GH Update Friday 10/13/06

General Hospital Update Friday 10/13/06


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At the mansion, Max threatens Diego, so that he will tell Luke where his father is located. Surprisingly, Diego is cooperative, asking for a map to pinpoint his location. Jax, having a surprise for Carly, tells Morgan, swearing him to secrecy. Arriving at Windomere, Nikolas begins discussing Sam. Elizabeth is thrown off when Sam sarcastically congratulates her, accusing her of not being innocent, as she pretends. Questioning Jason, Nikolas wonders why Sam refuses to allow Ric to raise the girls. However Jason offers him no answers, simply telling him to take it up with Sam, and leaving as Lulu arrives. Lulu is outraged by Elizabeth's behavior. Diego is helping them because he doesn't want his father to raise the baby. Carly is persistent in finding out what secret Jax is keeping.

Sam accuses her of winning the lottery, using Jason to clean up her messy life after her failed marriage. Elizabeth, quickly becoming angry, defends herself, saying that she has no regrets about the night she shared in bed with Jason. Then she asks Sam what kind of daughter has sex with her mother's husband. Sam closes in on Elizabeth, threatening her, when Jason yells for them to stop.

Diego continues telling Sonny and Luke why his father should walk away from his unborn child. Concluding the discussion, Sonny has Max take him away. While, Luke and Sonny wonder if he was speaking honestly. Lulu continues to talk with Nikolas defending her brother by blaming Elizabeth. She believes that she should stand behind her husband as if he were sick. Sam, congratulating Elizabeth again, runs away accusing Jason of always thinking Elizabeth is right because she is carrying his baby. When Sam leaves, Jason apologizes, but Elizabeth is compassionate toward Sam, understanding why she is so angry.

Because the doctor tries to rush Luke into making a decision about his wife's condition, he yells out of frustration. Outside, Diego punches the brick wall in anger toward Luke. Lulu comes to his aide, listening to his feelings. Lulu suggests that his anger is about something other than the baby. At Widomere, Colleen is forced to help a resistant Nikolas, when he fails to walk by himself. Surprised that Emily has not called him, he plans to call her at midnight. Colleen, plotting, makes a comment suggesting that he may not be awake to contact her. Carly stops to talk with Jason and asks him to be kind to Sam. Telling him that Elizabeth could be carrying the one thing Sam wants most. She tells him that it is understandable that Sam is hurting. She continues to try to help him, but Jax interrupts her.

Sonny persuades Luke to tell his daughter about his mother's possible recovery. Luke thanks Sonny for helping Lulu during her pregnancy, and leaves. Lulu visits Lucky, who questions her constantly about Elizabeth. Lulu tells him about her confrontation with her at the hospital. Carly understands how Sam feels, because she always pictured herself having his baby.

Colleen checks to see if Nikolas has fallen asleep, unbuttons his shirt, and begins kissing him. Just as they kiss, Emily interrupts her demanding to know what she is doing. She covers by saying that, because of his medication, she couldn't wake him. Emily warns her that the pain medicine is too strong, since he is not used to it, and tells her to leave while she cares for him. Colleen is very annoyed, and when she leaves Nikolas pulls his ex wife in for a kiss.

Sonny heads over to Carly's home to make a special dinner. He asks the kids where there mother is, and they respond telling him that it is a surprise. Meanwhile, Carly is touched by Jax, who has made a very romantic dinner for her, outside. Lucky asks Lulu to forgive his wife. At first she is reluctant but gives in hugging her brother. Luke knocking on the door, breaks the news that he is going on yet another mission, to rescue Skye. Emily is stunned by the kiss, while Nikolas, drugged up, tells her that he loves her, and dreams about her all the time, hoping that someday she will love him back. Emily smiles and promises to be there when he wakes from his dreams.

Jason arrives home to hear a baby mobile playing in the next room. When he walks into the dim room, Sam is holding it, crying, sweetly thinking of her baby. She asks him if he ever wonders what would have been if her baby had survived. Jason tells her that it is pointless to think of what could have been, because it won't change anything. Sam asks him how she is supposed to deal, lying in bed at night wishing she had a baby while he is holding his baby.

At the hospital, Elizabeth finishes the paternity test, still determined to divorce her husband. Lulu is standing behind her as she tells Kelly that she is confused about her future with Jason. Emily is reading when Nikolas awakes. Because he thinks he was having vivid dreams, Emily is somewhat embarrassed as she tells him about the kiss. Sonny talks Morgan into spilling the secret. While, Jax treats Carly to a candlelit dinner, with music and champagne.

Jax begins a small speech about his feelings for Carly, and ends on one knee. Her jaw drops in shock, as he is proposing.

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