GH Update Monday 9/25/06

General Hospital Update Monday 9/25/06



Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth takes the prescribed drugs that Lucky is now justifying himself for taking them. He believes that he can win her over by proving that they are legal. But she does not seem to care. He asks her what is the real reason she wants to end their marriage. She tells him he’s a drug addict and she cannot subject her child to the way he wants to live his life and asks him if that is real enough. He tells her that she is just using the pills as an excuse. He asks if she is just angry because he was with Maxie and tells her she msut know that that is over. She gets up to leave. But he grabs her arm and tells her he won’t let her go. Right then, Nikolas enters and tells Lucky he better let go of Elizabeth.

Max tells Carly the truth that her house is flooding. But she does not buy that. She tells him that she was very disappointed in him for doing this for Sonny just so that she is prevented form being with Jax. But he protests that he’s not making up anything. Her house could get serious flood damage and she must get home.

At Sonny’s, he puts the boys to bed before having a private conversation with Maxie. She tells him that she has just heard him tell a bold faced lie to his children.

On the roof top, Jason tells Sam that he has a habit of shutting down when he gets hurt. He is working on that because he doesn’t want to do that to her. He does not want to lose the time they had together. He believes he owes her something. She saved his life a year ago. And he wishes there was something he could do now that her life is a nightmare. He just wishes that she would tell him what she wants and needs.. But she tells him that if Alexis dies, she’s going to have to find a way to stop needing him. She tells him that when she first moved in with him, she was independent. It was not a great life but she managed without anybody to help her. And right then, she started to count on him and become dependent upon him, both emotionally and financially. And Alexis sees that as a sign of weakness. HE tells her that she as able to take care of him and Michael a year ago. His life was not good when she left. But she reminds him that he can make it on his own yet she is afraid that she cannot. She has now discovered that so much of her life has all been about finding her way back to him. He tells her that many times when he sleeps, he wakes up and believes that she is still there. He has to keep reminding himself that she is not there. And he has to get up and go to work and move on and has to force himself to stop thinking about her. She admits to him that she did not know that.. He tells her that he misses her all the time.

Mac Scorpio goes to see Maxie in the hospital. He tells her thank God she is al right and asks her if they know what has caused the arrhythmia. She tells him that it’s very simple. She overdosed on pain killers. He asks her how that could have happened. She admits to her father that he will have to brace himself because there’s been a lot going on that he does not know about. She informs her father that she has been having an affair with Lucky Spencer. And he’s been using her to get illegal drugs. He’s been falsely promising her that he would break up with Elizabeth but now she knows it was only so that Maxie could get him the pills he was addicted to. And when she found out it was all a lie, she OD’d.

Outside, in the hospital lobby, Lucky justifies himself to Elizabeth, Nikolas and Emily. He informs them that he is taking drugs that are legally prescribed by a doctor. They had a mistaken idea that he was an addict and must now know differently. But they don’t buy that. Nikolas reminds his brother that he needs to take inventory and realizes that his life is falling apart. He cheated on the love of his life. His marriage is over. He’s losing his friends and family. He’s likely to lose his job. Lucky protests that he is a hero on the police force. He wishes they could support him the way the city law enforcement department has. Nikolas tells Lucky that is ridiculous. He reminds Lucky that his aunt is fighting for her life. And Lucky has the gall to stand there and attempt to feed them this line of crap. He may have fooled the doctors about the drugs. He may have fooled the police department.. But he does not fool the three of them. And Nikolas tells Lucky he needs to go home if he still has a home.

Lanie tells Sonny that he has to stop lying to his sons. He tells her that he will go and talk to Michael and Morgan. She tells him that he has to change his confusing behavior. It’s unhealthy all the way around.

After noticing that Max will not give up in telling her that her house has flooded, Carly tells Jax that Max is just a paid mouthpiece for her ex husband and his big ego. Sonny doesn’t want her to be with anybody else. But Max won’t give up and keeps knocking. . Calry keeps ignoring him and tells him that he needs to stop being Sonny’s messenger because she does not buy it. But he tells her that he will pick the lock if he has to. She rushes to the door, tells Max she realizes he is just doing what Sonny asks. She values him as an employee and she is not angry at him. But he better get home and tell Sonny that his story about her house flooding is all horse pucky. And she slams the door in his face.

