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Georgie is working at Kelly’s when Maxie comes in. Georgie asks Maxie what she thinks of a new recipe. Maxie admits to her sister that she does not want to talk about food. Georgie attempts to ask her sister if it was really worth it to have her stomach pumped out just to get the attention of a married man. She asks Maxie when she will get a clue. Maxie asks her sister when she will accept the fact that she still has Lucky on the brain. Lulu is outside overhearing their conversation.

Lucky goes to visit his catatonic mother in her home and informs her that he is going to get drug treatment and that he will soon be a dad. Right then, Robin Scorpio walks in and asks him about Cameron.

Elizabeth is on her cell phone in the hospital locker room. Emily enters and informs Elizabeth that the cutest thing just happened. She went and talked to Cameron and he told her that he will be having a new baby brother or sister. In response to that, Elizabeth realizes that she has been keeping her pregnancy a secret from many people. Emily admits that she is very surprised to find out that Elizabeth is pregnant.

On the docks, Lorenzo surprises Jason by having a group of shooters ambush Jason and pull guns on him. He tells Jason that she knows that he is plotting plan that will sabotage his business. He tells Jason either he comes up with a good reason for why Lorenzo should not kill him. Or he will have these gentlemen shoot him right where he stands.

Lulu enters Kelly’s. Maxie asks her why she insists on being around Kelly’s so much. Lulu reminds Maxie that she works there. Maxie reminds her that her sister(Georgie) has worked here longer so maybe Lulu should do the decent thing and look for another job. Georgie asks them to stop. Maxie reminds Lulu that she got pregnant by Dillon and had an abortion. Lulu reminds Maxie that she likes to repeat that. Maxie tells Lulu that her abortion has really hurt Lucky. Lulu tells Maxie that she has hurt Lucky by breaking up his marriage causing him to be institutionalized for drugs.

Robin informs Lucky that she has been discussing with Luke the possibility of a treatment for Laura. Lucky seems to not want to count on that, however,. He tells her that it might really devastate his mother to find out that Lulu had an abortion. Plus the fact he does not want her to see and notice him until he is well.

Elizabeth informs Emily that Maxie has been sleeping with Lucky and finding drugs for him. Then Maxie OD’d when Lucky could not commit to her. Then she told Mac about the affair and about Lucky’s drug addiction. Mac fired Lucky. Lucky lost it and threatened to kill Jason and get him framed for drugs.. Emily is really surprised to hear that but she tells Elizabeth that she believes that Lucky will get the help he needs, get his life together and be a good father to the new baby. Elizabeth admits to Emily, howver, that she is not certain that the baby is Lucky’s.Emily is very surprised to hear that Elizaertyh would cheat on her husband. Elizaeth admits that she did once. It was with Jason. And she admits to Emily that she may be pregnant with Emily’s brother’s baby.

Lorenzo calls off his shooters and tells Jason that was just a warning. The next time, it won’t be so courteous. He tells Jason that he made it back from South America without any consequences. But Sonny might not be so lucky. He taunts Jason about how he will relish seeing Sonny becoming desperate.

Elizabeth confesses to Emily that she was devastated to return to her home one night and catch Lucky going at it with Maxie. She got out of there and was all alone in the rain when her car broke down and all her credit cards were maxed out. So she found herself at Jason’s door. He was very supportive. One thing led to another. They used condoms. But they just happened to be the defective ones that the Quartermaines’ could get sued for. So the baby could be his. But it’s also entirely possible that the baby could be Lucky’s because they didn’t use anything. Emily tells Elizabeth that she will have to do a paternity test and find out who the real father is. Elizabeth tells Emily that regardless of whom the baby’s father is, she has to just do what is right for both her and her baby.

After Robin has told Lucky about the possible treatment for Laura, she tells him that there are no guarantees. But she believes there is hope. Dr. Drake does not recommend it however. He tells her that he would certainly consider trying it. Realizing that he has heard about it for the first time and not from his father, she tells him that he must forgive Luke. He is very worried about getting his hopes up and didn’t want to devastate Lucky as well as himself if it does not work. Lucky tells Robin he really appreciates her effort and he leaves. Robin then goes in to talk to Laura, telling her that she cannot guarantee that this drug will work. But if it does, she will be coming back to a family that will really need her help.

Robin finds Patrick and makes a joke about the way she left him, in the house with hot soup, assuming he would sleep. He jokes back that he thinks he remembers her but has work to do. he reminds him that this is a hospital where they are supposed to cure people and not wear themselves ragged. He then asks her what has happened recently with Laura Spencer. She tells him that she will never agree with his opinion that they should not try this experimental drug that could bring her back.

After Maxie has left Kelly’s, Georgie tells Lulu that she is sorry for what happened to Lucky. Lulu then slams Maxie, reminding Georgie that her sister ruined her brother’s life, attempted to ruin his marriage and that Lucky would never want a skank like Maxie, In response to hearing Lulu trashing her sister, Georgie protests that Maxie is not the only one hear who did something wrong. Right then, Dillon walks in.

Right when Lucky is in his private room in the drug rehab facility, writing a letter to Elizabeth about how he wants to get their marriage back and how much she means to him, he gets a surprise visit from Maxie. She is wearing a doctor’s white coat to disguise herself and wants to seduce him. He tells her she has to leave. And she has to get it through her head that they are through and he is going to get back with Elizabeth.

