GH Update Friday 10/6/06

General Hospital Update Friday 10/6/06


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Outside, while drinking coffee Robin is grabbed from behind, by a strange man. Alcazar, standing nearby, then threatens her because he is awaiting word on Skye's whereabouts; and he knows that by finding Robin's father Robert he will find his baby. When Lucky answers the phone at the rehab center, he hears silence on the other end where Elizabeth can't bring herself to say anything. He anxiously says her name over and over. He also begins to tell her how much he loves her and the baby; but she, not able to withstand the pain, hangs up on him before he finishes his message of love to her.

Carly interrogates Jason about whether he is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Carly accuses her of taking advantage of Jason when he was confused because he saw Sam making love to Ric. Carly doesn't want Sam to be heartbroken because Jason was momentarily weak. Jason defends himself with no relief from Carly. Colleen holds baby Spencer and fantasizes of her prince, Nikolas. She has insanely fallen in love with him, and tells the baby that something awful will befall Nikolas, at which point she thinks she will give him unconditional love and care. She dreams of him stuck in bed, her as his caregiver and he madly devoted to her, about to make love to her. A frantic Alfred interrupts her daydream, rushing in saying that something terrible has happened. Alcazar offers Robin the easy way or the hard way, either way he wants his baby. Just as he let her go Patrick walks up to comfort her. Patrick offers to take her to Paris, where he will be researching Laura's condition. But She refuses, asking for a rain check. He then makes an urgent call. Carly sees this situation as a disaster, and continues coming down on her best friend. Believing it is the right thing, Jason is determined to tell Sam the truth.

Jason admits that he and Sam may be over, because of her new family with Alexis. Carly believes that Alexis is using her sickness to manipulate Sam from pursuing a relationship with Jason, her true love. At the hospital Elizabeth, clearly upset, runs into Patrick. He sits with her and tries to comfort her. He offers her a walk in the park; but she needs to be alone. Nikolas is brought into the hospital for an injury. Patrick orders an ex ray on his knee and treatment for a possible concussion. At the rehab center, an unwelcome Maxi, being held by a nurse, blurts out to Lucky that they are pregnant!

At Windomere, Colleen cares for an injured Nikolas, who has a torn ligament from the fall. Colleen plays the concerned friend by telling him that the accident was deliberate; and that she is worried that someone is trying to hurt him. At General Hospital, Patrick warns Robert about Alcazar threatening his daughter. Robert tells Robin, who is rolling her eyes, that he will be watching over her. Georgie still tries to contact her sister to find out if she is having a baby. Meanwhile, Maxi is smugly confident about carrying Lucky's child, promising him that she didn't trap him. She also points out that because of his obvious views about Lulu's pregnancy, abortion is out of the question.

Georgie gets nervous hanging up the cell phone when she see that Elizabeth was standing at the counter a few feet from her. Elizabeth doesn't blame her for her sister's manipulative behavior; but doesn't understand Georgie defending her. She also tells her about the baby. Robin angrily tells Patrick and her father to butt out. Colleen blames Helena for the accident. A shocked Lucky faces Maxi about the pregnancy, making her promise that she won't tell anyone.

When Jason refuses to turn his back on Elizabeth, Carly leaves disappointed. Colleen tries to reason with the baby for her actions that caused the accident. Daydreaming, she also tells the baby that one day Nikolas will see her as the mother and wife she could be to them. Robert plays with Alcazar, and gives him a message to get lost. Alcazar whistles, greeting Robert's threats with gunpoint and telling him that he could make him disappear. Robin sneaks into the locker room joking with Patrick; because earlier, she treated him harshly.

Carly overhears that Sonny is slow in getting her house repaired so he can keep her under his watchful eye. Colleen concentrates on Nikolas. Carly calls Jax for a lavish wonderful dinner in Sonny's living room. Robin finds her father badly beaten lying in blood. Lucky arrives at the hospital to find his wife who unfortunately has gone to Jason's apartment. Jason wants to talk about his plans if the baby is his, and asks Elizabeth to marry him.

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