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Elizabeth returns to her grandmother’s house after work, ready to unwind after a long day and see her son. But her grandmother tells her that she must give Lucky another chance, see him through rehab, realize that she is pregnant with his child and get back with him. Elizabeth is obviously not willing to do that, however.

At the metro court, Ric is scheming on some business deals. He makes certain that Jason sees him touching Sam. She is totally turned off however and talks away. Lorenzo talks to him alone.

Jax and Carly declare that they love each other. She tells him, however, that she has her reservations. She tells him that now that they have confirmed that they love each other, it can only mean that something bad will happen.

After Sonny has given Alexis the ultimatum to either get the chemo or have him take Kristina from Ric if she dies, she tells him that even he couldn’t be nasty enough to drag her into family court in her condition. He tells her he has no intention of doing any such thing. He just wants her to take the chemo, get better and be there for her kids. But if she refuses to save her own life, as soon as she is dead and buried in the ground, he will take Kristina as far from Ric as possible.

The professor who confronted Lulu about her decision to drop out and motivated her not to, runs into her at Kelly’s. They get into a big argument about who is better than whom and who is shallow and who has problems. He tells her that he knows that something bad has happened to her. She is enjoying wearing it like a glove. And she is feelings sorry for herself over something. She tells him he knows nothing about her. He tells her that he understands people like her all too well. And he asks her to tell him what he does not know. Right then, she tells him that she got pregnant and had an abortion. He responds to that by telling her big deal.

Alexis tells Sonny that she knows him too well. He’s really good at making threats and demanding his own way. But he will not take Kristina out of the only home she’s known. He tells her that after she is dead and he’s the only living parent Kristina has, he will do anything he can to protect her. He also reminds her that if she chooses to die, then she won’t be able to prevent him from doing as he sees fit. She tells him she is not choosing to die. She is just looking for other options besides chemo.

Elizabeth’s grandmother is determined to get her back with Lucky. She asks her why she won’t even give him a chance. Elizabeth protests that she is doing what she needs to do. She informs her that she attended an al anon meeting today. It was not for Lucky. It was for herself. Lucky needs to get clean and sober and take care of himself without depending upon her. Her grandmother asks her who will take care of her when she is alone and pregnant.

At the metro court, when Sam sees Ric talking to Lorenzo, she gets up and leaves. She calls Jason who is at Sonny’s in a business meeting. She asks to meet, telling him that this is really important. He goes out the door to meet Sam.

Jax asks Carly where this premonition of doom is coming from. She tells him at first, he wasn’t ready so he bailed. Then she wasn’t and she bailed. And now that they are in sync, they must believe that something or somebody will ruin it. He tells her that now that they are in love, nothing is going to ruin anything for them. He kisses her. But she is distracted and suspicious. Right then, her phone rings. He tells her she cannot answer it. She tells him she must if it’s the kids. It’s Sonny. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. This is important. He believes that she might be the only person who can help him with something.

The professor tells Lulu that he knows that she is reading her textbooks for the sole purpose of attempting to prove something to somebody. And that’s not the way to do it. Instead of just memorizing facts and figures, she should learn something about what it all means. She tells him he is a cold and shallow jerk. He asks her why. Is it because he is not impressed by her drama?

At the metro court, after Sam has left, Ric sits alone with Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Ric that when Jason was spying upon them, he seemed to know what they were up to. He noticed Ric putting his hand on Sam’s knee in an attempt to make Jason angry. And Lorenzo tells him that he does not think he will succeed. Ric tells Lorenzo that no, he was not trying to make Jason angry so that he would kill him although he believes that that is what Lorenzo wants.

Sam meets Jason on the roof and explains to him that she had no intention of being anywhere with Ric. He tricked her by making her think that they were meeting with Kristina’s teacher because Kristina had problems. She was totally disgusted to be around that pig. And Jason must know that she was not enjoying being with Ric. He tells her he knows all of that.

Sonny asks Carly to come to the hospital to go and see Alexis and help him talk her out of refusing the chemo. Carly tells Alexis that she wants to be supportive of her and understands everything. And right then, she pulls a stunt by telling Alexis that she need not worry a hair on her head about Kristina. Because Kristina will be just fine, with her. It looks like Sonny knew of the perfect way to “motivate” Alexis to see things his way.

Ric tells Lorenzo that they need each other. Lorenzo tells Ric they must not get carried away. Skye and his child are gone. His son is grown and out on his own. Ric, on the other hand, has a lot to lose with his ill wife, and with whatever is going on with him and Sam. And also Ric’s older brother whom Ric has been dependent upon throughout his entire life. Lorenzo tells Ric that he is very vulnerable.

