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General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/19/06


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Lulu is sleeping and having a nightmare that she is hearing a baby crying but unable to find her baby. She runs frantically through her home and searches but cannot find the crying baby. She goes out the door and runs into her mother’s hospital room. But when she faces her comatose mother sitting in the chair, she does not see Laura’s face but her own. She awakens and screams.

Luke goes to talk to Robin and Patrick about the possibility that the experimental treatment that Robin has been researching could bring Laura back. She thinks it does. But Patrick tells Luke he advises him to not go through with it because it could kill her.

Right then, Nikolas is on the phone talking about his family and their issues. He leaves a message for Lucky. Colleen is in the other room telling the baby that his daddy is not well but maybe she can help him. She comes into the room to asks Nikolas how his brother is. He informs her hat Lucky is not well. She tells him that maybe there is a way to help him.

Carly finds Jax at the hospital and tells him that he can take a break. She’s certain that Alexis would understand.

Patrick tells Robin and Luke that he doubts that the treatment for Laura would be safe. It is more likely to kill her than to save her. Robin disagrees and says that there are no guarantees but she believes it is worth a try. Luke tells them that he’s never been the glass-half-full kind of guy. But he asks Laura what the chances are. She tells him that she thinks it’s more likely than not to reverse Laura’s condition. Luke then agrees to call the doctor whom she has been working with on this research. But he tells them that he cannot put that woman in there or anybody else who cares about her through any more hell.

Right then, we see a beautiful picture of Laura. Lulu is in her room very upset. She goes to the mirror and is ready to cut all her hair when Dillon comes inside. He tells her if she plans to attend any classes today, he could give her a ride. She tells him that she doesn’t plan on going anywhere. She asks him if he’s going to judge her for having an abortion.

Colleen informs Nikolas that when she was in college, she had a boyfriend named Carl. She fell in love with him. Everything seemed good for the first year. But right then, he began to change. He asks her how so. She replies that Carl spent too much time out drinking. She knew that he had a problem and one day went to confront him. She urged him to stop drinking and even took away his bottle. But he hit her. Nikolas asks her what she did then. She tells him that she got all of his family and friends together and had an intervention. And she believes that she should do the same thing with Lucky. He tells her that he believes that might not be a bad idea. Lucky is ruining his life, his marriage and his career. She tells him that nobody wants anybody to do an intervention with them. But sometimes you have to. Right then, Emily walks in and tells Nikolas that she has some ideas about how he can help Lucky.

At the hospital, Jax tells Carly that he does not know how to help Alexis. She tells him she has an idea. She leads him to get on the elevator with her.

Luke goes looking for Lulu and Tracy tells him she is staying in her room. He tells his wife that she will have to take care of his daughter while he is gone. Hearing that, she tells him that he cannot pick up and leave again. He tells her that she is nagging him. She tells him that he needs to step up to the plate and be a real father to his daughter because she needs him.

Dillon tells Lulu that she no longer needs to worry about how a baby would prevent her from having goals in her life. It’s no longer an issue. She can do whatever she wants with her life. But he wishes she would not just sit there in her bathrobe staring at the mirror doing nothing. She tells him that her life is no longer his business and if he never spoke to her again, that would be fine with her. He tells her the same goes for him and he walks out the door.

Carly and Jax go out to the docks with the boys. She tells him that there is enough time to go out on the boat before Alexis’ tests come back. Jax agrees and shows the boys some tricks with a rope. Michael seems interested and wants to try. He asks what it is called. Jax says they can call it a life saver.

Nikolas talks to Emily about his unsuccessful attempt to get Lucky into rehab. She tells him that it has to be Lucky’s own decision. Colleen is pacing the floor overhearing and not ok with Emily taking Nikolas’ attention from her. He asks her to go and grab the baby’s things so that he can talk alone with Emily. He tells Emily that he believes that it’s best for Elizabeth to stay away from Lucky especially in her “condition”. Emily asks what “condition”. He tells her that it’s plain to see that their marriage is over and she cannot let Cameron live in the same house with Lucky. Emily tells Nikolas that she remembers when her father had a substance abuse habit. He had to bottom out in order to make a determination to get help. He asks her how far it has to go with Lucky. They seem to have a real disagreement and Emily leaves the room. Alone, Colleen is very satisfied that they got into an argument and Emily poked her prissy little nose into his business. And it looks like Colleen has a very nasty, devious plan. She grabs Emily’s pager and turns it off. Nikolas later finds Emily and apologizes for taking out his frustrations about Lucky on her. He tells her that he believes she really has a lot of great ideas and will be a great doctor. She asks him about Lulu’s abortion. He tells her that he supports his sister’s choice but knows Lucky has a problem with it. She tells him she is worried about how it has affected Dillon.

Right then, Dillon is in the boathouse where he’s removed everything that gives him memories of Lulu or anything else that has sentimental meaning. Right then, Georgie comes in and tells him that he doesn’t have to hide his feelings. He just lost a baby. It’s ok to be angry and upset. He looks like he’s ready to cry and rationalizes that she was barely pregnant and the baby didn’t even have a face or name. Georgie tells him it didn’t make the loss any less real. She tells him that it will all eventually have to come out. Right then, he breaks down and cries in her arms.

