GH Update Monday 9/18/06

General Hospital Update Monday 9/18/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is ready to pack her bags and leave Lucky. But he demands that she puts the bag down and tells her she is not going anywhere until she gives him a chance to explain.

Right then, the clock is ticking and it’s almost 7 pm, the time Lulu is scheduled to have her abortion. Right then, Tracy and Edward are mindful and unhappy in their home. Dillon has accepted her decision but staring at the clock with his mother and grandfather. Nikolas is getting in his car. Sam returns home to Ric and her little sisters while Alexis is in the hospital. Maxie is spying upon Lucky and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth takes her wedding ring off her finger and throws it on the ground in front of Lucky. He picks it up. But she knocks it out of his hand.

At Alexis’ home, Sonny comes to pick up Kristina.

Luke is outside waiting for Lulu.

In the struggle with Lucky, Elizabeth falls to the ground.

Right then, it’s 7 pm and Lulu gets into her hospital gown, ready for the procedure.

After Elizabeth falls, Lucky struggles to help her. Nikolas walks in and knows that his brother has gone too far.

After Lulu is done, leaving the clinic and without transportation, as she’s asked her father not to wait for her, Georgie comes by and offers her a ride.

Luke visits Laura to talk about their daughter. She is still non-responsive. When Luke leaves Laura’s room, he runs into Robin Scorpio. She admits that she’s been looking for him and she has a proposition.

Nikolas is ready to take Elizabeth to the hospital after she’s fallen. Lucky protests to both of them that it was an accident and he would never hurt her. She concludes that whether it’s an accident or not, it happened because he is on drugs. He tells her that he needs her and with her, he can kick his habit. But she tells him she is done with him and she goes out the door with Nikolas.

Sonny explains to Kristina that her mommy is in the hospital, She will be asleep. Kristina asks her father if it will hurt her mommy. Sonny explains to his daughter that it’s kind of a deep sleep like Molly goes into. Kristina tells her dad that she thinks that her mommy sould be sleeping in her own bed. Sam and Ric listen to their conversation without saying anything. Sonny then asks Kristina if she would like to come to his house and sleep there. She asks if Molly will be there also. Realizing that she chooses to be in her momy’s ouse with Molly, Sonny does not fight it anymore.Kristian hugs Ric and Sam takes her to bed. Alone with Ric, Sonny tells Ric that he will not let him stay there with his daughter. Ric protests that this is his house. Sonny tells Ric that he knows. But he won’t let Ric control Sam or control Sonny’s daughter.

Georgie takes Lulu back to the Quartermaine house and tells her if she doesn’t want to do this, she may stay with Georgie. Lulu tells Georgie that she needs to face them. She enters and informs Dillon that it’s over. She had the abortion. And now, the screaming may start. Dillon asks her if she is ok. She asks him if he’s really concerned about her or just about the decision she made. She faces silent Tracy and Edward and tells them that if they want to kick her out, she will leave. But they surprise her and tell her that although they don’t approve of her decisions, they only want what is best for her and realize she has the right to make her own choice about this. Edward invites Tracy to join him for a brandy in the other room. Alone with Dillon, Lulu tells him how surprised she is by their acceptance. He tells her that although they make it impossible to believe, they can respect other human beings. He asks her if she wants anything to eat or if he can help her with anything. She tells him that she would like to talk to her mother. But she cannot.

At Laura’s home, Luke and Robin talk about medical research. She informs Luke that she knows of a scientist who is testing something that might be able to save Laura. He tells her that he has had the experience of having hope for way too long and then watching it die for too long. Robin tells Luke that there are no guarantees. But she believes that Laura is a candidate and it’s worth a shot. She tells him that he can call her and at least think about it. She reflects to him that Laura was always really good to her and she believes that she can return a favor. He tells her that he still believes that he needs to protect what little dignity Laura still has. She tells him she understands but she wants to at least give him her business card so that he can consider it. He takes it and leaves.

Ric tells Sonny that whatever he thinks, he has a baby daughter who needs him. Alexis asked him and Sam to keep both girls in the house together while their mom is in the hospital. He tells Sonny that he refuses to be forced out of his own house. Sonny tells Ric that if he does not agree to this, then he will be forced to take Kristina out of the house. Right then, Sam comes downstairs and urges Sonny not to go through with that. She protests that she just got Kristina to go to sleep. Sonny then tells Sam that that is just what worries him. He’s worried that she will be just as capable of protecting Kristina from this slimeball(Ric) as she was of protecting herself from him.

Alone in the house, Lucky is having a terrible time and once again cannot live without his drugs.

At the hospital, while Nikolas waits for Elizabeth, she comes out and confirms that she is ok. Dr. Lee confirms that she did the ultrasound and the baby is ok. But she strongly urges Elizabeth to avoid stress at all costs, including washing her hands of her husband. Nikolas tells her that she will have to tell Lucky at some point that she is pregnant. She tells him that there is no way she can do that right now. He tells her that he is not making excuses for Lucky. But maybe if he gets some help, he will come around. She tells him that she has no choice but to leave Lucky. Not far away, Maxie spies upon them.

At the Quartermaine house, Luke tells Tracy that he is afraid that he’s failed as a father to Lulu. She tells him that he must realize that he’s doing the best he can. He tells her that he keeps having recurring nightmares about Laura screaming to him that she is stuck in that place and needs him to rescue her.

