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Sonny, Carly and the boys come back from her flooding house Michael remarks about how it is ruined and so unpleasant to even think about. Realizing that she may have indirectly caused it by refusing to listen to the warnings, Carly tells her son that she knows this and doesn’t need him over dramatizing about it. She tells Sonny that she believes that he must be secretly gloating about this because it will force her and the boys to stay with him and keep them away from Jax.

Ric comes to the hospital to see Alexis and demands that Sam tells him what is going on.

Jason goes to meet Lucky at the place where Lucky has asked to meet him. Lucky pulls the gun on Jason and tells him that he will put him in his place. Jason tells Lucky that he is too high to think straight and know what he is doing. He tells Lucky that nobody will believe that Lucky has busted him for drugs. He doesn’t use drugs. And he tells Lucky he must realizes that he(Lucky) needs help. Right then, they hear footsteps. Lucky instantly assumes that Jason has set him up to get in trouble. Right then, Lucky fires a shot and Jason grabs his gun. And they discover that Elizabeth is the unseen person who has gone to find them. She falls to the ground when Lucky fires. Luckily, the shot misses her and she is ok. But she is furious at Lucky and all the more convinced that he is out of his mind. She tells him that he could have hurt the baby. Hearing about a baby for the first time, he asks her what she is talking about. Right then, she reveals to him for the first time that she is pregnant.

The university professor whom Lulu goes to talk to about dropping out gives her a lecture. He tells her that he knows the reason she is giving up on her education is because she is avoiding and denying something. He then tells her that he knows she lacks the motivation and deserves to be working at worthless minimum wage jobs. So he tells her she may complete the papers so that other, more deserving students can have the opportunity that she is giving up. Right then, she tears it up and tells him he can shove his papers. And at that point, she summons her motivation to be unafraid of school.

Carly attempts to explain to her ex husband and sons that she is not about to stay at Sonny’s house long term. She tells Michael that he must realize that his parents are not getting back together. There are very suspicious circumstances surrounding the flooding of her house. And she has no problem staying in a hotel if anybody is unclear about her plans. Right then, Jax walks in and tells Carly he is ready to have dinner with her and doesn’t expect anything to get in the way of that.

At the hospital, Patrick hears Ric and Sam arguing about what is best for Alexis and ask them what the problem is. And he informs them that they put Alexis in the coma to protect her from pneumonia. But if they keep her sedated much longer, she could risk permanent brain damage

Elizabeth finds out that Lucky has attempted to frame Jason for drugs and tells him this is insane. He protests to her that he intends to make a legitimate bust because Jason is a criminal. Now that he’s found out that she is pregnant, he attempts to assure her that he will clean up his act, get his job back and they can have their baby together. In response to that, she sets him straight there is no way she will let him near her baby. Only she will be having this baby. He tells her she does not mean that. Right then, Jason speaks up and tells Lucky he must back off.

After Jax comes to Sonny’s, Carly sets Michael straight that she is going to have dinner with Jax. He goes upstairs and she makes her plans. She asks Sonny who was at the gate and why they did not give her the flowers that Jax gave her. She asks Sonny why he asked them not to. He tells her that his guards do not have time for that. It’s not their job. And she may stay at the motel. He implies to her that if she does not, she might be too “tempted”. He laughs. But Jax indicates that he has some serious issues remembering what happened a year ago. And he asks Sonny whose life he plans to ruin now.

Ric and Nikolas debate about whether to wake Alexis from her coma or not. Patrick tells her that it’s possible that she could be woken from her coma without any serious risks but there is no guarantee. Ric tells them he votes to wait 24 hours for her pneumonia to go away. Nikolas disagrees and asks Sam what she has to say since she is Alexis’ daughter.

Lulu gets into a debate with the professor about what her goals and aspirations are in life She tells him he knows nothing about her and she’s not going to let some arrogant jerk like him tell her that she’s going to be a loser working at minimum wage jobs for the rest of her life. He asks her if she’s ever heard of some of the great artists, poets and musicians. She tells him that she knows all about the blues. He tells her she is too shallow to appreciate the blues. She tells him that her father has educated her all about the blues and she can prove to him that she knows and appreciates it all.