In Alexis’ hospital room, she tells Carly that she knows that she and Jax are seeing each other. But Carly tells Alexis that is not the case. She and Sonny are getting back together with their family. And they are going to include Kristina in their clan. She will teach Kristina to use credit cards and become a shopaholic, buy her make up, color her hair blond when she turns 16. And she will get Kristina a job where she starts at the bottom. Alexis demands that they get out of her room. Sonny asks Alexis if that is any gratitude to the woman who wants to raise her child. Sonny and Carly leave and seem to believe they have a good scheme to push Alexis’ buttons.

Lulu tells the professor that he is really arrogant to assume he knows how or if she reads a book. Is he a psychic? He tells her that it’s not hard to figure out what goes in inside the mind of somebody as self absorbed as her. She tells him that he thinks he has her all figured out. But she is going to ace his class and have him eat her insignificant dust. He leaves. And right then, Lulu observes Elizabeth enter. Maxie follows Elizabeth into Kelly’s and acts friendly, telling her that she wants to help Elizabeth and Lucky. Elizabeth tells Maxie that she does not trust her and will not forgive her for ruining her marriage.

Sam concludes to Jason that it is not working. They have been trying and failing for too long to get back what they had. He realizes that may be true. He admits he has his own issues to deal with. But that does not mean he does not still care about her.

At Kelly’s, Elizabeth tells Maxie that she used and manipulated Lucky, enabled him to become an addict. And when things did not work the way Maxie wanted, she cried to her daddy and got Lucky fired from the police force. Overhearing the conversation, Lulu confronts Maxie and confirms that now she knows who the slut is who is having sex with her brother.

Carly returns to Jax’s home and tells him that he may not like what she is about to tell him about the idea Sonny had that she helped him with. He admits that as soon as he hears that it’s Sonny’s idea, he won’t like it. She explains that Sonny asked her to go and inform Alexis that if she dies, she(Carly) will raise Kristina, if Alexis refuses to take chemo.

Sonny returns home and talks to Jason about their business ventures. Jason concludes that he will go and take care of Puerto Rico and that now is a good time for him to leave the country.

Sam and Ric return to the hospital. He asks her why she bailed on his meeting. She tells him that he manipulated her into thinking that they were meeting because of Kristina. Then he lured her into talking to some business people about something she was not interested and took time that they did not have. And on top of that, he had the gall to let Jason see him put his hand on her leg. She tells him how dare he. Right then, they turn to see Alexis come out in her wheelchair where she can hear their entire conversation.

Elizabeth is alone at home, remembering a time when she and Lucky were happy together, having fun in the snow during Christmas time and declaring their love for each other. Right then, she gets on the phone.

Lulu tells Maxie that she did a terrible thing. She got Lulu’s brother addicted to drugs and slept with a married man and behaved in a disgraceful manner. Maxie tells Lulu that she is a fine one to judge. Lulu slept with Maxie’s sister’s husband, lied about her sister doing something she did not do, and got pregnant by her sister’s husband.

Sam and Ric go into Alexis’ room. She tells them that she has considered all the treatment options. And she’s made a decision.

In response to finding out what Carly let Sonny put her up to doing, he tells her he does not know. He does not agree with her methods. But he’s certain that she meant well. He does wonder, however, why she is doing what Sonny wants her to do. She then tells him that she had a really hard time selling to Alexis that she was in love with Sonny. And the reason is because she is in love with somebody else. And that is him.

Sonny tells Jason that he cannot give him the go ahead to go to Puerto Rico. Jason needs to stay here and keep an eye on Lorenzo Alcazar. And he also happens to know that a major reason for Jason to split town is to run away from Sam.

Elizabeth gets on the phone. But she cannot dial the number she considered calling when she remembers sleeping with Jason.

Alexis tells Ric and Sam that she is tired of the hospital and the diagnoses and of going into another coma. She does not want to have the chemo. But she realizes that almost everybody wants her to do it. SO she is going to do what will benefit most people. And that means she will do the chemo. They are surprised and relieved to hear her say that. She tells them that she needs them to co-exist and get along. They both agree to give her whatever she needs.

After Sonny has told Jason that he knows that he wants to leave in order get away from Sam, Jason tells Sonny that may be true. It may get her off his mind if he goes away. But Sonny tells Jason that going away will not enable him to get over Sam. Jason asks Sonny if he does not have faith in him. Sonny tells Jason it is not that. It’s just that he needs him here. He tells Jason he knows he is angry at Ric for sleeping with Sam. But maybe things can work themselves out and maybe Jason and Sam can get back together.

Jax and Carly decide there will be no more distractions. And she takes out the ring that he gave her and she tells him that she will give him her heart. He kisses her. And they sleep together.

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