Tracy tells Luke that she realizes that she and Lulu have had their differences. But the more they have spent together, the more she has seen that they have in common. They both have fathers whom they adore and are ready to stop at nothing in order to win the approval of. And she believes that Lulu’s father cannot abandon her now. He asks her to spare him the psychobabble. He tells her that the mission is over. Tracy tells him that the mission did not start when he found out that Lulu was pregnant. It did not end when she had her abortion. And if he leaves now, it will ruin her. Right then, Lulu comes down to overhear their conversation. And she asks her father if he is leaving.

Michael and Morgan return from their boat trip with Jax. Michael has really enjoyed the time. But Carly tells Jax they have to rush off. He asks what it was he said or did. It looks like she is avoiding something.

Luke talks to Lulu about the situation where he feels the need to leave again. He tells her he realizes that he is a selfish bastard. She deserves a lot more than a few fishing trips and limited times together. She tells him that she wished she could have had more time. But she’s ok with what he has to offer her. He was there when she needed him. He tells her that is not true. Not even close.

Dillon pulls away from Georgie and acts like he doesn’t need to cry on her shoulder. But he admits that he just does not understand Lulu. She made the choice to have the abortion so that she would be able to have things in her life that having a baby could prevent. And what is she doing now? She’s just sitting alone in her room, in her robe brushing her hair and isolating. She tells him that he needs to stop worrying about Lulu and start thinking about his own issues. She tells him that she thinks what is going on with him is that he is upset with Lulu because she made a choice that he could not.

Emily concludes to Nikolas that she believes that Lucky has that adamant opposition about Lulu having an abortion because of their own broken home and he thinks it’s his way of making up for lost time with his sister. They also talk about Luke’s own position in the situation. He right then calls and tries to find Luke and finds out from Tracy that Luke is leaving town. He concludes to Emily that now is a great time for Luke to be leaving town and bailing on his two children. His daughter has just had an abortion and his son has a serious substance abuse problem. What is it going to take for Luke to be there for his kids? She answers that question by saying that Laura is what it will take. Realizing that bringing up Nikolas’ mother might be a sore subject for him, Emily concludes that Lucky does need to get into treatment. Right then, the phone rings and Nikolas tells Emily that her mother is calling from the hospital for her and does not sound happy with her. Obviously, Colleen is behind that, hiding and smirking with grim satisfaction. Monica believes that Emily’s pager went off and she must have not heard it or turned it off. Emily knows she did not leave her pager where she could not hear it nor turn it off. Monica firmly tells her daughter that she is not talking to her as her mother but as a doctor talking to an intern. Emily has no excuse for turning off her pager or getting distracted. Not Nikolas or anything else is a valid excuse. Right then, Emily goes and finds out that her pager has been turned off and tells Nikolas that she knows she never turns off her pager. Colleen is hiding and smirking.

Dillon asks Georgie why it is now that he feels so different. She replies it is because he needs time. And so does Lulu. He asks her what she expects him to do in order to heal. What value is there and what can he do anymore? She tells him college. He asks her if he should join some stupid clubs. Right then, he tells her that he maybe needs to shut up because he knows that she just went to visit the college and that she is looking forward to it. She tells him that she feels the same way about not knowing how to fit into the college scene. She assumes that he does not want to hear about her experiences. But he tells her he wants to hear all about it.

Luke tells Lulu that he wants her to know how proud he is that she made her own decision. She dido what she thought was right and was unafraid to face opposition. And he wants her to know that he is not leaving her because he doe not love or nor because he cannot face what is coming down the pike. It’s not about that. There is just something that he has to do. And it has a “shelf life” so he cannot wait. In response to that, she asks her father why he is asking for her permission to leave. She accepts it. He tells her he wants her to know that it’s been a privilege to be able to see her through this situation. She hugs her father. And he gets ready to leave although he does not tell her where he is going or what he is doing. She asks him to keep in touch. He jokes with her that that would be too difficult to do that. They smile and laugh and he tells her that he loves her.

Jax meets Carly back at her house and asks her what the problem was. They were having a great time together. The boys enjoyed being with him. And then she got some problem. He asks her what is up. She tells him that she is being completely unfair to her boys. She is very worried about how her boys have become attached to Jax and it could all end when he disappears. If he picks up and leaves again, Michael and Morgan are going to get hurt. And she cannot let that happen. He asks her why she is so afraid that they cannot stay together. His parents did. But she tells him that she does not believe that he will stay with her the way his father stayed with his mother.

Emily tells Nikolas that she knows she is in big trouble and nobody at the hospital will buy her excuse that she did not hear the pager. She knows, however that she absolutely did not turn off the pager. But she has a pretty good idea who did.

Georgie and Dillon talk happily about what kind of college experiences await them. Right then, Lulu enters and tells them that college is not any experience that prepares you for anything. It does not matter what you pass or fail because you can do it again and make excuses. Only she knows what it’s like to have a real experience that you cannot do again if you fail. She tells Georgie she used to be just like her. But now she’s just the girl who had the abortion.

Alone, Luke talks to Laura about how he cannot go though getting his hopes up again. He cannot do all the fighting. She has to stay and fight for him. Otherwise, she has to let him go once and for all.

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