Jason meets with Bernie to discuss a plan to combat Lorenzo Alcazar

Right then Elizabeth gets on the phone to call Jason. Not far away, Lorenzo watches her. She tells Jason that she would like to see him. But knowing he is busy, she chickens out and tells him she’s sorry to have bothered him and it wasn’t important anyway.

Bernie tells Jason that he seriously doubts that Ric is working with Lorenzo Alcazar and believes that Jason is just angry at Ric for personal reasons.

Maxie tells Lucky that he needs to realize that Elizabeth does not love him. He tells her that Elizabeth merely could not stay married to an addict. But when he gets through rehab, she will take him back. She asks him how far along Elizabeth was before she told him she was pregnant. He tells her that she simply had her reservations at the time. She asks him if Elizabeth has been there to see him and tells him that he cannot count on Elizabeth but he can always count on her to be there for him. He tells her that he is not going to leave Elizabeth for her and she has to leave. She goes but tells him that he will regret rejecting her and going back to a woman who does not love him.

Dillon comes in to hear Lulu and Georgie talking. Lulu explains to him that they were just catching up on how they all spent their summer. She believes that Georgie and Maxie are judging her. But she reminds them that while Georgie and Maxie were growing up with their dolls in a safe and secure environment, she was freezing her butt off going ice fishing while her dad was swigging down a bottle of bourbon. She angrily goes out the door. Alone with Dillon, Georgie protests to him that he must not ever believe that she believes that she is better than Lulu. She has felt out of sync much of her life. But Dillon confirms to Georgie that he may understand Lulu better than she does. Dillon is still dressed like a scholarly geek and playing the “unnatural” role.

Patrick admits to Robin that he may have a problem looking weak in her eyes. She confirms that he must never fear that she thinks ill of him. They get cozy. And right then, Lorenzo enters and tells Robin he would like to talk to her about how her father has helped Skye and his child disappear. She tells him that she is busy working. He tells her that he believes an eye for an eye. She asks if he is threatening her. Patrick jumps to Robin’s defense. She tells him she does not need any protection and addresses Lorenzo by telling him that she is not intimidated by him. Lorenzo concludes that he needs to find his child and he is very serious. Lorenzo leaves.

Emily goes to talk to Jason. He asks her if she has had any conversations with their grandfather about Lorenzo Alcazar. She tells him that Edward has some concerns about Lorenzo. But Jason seems to know that Emily might have another reason to come to talk to him. He seems to know that it might have something to do with Elizabeth. He tells her that Elizabeth called him not long ago and sounded like she had something on her mind. Emily then shares with Jason that Elizabeth told her some things about her pregnancy. She just found out that he and Lucky got into a brawl and Lucky has really lost it. She tells him she realizes Lucky is having some real problems right now. But she tells him Lucky is a great guy and he intends to get some help and redeem himself. Jason tells Emily he understands and hopes that Lucky can get his life back on track. She then asks him about Sam. He tells her that he and Sam have a lot to work out. She tells him that Elizabeth might take a while to get over all of Lucky’s mistakes. And maybe he(Jason) can do the same for Sam. Emily leaves.

Georgie tells Jason that she does not judge Lulu for aborting. She believes in her right to choose. But she is concerned about him. She knows that he has had a passion for film making. Big business is not the real Dillon Quartermaine. She tells him that being different is not a bad thing. But lying about who you are is a crime.

Patrick is on the phone telling Luke that he is very worried about how the treatment could ruin Laura. It could cause her to be in a completely vegetative state and ruin what little functionality she has right now. Robin then grabs the phone and tells Luke that Dr. Drake is dead wrong about his assumption and is completely misinformed about the treatment. She tells him they will discuss this treatment with him and make certain that he has all the facts at another time... She hangs up. Patrick protests to her that Luke called to ask for his professional opinion and he gave it to him. She tells him that he must realize that he knows nothing about this treatment or the doctor who is administering it. He tells her that it would be cruel to have Laura’s family get their hopes up only to see this treatment ruin her further. She tells him that he cannot say that this treatment won’t work. And she must call Luke, give him the facts about the treatment and undo the damage that Patrick has already caused. They argue and each tells the other that they do not respect the other’s opinion.

Dillon and Georgie debate about the situation with Lulu.

In his private room, Lucky looks at a picture of himself and Laura in happier times. He continues to write his letter, telling her that nobody can change what has already happened nor take back anything no matter how much they wish they could. He tells her that he believes that in time, they will find all the magic that they need to get their family back with Cameron and the new baby.

Right then, it looks like Maxie is alone in her room with a pregnancy test.

Elizabeth goes to Jason’s while Emily is there. Emily leaves so that they can talk alone. Elizabeth tells Jason that she knows that they agreed about not telling anybody about the night they were together. He confirms that she told Emily. She tells him that Emily was really hurt that she did not tell her. But she doesn’t want to go telling people about it proactively. And she doesn’t want anybody to know about Ric and Sam because she wants Jason to get back with Sam. Right then, he asks Elizabeth what if he is the father of her baby.

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