GH Update Tuesday 10/17/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/17/06


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Sonny tells Bernie that Ric must be bugging his and his family's house because he has a white van parked outside Carly's house. Bernie is not so sure, since they always scan for bugs, but he says he will have Stan look into it. Sonny states that Ric is getting out of control. Just as he is telling Bernie to have Stan break into Lainey's office to see if they can find any more clues about his missing files, Lainey drops by, so Sonny gets her permission instead. S he agrees to let Stan do it as long as he promises not to look through other patients' files. Sonny agrees. Bernie leaves. Lainey prepares to start her session with Sonny. She asks him about his stress in work and in his personal life, then she brings up Carly. He tells her that Carly and Jax are getting married. She knows that Sonny is not happy about it, even though he claims to be fine with the idea. He admits that he thought Jax would use her and leave her, and damage her again. He can tell that Carly's strong again and they seem to love each other. Lainey can tell that Sonny is lying. He says there isn't much he can do about the situation and he doesn't want to confuse the children. He thinks he will have to stay out of it and says that it's her mistake to make.

Ric tells Cruz (Det. Rodriguez) that he wants to take all surveillance off Jason because he doesn't want anyone to know that Elizabeth is involved with him. Cruz is not so sure that's a good idea. Ric talks about how great Elizabeth is and the situation she's in. Cruz points out that Ric is thinking about his personal life rather than his job. Ric wants them to nail Jason as soon as possible so that Elizabeth and her baby will be safe.

Lucky phones Elizabeth at GH, against her wishes, to ask how their baby is doing. She sees Sam getting off the elevator and looks glum. Elizabeth fills Lucky in on how the sonogram went. He has to hang up to go to a therapy session. She tells him that she's glad he's getting better, so he replies that he's doing it for her and the baby. He says "I love you" before he hangs up, but she doesn't say the same. Sam apologizes to Elizabeth for going off on her the previous day. She knows now that Elizabeth wasn't trying to get pregnant. Elizabeth thanks her; they both hope the baby will be Lucky's. Sam asks her if Lucky doesn't have a right to know the truth about the baby, but she doesn't answer.

Carly visits Jason to tell him that her marrying Jax is a good idea. This is the first he's heard of it, which surprises her because she thought Sonny would have told him. Jason knows that Sonny is probably not happy about it, and neither is he. Carly tells Jason how Jax proposed and how Sonny found out. She asks him to stand up for her, but he is not so sure if he wants to do that. He reminds her about her spotty past with marriages, and with Jax. Carly begs him, so he agrees. Carly is happy but wants him to get back with Sam, even if he turns out to be the father of Elizabeth's baby. Jason looks annoyed. He wonders why Carly wants to get married again, but she quickly answers and gets him back on the subject of Sam. He tells her about finding Sam in the baby's room. She knows that Sam is upset that Elizabeth is having his child (something he's always wanted). She's also worried that she will lose him to Elizabeth. Jason sighs heavily, so Carly asks him if he can tell her that he won't do that (leave Sam for Elizabeth if she is carrying his baby). She gets him to think about what all this means and the choices he'd make. Jason thinks his first obligation to be to his baby, so he would ask Elizabeth to marry him and whether she would want to take the risks or not with her children. Carly asks him if he can really spend the rest of his life without Sam.

Lulu is rude to Maxie when she walks into Kelly's. Georgie wonders why Maxie is so peppy and dressed up, so Maxie tells her that the Quartermaines are going to cut her a check, since she got pregnant from Enduro condoms. Georgie can't believe she will let herself be bought off. When Maxie talks about how she and Lucky will need the money to start their family, Lulu scoffs that Lucky loves Elizabeth, not her.

Mac stops by the Quartermaine mansion, since they asked him to. He knows about their problem with the Enduro condoms. They prepare him about Maxie, and then Maxie comes in and tells Mac about how she got pregnant by Lucky, thanks to the condoms. Mac, upset, asks her how long she's known. She tells him that it was about a week or not. They argue about why she didn't tell him sooner. He worries about her, but she tells him that she will get plenty of love from Lucky after he goes through rehab and the Quartermaines pay her. Mac refuses to let her see Lucky again, saying that he took advantage of her and used her. Dillon is dismayed when he walks in the room and hears what's going on. Mac and Maxie keep arguing about Lucky and the baby. He tries to make her see the reality of the situation. Mac tells the Quartermaines that Maxie won't be suing them, so they can keep their money. Maxie objects, but the Q's thank him. Mac tells them that he appreciates them calling his attention to the situation and that he should have been paying attention to his family. Maxie tells him that it's not his fault, but he tells her that when you have children, their problems become your own.

Ric finds Sonny in his chair at work and wonders how he got in. Sonny tells him that he merely said he was his brother. They argue and insult each other. S onny blasts Ric for putting surveillance on his family. Ric assures him that he took it off. Sonny is still not happy that Ric did that and hasn't seemed to learn from his past mistakes. Sonny points out how much Ric has to lose, including his wife, and his custody of his kids. Ric bristles at his threats, but Sonny warns Ric not to follow or harrass his family. Ric tells him he has other things to worry about right now. Sonny suggests that Ric just resign so he can support his wife instead. They keep arguing until Sonny says that he wonders if Ric wants Alexis to get better at all. Sonny leaves, leaving Ric looking shocked.

