GH Update Thursday 9/21/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/21/06


Written By Jackie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Lainey are continuing their session from yesterday. All Lainey ever hears from anyone is that Sonny and Carly are toxic for each other. Sonny feels they arenít toxic, just chronically dysfunctional. Lainey wonders why Sonny would want to open that can of worms again. She reminds him that he just informed her (calmly and rationally) that he plans on recking Carlyís relationship with Jax. Lainey asks why. Because if I donít, then Jax is going to leave Carly in much worse shape than I ever did.

Jax shows up at Carlyís house and they continue their discussion about why Carly now wants to spend the entire night with Jax. Jax is still insisting that it is to get back at Sonny. Carly is insisting that is has nothing to do with Sonny. Jax wonders why Carly wants to break her rules - no sex - all of a sudden. Carly reminds Jax that she broke those rules way before Sonny showed up, which was while they were Ďmaking-outí on the couch. Come on Jax, forget Sonny, just shut up and kiss me.

Lucky is still trying to wake up Maxie when Diego walks into the hotel room and wonders what is going on. Lucky thinks that Maxie has OD. Diego wants to call GH - Lucky - "No".

Jason and Elizabeth are talking on the pier, Sam is listening in the background. Jason & Elizabethís backs are too her. Something is obviously on your mind and I will help anyway I can says Jason. OK, says Elizabeth, she turns to face Jason and says "I realized that when you left town...." she sees Sam and Jason turns around and they both see Sam. ....pan to opening music....

Sam comes down to the pier and asks if everything is ok. Looks like Elizabeth is upset. Elizabeth says she is just talking to Jason about her marital problems. Sam offers to leave, but Elizabeth says thatís ok, she has to get back to work. Samís phone rings, its Viola. Jason asks Elizabeth to tell him what is bothering her, she says its nothing, she looks like she is about to say something when Sam comes back, Viola called to say that Kristina has a tantrum and flipped out and wanted to see her mother. Viola didnít know what to do so she took Kristina to the hospital which just made Kristina worse. Sam doesnít know what to do, she tells Jason and Elizabeth to take care and leaves. Jason asks Elizabeth what is going on.

Lucky and Diego are arguing over why they should/should not take Maxie to GH. Diego says its closer, Lucky says Maxie wouldnít want anyone to know about this because of her father. Lucky says they are going to take her to Mercy. Lucky tells Diego to grab some of the pills that Maxie has laid out on the bed and meet Lucky at his car which he parked in the back alley. Diego grabs the pills and Maxieís purse and leaves. Jax and Carly are kissing. Jax breaks away. What says Carly, why canít you lighten up about Sonny. Jax says he has been down this road before and doesnít want to go down it again. So where do I git in between the two of you Carly wonders. Well youíre the woman heís claimed, the one that he canít stand to see in a functioning, loving, equal relationship, something that he is incapable of. Carly things Jax is playing games. Jax says he isnít, Sonny was with Emily and now he isnít. Carly wants Jax to get over it. Jax says he needs some reassurance about Carlyís ability to stay. Sonny asks Lainey what she knows about Jax. He is charming, handsome, etc. Sonny says it is a game to Jax to be with woman that he has been with. Lainey is glad to see that Sonnyís self-esteem is back in working order. But ever since Iíve known Jax he has been in competition with me, but I have nothing to prove with Jax. Lainey wonders why he canít let Jax and Carly have a relationship - sink or swim. But Sonny has a need to take care of Carly. Lainey feels that Carly is a grown woman and can take care of herself, but Sonny is not going to let Jax hurt her. He is positive that is what is going to happen and Sonny is going to be the one that has to pick up the pieces. Carly isnít going to let Sonny say anything bad about "her perfect Jax". So he is just going to take matters into his own hands. What happens if you succeed? (Big grin on Sonnyís face) Oh Jax might get upset and leave town for good. And where will that leave you and Carly - Sonny just stares at Lainey.

Jason & Elizabeth are alone again on the pier. I think you can trust me, Iím not going to betray you. I know that says Elizabeth and I canít tell you what having you as a friend as meant to me, your always there for me. Elizabeth is having a really hard time telling Jason the truth and ends up saying its just trouble with Lucky and she is tired of making excuses for him and he just canít get over the fact that Jason killed Manny and is out to take down Jason. Jason tells Elizabeth that she doesnít need to worry about him, he can take care of himself. She just wants to warn Jason that if Lucky is high enough she doesnít know what heíll do. Jason finally figures out that Elizabeth wants him to protect Lucky, no matter how bad he screws up and no matter what she still loves him.

