GH Update Friday 9/29/06

General Hospital Update Friday 9/29/06



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Sonny, eating breakfast outside with the kids, invites a reluctant Carly to join them. Jason interrupts Elizabeth who is reading a heartfelt letter from Lucky. Alexis has a flashback of Sam and Ric having sex and; she tells Sam they have to talk.

Carly is persuaded into eating with them but admits that she is on to Sonny's plan . Carly leaves Jax a message letting him know that she can be reached at the mansion. Ric visits Jax, persuading him to talk Alexis into the chemo. Alexis discusses strange medicine with Sam since she has decided against the Chemotherapy. Sam becomes upset and pushes Alexis into following the doctors advice.

Jason offers to help Elizabeth take some time off, rest. She continues to tell him how grateful she is to have him in her life. She shows him the letter from her drug addicted husband and asks him to keep the pregnancy a secret. He wonders why she would make this choice, but agrees.

In Robin's apartment, Patrick wakes from the sofa, where he spent the night. Kelly makes him coffee and seductively offers to make him soup. Robin is jealous, when she arrives to see the display. Kelly, who is happy to assist Patrick, begins feeding him in her underwear. At the hospital, Ric tells Sam that he spoke to Alexis about her behavior yesterday toward Sam. Alexis discusses the girls with Jax; while he tries to convince her to take the chemo.

Carly taunts Sonny about the size of Jax's boat. Of course Sonny's new boat is much bigger. Carly and Sonny playfully flirt back and forth becoming frustrated. Michael stands at the stairs and sadly listens to his mother yell at Sonny.

Jax gives Alexis the odds, and unconditionally supports her through her decision. Because Sam walks up to the nurses station with Ric, Jason is offended. Michael calls Jason and holds the cell phone so that he can hear Sonny and Carly yelling.

At Robin's apartment, She takes Patrick's temperature; and they cuddle on the sofa. Patrick remembers his mother, and tells a funny story about his favorite book; his mother ripped out the sex scenes. He tells Robin that she reminds him of his mother. Jax and Laney discuss the cancer. He wants Laney to make her see the need for the chem. Laney suggests he get Sonny to talk with her. As Sonny and Carly continue arguing, Jason interrupts the fighting.

Nikolas took Lucky to rehab, and stops by the hospital to talk to Elizabeth. He tells her how desperately Lucky wants to get better to be in her and the baby's life. Sonny taunts Carly, telling Jason that she gets hot and bothered when she is around him. She smiles in disbelief of his ego, and calls Jax. She tells Jax to pick her up at Sonny's house because they are going out. Ric visits Alcazar, wishing to speed up their plan.

Patrick's blood test results are negative.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth if she can forgive Lucky and give him another chance. Because he thinks he is being set up, Alcazar backs out of his partnership with Ric. Sam and Jason meet on the roof again to discuss Alexis. Carly looks amazing when she comes down for her date with Jax.

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