GH Update Thursday 10/5/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/5/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

At her mother's room, Lulu speaks with Dylan in the hall. Alfred confronts Nikolas about what he believes really happened to him. Ric talks on his cell at the restaurant when Carly runs into him. Jason wonders if Elizabeth is carrying his child. She confirms that he could be the father.

Alfred believes that given his healthy lifestyle, his accident wasn't accidental. Elizabeth stops by to check on Alfred and is surprised that he believes foul play is involved. Lulu is not sorry for her decision about the abortion but believes it has changed her. Dylan also has been changed by the abortion, realizing that he used his image and interest in film to escape. Dylan wants Lulu to help cover up the condom mistake that has caused unwanted pregnancy's. Lucky continues to write his letter to his estranged wife. He tears up his paper and tries to call her instead.

Elizabeth apologizes to Jason for keeping the pregnancy a secret for so long, then she tells him about the defective condoms. Jason is confused and Elizabeth sits on the sofa, frustrated. She wants Jason to keep the secret because she doesn't want to undermine her husband's recovery. Elizabeth asks Jason if he would want a boy and a girl. Georgie walks into Maxi's room lashing out at her for going to see Lucky; but stops mid sentence when she sees her sister holding a pregnancy test. At the restaurant, Carly warns Ric about teaming up against Jason, telling him karma will haunt him.

Carly reminds Ric of when he chained her to a wall. Carly also tells him he is second choice to Sonny especially with Christina. She warns him that Sonny will make him pay for everything he did to Sam and herself. Alcazar listens in. Jason knows his life is too dangerous for a child, as he remembers Sam getting shot. Jason decides that if he is the father of the baby his life would be too dangerous, while Elizabeth argues that danger can take many forms, like what Lucky has put her son Cameron through. Georgie is shocked and appalled that her sister could be pregnant by a married man. At Windomere, Emily, Nikolas and Alfred talk about who would try to harm him and blame Helena. Colleen plays right into the discussion running in and screaming about how she and Spencer were targeted in the park by evil Helena. This keeps her innocent caring nanny image even more believable.

Nikolas worries that his grandmother might target Emily while she is gone. Lulu visits a disappointed Lucky who was hoping to see his wife in rehab. Lucky sympathizes with Lulu about her abortion. Elizabeth talks with Jason about how she put her husband's needs ahead of her son's. Jason wants to help her, they are both confused. They hold hands and Jason tells her that they will all be okay. Outside, Ric is attacked by Alcazar who wants to discuss his success and failure. Carly is about to pick up her food when she realizes that she forgot her son's prescription. Mike offers to deliver the food but is upset when he finds that she lives with Sonny. Alcazar is upset because his shipments are missing and makes Ric look the other way while he does his dirty work. Ric and Alcazar throw threats back and forth.

Jason offers Elizabeth money so she will not need to work so hard. He wants to give her a good life whether or not the baby is his. Jason tells her that he and Sam is separated. Elizabeth doesn't want Jason to hurt Sam by telling her about the baby until they know for sure who is the father.

Lucky dreams about his family and new baby while Lulu listens. Lulu is more sure than ever that she made the right decision by killing her baby. Colleen suggests that Nikolas go to Greece with Emily so that they can reconnect, while she stays with Alfred. Alfred knows she is up to something. Nikolas asks Emily if she wants him to go with her, she replies saying that it is not that simple.

Alcazar talks on his cell phone about finding skye. Emily doesn't want to go with Nikolas to Greece. She is not ready for anything more than a friendship. At the hospital, Carly overhears Elizabeth say that Jason may be the father of her baby. Georgie is preoccupied with Maxi, ignoring Dylan, while sitting at the table. Dylan asks her to take a walk. A gloved Colleen creeps into the stable just behind Nikolas, holding a knife. Elizabeth listens to Lucky's message, and calls him back without saying anything. Maxi gets the results of the pregnancy test. Carly burst into Jason's apartment outraged demanding to speak with him. She immediately questions him about Elizabeth's baby.

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