GH Update Monday 10/9/06

General Hospital Update Monday 10/9/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonny’s, Carly gets on the phone to call Jax and invites him to have a lavish, romantic dinner at a place they’ve never been before. She goes on about how intimate, special and exciting it will be for them. He asks her where this place is. She replies it’s Sonny’s living room. She tells Jax that since Sonny has told her that this is her home, she should be able to make herself completely at home there and enjoy all of the rights and privileges she’d have anywhere else where she lives.

At the hospital, Lucky is still trying and failing to get Elizabeth back before another NA meeting. He urges her to know that they have to try to make things work for the baby she is carrying. But Patrick tells Lucky he needs to clean up his own act before expecting to get his wife back. Not far away, Maxie appears and tells Lucky that she wants to support him through his treatment program. He’s ready to dismiss her until she announces to him that she is pregnant.

At Sonny’s house, Max tells Carly that he is not entirely comfortable with getting in the middle of her issues with Sonny and knows that the boss would not approve of her plans with Jax in Sonny’s house. But she reminds Max that Sonny has put her and the kids out of her house. She knows he had ulterior motives. So Sonny must accept the consequences. It looks, however as though Michael, in conjunction with Max and Milo, has a plan. And Michael “accidentally” spills food in his mother’s lap right before her dinner with Jax.

Robin Scorpio goes to find her father lying on the ground, injured by the docks. She tells him that she knows that Lorenzo Alcazar and his boys are behind this. She urges Robert to tell Lorenzo where Skye and his baby are so that they will leave him alone. But Robert tells his daughter over his dead body.

Maxie goes and tells Dr. Lee all about her pregnancy. Knowing he’s been publicly cornered, Lucky tells Maxie he promises to stand by her in any way he can. She thanks him with grim satisfaction.

After Elizabeth admits to Jason that she may very well be pregnant with his child, he tells her if that is, in fact, the case, then he could marry her. But she is not ok with that. She asks him if this would be a marriage of convenience where they would be nothing more than roommates. He tells her that he knows that they get along well. They want to have the baby. And he believes that he would be a good dad. She reminds him, however, that there are just a few small problems. She is still in love with Lucky and he is still in love with Sam. So this could be a serious mistake.

Robert makes jokes about his injuries and tells his daughter she need not fuss over him. But she calls the cops and takes him to the hospital. After Robert is admitted into a bed, Det. Rodriguez asks him if he knows who was behind what happened to him. Robert rationalizes that he’s just getting clumsy in his old age. Robin demands that her father tells the truth. But he won’t. And Det. Rodriguez tells them that even if Robert is lying, there is nothing the cops can do if he refuses to press charges. He leaves. Robin then tells her father that he must know how serious this is. Lorenzo and his group threatened her. Then they tried to kill him. And he cannot ignore these warnings. She then tells him that maybe she should call her mother and see if she can talk some sense into her father. He tells her that that would be a pointless thing to do. Anna is not going to try to talk any sense into her ex husband. But Robin reminds him that she has been abandoned by him too many times. Is this his idea of bonding? She tells him that she does not want to be the person to bury him in a body bag.

After the mess has been spilled upon Carly, Max acts like the good servant by attempting to wipe the stain off of her blouse. But he seems to have difficulty when he makes contact with her. He gets inside and his brother seems to know that he has feelings for Carly. Michael then tells the two men and Morgan, that they must all work on a plan B. He gives instructions to his little brother on what to do next to break up his mother’s plans.

Ric goes to the hospital and asks Epiphany if she talked to his wife about her own experience with cancer and chemo. She admits to him that chemo really got her ill but she did what she had to do. He then tells her that he believes she really talked some sense into Alexis and may have saved her life. And he tells Epiphany that he is eternally grateful to her.

At the hospital, Dr. Lee talks to Maxi about all of the precautions and everything she needs to do during her pregnancy. Lucky listens and observes, shocked and speechless. She tells him that she knows that he must have assumed that she was faking it. But now, he can know that she was not.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she cannot walk out of one marriage and into another. He tells her that he understands. She tells him if they got married, they would just be hiding from their respective recently severed relationships. He admits to her that he misses Sam and their life together. But everything is changing. He hates that she slept with Ric. She hates that he slept with Elizabeth. And it’s like the grand canyon where you are able to see the other side but cannot get to it. She tells him that that is not true. People are able to cross the grand canyon all the time. She tells him that he and Sam really hurt each other and might need to work to get their relationship back. But they could find out that the hurt does not outweigh the love. He asks her what she plans to do if she finds out that the baby is his. She tells him she will do exactly what she is doing now. She can raise her two children on her own. It may not be the ideal situation. But she has a job and friends and family. Many single mothers can make it and so could she. He tells her, however, that if the baby is his, he would like to be there for her and their child. She then concludes to him that she plans on having Dr. Lee run tests and find out what to do about the baby. And she leaves his home to get back to work.

Outside while having their dinner, Jax tells Carly that he knows that she may very well have some unfinished issues with Sonny. But she tells him that she is with him and done with Sonny. Right then, Max and Milo come and bring them both salads. But as soon as she sees it, she notices that there is a worm on hers. Max takes it away. She is totally grossed out. Jax asks her if she is certain that Sonny is not there. She tells him she is certain that Sonny is not there. But he reminds her that first wine was spilled on her. And then a worm. Right then, Michael and Morgan come out and Michael informs his mother that Morgan is running a fever. Carly then notices that Morgan’s head is hot but nothing is wrong with him and instantly realizes that the boys are scamming her. She knows that Max and Milo are behind this also.

