GH Update Wednesday 9/20/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/20/06


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Jax asks Carly why she is “doing this”. She tells him that she’s already answered that. She doesn’t want her boys to get hurt when he disappears again. In response to that, he tells her that a major reason why he came back from traveling all around the world is because he wants to be with her and the boys. And he urges her to stop coming up with reasons for why it can’t work.

Lucky is alone in his house, swallowing many pills after Elizabeth has ended it with him. Right then, Maxie walks in. he tells her that he has to get to work. She tells him he need not worry. She will have everything straightened up before he gets back.

At the hospital, Elizabeth talks privately to Kelly about how and when she can find out if her baby is Lucky’s or Jason’s. Right then, Sam walks in and confirms why Elizabeth does not want to let many people know that she is pregnant.

Right then, Jason goes to Sonny’s to warn him that Lorenzo Alcazar and Ric might

In the hospital locker room, Emily rushes to get into her scrubs and get to work. She knows that her mother is very angry and disappointed at her for supposedly failing to hear her pager. Monica asks her daughter if she really wants to be a doctor. She tells her that this has become a pattern. This is not grade school. Emily must realize that she is a first year resident who cannot be saying the dog ate her homework. She asks her about her relationship with Nikolas and then firmly tells her that she cannot do medicine part way. She has to make up her mind about her priorities or else she must stop wasting the hospital’s time.

Maxie is ready to move into Lucky and Elizabeth’s apartment and take Elizabeth’s place. She does not seem to understand that he is not going to let her live with him. She asks him why. Because he believes that Elizabeth is coming back?

At the hospital, Kelly asks Elizabeth who she would choose to be her baby’s father. Lucky or Jason? Elizabeth replies that she would prefer the Lucky she used to know and love before he started taking the drugs. But that is not the man he is anymore. She also admits that she really does like Jason. He’s a great friend. Kelly agrees that Jason is really hot but questions if he would be father material. Elizabeth tells Kelly that she does not know how great Jason is with Carly’s kids and what an excellent father he would be if he had a chance. Right then, Kelly’s beeper goes off and she leaves. Elizabeth goes and talks to Sam and asks her about Alexis. Sam tells Elizabeth that they are working on her. Elizabeth finally works up to what she really wants to ask Sam, which is if she’s seen Jason.

At Sonny’s, Jason tells Sonny that they need to beware of Lorenzo Alcazar. Sonny tells Jason it’s probably nothing out of the ordinary. The main concern that Lorenzo has is to find Skye. But Jason tells Sonny that Alcazar might be a threat to many more people, including Carly. Sonny tells Jason that all they got to do is put a bullet through Lorenzo’s heart and there is no reason to be afraid of him if he becomes a threat.

Right then, Jax admits to Carly that he had to put blind faith and trust in her in regard to Courtney’s son. He had no reason to trust her. But she proved herself and worked her way into his heart. She reminds him that after she proved herself to him, he bailed on them. He tells her that he stole another man’s child. That was a serious mistake that he could not face. And now, if she’s going to tell him that she doesn’t want him. She tells him that that is exactly the problem. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that she does want him. She tells him that she used to be indestructible. She used to be unafraid to take on any battle or challenge. But then, she broke and wound up in a sanitarium. He tells her that Sonny did that to her. She tells him no. She will not make it anybody’s fault. She owns what happened to herself. And she remembers, shortly after she got out of the institution, she had to force herself to tolerate him just so that she could be near Courtney’s son. And then she developed feelings for him. All of these things have been happening too fast. And now she needs time.

Sonny informs Jason that Alexis got pneumonia. The doctors concluded that she was so weak that they had to induce a coma for her and put her on a ventilator. Jason then concludes that this must devastate Sam. Sonny tells Jason that he is having a big battle with Ric over Kristina. There is no way that he’s going to let his brother take his daughter from him.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she has some issues with Lucky. He’s had some serious problems with pain pills. He is not himself. And she’s worried that if Lucky has a need to bust Jason, that it could get out of hand. Obviously, she is not ready to tell Sam the real issue she has with Lucky and Jason.

Maxie asks Lucky how many times he has to get kicked in the teeth before he realizes that his marriage is over. He then tells her that he was so desperate to get the pills from her that he was willing to tell her anything including the falseness that he is going to break up with Elizabeth. But they were never over. She reminds him that Elizabeth left him. He tells her that Elizabeth had every right to leave him. His addiction to the pills has gotten way out of hand. He rationalizes to Maxie that she is a “nice person”. She is not ok with that. He tells her that he intends to get back with Elizabeth. He loves his wife. She concludes that that must mean that he does not need her now. She then tells him he must come on. How many times has he said that he was going to quit but could not? She tells him it’s very obvious that he‘s not ready to quit. He needs more pills and she will get them for him. He tells her that he’s going to get over he pills. So she must get out of his home. He loves his wife. He made some serious mistakes but it’s over. She asks him if he really felt nothing for her and tells him he will see that she is right. Elizabeth is not done hurting him.

Emily and Elizabeth talk in the hospital locker room. Emily notices that Elizabeth is carrying divorce papers and asks her if her marriage is really over. She informs her hat Nikolas informed her that Lucky accidentally knocked her down and he(NIkolas) took Elizabeth to the hospital. Elizabeth tells Emily that Lucky’s drug addiction has gotten way out of control. She has given him too many chances and every time he has screwed up. She just cannot go on like this. Emily tells her if she divorces Lucky now, it’s like she’s given up. She has finally resigned herself to the fact that he’s never going to get clean. She asks Elizabeth if that is what she really believes. Elizabeth replies that she does not know.