Carly apologizes to Jax for making it all about her. She said she didnít think Jax wasnít confident enough. He wants a relationship, a place to come home to. He wants real moments. She wants the same thing. Jax just canít get past the fact that Sonny just comes and goes as he wants. Carly feels that Jax is looking for a guarantee and she just canít do that because she has had a lot and none of them have panned out. He agrees and grabs the brooch that he gave her and asks her "Are you willing to give me your heart?". What you think Iím that easy, we spend one night in a hotel room and thatís it. He has that effect on women he thinks. He points out that Carly has a blueberry stain on her dress and that the brooch would go perfectly with it. She says she will go upstairs and change and be right back, or should she stay upstairs and call it a night. No says Jax. Iím an impatient man. You get changed, Iíll get changed, stop by the hospital and Iíll meet you at

the suite. Jax leaves and Carly looks at the brooch and looks worried. Lainey asks Sonny that assuming he gets what he wants and Jax leaves town what will he do. Be happy. Lainey feels that Sonny is afraid he is going to lose Carly. She feels that Carly is way more to him than he lets it show. She makes him laugh, get through breakdowns, gives him mind bending sex. Jax is a threat - to him. Jax is the one man who can take Carly away and he might be telling himself that he is policing his family, but the truth is far more than that and the sooner he realises that the sooner he will get over Carly for good, if that is what he wants of course. She leaves and Sonny looks deep in thought.

Maxie is wheeled into the hospital. The Doctor is going to pump her stomach. Lucky will be waiting. He wants to know that he got her there in time, but the doctor doesnít know for sure. Diego shows up just as Lucky is taking more pills. He grabs the pill and notices that it is the same drugs that Maxie took. Diego realizes that the drugs Maxie was getting for a friend were actually for Lucky. Diego asks if Lucky and Maxie have been getting high together, Lucky says Maxie has never taken drugs before that he knows of. Diego wonders if she has never done it before why would she do it now. Lucky says he is afraid that she did it on purpose because he told her he was getting back with Elizabeth. Lucky looks concerned that Maxie tried to commit suicide because of him.

Elizabeth admits that she still loves Lucky, but that she canít live with him. She just doesnít want it to blow up into a personal vendetta against him. She asks Jason to just steer clear of Lucky. Jason says that Lucky isnít going to hurt him, Elizabeth or her child. Elizabeth looks for a split second like "you know", then Jason asks how Cameron is doing. He is confused and doesnít understand why is Daddy isnít there. Jason wonders if Lucky gets clean if they will get back together. She explains that Nicolas has tried to get Lucky into rehab but he refuses and so she has decided that he son is more important than a man who prefers pills over his family. Just then, Lorenzo Alcazar comes down to the pier.

Sam shows up at the hospital and asks Epiphany if she has seen Kristina. Epiphany explains that she went to Ms. Davisí room to update her chart and that poor child is crying her eyes out trying to wake up her Momma. Epiphany says that Sam should fire Viola for putting Kristina in that situation. Just then they come around the corner and Kristina asks if her mum is going to die.

Carly comes downstairs freshly changed, grabs the brooch and goes to head out the door and there is Sonny.....with a pizza!!! What are you doing here? I was going to knock. This isnít a good time, the boys are in bed and I was heading out. Well cancel your appointment, tell Jax we are having family time. Carly says to enjoy the pizza with the boys, they bicker back and forth, Sonny says family time includes you, Carly says that Sonny is just there because he wants to annoy her and he just wants to stop her from seeing Jax. No he just wants to stop her from making a mistake. Oh, just like the mistake you made with Emily. How much did you like me interfering in your business. No comment! You are not going to intimidate me anymore because you have no power over me anymore. Carly goes to push past Sonny and he stands in her way....real close together...looks into her eyes "you sure about that". They lock eyes. Carly sits, what are you trying to do, you know, they bicker back and forth and go over their history and that Jax is trying to make amends. What do you want a partner or a dog show. She wants a man who is going to accept her for her. Stay, eat the pizza with the boys. She looks at the pizza...pineapple and ham!! She hates pineapple and ham!! Lock up before you leave... Ahhhhh, sonny shakes his head.

