GH Update Thursday 9/28/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/28/06



Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny laughs as Carly's evening is ruined. Robin confirms that Patrick has a fever. However he refuses any blood work, obviously nervous that he may have AIDS. Ric asks Sam and Nikolas to join Alexis. Lucky finally decides to get help for his addiction, by admitting himself to a treatment center. He is devastated when Elizabeth tells him that she won't visit him or be waiting when he is better. She tells him that the baby won't change anything. Their marriage is over.

Sonny sarcastically apologizes for destroying their romantic evening. Sonny sticks to his story about his meeting, and denies any involvement in ruining the romantic dinner. Robin strongly urges Patrick to face his fears and; get tested. Patrick agrees to have a blood test and check for AIDS. Alexis is not sure if she will do Chemotherapy, against the will of her family. Alexis is tired of fighting and doesn't want to waste her days sick. Elizabeth tearfully wishes Lucky the best, and tells him she will not have a future with him. He doesn't believe her and challenges her to look him into the eyes and tell him that she doesn't love him.

Alan assures Patrick that because of the protocol his chances of having AIDS are slim. Patrick's test results will be ready tomorrow. Jax gets the power back on. Sonny tells Jax that his intentions with Carly are a mistake. Sonny assures him that when Jax is done with her, he will leave her and that Sonny will have to pick up the pieces. Sonny assures him that he doesn't want Carly hurt and; implies that he will regret hurting her.

Jason asks Lucky to give Elizabeth some distance, while Lucky offers an apology for attempting to frame him. Elizabeth tells Lucky she loves him, and hopes he beats the addiction, as she walks out. Jax puts the pressure on to get Carly to answer about her feelings regarding Sonny. She believes his actions are genuine, even though he comes off as egotistical. Carly choose to take the relationship slowly, worried Jax may hurt her.

Lucky calls Nikolas to tell him that he is checking into rehab. Elizabeth thanks Jason for helping her face Lucky. She introduces her little boy to Jason and tells him about the baby she is carrying.

Patrick realizes that he has not come to terms with the possibility of infection with AIDS. Robin and Patrick bond, as she comforts him and gives him strength in facing the disease. Sam defends her actions, as Alexis angrily blames her for not being there for the girls while she was sick. Ric offends Alexis when he comes to Sam's defense. Elizabeth's grandmother pushes her to be with Lucky. Robin gives Patrick some antibiotics for his throat, and encourages him to join her at her house.

At the mansion, Carly admits to Sonny that he put a damper on her evening with Jax. But, she tells him to butt out of her life. She is willing to give Jax a chance even if he hurts her. Sam meets Jason on the roof, updating him on Alexis' condition, and crying over the angry speech. She is understandably hurt over the things her mother said. Carly continues to argue with Sonny, and tells him that she hated Emily and the thought of them together. Carly wants Sonny to be happy for her or get out of the way, and he smugly refuses. Jax stands on the terrace drinking alone.

Alexis regrets having been so mean to Sam. Ric cannot talk her into the Chemo. Nikolas and Lucky talk about the addiction. He is determined to find his way back to his wife and baby; while she has made up her mind that their life together is over. Elizabeth talks to her unborn child knowing that it is the reason that Lucky is getting help. She worries that Jason is the father.

Sam and Jason sweetly talk as their song plays. Jason promises that he isn't going anywhere; they have all the time they need.

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