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At the Quartermaine house, Tracy notices Lulu sleeping on the couch and having no desire to get up or do anything. She reminds her that she happens to know that she has missed school. Edward comes in and reminds Lulu that after all they have given her and how she has thrown it all away, she can reimburse them for what they have spent on her. He also remarks on how Dillon is making bad choices. But Dillon comes in and surprises them wearing glasses and having his hair slicked back.

At the hospital, Epiphany asks Elizabeth how long she plans on keeping this pregnancy a secret and reminds her that she will have to be making a better effort than this because it’s clear that she is a mess. Elizabeth admits to Epiphany that she really does have some issues.

After Lucky calls Det. Rodriguez to help him take down Jason, he comes and notices that Lucky is a real mess. The apartment is trashed. Lucky looks like a pig. He’s been drinking. It’s obvious that Lucky has some serious problems. Lucky smiles, holds a gun and tells him it’s about to turn around soon. Mac will re-hire him and he will rid society of Jason Morgan once and for all.

Right then, Sam and Kristina run into Jason and Kristina asks Jason if he can take them out on his boat again.

Dillon tells his family that he is ready to sue them for the defective condoms. Edward tells his grandson he knows he would not be stupid enough to jeopardize his own inheritance. Dillon tells his grandfather, mother, and Lulu that he realizes that he is not about to cheat himself out of his fortune. He has another trick up his sleeve. Edward demands to know what his plan is.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she needs to stop stressing herself by living in denial, keeping the secret and working so many hours while pregnant. She leaves and Jax enters with a big bouquet of flowers. Elizabeth assumes that they are for Alexis. But he informs her that they are for her. He tells her that he does not want to forget the generosity she offered him and Courtney by offering to be a surrogate.

After Kristina asks Jason if she and Sam can go on his boat, he tells her that the boat is currently being fixed so they cannot. Sam asks Kristina to go and get some food so that she can talk to Jason alone. She asks Jason if they meet somewhere later where they are not seen, just to talk.

Det. Rodriguez tells Lucky that people have been trying and failing to put Jason Morgan away for a long time. Why does Lucky think that he could succeed anymore than anybody else has? Lucky tells him that believes he has nothing to lose. He asks for the files so that he can dig up some dirt in Jason. Det. Rodriguez reminds Lucky that Jason Morgan is indestructible. And he is very concerned that Lucky is having some real problems. Lucky yells at him that he has no time for this. He has a job to get back. He has a wife to get back with. And he demands that Det. Rodriguez leaves so that he can look through all of Jason’s files.

At the docks, Jason runs into Lorenzo who informs him that he is landing another shipment this weekend and expects cooperation for the Corinthos organizations. Jason tells Lorenzo that he will stay out of his business as long as Lorenzo offers him the same courtesy. Lorenzo reminds Jason that he should know that neither he nor Sonny are in any position to fight.

Jax tells Elizabeth that they all have made many mistakes throughout the last year. Everybody has been so engrossed in their own selfish motives. But not her. She was always honest. He tells her that in spite of what happened, he really wanted that baby and believes it would have changed many things. She asks him not to do that and not play the “what if” game. He agrees and asks her how Lucky is. She admits that he is not well. Jax admits that he knows that Lucky was not comfortable with Elizabeth carrying his(Jax) child. She admits that Lucky always wanted to have a child of his own. But she does not tell Jax about all that has happened with Lucky recently.

Right then, Maxie walks into Lucky’s apartment. He asks her what she is doing out of the hospital. She tells him that her dad is angry at him because of what he believes Lucky has done to her. But maybe she can convince her dad that Lucky has not hurt her. Mac can see how happy the two of them are together. And he will give Lucky his job back. Lucky sets Maxie straight that they are no future together. She tells him in that case, she will make certain that he never gets his job back. He tells her he does not need her help with that. He knows how to get Mac to re-hire him after he goes after Jason Morgan and puts him away. Maxie goes out the door.

Lorenzo tells Jason that he knows all of the stress in Jason’s life. All of the people that Jason is obligated to take care of. He almost feels sorry for Jason. He tells Jason that he is ok with the status quo. But any sudden changes from Jason or from Sonny, and he will shut down the Corinthos organization. He tells Jason he doe not look good. Maybe he should go and see a ballgame and avoid stress. It could push him over the edge. He leaves. Jason looks annoyed.

At the hospital, Sam consoles Kristina about their mommy and makes certain she is not worried. She acts happy and tells her that they can go home and eat and have fun. Kristina asks Sam if they can see a movie together. Sam admits that they cannot. She will be busy tonight. But Kristina can always watch movies with Viola. Kristina tells her big sister that is not ok. She wants her(Sam).

Dillon tells his mother and grandfather that he wants to change his major. He is no longer into film making. It’s not worthwhile and you don’t make any money. He is not inspired by all the people who are making it big in business. Edward tells his grandson that he must realize that their family does not waste money. They reinvest in themselves. Tracy tells her son that she has already had one son who has thrown his dreams away and she won’t let Dillon do that. Dillon tells them that he has one favor to ask. He would like to have a business position at ELQ. Edward is happy to hear that. Tracy asks her son if he is certain that this is what he wants. He asks his mother to try to take yes for an answer and he walks out the door. Lulu follows him out the door and tells him she knows he has a trick up his sleeve. He couldn’t be serious.

