GH Update Monday 10/16/06

General Hospital Update Monday 10/16/06


Written By Jenn
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Jax proposes to Carly. She tells him that it means so much to her. But she surprises him by telling him no. He asks her if no means not right now and she needs to think about it first or if it means not ever. She asks him why he would want to propose to him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Kelly that she will have some serious problems getting back with Lucky even if the baby is hers’. She cannot raise it with an addict. Right then, Lulu enters and asks Elizabeth if she really cares about her brother.

Sam tells Jason that she cannot deal with what has happened. She remembers that he wanted to wait before having a baby with her. She asks how he could have done this. How could he deny her a child but give one to Elizabeth?

Sonny, Michael and Morgan sit in Carly’s living room in suspense while waiting for her to get home from being with Jax. The boys are obviously ready to help their father to prevent their mother from marrying Jax. Sonny asks Leticia to take Morgan so that he can talk to Michael alone. Michael asks his father what the problems is with their scheme. Doesn’t he want to prevent Carly from marrying Jax also? Sonny tells his son that they need to stay out of their mom’s business. Michael admits that he likes Jax and doesn’t mind hanging out with him but he only has one dad. Sonny affirms to his son that if Jax has the idea that he will take his place in his kid’s lives, he is dead wrong. But he tells his son that he must let his mom figure things out for herself.

Jax asks Carly why she does not believe him that he loves her. She asks him to look at the both of them and their track records with all the failed marriages between them. He counts exactly how many times they have both been married but asks her if she thinks that hat would have anything to do with the fact that he loves her and wants her to be his wife. She tells him that she cannot pretend that that is not an issue. He tells her that the past mistakes only make him more certain of what they have together. He tells her that he believes that it would work between them. He tells her that if they do not have a legally binding commitment, then she won’t have to wonder if he will come back whenever he leaves town on a business trip. Hearing that, she reminds him that she is not the only insecure person in this. He then tells her that is fair enough. But he wants to make her the happiest and most secure person in the world. She tells him that he is such a romantic but she needs to figure out how much of this is romance and how much is reality. She then asks him to look at them and all of the romantic and fun things they have done. But the one night when he asks her to be his wife, he proposes to her right on the docks. He tells her the reason that he has chosen this place is because none of the fancy places they have been together mean as much to him as these docks. This is home and that is what she is to him.

Lulu tells Elizabeth that Lucky needs her more than anything and she has abandoned him So she tells Elizabeth that she thinks she should at least inform her that Lucky looks good and is getting better. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she really thinks it’s great that she loves her brother so much. Lulu tells Elizabeth that she may be doing his dirty work for him. She honestly wishes that Elizabeth and Lucky would try to work this out because she does not know if Lucky and Cameron can make it without her and the baby.

Jason protests to Sam that he was just with Elizabeth one night when he was really confused and devastated. She reminds him that that one night got Elizabeth pregnant. And she knows if he is the father of Elizabeth’s baby, he will raise it. And she(Sam) will be out of his life.

Jax tells Carly that some people say that he’s spent his entire adult life as an adolescent. And maybe it’s due, in part, to having enough money to splurge and not have to work hard. She then tells him that it takes two to make a marriage and two to destroy it. He tells her that there are some couples who manage to stay together and make it through the rocky periods. His parents are an example of that. He believes that they have that also. And he believes that he really trusts her. She tells him that is crazy that he would trust her.

Sonny tells Michael that it is not up to him or to Michael whom Carly marries. But Michael asks his father if he would not be a little bit sad if his mom marries somebody else. Sonny then tells his son as long as it is him, Michael and Morgan, that’s all that matters. Right then, they look outside he window and observe a van that looks like a cable guy. Michael notices that this guy has been across the street for over a week. And Sonny finds that kind of odd.

Ric meets with Det. Rodriguez and tells him that Sonny and Jason will become more vulnerable very soon. Right then, Alexis enters and thanks Det. Rodriguez for the get well card. They are both surprised to see her up and about. Det. Rodriguez leaves and Ric asks his wife why she is not resting. She tells him that she feels fine and is not dreading the chemo.

Lulu asks Elizabeth why she does not have faith in Lucky. He is working to get sober for her. But Elizabeth tells Lulu that it won’t work if he is only getting sober for her. Doing it that way is not correct. Lulu asks Elizabeth if she does not still love Lucky and if she is just punishing him because of the drugs and Maxie. Elizabeth tells Lulu that of course she loves Lucky. But she has her children and her job. And she cannot deal with Lucky in his present state. Lulu tells Elizabeth that Lucky wants to be part of her life. Elizabeth tells her that he will always be a part of her baby’s life as long as he remains sober. In response to that, Lulu tells Elizabeth that she is relieved to at least hear that. Elizabeth hugs Lulu and tells her she loves her like her own sister. Lulu leaves and Elizabeth admits to Kelly that she does not know what she’s going to do if this baby is Jason’s.

Jason tells Sam that that first year, with Michael, he was all that Michael had. But now that Sonny and Carly are back in Michael and Morgan’s lives, things are different. She then asks him what about her own little girl. He tells her that he wanted to commit to her also. She then asks him why it was that he pushed her away for assuming that his life was too dangerous for her. But he won’t make that decision about Elizabeth and her baby. He admits to her that he was wrong to push her(Sam) away. Sam then asks him what he’s going to do when he finds out the paternity of the baby. She seems to already know that he plans to raise the baby with Elizabeth if it’s his. She also tells him that if she knows him at all, she would guess that he has already asked Elizabeth to marry him.

