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General Hospital Update Monday 10/2/06



Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny, carly and the kids are together in his house and looking like they are happy together. But it’s only while she is waiting for Jax to take her out.

Alexis asks Epiphany to come into her room and talk about Alexis’ decision to refuse to get chemo.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth if Lucky were to complete his treatment program and clean up his act, would she be willing to take him back? He indicates to her that he would prefer that she would give Lucky another chance and get back with him under the right set of circumstances. But Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she does not believe that things could ever be to the way they were nor that Lucky could ever be the same.

On the rooftop, Sam asks Jason how things can get back to the way they used to be and if there is any way that she can make him trust her.

Jax comes to Sonny’s to pick Carly up and he informs them that Alexis has refused the chemo. Carly asks why Alexis would not want to save her life. Sonny asks Jax if he did not tell Alexis that he disapproved of her decision and that it’s not in her best interest to do that. Jax tells Sonny that it was not his place to undermine her decision. Sonny asks Jax if he did not attempt to get through to Alexis and be a friend to her. Jax tells Sonny he could have bullied or threatened her but that is not his style. That is something that Sonny would do, he tells him.

Epiphany informs Alexis that she had to face the same situation. She had breast cancer a while back. So she chose the most aggressive chemo they had. She got very sick and it took a long time to recover. But it saved her life in the long run. She informs Alexis that she did not have the luxury of wringing her hands, thinking, waiting, and researching on the internet. She had a son in a school for gifted kids and needed to make certain she was a responsible mother. Alexis reminds Epiphany that her case is totally different. But Epiphany reminds Alexis that there are never any guarantees when somebody gets Cancer and has the chemo option.

Ric and Lorenzo meet at the metro court. Lorenzo warns Ric that he might have second thoughts about double-crossing Sonny and Jason. And it could put Ric in danger. Ric tells Lorenzo that he does not believe that Jason will try to kill him. He would not do that to Sonny’s brother. If Lorenzo plays his cards right and does what Ric asks of him, Ric will come through on his end of the bargain. If Lorenzo takes Jason out, Sonny will be very vulnerable without his right hand man. Ric will handle the rest. And he will arrange for Lorenzo to have the town all to himself. He has a plan involving Sam. He gets on the phone to call Sam while she’s talking to Jason on the roof. Sam asks Ric to get straight to the point because she’s busy and does not have time to talk to him.

Edward talks to Emily at the metro court, worried because his grand daughter has not been getting back to him when he’s been trying to reach her. He indicates that he might need her help because he’s very concerned about the lawsuit for the defective condoms. He reflects to her that for so long, he had all the authority in all of the places and owned this town. But he had to be careless and let those manufacturers put their seal of approval on those condoms. Now, the new Quartermaine heir is dead. Emily tells her grandfather that Lulu made the choice to terminate her pregnancy. Nobody was killed. But he tells her that everything is ruined. Not long ago, the Quartermaine bowed to nobody. They never made deals with anybody. And now he’s sitting in somebody else’s bar drinking and dreading a lawsuit. And he wishes that Jason had killed Lorenzo Alcazar when he had the chance.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that no matter what anybody says or does or what Lucky promises, he would do anything in order to get the drugs. Nikolas asks her if she is giving up. She tells him that she has done everything she could to support Lucky in every way she could. But it did not work. She admits to Nikolas that she will always love Lucky. He asks her if that means that she still has hope. She concludes that their relationship is not going to work. And it’s very unhealthy and unrealistic for them to fool themselves trying to believe otherwise.

Sam agrees to meet Ric at the metro court. Jason is not ok with that. But she assures him that it’s only so that they can meet with Kristina’s teacher. She tells Jason that she is only co-existing Ric because she has to for her family. She hates what happened with Ric as much as he does. He tells her he knows.

Sonny asks Jax why the doctors are not making Alexis take chemo therapy. Jax tells Sonny that the doctors can only present options to her. And Alexis just wants to enjoy life as much as she can for whatever time she has. Carly asks if dying of lung cancer could be enjoyable for Alexis. Sonny asks Jax if he thinks Kristina would want her mommy to die of cancer. Jax tells Sonny that it is Alexis’ choice to do as she sees fit. Sonny responds to that by telling Jax when somebody loves somebody they will do whatever it takes in order to save them. Right then, Carly looks at her ex husband, remembering how they have done that for each other. And she admits she agrees with what Sonny just said. She then tells Jax that it’s time for them to go.

While Lucky is at his NA meeting, Patrick talks to Elizabeth about his own experience at al-anon. It saved his relationship with his father. She tells him she could not picture him at a meeting. He tells her he did not say much when he attended. He just shut up and listened. She tells him that she would like to see that. He then tells her that maybe they can go together and observe the meeting that Lucky is attending.