Ric tells Sam that he does not know what kind of garbage she and Jason have been telling Sonny about him. But Sonny needs to know that the night they slept together, Sam was a willing participant. He tells Sam that she may tell Sonny that he is lying. But Sam says nothing. Sonny reminds Ric that he drugged Carly in an attempt to get her to save sex with him in order to get to Sonny. He did the same thing with Sam in order to get over on Jason. And he tells Ric he better go to the hospital and sit with his wife or else he will make Ric disappear for good. In response to that, Ric tells Sonny that the fact that Sonny has threatened his life, is one more reason for why Alexis wants him to stay away from Kristina. Sonny tells Ric that if he thinks he’s going to take Sonny’s daughter away from him, he’s got another thing coming. Ric tells Sonny that he didn’t know Sonny hated him that much. They argue and Sam asks them both to keep their voices down while Kristina is sleeping. Ric tells Sonny he will leave. But whenever he calls Ric selfish, he needs to look in the mirror. He tells them he will call them if there is any change in Alexis and he leaves. Alone with Sonny, Sam tells him she thinks he’s made a big mistake.

While Luke is staring silently out the window in the dark, Tracy informs her husband that in case he’d like to know, she and Edward did offer Lulu support. She admits to him that although she did not encourage Lulu to abort, she thought about what it would be if, years later, she had to wake up regretting having a child. He admits to her that when Lulu was a child, he wanted to protect her by wrapping her in bubble wrap. She admits that she is relieved that Dillon will be able to get on with his life and knows that the burden of fatherhood would not benefit him or his child. He tells her that he is grateful that she would offer him and his daughter some support. She asks why she would not be supportive. She is his wife.

Elizabeth goes to her grandmother’s house crying and asks if she can stay with her. Audrey tells her she could not believe that Elizabeth and Lucky would break up when they were so happy. Elizabeth tells her grandmother that there are many things she does not understand. Ever since he injured his back, he’s been dependent on pain pills. Audrey concludes that Lucky is becoming an addict. Elizabeth tells her grandmother that all Lucky does is lie and sneak off to get more pills. And she cannot even have her son in the same house with him. She cries. And right then, Lucky pounds on the door and asks if Elizabeth is there. Audrey answers the door and tells him that it’s late and he cannot see Elizabeth right now. But he demands that she let him in to talk to Elizabeth. Audrey closes the door and he keeps pounding and calling Elizabeth. She cries.

Luke goes to talk to Lulu. She tells her father that she cannot believe the change in behavior in the Quartermaines. Ever since they found out that she was pregnant, they have been berating her for considering abortion. But when she came home after it was done, they almost fooled her into believing they were nice people. He tells her that she must not be fooled or believe that a leopard will change its spots. But she can always count on her father to be there for her.

Lucky refuses to leave Audrey’s home and talks to Elizabeth through the door, crying and telling her that he wishes she would listen to him and forgive him. She tells him that she is tired and cannot talk right now. But she cries and won’t leave the door. She tells him he cannot do this. He’s going to scare Cameron. He reminds her that he is Cameron’s father. He tells her he’s going to quit tomorrow. She tells him that he’s been promising that for too long. He has the mistaken idea that he can quit. When? Tomorrow? When there is no more stress in his life? She tells him she can no longer dealing with him and their marriage is over.

Sam tells Sonny that he should realize that he and Ric are brothers and always connected by blood. Sonny tells her that if Ric thinks he’s taking Sonny’s family from him, he’s got another thing coming. She tells him that maybe he should reconcile with his brother. Sonny then tells Sam that he does not want to disrespect her but she has no business lecturing him about RIc. He reminds her that she chose to take her clothes off. She tells him that she realizes that. He tells her that he wants to keep her and Alexis and the girls safe. Ric will use her in order to get to Jason. He tells her she better keep her eye on Ric and watch his every move. She better hope that Alexis gets better. Because he does not know what will happen if she does not.

Ric goes to the hospital and asks Monica Quartermaine how Alexis is. She informs him that Alexis is in a coma and she cannot predict anything. She admits that the coma is the best way to save her life although there is no guarantee. She leaves and Lorenzo appears to reveal that Ric has arranged to meet him there. He asks Ric what was so important that Ric could not wait. Ric tells Lorenzo that he does not believe they should wait any longer. It’s time to put their plans into motion to go after Sonny. Lorenzo asks Ric if he is ready to kill his own brother.

Lucky returns home and Maxie comes to see him. He tells her that Elizabeth accused him of hurting her when she just fell by accident and wasn’t even hurt. She tells him that she can hang out with him but she doesn’t want to be used just to score him some more pills.

Right then, Elizabeth is on the phone talking to a lawyer about her present situation.

Sonny gets his coat on and gets ready to leave Alexis’ home. Sam tells him that she so wishes her mother would get better. But until that happens, she has to carry out her mother’s wishes. He asks her if that means getting Jason out of her life. She admits that she does not know.

Ric and Lorenzo plot their plan to get Jason out of the country so that Sonny no longer has protection. And they conclude that when he no longer has power, they will all be better off.

Lulu asks her father if he went and informed her mother that she had the abortion. He confirms that he did. And she asks again, but already knows the answer, that her mother had no reaction. She admits that she keeps hoping that one day her mother will come back. But it’s hopeless. Luke tells his daughter that there is always a chance. Lulu asks her father if he believes that her mother will talk to her and tell her she does not believe she is a terrible person for what she did. She is ready to cry and Luke tells her she must know that her mother will always love her. She cries and tells him that her mother might just as well be dead. Luke tries to comfort her daughter but finds that he cannot and goes out the door. Right then, he pulls out the business card that Robin gave him about the treatment for Laura and he calls Robin. He tells her he’d like to talk to her about the plan that she told him about to bring Laura back.

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