GH Update Friday 9/15/06

General Hospital Update Friday 9/15/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke suggests to Lulu that they go to Europe for her abortion, to give her time to think a little more and get away from everyone. She doesn't want to run away. He thinks it would be better for her to go away from all the pressure. Dillon walks in and asks if anything has changed. As Luke scowls at him, Lulu tells him that she is still planning to have the abortion at 7. Lulu tells Dillon off, warning that she won't change her mind. He asks to see Lulu alone for a minute. Luke leaves reluctantly. Dillon tells Lulu that cleaning the boat house today gave him some time to think. He admits that he's been horrible to her and apologizes. He recognizes that it was her choice and he had no right to try to take it away from her. Lulu is stunned. She says she has to change, but Dillon offers her a ride. She turns him down. He admits that her decision will probably make his life a little easier. She is shocked that he doesn't hate her for what she's doing. She wishes things could have been different in the past, and he agrees softly. She leaves to get dressed.

Tracy finds Luke outside and chides him for not calling her. Tracy admires Lulu for having the support of her father in her time of need. Tracy rants and raves about how irresponsible the young people are. They both agree that they wouldn't be 18 again and make a funny comment about Tracy's breasts. Tracy also chews Luke out for running off with Holly but fills him in on the details of what happened between Lulu and Dillon. Tracy admits that she thinks Lulu's making a mistake. She wants to know what Luke thinks and has told her. Luke tells her that he is going to support whichever decision Lulu makes. Tracy thinks he should give her guidance, not just support, but LUke points out that he grew up in a brothel and that Lulu is her own women. Tracey suggests that one day, Lulu might regret aborting her baby. Luke knows that Tracy is referring to herself, since Lulu told him about Tracy's long-ago abortion and regret. Tracy is annoyed that Lulu told him. Luke tells her that Lulu was grateful, and so is he, that she was honest with her. Tracy sighs that she had hoped to keep Lulu from living a life without regret. Luke points out, "A life without regret probably wasn't lived at all". Luke gives Tracy a kiss on the head and massages her shoulders as he adds that sometimes they actually get to choose the burdens they carry.

Back inside, Edward wonders if Dillon has seen Lulu. He tells her that Lulu is changing for her appointment. Edward had hoped she had changed her mind. Dillon warns him that he has to deal with her decision. Edward sits down and candidly tells him that he's sorry that Dillon had to go through all this, but he made him proud for trying to make the situation right. Luke and Tracy come back in. Edward wonders if Tracy had managed to change Luke's mind, but just then Lulu returns and tells them that it's her choice, not her dad's. Luke asks her if she's ready to go; then they leave. Edward glares at Tracy while Dillon looks downcast.

In the car, outside the Port Charles Women's Clinic, Luke and Lulu prepare to go in. He offers again to take her to Europe and asks her if she has any doubts. She assures him that she has no doubts. She thanks him for standing up for her, but she wants to go in alone and then get a cab home. He is troubled by the idea, but she assures him it is fine. She wishes Laura were there and then asks him to go be with Laura during this time. They hug and say, "I love you". He watches while she goes in.

Nikolas goes to Elizabeth's place because she phoned him to show him that she found more pills that Lucky left there. She is upset that he is backsliding. She cries that he chose the pills over her. He asks what she will do, so she replies that she's leaving him tonight. She wonders if Lucky ever stopped taking the pills. Nikolas thinks Lucky did but it was too tough for him. They both agree that Lucky should go into rehab, but Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she can't be a part of it. They discuss why she is leaving Lucky (for her children).

Lucky goes to the Kelly's room with Maxie, who has promised him pills. He is worried because he is past his regular schedule for taking them. Maxie demands first that he tell her that they will spend more time together than just her supplying him with pills. She pleads her case to him. Lucky holds her and reassures her that he has not just been using her. They kiss and make love. Lucky jumps out of bed as soon as they're done, so she thinks he is anxious to get his pills. Instead, he is thinking about Lulu's abortion. She is surprised that it is a done deal. Lucky muses that he only started taking the pills again to help Lulu, so she asks if he wants to take them then. He goes ahead and takes them, saying that he will stop when his head is in a better place. Nikolas opens the door suddenly and tells Lucky that he is a damn fool who deserves whatever he gets.

Lucky and Nikolas go outside. Lucky finishes dressing while Nikolas chews him out for using Maxie. Lucky protests, but Nikolas informs him that Elizabeth is leaving him. Nikolas yells at him for being a drug addict, letting him know that this is why Elizabeth is leaving him. He insists that Lucky go to rehab, but Lucky won't go with him. Lucky argues with him, saying that Elizabeth will never leave him and will help him get off the drugs.