Jason goes and finds Elizabeth at the hospital and asks if she has a moment. She tells him sure and apologizes for burdening him with her problems up on the roof the other day. He admits to her that he has been shutting down about many things. She then talks to him about something being “over”. He asks what specifically she is talking about. She tells him that she means Lucky’s downward spiral. He then tells her that he wanted to ask her something. She tells him he may ask away. He asks her if she has observed that Ric has not been at the hospital for Alexis and has been spending a lot of time with Lorenzo Alcazar. She admits that she has seen the two of them together just like Jason has. And he asks her if she can make certain that Ric does not get a chance to do anything that could hurt people he cares about. She seems really motivated to help and look out for Jason. And he really appreciates that.

Dillon tells Lulu that he has reasons to find other career goals in his life. He believes that film making his meaningless. She asks him if he is just doing that in order to compensate for the fact that she is pregnant. He tells her she must realize that it’s not all about her. And at least he’s not just sitting around like a couch potato the way she is. She then concludes that she is not going to school because it’s meaningless to her just like film making is meaningless to him.

Sam consoles Kristina about all the fun they can have together and gets her to be ok with not having Sam with her tonight.

Right then, Lucky goes and breaks into the warehouse, puts a big bag of white powder in his pocket and walks out.

Maxie goes to talk to Elizabeth at the hospital. Elizabeth tells Maxie she has nothing to say to her. She doesn’t care what she is doing anymore. She just wants Maxie to leave her alone. But Maxie tells Elizabeth that she might want to know some information about her husband. She tells Elizabeth that she happens to know that Lucky is ready to bust Jason Morgan tonight.

Georgie runs into Dillon when he is working on a little electronic PDA. She seems to assume that he is still passionate about film making. She tells him that she is considering that field also and maybe they should do it together. She tells him that people who love together should understand what makes each other tick. He tells her that he’s found out that his calling is business. He’s done with film making. Hearing that, she laughs and does not believe he is serious. He tells her it’s no joke. She tells him she knows that he hates anything to do with business.

Edward tells Tracy that they must realizes that Dillon might be suited for business. But she tells her father that he must realizes that the “normal” things that motivate people have no value in Dillon’s life. Corporate activity is not his thing. He has no desire to have anything to do with it. He’s lying to himself and he will come around and realize that soon. Edward tells his daughter that she has no faith in his grandson. Dillon is finally seeing that business is the only way to go. Maybe getting Lulu pregnant was a blessing in disguise and the best thing that could have happened to Dillon. It motivated him to come to his senses.

Lulu goes and talks to an instructor about how she plans to drop out of school. But this guy has another trick up his sleeve.

After hearing Maxie’s information that Lucky is going after Jason, Elizabeth has difficulty believing that she can trust Maxie. She tells Maxie that she no longer has to worry about her(herself) standing in the way of Maxie and Lucky. She informs Maxie that she and Lucky are through. Maxie and Lucky that throw away their lives together or separately. She(Elizabeth) could care less. Maxie then tells Elizabeth that maybe she should at least care about her friend, Jason.

Jason is right then on the phone and gets a call from Lucky. Lucky tells Jason that he has some important information. Jason then asks Lucky to say it. Lucky tells Jason that they need to talk in person. It’s about Sam.

Georgie tells Dillon that no matter how messed up his life has been, he has always wanted to be a director. Nothing has ever changed that. And he couldn’t have suddenly changed overnight. He tells her that he went to class today and talked to his professor about his “vision”. And he thought to himself that that was a load of crap. He tells her that he has concluded that if he’s going to “sell out”, he might as well do it the old fashioned way, by going into big business. She tells him that this must just be because of the baby. But he tells her that that is not the case.

Edward tells Tracy that he is really happy that Dillon came to this decision on his own. She does not believe that her son is serious, realizing that he has always only wanted film making and never before had any interest in business. But Edward tells Tracy that he really wants to encourage Dillon to be part of the family business, especially now that he’s considering the law suit for the condoms. They all need him on their side.

Lulu tells the university professor that she is dropping out of school. He asks why she is suddenly making this decision. She tells him that it has not taken much time for her to see what a big lie going to school is all about. It’s just a bunch of rich, shallow idiots taking their parents’ money and having no value in their lives. The guy writes and puts in her files that the reason she is dropping out is because she is socially isolated and hiding from something.

Det. Rodriguez goes and talks to Elizabeth about her husband’s “plan” with Jason. Elizabeth gets on the phone to contact Jason. Bernie tells her she must leave a message and wait for Jason to get back to her. But she tells Bernie that this is an emergency. She must talk to Jason tonight. Something terrible might happen to him.

Right then, Jason goes to meet Lucky at the place Lucky asked him to meet. Lucky is hiding behind boxes, popping pills. As soon as he sees Jason, he pulls the gun on him and demands he drops his weapon. Jason drops his gun and asks Lucky what is going on.. He tells Jason hat the will get him busted for drugs. Jason tells Lucky that he does not touch drugs. Lucky tells Jason that he does now. And he throws the bag of white powder at Jason.

Lulu tells the college professor that she is not afraid of failure. He knows nothing about her. But he tells her that he knows she is running away from something. He then wishes her luck in her new profession and asks her if she can say; “clean up in aisle 7”

Sam goes looking for Jason at the place where they’ve agreed to meet but he’s not there. He’s “held up” with Lucky.

Lucky holds the gun at Jason. Jason tells him that he can’t do this. He won’t succeed. He has been lying about too many things and he’s too high to know what he is doing anymore. He tells Lucky that he’s known him for a long time and knows he is in trouble and needs help. Right then, they hear footsteps. Instantly, Lucky assumes that Jason must have set him up. He turns his back on Jason. Jason grabs the gun and fires. And it looks like Elizabeth has gotten into the warehouse to find them. She falls to the ground and Lucky yells her name.

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