Alexis asks Ric if he does not believe that she can be strong enough to work in a short time. He tells her if the doctor believes she can work part time, that is ok with him. She tells him that she would like to think about something besides the chemo and the cancer. He then tells her that he knows her too well and she might be pushing herself beyond her limits. Right then, Sonny enters and tells Ric that he knows that he(Ric) has put a surveillance team right outside of Carly’s home. He does not want anything like that near his children. And if Ric does not get rid of it, he will. Alexis hears that conversation and is surprised.

Jax asks Carly if she is fickle. She tells him no. She loves all the way. She tells him that she got really deeply involved with Jason. And she also has this life-long, really weird thing with Sonny. He then asks her if that means that she could also have a life-long thing with him. He tells her that he knows how fiercely loyal she is when she fights for people and things that matter to her. And he tells her for himself, he is done being a playboy. He wants a life with her. Marriage or no marriage, he wants to commit to her. And he tells her he will ask her again; will she be his wife? She kisses him and looks like she wants to say yes. But she pulls away. She then tells him that he can put the ring on her finger. He gives her a big diamond.

Jason admits to Sam that she is right. He did tell Elizabeth that he would marry her. He told her that he would make certain that she and Cameron and the baby would be safe if the baby was, in fact, his. She then admits to him that she could not love him if he was ready to walk away from his child. She then asks him when Elizabeth plans to move in. He tells her that she is not. Elizabeth said it would be a mistake for them to marry when they are both in love with other people. Sam asks Jason if that is true. Does he still love her?

In response to Sonny’s discovery of the mysterious van across the street, Ric reminds his brother that he is a District Attorney and does not need to justify his actions to an outlaw like him. Sonny tells Ric if he is bugging Carly’s phone, then there will be consequences. Alexis then asks Sonny if he is threatening her husband, father of her children and an officer of the court. Sonny then reminds Ric that he(Ric) has a lot of secrets. And that will be dragged into the courts if he pushes Sonny any farther. And Sonny walks out the door.

Sam cries and tells Jason that she knows that he wishes that things did not happen the way they did. She knows that he wishes that he’d never seen her with Ric that night and that he also probably wishes that he had not found comfort with Elizabeth. But she also knows that he is a realist and does not believe in denial. She tells him that he cannot hide his feelings. And now she is watching Elizabeth having everything that she has always wanted. Elizabeth is pregnant, probably with his baby. And she is worried that she is already a memory. She then goes out the door.

Jax kisses Carly outside the door of her house. They get inside to see Michael and Morgan looking like they are packing and leaving. She asks them what is going on. Michael asks if they plan to get married. Jax asks what if they were. He tells them in that case, he and Morgan are packing up and getting out. Carly then tells her son that she and Jax are getting married and he will become part of the family. Michael tells Jax it’s nothing personal but he is messing up his family. Jax tells Michael that he only wants to make his mom happy. He doesn’t want to get in his dad’s way or be his dad. But he’d like Michael to give him a fair shake. Michael does not respond although Morgan looks like he is considering it. Carly then asks Michael if he knows that she loves him and would never do anything that is bad for him or his brother. She tells him that Jax is good for them. She knows it will take time for him to adjust to that. But she promises him that he will be happy. Michael does not seem to respond to that.

Elizabeth goes to Jason’s and tells him that in order to get the paternity test results disclosed, the doctors need his signature. She admits to him that she is furious about something. He asks what about. She then informs him that Lucky got Maxie pregnant.

Sam goes to Sonny’s and asks him if their baby had lived and she’d hooked up with Jason, would he let Jason raise their baby? He asks her what this is about. Has she heard that Elizabeth could pregnant by Jason? She admits that she has. He tells her she mustn’t jump to conclusions. But she tells him she is worried.

Alexis tells Ric that it is not good for her recovery of the father of one of her daughters(himself) goes after the father of her other daughter. He asks her if that means she wants him to just roll over. She tells him that she believes that Sonny is making effort to be agreeable. And she wishes he would try to get along with him. She leaves. Right then, Ric gets on the phone and asks his contact about the “Corinthos surveillance”. His contact admits to Ric that he has some evidence on Jason Morgan and on Sonny.

Carly tells Jax that there will be one hour of romantic bliss before they are struck with a heavy dose of reality. He asks her why she believes that. She tells him he must know that Michael is way more stubborn than she is. Not long from now, he will be a step dad. They must have some rules there. He cannot just be Michael and Morgan’s buddy. They spend half their lives in her house that will also be Jax’s house. There must be discipline and order. And it will be good practice for when they have their own child. She tells him that Morgan is following in Michael’s footsteps. He’s only four. But Michael, older, will be the biggest challenge of Jax’s life. She believes, however, that Jax will win him over.

Sam tells Sonny that she just doesn’t know what to do in this situation. He tells her that he believes she must think about what she wants. If that’s possible, go for it. If not, then find something else and move on. Otherwise, she will just be a victim waiting to get hurt. She then admits to him that she loves Jason and cannot see her life without him.

Ric and Det. Rodriguez overhear Jason’s conversation with Elizabeth in his home. They are startled to hear her talking about Lucky’s drug addiction, how Maxie is pregnant by Lucky and her revelation that he(Jason) might very well be the father of her(Elizabeth’s) baby.

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