GH Update Thursday 10/12/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/12/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Upon returning from shopping, Skye drops her groceries when she sees Alcazar standing in her hideaway. She tells him to leave her and the baby alone if he loves them. Robin greets Luke, who is home from Paris. Sonny returns from his trip to find that the repairs are done on Carly's home. She tells him that he is a dead man. On the roof, Sam looks as though her heart is going to break when Jason tells her that Elizabeth could be carrying his child. Her voice is reduced to a whisper as she asks him "how could you do this"? Because she just told him that she wants to move forward, she is completely devastated. Carly rants about Sonny manipulating her. He denies any involvement in manipulation at first, but ends up admitting to the delay on her home.

Skye informs Alcazar that they are not together anymore, while he makes her understand that no matter where she goes she will never get away from him. Growing more and more upset, she eventually has abdominal pains. When Alcazar runs to the phone to call the doctor she jumps up obviously faking the pains; and hits Alcazar on the head. Robin and Luke discuss his decision about Laura's condition. He wants to pay his wife a visit before coming to a conclusion. At the hospital, Lulu, having just left Lucky, attacks Elizabeth. She is outraged that Elizabeth gave her advice on being pregnant and didn't even mention that she was in the same situation. Because Elizabeth treated her unfairly, she feels betrayed. Back on the roof, Jason gives a fearful Sam the details, telling her that Elizabeth will take a paternity test tonight. She asks him what he will do. At the mansion, Sonny accuses Carly of being glad that he delayed the repairs. She admits that she is glad because she realized that she is free, and doesn't want Sonny's complicated life anymore.

Jason is unsure of the future, while Sam is pretty sure she knows what will happen. She reminds Jason of the qualities he has that will not allow him to let Elizabeth raise the baby alone. Two of which are because he loves Michael and Morgan so greatly, and because he is patient. Meanwhile, Elizabeth defends her actions with Lulu. But, Lulu still blames her for having standards that are too high for Lucky to live up to. She also accuses her of using the baby as a weapon, realizing that she did the right thing in having an abortion. Robert breaks the news to Luke that because of the phone call, Alcazar has found Skye. Because Skye tries to escape, she becomes Alcazar's prisoner. He tells her that he will be making all of the decisions from here forward; and that she will have the baby at the place of his choosing. Robert and Luke refuse to let Alcazar bully Skye, and against Robin's wishes they plan to rescue her. She leaves frustrated, as they plot and scheme.

At Carly's home, Elizabeth stops by, telling Carly about her visit from Lulu. Carly doesn't blame Lulu for her anger. At Sonny's, Jason visits, welcoming him home, discussing Bernie's loyalty, Alcazar, and eventually the baby Liz is carrying. Sonny tells Jason that he has officially taken charge and will call Bernie. Visiting Nikolas at Windomere, a sad Sam holds baby Spencer and tells Nikolas that Elizabeth gets to have Jason's baby while she doesn't. Elizabeth wants Carly to help Lulu deal with the abortion issues which she believes is why Lulu lashed out at her at the hospital. Carly is resentful offending Elizabeth, who accuses her of not wanting any woman with Jason other than herself. Carly replies saying it is not true, as she doesn't mind Sam with Jason!

A frustrated Jason fills Sonny in on all of the details surrounding the baby. Jason also tells Sonny that he offered to marry Elizabeth. Jason, confused, just wants to do the right thing. He admits that he wants to be a father, to a baby with Sam. Luke interrupts their conversation causing Jason to leave.

Sam apologizes to Nikolas for blurting out the truth, and discourages him from telling Lucky. Robin reveals to her father that she received the same gift from both him and Patrick. She wonders if there is a connection to it and why she loves Patrick. Luke tells Sonny that Alcazar has Skye and he wants information from Sonny, who is reluctant to help. Luke wants Sonny to play along as he puts his plan in motion.

Diego arrives to see Luke, who questions him about his father. Carly asks Lulu over, offering her ear. Nikolas calls Jason to discuss Sam.

Outside, Sam runs into Elizabeth scaring her. She coldly tells her that congratulations are in order, making it obvious that she isn't really happy for her.

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