Ric drops by GH and tells Elizabeth that he's been worried about her, dealing with her pregnancy while her husband's in rehab. She is called away because of a patient. Ric worries about her working and all the stress she has. She wonders why he's so worried about her, so he reminds her that she's had two previous miscarriages, including theirs. They share a sad moment about that. He tells her that he just doesn't want her to go through that again. She assures him that she won't. He asks her if he can do something to help her. She tells him that she has Nikolas and her grandmother, but she will let him know if he can help.

Sam visits Lucky in rehab. He is surprised to see her. She tells him that she's glad he's getting help. He tells her about how he tried to frame Jason, but she forgives him, knowing it was the drugs that did it. Lucky tells her about his drug addiction and how he is working to get rid of it, for Elizabeth and the baby's sake. He feels better, and she tells him he looks great and has obviously been working out. Lucky is happy to feel good again instead of just wanting drugs. She asks if Elizabeth knows how great he's doing. He tells her about his call to Elizabeth; he is optimistic about her. She offers to get Nikolas to have her call him or come there. He thinks it would be too stressful for her because of the baby, and he also adds that he knows why she wants to stay away. He just hopes their child is born safely. Sam admires his commitment to his baby.

Sonny walks in to Jason's place, not seeing Carly, and asks Jason to stop Carly and Jax from getting married. She walks up and glares at him. Carly yells at Sonny. Sonny and Carly argue about Jax again. Sonny points out that she has to put her husband first to have a successful marriage, adn they all know that Jax will be second in Carly's eyes. She raises her eyebrow skeptically and wonders who he means. Jason wants them to leave and tells Sonny to let her make her own choice. Sonny agrees to let her marry Jax and leaves. Carly starts back in on Jason about Sam and Elizabeth. He tells her to butt out of his life, the same way he is staying out of hers. She says that if he listened to her more, his life wouldn't be such a mess. Jason tells her in an annoyed way that it's his mess. She still doesn't think he should give up Sam if Elizabeth is having his baby.

Lulu argues with Georgie about Maxie and what she's been doing. Georgie stands up for Maxie, saying she is in love with Lucky, even though she doesn't agree with what she's done. Georgie reminds Lulu from her own past actions what being in love can do to a person. Their literature professor, Pete, walks in. He tells Georgie how great her essay was, and she thanks him. He starts to leave, so Maxie asks him about her paper. He tries to skip telling her, but she demands to know what he thought, so he tells her that it was trite and derivative. She gets mad and yells at him for being biased against her. Georgie looks shocked at what Lulu says. Pete tells her that her grade stands. They keep arguing. He points out that she is not working hard enough or putting enough of herself into her writing. Lulu gets very annoyed when he tells her how spoiled she is. He says she could be brilliant, but she doesn't use her mind for anything productive. He brings up her abortion, saying she uses it to justify being mediocre and feeling sorry for herself. She points out that he didn't write the great American novel, either, but he is unfazed. Suddenly he tells her that when he was younger, he got drunk and had an accident where a girl that was riding with him got killed. Lulu looks ashamed and sad. He tells her that nothing he can ever do will make up for that, but he won't waste his life, either. He suggests she ask herself is she is wasting her life to make up for what she did.

Edward is happy that Maxie is not suing. Alan and Monica think that this is just temporary and that there will be thousands of girls and their families in the same situation, who will sue them. Edward is confident that they can delay things in court. Dillon is outraged at Edward's attitude toward Maxie and her situation. He is not so sure that he can support ELQ now if this is going to be happening to so many people. Edward tells him to toughen up and thinkn of the bottom line. Dillon reminds him that this same bottom line is what got Lulu pregnant, and led to her abortion, which he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Later, Lulu and George talk about Pete and what he shared. Maxie storms in and tells them what happened at the Quartermaine's. She wants Georgie to come home and make Mac feel better. Dillon comes in and tells Maxie he's sorry about what happened. Maxie tells him spitefully that their planned worked, since she can't sue now. Lulu suggests to Maxie that she terminate her pregnancy before she hurts anyone else. Lulu yells at her that nothing she can do will make Lucky love her. They argue about Lucky. Lulu worries about Lucky getting back on drugs because of this and wonders if Maxie was just trying to trap Lucky. Maxie tells her in a snide way that she loves Lucky and his baby, but even if she didn't, she would never have an abortion.

Carly barges in to Sonny's place to tell him that his mind games won't work with her. They argue some more. He says that Jax won't be able to take the fact that she counts on Jason. He also says that Jax is too superficial for her and they won't have the same kind of connection that they do (Sonny and Carly). Carly gets in his face and tells Sonny that she loves Jax, they are committed to each other, and he comes first in her heart.

Det. Rodriguez (Cruz) takes Elizabeth aside at GH and fills her in about how Ric listened in on her phone conversation with Jason, so he knows that Jason could be the father of her child. Elizabeth is stunned.

Ric visits Lucky, who is not happy to see him. Ric tells him that it's about Elizabeth.

Jason gets Sam to meet him on the docks. She is surprised that he called her after last night. He says she has a right to be upset because it's a big shock. He still doesn't know what he will happen about the baby, but that she matters to him, and he still wants to work on getting back together. He asks her to try with him.

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