GH Update Tuesday 10/10/06

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/10/06


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At Sonny’s empty house, while Carly and Jax are attempting to have their time together, Max passes out. Carly believes he’s faking it.

Right then, Nikolas struggles to get out of bed. Colleen finds him and prevents him from falling. And it’s clear that she wants him.

Alexis goes to the hospital lobby and informs Epiphany that she is ready to leave and come back for chemo the next morning. Epiphany is ok with that but assumes that she should have her husband pick her up. Alexis tells Epiphany that if she can beat cancer, she can do many other things.

On the docks, after Ric has overheard Elizabeth’s phone conversation about her pregnancy and that Jason could be the father, he asks her a lot of questions. She does not want to discuss it with him, however. Right then, Jason appears and attacks Ric. He tells him he better leave Elizabeth alone. Ric tells Jason he was just talking to her about her pregnancy and asks Jason why he would have a problem with that.

Alexis meets with the doctor who is going to start her chemo treatment. He tells her that they will start her off on light doses and will monitor her the whole time. She makes light of the situation. He tells her that her next treatment won’t be for a few weeks. Se asks him what to do tonight in order to prepare for the first one. He tells her she can get some rest and eat a good meal. It might be the last time she will have an appetite. Right then, Epiphany insists that she gets in a wheelchair and tells her it’s hospital policy to escort her out in one. She tells Epiphany she is fine and there is no need to worry. But is she really as carefree as she appears?

Colleen tells Nikolas that she is willing to be his personal nurse. Spencer needs him healthy, she tells him. He is really surprised that she wants to commit to taking care of him. He tells her that he wishes he could go with Emily and Spencer to Greece. He still suspects nothing. When she closes the door and steps outside, Helena appears.

Although Carly believes that Max is faking his injury, Jax and Milo seem to believe that something might have rally happened to him. She then asks Milo to get the car because Max is going to the hospital. She tells him that if she finds out that he is faking, she will kill him herself. Right then, Jax notices Michael hiding, spying and ready to make a call. He asks him who he plans to call. It wouldn’t be his father. Would it.?

At Elizabeth’s grandmother’s house, Lucky refuses to leave when he sees Cameron. She puts her great grand son to bed. Knowing that Elizabeth wants him away from Cameron. He tells her that he is going to wait until Elizabeth gets back. When he hears a car drive up and a person enter, he opens the door assuming it is her. But he sees a strange man who asks if Elizabeth Spencer is there. He tells her that he is her husband and can sign for her. The guy gives Lucky and envelope and leaves. Lucky opens it and notices that it’s her divorce papers.

After Ric has told Elizabeth that he wants to help her in her situation, she asks him why he is not with Alexis, realizing that she is about to start chemo therapy. She assures Ric that she is fine and she would like to talk to Jason alone. Ric leaves and she tells Jason he needs to be more careful. He apologizes for losing it but reminds her that the last thing they want is for Ric to find out about the baby.

Helena tells Colleen that she’s heard that she’s(Colleen) has been spreading rumors about her(herself). She asks Colleen how she could do that to her after she’s been so generous to her. She then concludes that Colleen might have fallen for Nikolas. Or does she really just want the family fortune, she asks Colleen?

At Sonny’s, Jax asks Max what he had for dinner that may have made him sick. He admits that he may have had some cream puffs. Max admits that he eats when he gets nervous. But maybe they are overreacting about his heartburn. Carly then insists that Milo takes him to the hospital. They leave and she sits Michael down to talk to him. She tells him that she can forgive his little brother because he’s too young to understand. But he needs to get a grip and realize that his little stunts have gone too far. She tells him she wants him to be honest with her right now and tell her and Jax what is really on his mind. He then faces Jax and asks him if he intends to marry his mom.

Jason tells Elizabeth that when he saw Ric touching her, his impulses took control of him and he wanted to kill her. He tells her that Ric really knows how to press his buttons. She tells him that she is ready to go and do the paternity test and find out, once and for all, who the baby’s father is.

Colleen meets with Nikolas and helps him get into bed. She tells him that she’s finally put Spencer down and gotten him to sleep. He admits that he may be overly worried about his son because of his grandmother. He then asks her if she can bring his contracts for him to read. She goes outside and notices Alfred carrying a tray. She reminds him that maybe he should not be doing this heavy lifting so soon after his hospitalization. She then tells Alfred that she will serve Nikolas’ tea and asks Alfred if he can go and find Nikolas’ contracts. When she’s alone, she puts drugs in Nikolas’ tea. She enters Nikolas’ room and informs him that she traded with Alfred. She is going to serve him his tea and Alfred will go and look for his contracts. Nikolas takes a sip of the tea. She smirks.

Alexis returns home, appearing to be ok with things. But she has another flashback of returning her home to notice Ric and Sam sleeping together. Not far behind her, Ric enters and asks his wife why she did not call him to take her home. She tells him that she feels fine and has no worries. She notices that he has a big bag and attempts to look in it. But he tells her he does not want her looking inside because it’s kind of a surprise. He then informs her that he’s talked to a lot of people about support groups for cancer and chemo patients. He tells her that he was really surprised that there are so many out there. She seems to know that he has not had much time to find so many groups. He then admits to her that he did not exactly find groups. He just talked to some people and asked some questions. He then asks if she wants to have dinner out on the porch.

At the hospital, Elizabeth is ready to go to work and talk to Epiphany when they notice Maxie enter. Elizabeth is able to overhear Maxie talking to Dr. Lee about how everything changes when one has a baby.