At Sonny’s, he tells Lanie that he believes that Calry is an ultimate survivor. She gets back up whenever she gets bruised. But he knows that Carly has been hurt and he knows the best way to hurt her is to leave her. In response to that, Lanie tells Sonny that is a brilliant analysis. He tells her he knows that she is making fun of him. He tells her that she must know from talking to Calry in therapy. She must know that Carly was emotionally damaged after her father abandoned her. Lanie tells Sonny that everybody has been abandoned and many have abandonment issues. And Carly is nothing special in that department. But Sonny tells her that he believes that it is his duty as the father of Carly’s children and ex husband to make certain that Jax does not hurt Carly. He knows of ways that he can get Jax to go away before it’s too late and before Calry and the kids get attached to him and she gets hurt. Lanie tells Sonny she realizes that he probably has good intentions. But she has a problem with what he plans to do.

While Carly and Jax are in bed, she tells him that she knows that Sonny has put Max up to making up this story about her house flooding. But she seems as though she is considering the possibility that it could be true. She admits that Max is not a good liar and does not appear to be lying. And she’s worried that maybe her house is really flooded.

Jason tells Sam that he has been thinking very intently about maybe taking her out on a date. Maybe to a play in Manhattan. Hearing that, she is really surprised why he’d give something like that a thought and asks him if he would not be terribly bored to go with her to see a play. He tells her that while she is watching the play, he’d be watching her and noticing what she is feeling. He remembers when they first got together, she really responded by laughing and crying at a movie. She tells him that she got emotionally moved by Gone With The Wind. She admits that she really played the tough act to him and was afraid that he was only being kind to her. And she remembered thinking to herself that this guy must think she was insane. He tells her that what he really thought at that moment was that she was so beautiful. He did not believe that he could understand her when they first met. But he started to like her a lot. She admits to him that she does not believe that they can ever watch Gone With the Wind with him again. She does not believe that she could handle it. She tells him that she must go downstairs as Alexis’ surgery is probably over. She leaves.

Carly and Jax go to her house. She walks toward the door and tells him that she knows that Sonny is behind this. There is no way that her house could be flooding. But when they walk up, they see that it is. Right then, she wants to go and confront Sonny. But he tells her that this is exactly what Sonny wants. He wants her to get angry and give him negative attention.

Max goes back to Sonny’s and informs him that when he told Carly that her house is flooding, she did not buy it. She said horse pucky and slammed the door in his face.. Sonny concludes that Carly is so engrossed in Jax, she cannot believe it. Again, he wants Max to pull another stunt for him. And right then, they notice that Michael is standing at the top of the stairs listening to their conversation.

At the hospital, Emily and Nikolas stay with Elizabeth while she is dealing with her issues in regard to Lucky. Emily has to go away when she gets a call on her beeper. Alone with Nikolas, Elizabeth tells him that she really owes him some thanks for not telling anybody that she is pregnant and about the whole deaf. He tells her hat it is her business and he just wants to help her avoid stress. She tells him that she knows that Lucky is so far in denial, he cannot deal with knowing that she’s filing for divorce, much less that she is pregnant. Right then, Sam and Jason appear and ask them to tell them what has happened. Sam asks if her mother has survived the surgery. They all look at her and don’t know what to tell her.

Georgie goes to see Maxie in the hospital and asks her what is going on. Maxie informs her sister that Lucky laid down the law to her that he could not commit to her. Georgie reminds her sister that she tried to warn her that it would not work. Maxie reveals to Georgie that she was suicidal and might have wanted to kill herself over Lucky. Georgie tells her that it’s insane to want to end her life over somebody who is obviously not hers. She reminds her that after ODing on the pills and then having the doctors putting her on methadone, she could have died. Maxie tells her sister she realizes that. She finally realized that Lucky never wanted her. He was using her the whole time. In response to that, Georgie tells her sister that that is a crock. Lucky did really screw up. But she(Maxie) was no victim there. She was sleepig with a married man. She(Georgie) does not buy that. Maybe their father will. But she knows better.

Lucky is alone in his house, secretly popping pills when he gets a knock on the door. It’s Mac Scorpio. Lucky acts all happy and content to his boss and hides his problems. But Mac now knows what Lucky has been doing with his daughter. He grabs him buy the collar, pushes him up against the wall and tells him that he won’t let him get away with this. He’s been sleeping with Mac’s daughter, used her for pills, and could have gotten her killed. He then concludes that he won’t make this a public scene. Lucky is known as Port Charles’ hero. And this will just make his daughter and himself a big spectacle. He may not toss Lucky in jail. But one thing is very certain. Lucky is fired form the police force. Mac goes out the door. Lucky sits alone and cries.