In Alexis’ room, she tells Nikoals that they must change the subject about her situation. He then informs his aunt that Lucky has gone into rehab. She is surprised to find out for the first time that Lucky has a drug addiction. Nikolas informs her that Lucky developed that problem after he hurt his back the night he shot Manny. Alexis admits to her nephew that she has not been in the loop about many things in many people’s lives throughout the last year. Nikolas informs her that she will miss out on a lot more if she does not do something in order to save her life. He asks her if it’s a Cassadine thing for her to sabotage her life.

Jason comes and informs Sonny that he believes that they need to beware of Lorenzo Alcazar. He is becoming stronger with every shipment they get. Sonny tells Jason that they are not equipped to get into a war right now Alexis could be dying. She refuses to take chemo. And he’s very worried about his daughter not having a mother. He tells Jason that he has to offer Kristina the same protection that he offers Michael and Morgan. Only it’s different with her. To the boys, he is their real father. But to Krsitina, he’s just a man who takes her out for ice cream once a week and buys her birthday and Christmas presents. Jason tells Sonny that he has some serious concerns about Ric. But Sonny tells Jason that he must realize that killing Ric will not change what he did with Sam. Sonny assumes that Jason is merely jealous of Ric and Sm and does not realize that it’s more serious than that.

Sam goes to the metro court after Ric asked her to meet with Kristina’s teacher. She assumes that the teacher has asked them to meet because Kristina is having problems. The woman assures Sam absolutely no way does Kristina have problems. She has a completely different reason to meet with Sam and Ric. And of course, Ric knows all about the reason why they are meeting when Sam does not.

Alexis tells Nikolas that she is not going to spend the rest of her days throwing up and bald and sick and having her children watching her sitting in the hospital in this condition. He asks her if it would benefit her children if she died of lung cancer. Right then, she tells him she wishes that he would realize that she is doing everything the best she can to make the right decision. She cries. Right then, Nikolas backs off and apologizes. But he still expresses his concerns about Ric running the show in the event of her death and what is going on now. She tells him that she knows that Ric is not perfect. But he is doing his est.

Carly tells Jax that she is concerned about Alexis refusing to take chemo and that he must be worried about losing her. But he tells her that spending the time with Alexis today, made him realize how valuable it is to live and how anybody would make the most of the time they have. He was able to see what a dear friend Alexis has been to him. And he also had a chance to realize how he would never want to lose Carly.

Sonny tells Jason that if they get into a dispute with Ric, it’s going to ruin everything. He is the husband of the mother of her child. Alexis is dying. Ric is calling all the shots with her and with Sonny’s daughter. Jason asks Sonny if Alexis and Kristina are Ric’s ticket to ruin everybody’s life. And he indicates to Sonny that things would be a lot better of Ric was gone.

At the metro court, Edward and Emily are at a table. She tells her grandfather that maybe she should drive him home. But he really loses it when he sees Lorenzo and Ric at a table nearby. He fumes about how Lorenzo is a criminal and ran Skye out of town. Diego comes and talks to his father and encourages him not to give up on Skye. She might come back and realize that she has a family and she cannot shut her baby’s father and brother out of her life. But Lorenzo tells his son that he is not going to count on ever seeing Skye again. And he’s no longer going to compromise with anything again.

Carly tells Jax that more than anything, they have fun together. They laugh and they are good at it and that means something to her. But when things get serious, then there is a challenge. He moved half way across the world in order to escape from his issues. That’s one example. It was a huge step for him to help her have courage. And she doesn’t want to miss out on any chance she has with him.

Right then, Sonny walks into Alexis’ room and asks her how she can refuse chemo. She tells him that it will completely ruin her immune system. He asks her if she does not think she is being selfish to her daughters.

At the metro court, the woman asks Ric and Sam if they are willing and able to step in and do a fund raising project that Alexis used to do. Ric tells her that he is game and asks Sam if she is with them on that. Not far away, Jason enters and watches them coldly.

Carly asks Jax if he remembers the first time they made love. He got dressed and was ready to walk out the door but he stopped. She informs him for the first time that she was awake and heard him say that he loved her. And she informs him for the first time that when he was out of an ear shot, she told him she loved him too. He then tells her that he is not closing any doors or walking away now. And he means it when he says he love her. She tells him she loves him too. And they kiss.

Sonny tells Alexis that he realizes and understands that she is scared. She is looking for options besides chemo because she doesn’t want to be a burden to anybody or have to suffer. In response to that, she asks him if he’s learning that in therapy with Lanie. He tells her that he wants her to take the chemo and do what they doctors say. She asks him what he will do if she does not do what he expects. He replies that he will take Kristina from her when she dies.

Jason comes to the metro court and helps Emily take Edward home. Edward fights them. But they get him out of there.

Ric and Sam sit at the table together. He takes Sam’s hand and looks to the casual observer as though they might have a thing going on. Not far away, Jason notices them and is not happy. Sam is also not happy with this trick Ric is pulling.

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