GH Update Wednesday 9/13/06

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/13/06


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Carly is on the phone at the metro court having difficulty letting business associates know that she has as much authority over the place as Jax has. And right then, she finds out that somebody is buying out a hotel they just bought without her approval or knowledge. Right then, Jax walks in to confirm to her that he has sold her out. He tells her that it will make them a lot richer to sell the hotel in Albany than it would be to keep it.

Sam goes to see Alexis at the hospital after the party and asks her what happened between Sonny and Ric

Sonny and Ric meet at the docks. When Ric arrives, Sonny informs his brother that he is late. Ric informs his brother that he had a lot of damage control to do last night after Sonny went on record to the press telling everybody that they are joining forces. It could ruin Ric’s career. Sonny tells Ric that the main point he needs to understand is that he must stay away from Sam. In response to that, Ric tells Sonny that he will have to take that up with Alexis because it was her idea for them to go to the party together and hook up.

Georgie goes to the boathouse and notices Dillon is cleaning and packing things. She tells im that she can tell that he ants the place cleaned up because it reminds him of sleeping with Lulu.She reminds him that the fact is it happened. He tells her not for long. In reponse to that, she asks if Lulu really did decide to go thorugh with the abortion. He telslher yes. She’s told him it’s her choice and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Carly tells Jax it’s amazing that so soon after he comes back to Port Charles, he makes this business deal without her knowing. Although they just bought the Albany hotel recently, he knows he will make more money selling it at the right time. Right then, they look like they are going to have fun together and stop arguing.

Sonny tells Ric that he must realize that Alexis is not thinking straight if she is encouraging him and Sam to get together. She only wants what is best for Molly and Kristina. And what is not cool is that Ric is using Alexis’ illness in order to manipulate Sam. Ric tells Sonny that he wants to make peace with Sam but she refuses to respect the fact hat he is her mother’s husband. Sonny tells Ric that that is one theory. But Ric needs to realize that Sam hates his guts. Ric makes a condescending comment to Sonny about how he must be off his meds. In response to that, Sonny hesitates and tells Ric he can think whatever he wants but he better stay away from Sam and respect his marriage to Alexis.

Alexis angrily tells Sam that she and Ric need to put aside their differences although Sam wants her mother to know she does not care about her step father. Alexis firmly tells her daughter that it is very important for her and Ric and Sonny to get along.

While Dillon hastily packs boxes at the boathouse, he tells Georgie that he believes that Luke has persuaded Lulu to have the abortion. And Lulu would do anything in order to get daddy’s approval. She asks him if he is really certain that it’s Luke’s fault. It might be Lulu’s own decision not to have the baby mixed up with the Quartermaines. He doesn’t want to consider what she is talking about. But he admits to her that he really wanted to be a father. And he really lost it and said some terrible things to Lulu when she announced that she would abort. He admits that he is hypocritical because whenever he thinks about the baby, he also wants to leave and not take any responsibility.

Nikolas meets Sam at the metro court. They get a table. He asks her what is going on. She tells him that he knows how stressed Alexis is about what could happen to Kristina and Molly if she died. He tells her he knows she wants them to stay together. Sam informs her cousin that Alexis has told her that she wants her and Ric to raise them. She admits to Nikolas that she cannot stand Ric. She knows the feeling is mutual. And it’s more than just the two of them not getting along. She believes that Ric is a horrible choice for the girls. She has no control over Molly. He is her father. But Ric should not have control over Kristina. She is very worried that he could use her against Sonny. She cannot let him do that. So for that reason, Sam admits to Nikolas that she has an idea that could solve many of these problems. She tells him that maybe Alexis could consider appointing him as legal guardian of her family if he would consider it.

Ric tells Sonny that when he and Sam fond out that Alexis was diagnosed with Cancer, Sam did not accept any personal responsibility for what happened. She only vilified him. Sonny tells his brother he can spin this any way he wants. But Ric does not seem to understand that Sam was drunk and not thinking after breaking up with Jason. She is in love with Jason and she wants Ric to leave her alone. He concludes to Ric that if Sam so much as remotely suggests that Ric has made her uncomfortable, he will do whatever he has to do in order to stop him. He will tell Alexis everything. And he won’t stop there. Hearing that, Ric asks Sonny if he is threatening to kill him over the situation. Sonny tells Ric that he must understand what his family needs. And Ric may do the math.

Lanie goes to see Alexis in the hospital, telling her that she has put way too much stress upon herself. She has been diagnosed with cancer, then discovered her husband and daughter sleeping together. Now she wants to push them together for the two little ones. She is so worried about everybody else and not avoiding stress. She tells her that this compulsion about how everybody’s life will go on after she’s gone is distracting her from her own mortality. Maybe what she should do, instead, is forgive people and herself for what has happened. She must realize that maybe Ric and Sam are not going to be a couple and she should not try to push them to be. Alexis tells Lanie she has no control over what would happened between Ric and Sam and must accept the fact that they could hook up after she dies. And if that happens, they will have to raise her daughters and stay together as a family. Hearing that, Lanie asks Alexis how she would feel if the four of them are a family and her daughter and husband are sleeping together on a regular basis. Alexis listens to that and cries. And she admits to Lanie that she cannot bear the thought of that.

Sonny returns home to see Max playing a shoot out game with Michael and Morgan. He did not expect his sons to be to be at his house and this is the day for them to be with Carly. Michael informs his father that there has been a change of plans. Carly had Max bring them to Sonny’s so that she can be alone with Jax.

Jax goes to Carly’s with a bottle of wine and flowers. She first tells him that she has frozen pizza but then admits that she has lied and has gotten better food and preparations. He asks her if he has “passed her test”. She tells him when he passes her test, she will let him know.

