they speak. Right then, Ric enters and asks what they are talking about in regard to Elizabeth. Carly asks Ric where he has been and if he knows that his wife has become very sick from chemo.

Elizabeth hugs Jason and tells him that Ric now knows that he(Jason) could be the father of her baby.

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