Jax tells Michael that he and Carly have not yet discussed marriage. They are not ready to consider that yet. Michael tells Jax he won’t believe it if Jax ells him that they are just friends. Michael then tells Jax that he is glad that they will not get married because he won’t call Jax dad. Noticing Michael’s tone, Carly asks him not to talk like that to Jax. Michael then informs Jax that he has seen another man try and fail to take his mother away from his father. And he knows that the next one will fail just like the last one. In response to that, Jax informs Michael that he is not Lorenzo Alcazar. Carly tells Michael he must go to his room. She apologizes to Jax for her son. He tells her it’s quite alright. Michael is young and doesn’t want to accept his mother with somebody other than his father. Right then, Jason enters and Carly instantly asks him if he can help her and Jax with this very annoying little stunt she knows that Sonny is pulling.

While Nikolas drinks his tea, he asks Colleen to join him and have a cup. She thanks him but tells him she is more of a coffee person. He talks to her about remembering all of the strong coffee that he’s had in Greece that kept him awake all night. He asks her if she’s ever been to Greece. She tells him that she’s been to a restaurant that he is familiar with, revealing that she has been where he has been. He asks her if it would not be funny if they’d been to the same places at the same time.

Alexis and Ric eat their dinner and look compatible. They talk about law cases and torts. They talk shop talk. She wants to get up and get her shawl. But he asks her to stay right where she is and he gets it for her. She tells him that for a minute there, she actually felt as though she was normal.

Elizabeth observes and listens to Maxie’s conversation about her new baby. She is stunned and totally distracted form everything. She tells Epiphany she is not feeling well and has to go home.

Jason tells Carly that the reason he came over is because he has some business to discuss with Max. She tells him that she would like to eat her meal in peace. So he needs to take the boys with him because Leticia is on a date. He tells her that she needs to avoid a disaster before it happens and just let this thing with Sonny go.

After Nikolas has consumed his tea and appears sleepy, Colleen tells him hopefully he will get some rest. He asks her about her social life and history with relationships. She tells him that her work has become her life and she does not have a social life. He asks her about her boyfriend, Carl, whom she told him about. She tells him that she wondered what Carl saw in her. He tells her that it’s not hard to understand why a man would want her and that she has a lot to offer. They get into a conversation. But they are interrupted by Alfred. He asks Nikolas if there is anything else he can get for him. Nikolas tells him he is fine. Alfred then tells Colleen they both must go and leave Nikolas alone. Before Colleen is gone, Nikolas tells her she mustn’t give up her fantasy of the perfect man, and reminds her that she never knows.

Ric and Alexis have some wine. He reminds her that they never said anything about indulging in alcohol. She tells him that after they inject poison into her body, it won’t matter. She then tells him that she is very worried about the terrible affects of chemo. He tells her that it will kill the cancer. But she reminds him that they will be pulling clumps of hair out of the sink. Kristina and Molly will be horrified seeing mommy getting bald and so sick. And she won’t have the “cute Sinead O’Conner” bald look. It will be nasty and gross and horrifying. He tells her he knows and wishes she would let him help.

When Elizabeth returns to her grandmother’s home and sees Lucky, she tells him that he better leave her alone. He tells her that he wishes she would give him a chance to explain things. She tells him that she now knows that Maxie is pregnant. He tells her that it doesn’t have to change anything. She tells him that it will change everything. He then picks up her divorce papers and tells her that this changes everything. At that point, she begs him to just sign the papers and stop prolonging the agony.

After Nikolas has gone to sleep and Colleen is standing next to his bed, she elevates his foot on the pillow. She moves up close to him and kisses him. But right then, the baby cries and she turns off the lights and leaves. When Nikolas is sleeping, Helena enters her grandson’s room unseen.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he will not sign those divorce papers. He will not give up fighting for them. But she reminds him that there is nothing for him to fight for. He is going to have a baby with Maxie. He must realize that since Maxie is pregnant with his child, she will forever be a part of his life. He tells her no. Only she is a part of his life. She tells him he must go to rehab. He must leave. He goes out the door.

Ric brings what looks like a present for Alexis. But he hesitates. She tells him that he has to show her what it is. He then admits to her that when he talked to a chemo patient, something occurred to him. He tells her that a woman whom he spoke to told him that the hardest part wasn’t necessarily the chemo or any of the medical issues. It was looking in the mirror and thinking that her husband would not find her attractive. He tells Alexis she needs never worry about that. He thinks she is beautiful. She has this light about her. Sometimes it goes away when she is angry or hurt or if she is diagnosed with cancer. But it is always there. And she must know that she should never think that she is not beautiful to him. And of course, she knows that he’s bought her a wig. She laughs and cries at the same time. She pulls out the wig and they joke about the color and highlights. She puts the long brunette wig on him and laughs. She also notices that he give her a little Eiffel tower and asks him if this is supposed to mean anything. He tells her hopefully it will. He wants her to hold this when she is going through her treatment. He wants her to think about going to Paris and about the honey moon that they have yet to have. He tells her that he wants them to walk down the streets of Paris holding hands just like two people who are in love.

At Sonny’s, Carly tells Jason that he can stay with the boys and Max and she and Jax are going out. As soon as she and Jax are gone, Michael comes downstairs to see Jason. Jason seems to know and approve of what Michael has been doing but warns him that he cannot prevent his mom from seeing Jax. Michael informs Jason that he wishes she would choose him(Jason) instead of Jax.

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