GH Update Friday 9/22/06

General Hospital Update Friday 9/22/06



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Sam and Jason are talking outside when Jason's cell phone rings. It is Elizabeth with bad news about Alexis. Jason tells Sam that her mother is getting worse. Carly, answering the door to Sonny, tells him he shouldn't be there. He replies saying "neither do you". Epiphany gives Robin and Patrick a chart on Alexis as Nikolas and Sam arrive. The two tell them that her lung collapsed and she may be in danger.
The doctor treating Maxi is upset that no one told him about her heart condition. At the hospital, Maxi is revived and hopes that a shaken Lucky realizes how much they need each other.
Jason reaches the mansion to talk to Sonny just in time to see Max holding the wires from Jax's car. Max, pressured by Jason, tells him Sonny's plan to stop Jax from reaching the hotel. He also admits that he couldn't stand being around Carly should she and Sonny reconcile their relationship again; because he is in love with her!
 Carly is worried when Jax has not arrived yet at the suite. Sonny continues to come down on Jax, convince her he is using her and will break her heart. Sonny tells her she needs him to protect her from the inevitable downfall she will experience when Jax is done with her. Carly wants Sonny to get out of their way, while Sonny tells her that Jax has nothing to offer her. Carly accuses Sonny of not wanting her to be with him nor anyone else. Just as they are arguing Jax comes through the door accusing Sonny of tampering with his car. Carly is clearly upset and makes Sonny leave. Max tells Jason that he has fought the urge to love Carly and even has had therapy! Then Max realizes Jason is the only one who can stop them and; he urges Jason to stop Sonny from getting back together with Carly.

Maxi is happy that Lucky is there for her, misunderstanding his intentions. Lucky blames himself for Maxi's almost fatal overdose; he should have never let her believe there was a future for them. He reminds her that he is still married to Elizabeth. Lucky asks her if she took the pills just to get a reaction, and tells her that although he cares for her, they can never be together.
 At General hospital, Sam is told that Alexis is suffocating and needs immediate surgery. Attempts to contact Ric have failed; he is not answering his cell phone, and also is stuck in  traffic in D.C. She is told If they do not start the surgery soon, Alexis will die. As a result Sam is the one who has to sign for the surgery; but because she is afraid that Alexis will die leaving her to blame, she cannot do it. Nikolas steps up and signs for the surgery. Sam thanks Nikolas for signing the form. They begin to discuss what will happen to the children should Alexis die.
Lucky and Maxi continue to talk. She wonders if he just used her for meaningless sex, and the scored drugs. He tells her that he led her on, making her believe they had a deep romance only because he wanted the pills. She realizes that Lucky just used her and never really wanted to be with her. She angrily tells him he will be sorry.
Carly, upset because Sonny was trying to control her, and she tries to explain it all to Jax.

When Sonny arrives at the mansion, Max is "drunk". Jason tells Sonny that he had difficulty with the assignment, and they talk about his actions concerning Carly. Jason reminds Sonny that controlling Carly will only push her further, into Jax's arms. However, Sonny will not listen, telling Jason that she can not be with Jax.
Lucky promises Maxi that he will never come to her for pills again; and that he is sorry for treating her like dirt. Maxi calls him a user and liar accusing him of using and hurting anyone to get what he wants. Diego makes Lucky leave. Maxi cries on his shoulder. Outside the hospital room, Lucky attempts to get more pain pills from the doctor who treated Maxi.

Carly and Jax have wine and talk romantically. He asks her not to let Sonny undermine their relationship. She comes up with a brilliant plan to stop him, with only one phone call. Sonny tells Jason that Jax could hurt his children, and assures him that he will not fall for her again. Their conversation is interrupted by Elizabeth calling, considering the current situation at the hospital she believes Sam needs him.
Nikolas suggests a plan for Sam to take care of the girls, while he works out a custody arrangement for Ric. The only condition is that she stay away from Jason.
Emily sits for a moment offering an ear for Nikolas. Elizabeth tells a concerned Jason that Sam froze and couldn't sign the papers for her mother's surgery.

Laney comes to the mansion on Carly's behalf. Sonny defends himself to her, just as Michael and Morgan rush in saying that Carly's house is flooded. A pipe burst; and they can't stay there. Carly and Jax continue with the romantic evening, dancing and kissing.
Sonny asks Max if he sabotaged Carly's house. When he finds out that the emergency is legitimate he sends Max to the suite to tell Carly, hoping to put a damper on their romantic evening.
Maxi admits to Diego that she loved Lucky, against her sisters advice. Maxi calls her father, telling him she is in trouble. A reluctant Max knocks on the door at the hotel, where Jax and Carly are on the bed. He yells telling her there is an emergency but when she answers the door she sees evidence that he tampered with her car. She doesn't believe him about the water leak. Meanwhile, her house floods!
Laney talks with Michael and Morgan, who tell her that Carly belongs with Sonny, and eventually their dad will get rid of Jax. Laney is shocked! Sonny suggest that they stay with him. Lucky visits his wife, showing her his new prescription for pain pills. Jason finds a worried Sam on the roof.  She tells him about Nikolas's plan for the girls including the fact that she has to give up on Jason. Sam and Jason's song begins to play. He tells her that he wants to start over, but that he can't promise her anything, but for the first time he wants to try to get past everything that happened. Sam cries.

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