Alexis admits to Lanie that she must confess that Sam was a huge disappointment to her. When she first found out that Sam was her daughter, she thought about all of her ideals and things that she has wished for. Lanie asks Alexis how Sam disappoints her. Alexis replies it’s the things that Sam thinks and does and what her values are. She admits that she is in no position to judge. But she would be lying if she did not say that Sam does not does not dishonor herself as a woman. She uses sexuality to get what she wants and make her point. And the thought that she’d sleep with somebody else’s husband in order to get revenge is too much. Lanie asks Alexis if she believes that Sam was the aggressor with Ric. Alexis admits that she does not know. But the thought of it is too much for her. Lanie reminds Alexis that life is short and asks her if she wants to waste time or if she wants to find some value in all of this. Alexis then tells Lanie that she does not believe that one act of infidelity under the influence of alcohol can negate all of the good. Sam could have done it again or rubbed her mother’s nose in it. She had the decency not to do that. She knows that Sam cares about her little sisters and wants to be responsible and cares about other people. And so does Ric. She has to take the good with the bad. Lanie asks Alexis what she would do if Sam and Ric never reconciled their differences. Alexis admits to Lanie that because she doesn’t have a lot of time left, she may not have the luxury of accepting this. She wants and needs for Sam and Ric to get along and get over their problems.

After Sam has told Nikolas her idea about his having legal custody of Molly and Kristina if Alexis dies, he tells her that he doesn’t believe he should have that position. Right then, Ric enters. Nikolas is still baffled about what Ric has done that Sam cannot forgive or for which he has hurt Alexis. He tells her if Ric has done something to hurt his aunt, he needs to know. Sam is not about to tell him that she slept with her stepfather. Not far away, Ric meets with Lorenzo and tells him that he is willing to work with him in order to take Sonny down. Sam and Nikolas can clearly see them talking together.

Georgie admits to Dillon that she does not like the boathouse either. It reminds her of the serious mistakes they made and if him and Lulu. He tells her that three months about, sleeping with Lulu for any reason would have been unthinkable. He would have never cheated on her. Three weeks ago, he would have told her that he would be an amazing dad. So who people think they are and who they really are are a million miles apart. She tells him that people can never predict their future. He tells her that in a short while, all of this will be a mute point. Lulu will go and have her abortion and all of this will be over. She tells him that they can still get on with their lives and make good. He is clearly not ok with that. She tells him that she wishes he would try not to judge Lulu. She gave a lot of thought to this choice and doesn’t know of anything else. It sounds like Dillon at least trusts Georgie.

When Nikolas hears Sam’s intolerance to Ric, he can only conclude that she hates him because of his problems with Jason. And he tells her that her criminal ex boyfriend should not be the reason why she is shafting her stepfather.

Ric and Lorenzo are brainstorming about their plan against Sonny.

Nikolas concludes to Sam that if she cannot tell him what she is obviously not telling him, then he cannot help her.

At Carly’s home, she tells Jax that she wants to keep the hotel in Albany and fix it up. He tells her that she must know that it will take up a lot of her time to be running back and forth. It will take her away from her boys and she will have no time for a personal life. She tells him that she has enough time on her hands. He tells her that he has learned how important down time is. He tells her that he has been burnt too many times. She asks him if she now gets to pay for the wrongs that others have done to him. He tells her he realizes he has hurt her. But that is why he gave her the pendant. And he doesn’t mind having to earn it. Right then, Sonny and the boys barge in on them. Sonny asks what is going on. He tells her that there is something very important that could not wait. He reminds Carly and Jax that she never cleared her plans with him. Carly goes outside with him and tells her ex husband that she is only having a business meeting with Jax. Sonny asks her if that is really her intent when she is wearing that seductive dress. She tells Sonny that she just wishes that he would take the boys for a short while or find something for them to do. He informs her that he is busy with many things, including having therapy with Lanie at his home today. He reminds her that somebody broke into her office and stole her files on him. She tells him that is a lame and bogus excuse. He’s cancelled his therapy sessions many times before and would do it again. This is obviously about something else. He then admits to her that he does have a problem with her “romance” with Jax.

Alexis is in her hospital room and her doctor tells her hat he would like to encourage her with positive thinking. But lying to her physician is not the way to accomplish it. She then admits to him that she hates this place. She has no privacy. She cannot sleep her. She wants to get out of there. He tells her he’s heard that before. And that she must stay and rest and get every bit of strength she has left back. Hearing that, she seems to know that something is wrong. He then confirms that they will not be able to start her chemo as soon as they’d previously planned.

Sonny returns home and meets Lanie. He informs her that Carly brought the kids to his house without forewarning him so that she would be alone with Jax. She then asks him if his main concern is not that Carly made the choice to date Jax. He first rationalizes that he does not care whom Carly dates. That’s her business. Lanie tells him she needs him to be honest in a therapy session. Sonny admits to her that Jax has had a history of using many women in his life. He’s afraid that Jax will hurt and use Carly. He is a player. But if that happens, he won’t interfere as long as his children don’t get hurt. She asks him what he would do if he is wrong and Carly and Jax turn into a couple that stay together.

Right then, Carly, Jax and the boys have a dinner together in the house and it looks like he’s interacting well with the kids.

When Sam sees Ric at the hospital she reminds him that she noticed him sitting with Lorenzo Alcazar at the metro court earlier tonight. She knows he’s up to something. And he better not mess with her. Right then, they hear Alexis coughing and rush inside. Ric makes a call. She tells them that now, on top of the cancer, she also has pneumonia. And she asks Ric to come over so that they can talk and she informs her husband that she might not have much time.

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