GH Update Thursday 9/14/06

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/14/06


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Sonny explains to Lainey why Jax and Carly can never fall in love. Lainey asks Sonny if Carly will never love Jax because she will never love anyone besides him. Sonny explains his relationship with Carly to Lainey, telling her that he and Carly love each other but can never be together, but it's too complicated. He's interrupted when Michael calls him and tells him that Carly and Jax were kissing.

Michael catches Carly and Jax kissing. Carly tells Michael that she loves him dearly but he doesn't get to decide what she does or who she does it with. Michael doesn't understand because he thinks that Carly still loves Sonny. Jax explains that Carly does care for Sonny, but she's dating him now and that he cares for her deeply, as he does for Michael and Morgan. Jax gets ready to teach Michael how to play poker when Sam calls about Alexis' condition. Sonny comes over to Carly's because Michael called him and said that they need to discuss the situation with Jax and Carly to Michael. Carly stops him and tells him that Alexis is in the hospital and that she took a turn for the worst. They sit down and discuss all the possibilities of what could happen, and Sonny says that he cannot let Ric raise Kristina. Carly tells him that she will support him in whatever he decides.

Elizabeth talks to Kelly about her pregnancy and reveals that Jason, not Patrick, could be the father of her baby. She explains her relationship with both Jason and Lucky to Kelly. Kelly tells Elizabeth that no matter what happens next, she must take care of herself and her child. Lucky walks in and overhears, thinking that something is wrong with Cameron. Elizabeth and Kelly cover by saying that Elizabeth is worried that he's spending too much time in daycare and at Gram's. Kelly leaves, so Lucky tells Elizabeth that Lulu is getting her abortion at 7 and asks Elizabeth to go try to talk her out of it. Elizabeth tells him that Lulu made up her mind and and that it's her life.

Alexis tells Sam and Ric that she has to go into a drug-induced coma, and there's a chance that she might not wake up. Alexis pleads with Sam and Ric to get along so that Molly and Kristina will live a normal life-- the kind of life that she didn't have as a child. She also asks that they bring the girls, Nikolas, and Jax to the hospital so she can say goodbye to them. Nikolas comes by first, and she tells him that she is proud of him and asks him to take the girls around the world on trips. She also tells him to not give up on Emily and to never lose his nobility and generosity. Jax comes in next, and Alexis tells him that he was the most wonderful accident that ever happened to her. They tell each other they love each other, but then Sam interrupts with Kristina and Molly. Kristina asks if Alexis is better yet and if she can come home. Alexis explains that she has to go to sleep for a little while, but when Kristina goes to sleep tonight, they can meet in their dreams. Kristina decides she wants to meet in the park. As she's telling her girls goodbye, Sonny walks in. Everyone leaves, and Alexis asks Sonny to promise that if she dies, he'll let Kristina stay with Ric, Sam, and Molly. He agrees, even though he has no intention of keeping his promise. They put her in the coma and Sam, Sonny, and Ric all walk out into the hallway. Sonny asks if Kristina is still in the lounge, and Ric says he had her taken back to the lake house. Sonny says that he's going to go get her because he won't let her stay there with Ric.

Sam walks out of the hospital and calls Jason to let him know what is going on with Alexis. Sam leaves him a message, saying how she misses him and needs to see him, and that she doesn't really know what to do right now.

Elizabeth overhears her message and asks if they are back together. Sam admits that they are. She asks Elizabeth to keep it a secret. Sam tells Elizabeth that she understands that Jason and Elizabeth were there for each other and that she is in no position to criticize, but she loves him and they are trying to make it work. Elizabeth cuts her off and tells her that she is married and that her and Jason were friends who were there for each other. That's it.

Lulu and Luke sit in the boathouse and discuss how she's feeling about her abortion, and how everyone else feels about it. Luke is comforting her when Lucky barges in, saying what a big mistake she's making. Luke stands up for Lulu and stands off with Lucky. Lucky says that Laura would would hate that Luke was encouraging Lulu to go through with the abortion.  He says that Lulu would do anything to get Luke to love her. Luke says if there is any shred of truth to that, than she needs to take a timeout and re-think what she's doing. She says she's doing it for herself. Luke tells Lulu that Laura would never be disappointed in her for taking charge of her own life. They talk about when Luke met Laura and all the different kinds of dancing they did back then. Elizabeth shows up and apologizes for what happened with Lucky. Luke tells her to stop apologizing for him.  He lets Lulu and Elizabeth talk; Lulu asks if Elizabeth would ever have an abortion. Elizabeth tells her that she hopes that she would have the courage to follow her heart like Lulu is, if she was ever faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Lulu gets ready to leave for her appointment.

Lucky calls Maxie down to the docks and tells her that Lulu is getting the abortion.  He says that Elizabeth doesn't listen to him and the only person that understands him is Maxie. He asks her for his pills, and she tells him that they're in their room at Kelly's.

Elizabeth goes home and talks to her baby.  She tells him/her that they are not unwanted and that they will be loved by whomever the daddy turns out to be. She lies down because she feels ill and notices one of Lucky's pills on the floor.

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