Lucky tries to explain to Diego why he needed the pills. Donít look at me for sympathy, you took advantage of a girl who was grieving just to have a drug source. You make this sound so cold, Maxie tried to help, one thing led to another. The doctor comes and says she will be ok. Diego wonít let Lucky leave.

Sam tells Kristina that Mommy is not going to die, she is sleeping until she gets better. Sam tells Kristina she needs to be strong and that their lucky to have each other. She wants to stay with her mom, but Sam explains that they promised Mummy that they are staying with their routines. Kristina leaves with Viola and Sam asks Epiphany where Ric is, he had some meeting. Sam will be back she just has to deal with something.

Jason tells Elizabeth that she should leave. Thatís interesting says Lorenzo. They discuss South America and banter back and forth regarding things that have changed since Jason was gone. Lorenzo says that if you donít adapt you may not survive.

Sonny goes home...with the pizza, which he gives to Max, who says pineapple is his fave, but Mrs. C, pineapple has always made her want to barf!! Sonny tells Max that Carly is going to be taken for a ride and then dumped. He is bribing Carly. Both Sonny and Max are working themselves into a frenzy, they are not going to allow Jax to use Carly like that. They have to do something about it. They are in agreement, good, go deal with Jax!! Max is like - huh? Me?

Carly is at the hotel getting everything ready. Jax phones, where are you, just left the hospital. They are both listening to the same station, blah, blah, blah!! Carly says that everything is almost ready except the champagne. He has one more quick stop to make before he gets there. She hangs up and smiles.

Lucky is waiting for Maxie to wake up and Diego walks in the room. She wakes up and feels awful, where I am. At Mercy. Why? She just wanted to shut down for awhile. Doesnít remember how many pills she took. She was just so sad. She sees Diego and wants to know what he is doing there - donít tell Georgie or anyone. Well at least you two are on the same page he brought you here so no one would find out his involvement in this. Maxie tells Diego to just leave. Doctor comes in and wants to give her a shot of methadone and wants to keep her overnight for observation. Maxie says "No, this isnít how it was supposed to happen."

Elizabeth is back at the hospital and is looking faint. Epiphany tells her to sit down. Tells her to take it easy. They discuss her pregnancy and her wanting to keep it secret.

Lorenzo will be landing more shipments soon (Sam just shows up in the background) and he doesnít want any more trouble. You move things through my territory you take risks. I have nothing to risk, can you say the same because at last count you have a crazy, overly medicated boss, you have an ex-girlfriend whose mother is suffering from cancer another ex-girlfriend who is crying on your shoulder about her drug addicted husband and then there is my ex Carl. Pile anymore on that plate, your gonna crack. Lorenzo starts to leave and tells Jason, by the way, Iíve made some new friends in high places that you donít know about and by the time you do, itíll be too late. Lorenzo leaves and Sam comes out of hiding. Everything ok. Yeah Iím not the one Iím worried about says Jason. Jason explains to Sam that there is going to be trouble with Lorenzo and she doesnít overly care she is more concerned about Kristina. She doesnít know how to deal with it. And Ric.....Jason turns and walks away...Iím sorry, I know you hate his name, but...Jason asks what he can do, she doesnít know. He is sorry he isnít better at dealing with this. Sam reassures Jason that he is doing fine. It is hard for both of them. She says she feels like she is standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. He has never been there and she explains what its like there. She wants back what they had. He says he doesnít think they are like the Grand Canyon. Do you want me to leave you alone - do you want to leave me alone? No. Good. They look longingly at each other. Elizabeth explains to Epiphany that she needs to have a paternity test before she figures out what to do. She says that Lucky is on pills, Epiphany knows, Elizabeth says that other guy would love this baby, but she doesnít know what involvement he would have, Epiphany assumes it is Patrick Drake. Why does everyone assume Iíve been with Patrick. Epiphany tells Elizabeth to confide in her, it will be a secret. Jason Morgan. Wow!

Lucky asks Maxie what wasnít supposed to happen. It was supposed to be happy. Iím not staying. The doctor says he has to write up a police report. Lucky freaks, why, is there a problem, no. Maxie gets up to get out of bed and passes out. She is in cardiac arrest. Jax is driving in his car and it breaks down....courtesy of Max (who took out some wire!!). Carly is lighting candles and there is a knock at the door. Your late, she puts the brooch through the door, Iím ready to give this to you now. Sonny walks in, its nice, but I donít think it will go with any of my suits. Carly is so pissed!!!

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