Robin informs Sam, Nikolas and Jason that she has managed to save Alexis’ life. But Alexis is still critical and if she does not survive the treatment and her pneumonia does not go away, it might be fatal. She tells them she will do everything she can and leaves. Sam goes to see her mother. Alone with Jason, Nikolas informs him that he and Sam have discussed what will happen just in case Alexis does not make it. He informs Jason that he has agreed with Sam to help her raise the girls and keep Ric out of their lives. But there is one condition; Jason cannot be in Sam’s life. He tells Jason it’s nothing personal. But Jason must agree to stay away from Sam and the girls. Jason does not argue with Nikolas. Jason goes and finds Elizabeth and asks her what her medical opinion is about Alexis. She admits to him that she thinks it’s unlikely that Alexis will survive.

After finding out that Michael has been hearing everything, Sonny tells his son that he has some strong opinions about Jax and cares about Michaels’ mom. But he and Calry cannot get back together because whenever they’ve gotten back together in the past, they fight. Michael reminds his father that they have fought in the past and gotten over it. Sonny tells his son that he does not believe that getting back with Carly would be a healthy way to live. He will always care about her and she-him. But Michael must realize that his parents are not getting back together. Right then, Carly busts through the door and yells at Sonny, telling him how dare he flood her house. Michael hears the whole thing.

At the hospital, Jason informs Elizabeth that Alexis was going let Ric have full fatherhood of Kristina and keep Sonny out of her life. She asks him why she would do that. Right then, they are interrupted by Mac who demands that Elizabeth tells him what has been going on. She asks him why he is confronting her. He tells her that her husband has been popping pills and using his daughter and he demands to know where she was while her husband was running amuck and up to no good. Jason then tells Mac that he must back off from Elizabeth.

Sam goes home to see Kristina. She hugs her little sister and makes an effort to keep up appearances and make it look like everything is ok and her mommy will be ok.

Carly asks Sonny if he is denying that he has sabotaged her relationship with Jax. He tells her yes. He is denying that. She tells him that he is lying. He tells her he is offended that when he tells her the truth, she does not believe him. She tells him that it’s a little too coincidental that her house has to flood and Jax’s car dies right on the night when they had planned to be together. Sonny admits that he did have Max tamper with Jax’s car. She tells him that now that the house is flooded, the kids have to stay in his house and she can’t have any privacy with Jax. They go on arguing. Max and Michael listen at the door. Michael sounds happy and informs Max that this sounds just like they are getting back together.

Sam is consoling Kristina and looking happy. But she is still very uncertain as to what to do.

Jason goes to find Elizabeth on the hospital roof. She is crying. She tells him that she may do a good job of covering everything up but she has some real issues going on. He asks her if she wants to tell him about it. She tells him that maybe she can take him up on his offer to get a trip to Italy. They talk about all of the great places where she can go. But she concludes that she cannot go anywhere now. She has to go and see her son tonight, read him a story, tuck him in and explain to him why his daddy is not coming back again. She tells Jason she hates these pills and wishes she could blow up the factory that manufactured them. And now Mac is blaming her for what Lucky did with Maxie. It’s so obvious that Lucky has completely screwed up his life. But because he’s gotten this legal prescription from a doctor for these drugs, he’s in more denial. He’s a walking time bomb. She tells Jason he needs to watch his back.

Right then, Lucky is alone in his home with a gun in his hand, on the phone, telling somebody that he’s going to go after Jason Morgan. He tells his contact that Jason is the biggest con in the city and he’s going to take him down tomorrow.

Kendall admits that she loves both Ryan and Zach. And she has a nightmare that she is torn between them and watches Zach getting executed. At ConFusion, Ryan and Annie are brainstorming about the things they could do together. Erin and Jamal plan to start seeing each other. Annie wants to leave town because she bleieves there is noting for her in Pine Valley. But Ryan, Erin and Jamal encourage her to stay. Jonathan tells Amanda that he must get over Lily and appreciates her as a friend. It's not defined as to what their future could be at this point until they start kissing again. Josh and Babe make love. JR goes to find her. Josh hides and doesn't get caught. But JR knows that Babe is lying to him that she's been alone. She admits to JR that she is getting tired of him. She lectures him about what a jerk he is and how it's not going to work between them. He makes it clear that he will do whatever it takes to change and make it work between them. She is surprised but clearly has Josh on the brain and wants out of her marriage with JR. Josh goes and talks to Kendall about how he cannot understand why Babe would want to stay with JR and how she needs to drop JR the same way Kendall needs to drop Zach. Kendall tells her brother that she can see that he will stop at nothing in order to end Babe and JR's marriage and concludes that he is a true Kane. Colby makes her presence known to Sydney and begs her not to tell anybody that she's alive. She also shares with her that she did not enjoy sex with Sean. Colby hides herself and overhears Babe and JR arguing and finds out that their marriage is in trouble.

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