GH Update Wednesday 10/11/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/11/06


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Lulu is looking all over for her school paper and is worried that she won’t be able to persuade that jerk to give her an A when she cannot find her paper. Dillon walks in and looks to be having similar difficulty finding his own paper. She notices that he is pursuing business. Like everybody else who knows him, she wonders if this is real for him. Noticing his hair slicked back, she tells him that she misses his old hair.

Right then, Tracy, Edward, Alan. Monica and Alice enter and reveal that there is something shocking in the morning paper’s headlines. ELQ is getting sued for the defective condoms.

At the hospital, Jason finds Elizabeth and they both confirm that they are worried about the impending results of her pregnancy test.

At Alexis’ home, when Sam and Ric assume that they are alone, they talk about what would ever happen if they Alexis found out that they have slept together. He tells her if she ever found out, they would both be out on the street. Right then, Alexis piers her head in the doorway to overhear their conversation. Sam is able to see her.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he knows he put her in an awkward situation by offering to marry her. She tells him that she understands and appreciates but regardless of who the father of her baby is, her mind is made up that she will raise both of her children alone.

Alexis comes to talk to Ric and Sam. They both appear upbeat and encourage her to have coffee, breakfast and bagels and enjoy the morning. She tells them she knows that they are “acting” because this is the morning before her first chemo treatment. And they are behaving as though it’s her last day on the planet. She then tells them that before they go to the hospital, there is something she wants to talk to them about. It’s very important. Wonder what that is.

Robert Scorpio calls his daughter at the hospital. She demands that he tells her what is going on and where he is. He tells her that he’s been traveling. He’s on the case. And some goons are threatening him but he won’t let them find Skye. She asks him what will happen when Alcazar finds him. He tells her that he is not worried about that. She reminds him that he must know that this man put him in the hospital very recently. She tells him she wishes he would not get involved in that. He then tells her that all that matters to him is that Skye is safe. He is safe.. And most importantly, she is safe.

Right then, Lorenzo is on the phone demanding that his contacts give him some information. But it looks like he is not getting the results he wants and he concludes that he will handle this himself.

Right then, wherever Skye is staying, she finds out that her maid is also pregnant. She hugs her and tells her how happy she is for her. The maid admits that she has many family members that will welcome her baby. She then realizes that Skye does not have that.

Alan and Monica Quatermaine read the headline about the lawsuit for the faulty condoms. Edward tells them that he is very concerned that his company is being sued. He’s worried that those media-hungry liberals are going to ruin ELQ just like they’ve always wanted to do. And he tells Tracy it was because she authorized substandard materials to manufacture the condoms. Tracy justifies herself to her father, reminding him that what she used was within legally accepted guidelines. He tells her if hat is true, then why are they being sued? Lulu answers that they are sued because he made defective condoms. Monica and Alan remind him that they could be in big trouble. As doctors, they admit that their company acted negligently and may need to offer an apology. Right then, Dillon enters to reveal that he might know of some legal maneuvers to prevent them form getting into trouble. Right then, Edward gloats that this is ELQ’s best secret weapon.

When Skye is alone, she calls Alan. She tells him that she cannot talk long because they could trace the call. But she wants to let him know that everything is ok. She does admit that the baby is not ready to come out yet although it’s way overdue. He tells her she must come home. They will figure this out somehow. She tells him she cannot and she has to go. She tells him she loves him and hangs up.

Edward tells the others that if a family member makes a statement to the press, it will really help them. Tracy tells her father that she will not let her son to be publicly exposed. Edward reminds her that this will cover her backside. He tells them that he wants Dillon to go and address any “adverse affects” that this situation has had. Monica then reminds him that this is a little more than “adverse affects” Lulu got pregnant. He then tells Dillon that he needs to go and tell the press that he had an accident caucused he used a Euro condom. But he must say it’s because he used the produce incorrectly. Lulu asks if he is supposed to use a banana to demonstrate how to use it correctly. Edward snaps at her that that is not funny. Monica then tells Edward that it’s absurd to even allege that Dillon did not use it properly. The product was defective. Tracy tells her father that she will not let her son be exploited by the media

Alexis talks to Kristina about her procedure today. She makes it sound as upbeat as possible about how mommy might have stomach problems after taking the medicine. And it might make her hair look like that crazy lady whom Ric lets Kristina watch on TV when he thinks she is not looking. Sam and Ric listen and observe. Ric assures his stepdaughter that not long from now, Mommy will be ok.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Jason that knows he would be a good father and everything. But she is still not certain that this is a good idea for them to raise the baby together. She tells him that everything will be more certain after she takes the paternity test. Jason leaves and right then, Maxie appears. She informs Elizabeth that Lucky has gotten back into rehab. Elizabeth asks her why she would want that when all she wants is to entrap Lucky. She tells Maxie that she knows that she set out to get herself pregnant. Because she realized that without the drugs, she would be nothing to Lucky. Maxie tells Elizabeth that Lucky became an addict and slept wit her because she(Elizabeth) is a cold hearted jerk. Elizabeth asks Maxie how she can judge anybody. She is so pathetic that she had to do this sick behavior. Maxie reminds Elizabeth about all of her history with all of these men and how she realizes that she is not good enough for Lucky. She’s nothing more than Lucky’s high school girlfriend whom he obligated himself to marry and be a father to her kid. And she is just bitter because her life did not work out.

Right then, Alexis, Sam and Ric enter the hospital. Epiphany tells them they are ready for them.

