GH Update Thursday 9/21/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/21/06


Written By Pamela
Pictures by Juanita

Laney speaks with Sonny about his intentions regarding Carly and Jax. She tries to understand why he feels that he needs to interfere. An overdosed Maxi lies limp and lifeless in Lucky's arms from her attempt on her life. Elizabeth is on the peer with Jason about to tell him about the baby; when Sam interrupts supposedly concerned for her. Sam has to take a call and Jason questions Elizabeth, knowing something is wrong. Sam suddenly has to leave to check on Christina, leaving Liz and Jason to talk. Lucky rushes out with Maxi in his arms to Merciful hospital. He refused Diego's reasoning to take her to General hospital.
Laney tells Sonny her thoughts on Jax, she believes  he is a good guy, a gentleman. Sonny thinks his involvement with Carly is related to a competition; and he can not allow Jax to use her and throw her away; leaving her devastated. Laney pushes him to admit that without Jax in the picture, Carly would be left with none other than Sonny.

In the night air, Jason tells Elizabeth that he will be there for her. She thanks him; and cries on his shoulder about her destroyed marriage. She still loves Lucky and implies that she wants Jason to watch out for him. Jax and Carly continue talking about their wants and dreams for the future. She continues to convince him that Sonny is not a part of her future. Carly goes upstairs to change, while Jax leaves to see Alexis and later meet Carly at the suite. Laney suggests that Sonny is threatened by Jax because he is the one man who could take her away for good.

At the hospital, the doctors tell Lucky that because he got to her just after she took the pills, it looks good for her. Diego grabs Lucky angrily, because he realizes that he is the addict Maxi has been scoring drugs for. Lucky tries to deny it but Diego remembers seeing him go to  the meetings.

When Sam reaches the hospital Epiphany tells her that the nanny brought Christina to see Alexis; she was crying trying to wake her. Carly is about to leave when Sonny stops her at the door, tells her to cancel her plans with Jax. He wants to spend family time together, obviously keeping her from Jax. She sends the message for him to butt out, and pushes by him telling him that he has no influence over her anymore. He gets so close that they almost kiss and asks "are you sure about that"? Carly sits down and defends Jax for leaving. She leaves, Diego verbally attacks Lucky for involving Maxi in his messy life!

Sam calms a frightened Christina, assuring her that she is not going to die. Sam also discourages her from staying at the hospital, (she is afraid her mother will wake and be afraid because she is alone). Lorenzo threatens Jason. Sonny arrives home throwing the pizza on the table, complaining to Max about Jax. He sends Max to take care of Jax. Jax calls Carly who has just arrived at the hotel suite and she hurries him. Meanwhile, Maxi wakes confused with Lucky beside her. The doctor tells her she must stay overnight for observation. Elizabeth looks weak and tired at the hospital, admitting she hasn't slept or eaten. Lorenzo continues to threaten Jason for stealing his shipment.

When Sam arrives to see Jason, he tells her that there will be trouble with Alcazar. Sam erupts with emotion over the entire situation at the hospital. Sam constantly apologizes for sleeping with Ric. They end up bonding and growing a step closer. Epiphany continues talking with Elizabeth about Lucky and the paternity of the baby. Elizabeth breaks the silence and tells her that the father could be Jason Morgan. Maxi gets up from the bed declaring she will not stay any longer, when she collapses, and is in cardiac arrest. Lucky tells the doctor about her heart transplant.

Jax is finally on the way to the hotel to meet Carly when he has car trouble. Back at the mansion, Max enters smugly laughing, holding what appears to be wires. Sonny arrives knocking on the suite door.  Carly opens, sticks her arm out to who she thinks is Jax, and gives Sonny the heart telling him she is ready. Sonny pushes through the door making jokes to a furious Carly.

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