Jason goes to Alexis’ house. Sam comes out and asks if he’s back from his trip. He admits that he landed about an hour ago. She asks if everything is ok. He tells her yes. He just wanted to check on her. She asks him what his plans are.

Jax touches Carly but she pulls away and tells him she needs more breathing room. She tells him that she is worried that maybe all they have is lust. But it doesn’t take long for her to warm up to him. She informs him that she lied about the boys being gone. They have the whole house to themselves. They get on the couch and go at it. Right then, Sonny enters. He tells Carly that they need to talk. She is not ok that he’s interrupted her and Jax. She tells Sonny he has no right to barge into her home and order her around. Sonny asks her why. She does the same to him all the time. He tells her and Jax that this is important family business and Jax has to leave. She tells him that Jax has been invited to her home and he cannot order him out of the house. Jax leaves. Sonny tells her that she and Jax can bop around like bunnies whenever and wherever they want unless it’s around his children. She tells him that their children are not there. She asks him what he wants, tells him he may say whatever he has to say and then leave. He tells her he will leave when he is ready.

Jason informs Sam that Sonny told him about Alexis. She informs him that Alexis is still unconscious and they do not know when or if she will wake up. He tells her he is sorry and wishes there is something he could do. She admits to Jason that she does not know if she is going about this right. She does not know if she is handling communication with Kristina and Molly properly. She knows how much they miss their mom and she is not there. He then tells her that he brought her a present. He explains that when he was on the plane, he kept asking for food that was not cashews but that’s all he got. He remembers how much Sam liked them so he saved them for her. She thanks him for the cashews and asks if he’d like some. But right then, Kristina calls for Sam. Jason looks like he cannot tear himself away from Sam although he has to. Right then, we hear Sam and Jason’s love song. Jason leaves and Kristina asks her big sister where she was and what she has in her hand.

Elizabeth tells Emily that she has done everything she can possibly do for Lucky. She’s done her best to be loving and supportive and patient. And at some point, enough is enough. Emily tells Elizabeth that she must know that Lucky is sick and cannot control his behaviors. Elizabeth tells Emily that she can’t keep making excuses for him. Emily tells Elizabeth that especially due to the fact that Lucky has such serious problems is all the more reason to help him. Elizabeth tells Emily that she cannot help him anymore if he refuses to help himself. She prays for him to get into rehab. But he has to make that decision. She asks Emily if that sounds selfish. Emily tells Elizabeth that she sounds like she no longer loves Lucky. Elizabeth admits that she is not certain if she does or not or if it even matters anymore. Emily tells Elizabeth that maybe she needs to get clear on what she wants or else she might lose Lucky for good.

And once again, Lucky is alone in the house withdrawing. His hand is shaking and he cannot control it. Right away, his resistance has completely worn down and he’s changed his mind about what he’s most recently told Maxie. She seems to know that it’s only a matter of time before Lucky comes back to her. She is on the phone telling that very thing to Georgie, while in her room waiting for Lucky.

Carly tells Sonny that he has to stop using their kids for his own agenda. He tells her that this is about her also. She asks him what he is talking about. He tells her that Jason just came back from South America and found out that Lorenzo may endanger her. She tells him that that is absurd. Lorenzo would never hurt her or the boys. He tells her that she needs to use caution. Alcazar put out a hit on Jason. And the people who work with him don’t care about anything except getting their point across. And if that means a dead woman and her kids, they don’t care. He tells her if she and Jax want to grope each other on the couch like horny teenagers, that’s their business. But anybody could have walked in the door when they were distracted.. He then concludes that he is going to put a guard on the house in order to protect her and the boys. And she agrees. He gets up to leave but tells her that just for the record, she must know that Jax is a player and he cannot be faithful. He wants her to be afraid when she should be just like the Carly he used to know. He goes out the door.

Lucky goes to the hospital and asks Emily if she’s seen his wife. Emily admits to him that Elizabeth doesn’t want to see him. She does not want to be put in the middle of this. She admits to him that Elizabeth is now at the court house filing for divorce and Lucky better not make this worse. Right then, he gets a call from Maxie and it sounds like she’s ready to OD on the pills that she has for him that he refuses to take now that he’s refused to be with her.

Jason gets on the phone to tell his contact that they need to protect Sam and Kristina and let him know right away if they see anything suspicious. Right then, Elizabeth runs up to Jason, puts her arms around him, tells him how happy she is that he’s back and that she’s filed for divorce.

Carly gets dressed to go out with Jax and calls him to meet at the metro court. He comes by and tells her that it sounds nice but he has to take a rain check. She tells him she doesn’t understand. He tells her that this is not about the two of them. This is about Sonny. He walked in and ruined their moment and now she wants to sleep with him in order to stick it to Sonny. He doesn’t want to be used. He only wants to be with her when she is ready to be with him.

Sonny talks to Lanie in his house about how Jax is shallow. She asks him why he has this opinion about Jax. He tells her that Jax is a playboy and a user, has as much depth as a piece of paper and Carly cannot see that. She tells him for a man who claims to be over his ex wife, he sure seems to be concerned about who she chooses to be with. He admits that he does have concerns about that. She tells him that it’s Carly’s choice. He tells her that’s true. But it’s a bad one to make. He does not want his kids hanging out there. So he believes he might have to resort to something drastic. She asks what he means. He tells her the might have to think of a way to get Carly away form Jax permanently.

Lucky rushes to find Maxie when he knows she’s OD’d on the pills. She is passed out on her bed. He busts into her room and attempts to revive her.

Elizabeth informs Jason that she had a conflict with Lucky. It scared her. Hearing that, Jason asks her if Lucky hurt her. She replies not physically. But she is very concerned about how the pills are really messing him up. He can tell that she has something else on her mind. She looks like she wants to tell him but cannot.

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