After finding out that Elizabeth is pregnant, Lucky tells her he knows that she is angry but she must realizes that he is going to quit. She tells him there is no way she can buy that. How many times has he made that empty promise? She cannot have her son in her own house because of him. Right then, Jason tells Lucky that there is something he must know. But Lucky keeps protesting that he will not give up on Elizabeth. She asks Jason to take her to the hospital. They go off together. Lucky yells to Elizabeth that he loves her. But she tells him he better leave her alone and she goes off with Jason. He is very upset and frustrated by that.

Ric asks Patrick if he is saying that the risk of brain damage in the last 24 hours is unlikely. Patrick admits it’s not likely. Ric then tells him that he thinks it’s most important to protect her from pneumonia before it’s too late. Robin, right then, comes and tells Parick she needs to talk to him alone. Nikolas tells Ric and Sam that he has known Alexis longer than either one of them and knows the best what she would want. He knows that she would want to be woken right away. Sam tells her cousin that she agrees. But Ric is not ok with that. Nikolas tells Ric he realizes he is Alexis’ husband. But he thinks he should have some say in this. He goes and talks to Patrick and Robin. Alone with Sam, Ric tells her she has a lot of gall ganging up on him with Nikolas. She tells him she doesn’t trust him and she and Nikoals can take his daughters from him. He tells her she better not make threats about his daughters or she will be sorry. Right then, Nikolas, Patrick and Robin agree that they will end Alexis’ coma. Ric reluctantly agrees not to fight them. He goes in and talks to his comatose wife about how he’s agreed to do this because he’s been outnumbered. He tells her that he has done so many terrible things that he deeply regrets. But he believes that he can make things right for them. He secretly tells her, assuming that nobody will be the wiser, that he and Lorenzo Alcazar have put a plan into motion. And the family will all be safe from Sonny and Jason, including Sam even though she has her own plans. He tells Alexis that she will finally get everything that she wants. She will be able to have the peace of mind in order to recover from cancer. He takes her hand and kisses it. He tells her that this is his gift to her.

Jax asks Sonny if h remember what happened a year ago today. Sonny is ready to evade the issue. But Jax reminds him that Sonny’s behavior caused Carly to have a breakdown. She rain out in front of his car. He was driving Elizabeth home. They had an accident and Elizabeth lost their child. Hearing that, Carly tells Jax how sorry she was for her sick behavior a year ago. But he tells her it was not her fault. It was Sonny’s. He drove her to that point. She goes out the door and tells Jax how sorry she is for what happened then and now. He goes out the door, looking very disappointed. And he tells her he will be at the metro court ready to have dinner with her if she changes her mind. He kind of realizes she won’t, however. Alone with Carly, Sonny tells her hat Jax is right. She tells him no, he is not.

Jason takes Elizabeth to the hospital. Dr. Kelly Lee asks them what has happened. They kind of evade the issue and Dr. Lee takes Elizabeth into the room while Jason waits. Epiphany asks Jason what has happened and if Elizabeth is all right. He tells her that Elizabeth is pregnant and took a pretty big fall. She asks him if Elizabeth has finally told him the truth about her pregnancy.

Alone in the examination room Kelly asks Elizabeth how this happened. Elizabeth admits that she and Jason weren’t knowingly careless. They used the Quartermaine’s defective condoms. And he didn’t know that. It’s also possible that the baby could be Lucky’s because they have not used anything. Because of this, neither of them need to know that the baby is not Lucky’s. Kelly asks what if it turns out that the baby is Jason’s.

When Lulu returns home, she sits at the table reading and highlighting a textbook. Dillon seems surprised to see her doing that after she’s been so adamant about dropping out of school. She admits to him that she has changed her mind. She was going to withdraw. But in order to get the tuition reimbursed, she had to fill out some forms and have an argument with an arrogant jerk. He then asks her how it was that an arrogant jerk was able to talk her out of dropping out of school. She tells him that the arrogant jerk had the gall to imply that she is good for nothing more than a worthless minimum wage job. So in order to get him to see things her way, she has to prove him wrong by showing him that she can ace his classes.

Sonny tells Carly that he did everything he could in order to help her a year ago. But he knows he must have screwed up. She then tells him that it was not his fault. Nothing he could have done would have cured her. He tells her that he could not stand the thought of her being locked up. And maybe it was a mistake to do that. It was because of him that she got worse and worse every day. And that’s the reason why she ran into Jax’s car and Jax and Elizabeth’s baby died. She tells him that he must stop blaming himself. But he tells her that he remember that night. She looked so scared and so fragile and it broke his heart to see her like that. She reminds him that that was a life time ago. He smiles and says look at her now. She is brave and strong and together. He wants her to stay that way. And he will never tear hear down again. It looks like the two of them are bonding.