At the hospital, Sam begs Sonny not to take Christina home with him, with Ric standing nearby. He wants her to go home with him while Alexis is sick, but Sam points out that Alexis might not get better. Sonny doesn't trust Ric to raise his daughter and wonders if he should trust Sam any more, either. Sonny admits that he lied to Alexis about not taking Christina away. Ric and Sonny argue, but Sam stops them, pointing out that Christina needs to be where she feels safe. She promises to protect her. Sonny agrees, warning that she'd better be right. Ric thanks her, but Sam tells him in no uncertain terms that she did it for Christina, not him.

Jax pours his heart out to Carly at her house about how bad it made him feel to see Alexis so sick. He is mad at himself for leaving town and all of the people he cares about. Carly consoles him, telling him that it's not his fault that Alexis has cancer. Jax tells her that he was an idiot to risk their relationship. He puts his arm around her and says that he needs her and doesn't want to waste any more time. Carly thinks he is just acting like this because he is about to lose his best friend. Carly says she'll give him a free pass on any promises he makes while he's upset. He tells her that his feelings for her having nothing to do with Alexis and he's certain about her. He kisses her, but they are interrupted with a knock. It's Sonny, who walks in. He wants to speak with Carly alone but makes a rude comment to Jax. Jax makes it clear to Sonny that he's going to be around and in Carly's life. Carly walks Jax out and apologizes to him on the porch. He gives her a quick kiss and then leaves. Carly goes back inside. Sonny tells Carly about how he promised to Alexis before she went into her coma that he would let Ric raise Christina. Carly knows without being told that he lied. Sonny is worried about handling Ric. He asks Carly to go with him to get Christina out of Ric's house tonight. They discuss Alexis and Ric some more. Carly agrees that Ric is trash but argues that he should leave Christina in her home for now because that's where she is comfortable. She thinks Sonny should wait to see if Alexis dies first. Sonny is worried that Christina will feel the same way that he felt after his mom died and he was left with his rotten step-father. Carly assures him that Christina is not him and that they will all help her.

Jax returns to Carly's house, slightly surprised that she is still there and not running off with Sonny. She assures him that won't happen. He comes in and she sits him down to be honest with him. She tells him that even though she did not want him to get to her, she is crazy about him. She doesn't want to miss an opportunity. She wants to take things wherever they go. Jax is happy to hear it. They agree to start fresh. They are about to kiss when Michael calls down to see who's there. Jax goes up to say hi to Michael.

Ric and Sam go back home. He offers her a drink as he pours himself one. She is defensive, as usual, and reminds him that she still doesn't trust him. She only stood up to Sonny because of Christina, not him. Ric understands but asks Sam to stop making him the villain. Ric is worried about Molly and what will happen to the girls and hopes to get Sam's help. She scoffs at the suggestion that she would be there if Alexis dies. He just wants her to focus on the girls and not what's going on with Sonny. Christina comes in and asks if her mommy is all better yet. Sam reassures her but tells her that her mommy is still sleeping. They put the girls to bed but then start arguing again. Ric thinks that the girls can pick up on the animosity that Sam is sending his way. She warns him to keep his distance, or she will side with Sonny. Sonny suddenly appears, wanting to see Christina. Sam tries to get him to leave, but Sonny insists that she bring him Christina, and then he will decide whether she is staying or not.

At home, Elizabeth packs up her belongings. She picks up a picture of her and Lucky and has some flashbacks of her and Lucky, and seeing Maxie and Lucky, while Lucky's wedding vows echo in her mind. She cries, then she throws the picture against the wall. She cries some more, looking down at the picture and shattered glass. She keeps packing. As she packs some lingerie, she remembers the night with Jason and looks guilty. Elizabeth finishes packing but feels bad (dizzy or nauseous from being pregnant). She tells the baby inside to hang on until they get to her Gram's house. She says to herself that Gram will pass out when she finds out she's pregnant. Just as she gets up, Lucky walks in. He wonders if she was going to leave her a note. She reminds him that if he ever took the pills again, he would leave her. He protests, but she tells him that she can't help him now. They argue about his being a drug addict. He grabs her and forces her to look in his eyes, saying that there's no way he will ever let her leave him. He looks crazed, and she looks scared. He tells her to put her bag down, but she doesn't, so he grabs it and throws it across the room. He yells that she's not going anywhere until she gives him a chance to explain.

Luke visits Laura and talks to her about Lulu's abortion. He talks about the old days when he was growing up with Ruby. He wished he could have taken the responsibility away from Lulu and says she shouldn't have had to go through this. Luke is angry about the circumstances that led to this (but not at Lulu).

Music plays as the clock hits 7pm (for Lulu's abortion). Nikolas gets in his car. Lulu goes into the room where she's having her appointment. Tracy hugs Edward. Carly, Jax and their kids have fun. Christina runs out to hug Sonny while Ric watches glumly and Sam smiles. Luke looks at the picture of Lulu. Lulu puts on her gown. Dillon, upset, goes outside and looks upset. Elizabeth throws her wedding ring across the room. Lucky picks it up and tries to get her to put it back on. He grabs her and she struggles, then she falls on the floor.

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