Robin goes to talk to Jason about what just happened to her dad. She tells him she knows that Alcazar is behind this. He asks her how she can be sure. She informs Jason that Lorenzo cornered her at the hospital about finding out from her father where Skye and the baby are. She refused to help him. He made threats to her Then some dudes attacked her on the docks and Lorenzo warned her again to get the goods from her father.. And then her father was found injured. She tells Jason she knows he’s dealt with Alcazar and asks him what he does. Jason admits to her that Alcazar is dangerous. He asks Robin how her father is. She tells him that she’s very worried about how stubborn and reckless Robert is. He tells her that she must realize that her father can make his own decision and she cannot control him. Burt she tell shim something must be done. She does not want to lose her father all over again.

At the hospital, Maxie tells Lucky that she knows that he wants to hide her and make her his “dirty little secret”. He’ll lie to her and tell her otherwise. But she is onto him. And he’s not going anywhere. Right then, Elizabeth walks off of the elevator. Maxie calls out to her. Elizabeth then confronts her husband about his situation, realizing that he is out of rehab. She instantly assumes that he has come to the hospital to find his girlfriend so that she can score him more pills. She is not ready to hear any more excuses from Lucky. She walks away. Lucky is now in worse trouble with her than he was before. Maxie sarcastically tells him that she hates to make things difficult for him.

Robin reflects to Jason that she fled to Paris to pursue a career in medicine. Not long ago, she returned to Port Charles and believed that things would work out there. Not long thereafter, Patrick gets exposed to HIV. And she’s worrying and having nightmares about Stone again. Jason asks her how Patrick is right now. She tells him so far, they haven’t gotten any indications that he’s been infected but are constantly living in fear.

Carly asks Max, Milo, Michael and Morgan to all come to talk to her. She tells them that she is very disappointed in all of them for their little scheme. She tells Michael that she realizes that this might take some getting used to. She and his father are not together anymore. They are both going to be seeing other people. But the boys must still realize that they both love them and nothing will ever change that. She seems to know that Michael is not going to give up, however. So she sends him to his room. She also asks Max and Milo to leave. Jax enters and tells her that he has a feeling that he has his work cut out for him. Carly encourages Jax to know that it’s not like that. But he assesses to her that Michael and Morgan like going to Disney world and playing cards with him. But they don’t like seeing him with their mother. And he confirms to her that he believes that the boys are not the only source of their problems.

In Robert’s hospital room, he tells his daughter that he realizes she is concerned. And he will try to be more careful in the future. Right then, a doctor enters and informs them that all of the CAT scans have come back normal and he will be ok. But Robin is very concerned that next time, he wont’ be so lucky. In response to that, he asks her what kind of a father he would be to her if he did not stand up for what he believes in.

Georgie is attempting to work and get her mind off of things, when Mike knows she has something up that is completely distracting her from everything she does. He notices that she is pouring salt in the sugar shaker and asks if she wants to talk. She admits to Mike that she is very concerned about what is going on with Dillon. He reminds her that Dillon has been through a lot in the last year. She tells him she realizes how profoundly affected Dillon has been by Lulu’s decision to abort. But he’s living a lie. And so much has happened with hers’ and Dillon’s life, as well as Lulu’s and Maxie’s lives. He then tells her that he knows that she is dealing responsibly with the consequences and it’s called growing up. Right then, Maxie enters and confirms to her sister that she is pregnant. She smirks.

Jason is alone in his home not knowing what to do. Elizabeth is also alone.

Lucky sits by the door of Elizabeth’s grandmother’s house hanging onto his wedding ring and unable to get his wife out of his mind. He then knocks on the door. Elizabeth’s grandmother gets it. He tells her that he wants to wait for Elizabeth. For the first time, Audrey tells him that it is not a good idea for him to wait for Elizabeth. She no longer wants to see him.

Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Dr. Lee. She tells her that she has not finished all the tests yet. Elizabeth tells her that’s ok. But she needs to know ASAP if the baby is Lucky’s or Jason’s. Right then, Ric appears and overhears her conversation.

Lorenzo meets his guys on the docks. They tell him that as soon as Robert gets out of the hospital, he will probably leave town. And Lorenzo still won’t have a clue where Skye and the baby are.

Right at that moment, Robert is putting on his street clothes and ready to leave the hospital, against his daughter’s and everybody’s medical advice.

Jax asks Carly if she does not believe that Sonny will work against him, every chance he gets. She tells him that she knows that Sonny has his issues. But she believes that she will be able to get her boys to come around and see how good he is for her. Yet, they are all still not ready to give up on their little schemes.

After Georgie asks Maxie what she believes will happen now that she is pregnant by Lucky, Maxie tells her sister that she knows that Lucky will have to see things her way. Georgie tells her sister that she needs to wake up and realize that she was able to manipulate Lucky and turn him into an addict. But he’s in love with only his wife and nothing she can do will change that. Entrapping him by this pregnancy is not going to make Lucky love her, marry her, or give her what she expects from him. Maxie believes differently, however.

Audrey tells Lucky that the best thing he can do is go back to Shadybrook and show Elizabeth that he genuinely wants to get better. But he does not listen when he notices Cameron playing. He rushes to hold his step son. And tells him how much he’s missed him and that he won’t give up on his mother. And he tells him that he is not leaving until Elizabeth gets back.

After Elizabeth gets off the phone, Ric makes his presence known to her. He tells her he did not mean to eavesdrop upon her conversation but he overheard and wants to congratulate her. He then tells her that he knows that she and Lucky have been having problems but maybe this could turn things around for them. She tells Ric that she doesn’t want to discuss this right now. And right then, Jason appears and tackles Ric. He instantly assumes that he is going to hurt Elizabeth. Ric demands to know what is wrong with Jason.

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