At the hospital, Jason tells Epiphany that Elizabeth is going though a lot with her marriage breaking up and her husband’s addiction. And now she finds out that she is pregnant. But maybe he should stay out of her business and not try to tell her how to live her life. He indicates to her that he has no clue that he could be the father of Elizabeth’s baby. Epiphany tells Jason that he must realize how Elizabeth may have a problem accepting help from anybody. And if she needs help, then maybe he should step up. When Elizabeth comes out, Jason admits to her that he does not assume that anybody except Lucky could be the baby’s father. But it’s obvious Lucky will not step up. So he asks Elizabeth to let him help her as a friend.

Patrick tells Sam and Nikolas that they are in the process of getting Alexis out of her coma. They go in to see her. Alone with Patrick, Robin can tell that maybe he’s a bit tired and might need to rest. He tells her she must stop fussing over him. Right away, she knows what is really worrying him and tells him just because he is feeling tired does not mean that he has HIV.

Right then, Ric, Sam and Nikolas watch Alexis wake up. She seems to know that the drug induced coma did not work.

Carly goes to meet Jax at the metro court. He tells her she looks beautiful and asks if she wants some champagne. But she tells him before he sweeps her off her feet, there is something she must tell him. He tells her there is no need to go into what happened a year ago. But she tells him that what happened was tragic. He has every reason to hate her because of that. He tells her that his marriage did not work. He lost a child that he probably should not have fathered in the first place. Then he made a big mistake taking another man’s child from him. It was a very dark time in his life. But it brought him one good thing. It brought him to her. He tells her that through all of this, she has brought light into his life and he believes that this is the beginning of something wonderful. They hold each other.

Sonny and the boys eat together in the house. Michael informs his father that Jax is a lot of fun. He took them to Disney world in his private jet. But he knows that his mom does not love Jax. Sonny then tells his son that he doesn’t want him to get his hopes up believing that his parents are going to get back together. Michael seems hopeful, however. Right then, Sonny gets a call asking him to meet somewhere. He tells his contact he cannot meet right now because he has the kids. But when he finds out from Bernie what Lucky pulled with Jason, he knows he better not put this off.

Elizabeth asks Jason what happened between him and Lucky. He tells her that Lucky arranged to meet him at the warehouse and then pulled a gun on him. She tells him that Lucky just got fired from the police force. He was very desperate and not thinking straight because of the drugs. But she never knew that Lucky would go so far as to attempt to frame Jason for drugs. But Maxie was concerned enough to let her know about it. And that is why she showed up when she did. She admits to Jason that she has had it with Lucky. She cannot deal with his problems. And she is afraid to go home and see him.

At the metro court, Jax tells Carly he wants to dance with her and enjoy being together. And this is just the beginning. She asks him if he is sure that he is all right. She tells him she does not want to take advantage of him if he is upset. But he tells her it is he who wants to “take advantage” of her. She smiles and indicates that she would like that. He kisses her. And right then, Sonny walks in to see them.

At the hospital, Patrick admits to Robin that he is worried because he has a cold or flu that won’t go away. It could be something worse than that. She tells him that she can help him. She feels his forehead and notices that he is burning up.

After Alexis awakens, she tells Ric and Sam that she knows they have been arguing. They tell her she needn’t worry. Right then, a doctor enters and tells Alexis he’d like to discuss her treatment options alone. Sam, Ric and Nikolas leave. The doctor tells her that she is still very weak although the pneumonia has not spread. And he believes they should start the chemo therapy as soon as possible.

Outside her room, Sam and Nikolas talk privately about what will happen in case Alexis does not make it. She tells him that they should have hope and believe she will. But he asks her in case Alexis does not, will she stick to their agreement and stay away from Jason for Kristina an Molly’s sake?

Elizabeth and Jason go back to her apartment. She tells him that she has to face this sooner or later. Lucky is there. She tells him she just came by to pick up her stuff and then leave. He promises her, for the ten millionth time that he plans to check himself into rehab, get clean and sober and become a father to their child.

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