Monica tells Edward that their company has an obligation to those who are affected by their defective condoms. Edward only seems to care about their stock holdings and their employees. Tracy tells them that they are way ahead of the game. They may be worrying for nothing. There is no guarantee that any lawsuit will even happen. Edward then tells Dillon that all he has to do is go and admit that his use of the condoms did not work. But he cannot tell the press that they are defective. He tells him that it was just an innocent mistake. No real damage was done. He then looks at Lulu. She tells Dillon he must do what he’s got to do. Tracy tells her son that he is not going out there and allowing himself to be hounded by the media. She will call the company lawyers. But he tells her he is doing this. Right then, he goes out the door. Camera lights are flashing in his eyes and reporters and photographers are swarming all around him.

While Alexis is starting the procedure, Ric and Sam act supportive to her. He tells Alexis that she can think of positive things when the chemo drugs start going into her system. He tells her that he brought her some things. She asks if he brought some ocean music with chirping birds. He tells her no. He just brought her a picture of them together. He sits by his wife and tells her that she will beat this. Right then, Sam goes out the door. Noticing her mother and step father happily together, she knows that she is missing Jason. Right then, Sam and Jason’s song plays. Jason is by himself on the roof, remembering hearing Sam telling him that it is not working with them, that she’s been trying and failing for too long, and that she can’t keep doing this. And right then, he gets a call from Sam. She tells him she needs to see him.

Robin goes and finds her father and tells him that she just did not want to let him get into any trouble. He tells her that was sweet but unnecessary. She tells him that she wants him to give this up. He’s already been enough of a hero to the damsel in distress. He tells her he may not be done helping Skye. She admits to him that it must be terrible to have to go and have a baby all alone and so far away from her family and friends. She tells him that Skye must be really lonely. He tells her that they both know all about that. She tells him that although she was alone when she was away from her parents, she was not isolated. She had Uncle Mac and other family and friends. And if she were Skye she might at last try to work things out with Lorenzo. Hearing that, Robert concludes to his daughter that he knows she is not over Patrick

Right when Lorenzo is in his private jet, he gets a call that confirms that he might have finally gotten the results that he wants.

After Dillon makes his decision to go and face the press, Edward tells Tracy that he is very proud of his grandson. And there is no need to worry. But she is not ok with what her son has lost. Right then, Georgie enters and demands to know how Dillon could lie about this and not hold the condom manufacturers responsible for what happened to Lulu and probably to many other people as well. He tells her that he had to do it because he was concerned about ELQ and all the people that could be out of a job. She tells him that she cannot believe what he has turned into. She asks if he’s allowed himself to be brainwashed by his grandfather or mother. She tells him that she doesn’t know what type of movie or character he is playing. But it’s not Dillon .She cannot believe that he lied. Right then, Lulu comes in and tells Georgie that this is the real Dillon whether she believes it or not. They both confirm to Georgie that they made the decision to sleep together and are now accepting the consequences. That means they must move on and accept whatever comes down the pike and adjust. In response to that, Georgie tells him that it sounds like they have joined some kind of club and she concludes that there must be no room in this for her.

At the hospital, Maxie tells Elizabeth that she and Lucky will have a future together with their baby. They understand each other. Elizabeth tells Maxie she feels sorry for that baby. But she does not feel sorry for Maxie. She tells Maxie that she is refusing to see that Lucky does not love her and he never will.

Sam and Jason meet on the rooftop. She informs him that Alexis has started the chemo. He asks her if it’s going ok. She tells him that Alexis has appeared as though she is ok so far. But she admits to him that she is not ok. She cannot do this anymore. She has tried and failed to do what everybody wants her to do. But she cannot hide from the fact that she wants to get back with him and she cannot keep making efforts to stay away from him any longer.

Georgie tells Dillon and Lulu that she realizes that they have both been through some terrible experiences. But she cannot believe that it would cause both of them to give up and become such bitter people. They are both hiding and not dealing with their lives. Lulu asks her why she would care. She tells her she cares because she loves Dillon. And even though she’s had her differences with Lulu, she still considers her a friend. She leaves. Right then, Edward tells Dillon that his plan, unfortunately, did not go as they’d planned and hoped. There is another individual who intends to sue them and he or she is on their way right now.

At the hospital, pictures of Ric and Alexis together are all over the room and he coaches her on how to relax and imagine relaxing thought when she gets the chemo. They talk about scrubbing cells clean and having fresh and new life. She closes her eyes. He tells her she is doing good. She tells him so is he and she thanks him. He asks for what. She tells him that this is the first time, since she’s heard the news, when she feels like she can win.

Sam tells Jason that she missed him. He admits that he’s missed her too. They hold each other She cries and tells him that she thought she was doing the right thing. She thought it would make it easier for both of them. She knows it’s not exactly the same thing. But she understands why he did what he did. He tells her there is no going back, however, She tells him she is ready to move forward if he is. But he has something to tell her. She looks at him not knowing what he is about to reveal to her.

Right when Skye is talking to her maid, ready to show her the new things she’s bought for the baby, and completely unafraid that she will ever be found, Lorenzo appears out of nowhere. She asks him how he found her. He tells her she is very lucky to have a family who cares about her.

At the Quatermaine house, Alan tells the others that he just got a call from Skye. He’s concerned that she has not given birth yet. She might not be getting proper medical care. And a dangerous man is after her. Again, they go on debating about what to do in regard to the condoms. And right then, Maxie appears, informs them that she’s heard all of the news, that she has had sex with somebody who’s used Enduro condoms, and they are going to pay.

Diego runs into Lulu at Kelly’s. He tells her that he feels responsible for her mess with Dillon. She tells him that it was not his fault. She made the choice to lie to Dillon and try to break up him and Georgie. It was her fault to sleep with Dillon. But what was not her fault is that she did not know that she was using defective condoms and she got pregnant.

Right then a NEWS REPORT about the accident in New York interrupts GH. And when it’s over, GH is over.

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